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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Bobby Witt Jr. Note
Bobby Witt Jr. photo 1. Bobby Witt Jr. KC
Bobby Witt Jr. showed up for his second season and made strides across the board. The 24-year-old played in 158 games and hit 30 home runs. He also stole 49 bases, scored 97 runs, drove in 96, and slashed .276/.319/.495. The sole knock against Witt is the team he plays for, but that seems like splitting hairs, considering he almost managed to go 100/100 anyway. Witt should be the first shortstop off the board in 2024, and if he's not someone else's, he should be yours.
17 weeks ago
Trea Turner Note
Trea Turner photo 2. Trea Turner PHI
Trea Turner struggled in his first season in Philadelphia, leading to the infamous game where his own mother booed him. He eventually turned it around and ended the season, slashing .266/.320/.459 with 102 runs, 76 RBIs, 26 home runs, and 30 stolen bases. Turner's baserunning value remains in the 99th percentile, according to Statcast, and many of his underlying metrics suggest improvement in the 2024 season. At this point, however, Turner's ADP is in the first round in NFBC leagues, and there may be better value elsewhere at shortstop this year.
17 weeks ago
Francisco Lindor Note
Francisco Lindor photo 3. Francisco Lindor NYM
Francisco Lindor had the quietest 31-homer season in recent memory. He also stole 31 bases, scored 108 runs, and drove in 98. To put this in perspective, among shortstops who played 20 games at the position, Lindor's ranks are as follows: Home runs (2nd), runs (1st), RBI (1st), and stolen bases (7th). His incredible fantasy year was buried under the Mets' real-life struggles and underperformance, but make no mistake about it. Lindor is a Top 5 shortstop who is perceived as much lower. Take advantage of the discount if it is available in your leagues.
17 weeks ago
Mookie Betts Note
Mookie Betts photo 4. Mookie Betts LAD
Mookie Betts, at 30, continues to be an elite asset in fantasy baseball with a .307/.408/.579 slash line, 39 homers, 126 runs, and 107 RBIs in 2023. Though his 14 stolen bases are modest, Betts compensates with power and a superb eye, boasting a 13.9% walk rate and an elite 15.4% strikeout rate. He continued to be durable, playing in 152 games with 693 plate appearances. As Betts ages, expect a trade-off of speed for power, yet with a sustained high average. The Dodgers' strong lineup bolsters him, and his multi-position eligibility makes him a dependable, Top-6 fantasy asset.
17 weeks ago
Corey Seager Note
Corey Seager photo 5. Corey Seager TEX
Corey Seager had an outstanding 2023. His rankings in the American League in batting categories were a batting average of .327 (2nd), OBP of .390 (3rd), SLG of .623 (2nd), and OPS of 1.103 (2nd). Seager's power was on full display, as he smashed 33 home runs, tying him for 5th in the AL, and he led the league in doubles with 42. Even with slight regression in store, the 29-year-old offers exceptional power numbers from a tough position and should be a Top 3 shortstop off the board.
17 weeks ago
Gunnar Henderson Note
Gunnar Henderson photo 6. Gunnar Henderson BAL
Gunnar Henderson had an atrocious start to the 2023 season. He ended April with a .189 batting average and 29 strikeouts in 92 plate appearances, and May wasn't much better. In June, however, the stud prospect version appeared, and fantasy managers everywhere were rewarded for their patience. Henderson should continue his growth in his second full year in the majors, and a powerful Orioles lineup should keep his counting stats up. He is going to cost you, but the rewards could be league-winning.
17 weeks ago
Bo Bichette Note
Bo Bichette photo 7. Bo Bichette TOR
Bo Bichette had a down year in 2023, which kept him in line with more than one of his Blue Jays teammates. He batted .306, albeit with an inflated .355 BABIP, and hit 20 home runs. However, he scored only 69 runs and knocked in 73. He only swiped five bags in a year when stolen bases went up across the board. Since counting stats in the lineup are dependent on production around him, Bichette should see a bounceback in 2024 and land somewhere in the 90/90 range. The 25-year-old will help with batting average and could end up a steal in the fourth round, but the allure of him having first-round value is no more.
17 weeks ago
Elly De La Cruz Note
Elly De La Cruz photo 8. Elly De La Cruz CIN
Elly De La Cruz might be the most exciting and riskiest player on the board. He has a ton of potential that he occasionally flashed in his rookie season. For instance, he stole 35 bases in only 98 games and is in the 100th percentile in sprint speed at 30.5. He also hit the ball hard... when he hit it. His K%, Whiff%, and Chase% are all in the "highly undesirable" range, which drove his OBP down to .300. The primary question for fantasy managers is: When do you believe he will figure out major league pitching? De La Cruz's minor league stats suggest that day will come, and as part of Cincinnati's wave of the future, the 21-year-old will have a very long leash to figure things out in 2024. If you want his potential on your fantasy team, you will have to grab him earlier than you probably want. I'd stay away from him until the fifth round in 2024.
17 weeks ago
CJ Abrams Note
CJ Abrams photo 9. CJ Abrams WSH
CJ Abrams showed remarkable progress in the 2023 season. At just 23, Abrams became a significant asset for fantasy baseball managers, especially for his speed on the bases. In the 2023 regular season, Abrams showcased his potential by hitting .245 with 18 home runs and 64 RBIs over 563 at-bats. His OPS stood at .712. Abrams' real value, however, lies in his base-stealing abilities. He swiped 47 bases, ranking 3rd in the NL, and this aspect of his game will be particularly valuable in fantasy leagues where stolen bases are a premium. Heading into the 2024 season, fantasy managers should consider Abrams a high-upside player, particularly for stolen bases and runs scored, with potential for batting average and power growth. His youth and displayed talent suggests that he could continue to develop into an even more impactful player in the coming years.
17 weeks ago
Oneil Cruz Note
Oneil Cruz photo 10. Oneil Cruz PIT
Oneil Cruz suffered another ankle injury in 2023, which limited him to only nine games, though he did steal three bases in that small sample. Cruz has all the talent in the world, but recurrent ankle injuries pose a risk going forward. He will be 25 years old during the 2024 season, so there is still plenty of time for the former top prospect to turn his career around. The question is whether or not you're willing to pay the cost to take that chance.
17 weeks ago
Nico Hoerner Note
Nico Hoerner photo 11. Nico Hoerner CHC
Nico Hoerner impressed in 2023 with a .283 batting average and 43 stolen bases, highlighting his speed and versatility. Earning a Rawlings NL Gold Glove, he excelled defensively while being a consistent offensive contributor, scoring 98 runs and amassing 175 hits. His ability to consistently reach base reflected in 688 plate appearances, and his prowess on the basepaths make him a valuable fantasy asset. Going into 2024, Hoerner is poised to continue his multi-category contributions, with a particular emphasis on stolen bases and runs, making him a solid pick in fantasy baseball.
17 weeks ago
Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 12. Xander Bogaerts SD
Xander Bogaerts signed an 11-year contract with the Padres to join what looked like a deep lineup but turned out to be disappointing. The 31-year-old had 19 home runs and 19 stolen bases (a career-high), but his other counting stats took a hit. He slashed .285/.350/.440, but his expected slash numbers were .255/.318/.401. Those red flags should steer fantasy managers off the shortstop until later rounds at the earliest. With news he will gain second-base eligibility in 2024, his value gets a slight boost, but only if he falls to you.
17 weeks ago
Ha-Seong Kim Note
Ha-Seong Kim photo 13. Ha-Seong Kim SD
Entering the 2024 season, Ha-Seong Kim has established himself as a valuable asset for fantasy baseball managers. At 28 years old, Kim's versatility on the field is evident with his multi-positional eligibility. His performance in 2023 was impressive, as he racked up 84 runs, 140 hits, 17 home runs, and an exceptional 38 stolen bases, ranking fifth in the NL for steals. This was a significant increase from his 12 stolen bases in 2022. Kim had 626 plate appearances and 538 at-bats during the season, highlighting his consistent presence in the lineup. His advanced metrics indicate an increased comfort at the plate, reflected in his improved walk and strikeout rates and his on-base plus slugging (OPS) reaching .749. Kim's blend of speed, improving power, and position versatility make him a strong asset for fantasy teams. His growth at the plate and on the field suggests the potential for an even more impactful 2024 season.
17 weeks ago
Dansby Swanson Note
Dansby Swanson photo 14. Dansby Swanson CHC
Dansby Swanson took the step back everyone expected in 2023 after signing his massive free-agent contract with the Cubs. His power numbers held steady, hitting 22 home runs, but his batting average dropped to .244. He scored 81 runs and knocked in 80, though his nine stolen bases were disappointing. Swanson still played in 147 games, so his availability remains a strong plus for those who wait on shortstop. He is one of those "no hurt, no help" fantasy players worth his ADP in the 116 range.
17 weeks ago
Anthony Volpe Note
Anthony Volpe photo 15. Anthony Volpe NYY
Anthony Volpe's rookie season was less than ideal, though he hit 21 home runs and stole 24 bases. He slashed a miserable .209/.283/.383 and was below average in almost all Statcast hitting categories. Fantasy managers can expect another 20/20 season as well as improved counting stats in 2024, thanks to the lineup changes around him. However, there won't be enough improvement to warrant a draft pick prior to the 12th round.
17 weeks ago
Bryson Stott Note
Bryson Stott photo 16. Bryson Stott PHI
Bryson Stott took quite the leap in 2023, richly rewarding fantasy managers who probably grabbed him on waivers. He played in 151 games, smacking 15 home runs and stealing 31 bases. He scored 78 runs, knocked in 62, and slashed .280/.329/.419. How much can this production be trusted going forward? The 15 HR and 25+ SB are sustainable, but fantasy managers should expect a drop in batting average, though not to an extreme degree. Second base looks a little shallow this season, leaving Stott as an acceptable 2B1 who you can get in the ninth round or later.
17 weeks ago
Thairo Estrada Note
Thairo Estrada photo 17. Thairo Estrada SF
Thairo Estrada played in 120 games last season for the Giants, and he took a step back in many of the hitting metrics. His BB% went from 6.1 to 4.2, and his K% went from 16.5 to 22.6. He managed a .271 batting average, though an unsustainable .331 BABIP boosted this. His numbers will probably land in between these two seasons, but he doesn't offer much in the way of upside.
17 weeks ago
Willy Adames Note
Willy Adames photo 18. Willy Adames MIL
Trevor Story Note
Trevor Story photo 19. Trevor Story BOS
Ezequiel Tovar Note
Ezequiel Tovar photo 20. Ezequiel Tovar COL
Carlos Correa Note
Carlos Correa photo 21. Carlos Correa MIN
Jeremy Pena Note
Jeremy Pena photo 22. Jeremy Pena HOU
Jackson Holliday Note
Jackson Holliday photo 23. Jackson Holliday BAL
J.P. Crawford Note
J.P. Crawford photo 24. J.P. Crawford SEA
Maikel Garcia Note
Maikel Garcia photo 25. Maikel Garcia KC
Tommy Edman Note
Tommy Edman photo 26. Tommy Edman STL
Luis Rengifo Note
Luis Rengifo photo 27. Luis Rengifo LAA
Zach Neto Note
Zach Neto photo 28. Zach Neto LAA
Vaughn Grissom Note
Vaughn Grissom photo 29. Vaughn Grissom BOS
Tim Anderson Note
Tim Anderson photo 30. Tim Anderson FA
The good news for Tim Anderson is that it almost assuredly cannot get worse. In his age-30 season, across 123 games, Anderson set career lows in home runs (1), RBI (25), and ISO (.051). He had the eighth-lowest oWAR (-0.4) among batters who played over 100 games. He could bounce back in 2024, but his underlying metrics do not suggest he belongs on rosters in traditional 5x5, 12-team leagues. Hard pass.
17 weeks ago
Matt McLain Note
Matt McLain photo 31. Matt McLain CIN
Junior Caminero Note
Junior Caminero photo 32. Junior Caminero TB
Jackson Merrill Note
Jackson Merrill photo 33. Jackson Merrill SD
Jordan Lawlar Note
Jordan Lawlar photo 34. Jordan Lawlar ARI
Masyn Winn Note
Masyn Winn photo 35. Masyn Winn STL
Amed Rosario Note
Amed Rosario photo 36. Amed Rosario TB
Ceddanne Rafaela Note
Ceddanne Rafaela photo 37. Ceddanne Rafaela BOS
Orlando Arcia Note
Orlando Arcia photo 38. Orlando Arcia ATL
Ezequiel Duran Note
Ezequiel Duran photo 39. Ezequiel Duran TEX
Brice Turang Note
Brice Turang photo 40. Brice Turang MIL
Javier Baez Note
Javier Baez photo 41. Javier Baez DET
Chris Taylor Note
Chris Taylor photo 42. Chris Taylor LAD
Jon Berti Note
Jon Berti photo 43. Jon Berti NYY
Geraldo Perdomo Note
Geraldo Perdomo photo 44. Geraldo Perdomo ARI
Jose Caballero Note
Jose Caballero photo 45. Jose Caballero TB
Zach McKinstry Note
Zach McKinstry photo 46. Zach McKinstry DET
Jorge Mateo Note
Jorge Mateo photo 47. Jorge Mateo BAL
Liover Peguero Note
Liover Peguero photo 48. Liover Peguero PIT
Marco Luciano Note
Marco Luciano photo 49. Marco Luciano SF
Brayan Rocchio Note
Brayan Rocchio photo 50. Brayan Rocchio CLE
Mauricio Dubon Note
Mauricio Dubon photo 51. Mauricio Dubon HOU
Oswald Peraza Note
Oswald Peraza photo 52. Oswald Peraza NYY
Adalberto Mondesi Note
Adalberto Mondesi photo 53. Adalberto Mondesi FA
Colson Montgomery Note
Colson Montgomery photo 54. Colson Montgomery CWS
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 55. Kyle Farmer MIN
Gio Urshela Note
Gio Urshela photo 56. Gio Urshela DET
Paul DeJong Note
Paul DeJong photo 57. Paul DeJong CWS
Kike Hernandez Note
Kike Hernandez photo 58. Kike Hernandez LAD
Darell Hernaiz Note
Darell Hernaiz photo 59. Darell Hernaiz OAK
Taylor Walls Note
Taylor Walls photo 60. Taylor Walls TB
Brooks Lee Note
Brooks Lee photo 61. Brooks Lee MIN
Gabriel Arias Note
Gabriel Arias photo 62. Gabriel Arias CLE
Oswaldo Cabrera Note
Oswaldo Cabrera photo 63. Oswaldo Cabrera NYY
Blaze Alexander Note
Blaze Alexander photo 64. Blaze Alexander ARI
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 65. Tyler Wade SD
Orelvis Martinez Note
Orelvis Martinez photo 66. Orelvis Martinez TOR
Nick Ahmed Note
Nick Ahmed photo 67. Nick Ahmed FA
Tyler Freeman Note
Tyler Freeman photo 68. Tyler Freeman CLE
Andruw Monasterio Note
Andruw Monasterio photo 69. Andruw Monasterio MIL
Carson Williams Note
Carson Williams photo 70. Carson Williams TB
Nicky Lopez Note
Nicky Lopez photo 71. Nicky Lopez CWS
Garrett Hampson Note
Garrett Hampson photo 72. Garrett Hampson KC
Nick Gonzales Note
Nick Gonzales photo 73. Nick Gonzales PIT
Santiago Espinal Note
Santiago Espinal photo 74. Santiago Espinal CIN
Miguel Rojas Note
Miguel Rojas photo 75. Miguel Rojas LAD
Luisangel Acuna Note
Luisangel Acuna photo 76. Luisangel Acuna NYM
Brandon Crawford Note
Brandon Crawford photo 77. Brandon Crawford STL
Matt Shaw Note
Matt Shaw photo 78. Matt Shaw CHC
Edmundo Sosa Note
Edmundo Sosa photo 79. Edmundo Sosa PHI
Dylan Moore Note
Dylan Moore photo 80. Dylan Moore SEA
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 81. Luis Garcia FA
Brady House Note
Brady House photo 82. Brady House WSH
Ernie Clement Note
Ernie Clement photo 83. Ernie Clement TOR
Casey Schmitt Note
Casey Schmitt photo 84. Casey Schmitt SF
Adael Amador Note
Adael Amador photo 85. Adael Amador COL
Marcelo Mayer Note
Marcelo Mayer photo 86. Marcelo Mayer BOS
Nick Allen Note
Nick Allen photo 87. Nick Allen OAK
Elvis Andrus Note
Elvis Andrus photo 88. Elvis Andrus FA
Aledmys Diaz Note
Aledmys Diaz photo 89. Aledmys Diaz HOU
Joey Wendle Note
Joey Wendle photo 90. Joey Wendle FA
Josh Smith Note
Josh Smith photo 91. Josh Smith TEX
Juan Brito Note
Juan Brito photo 92. Juan Brito CLE
Ryan Walker Note
Ryan Walker photo 93. Ryan Walker FA
Rodolfo Castro Note
Rodolfo Castro photo 94. Rodolfo Castro PHI
Braden Shewmake Note
Braden Shewmake photo 95. Braden Shewmake CWS
Austin Martin Note
Austin Martin photo 96. Austin Martin MIN
Jacob Amaya Note
Jacob Amaya photo 97. Jacob Amaya HOU
Osleivis Basabe Note
Osleivis Basabe photo 98. Osleivis Basabe TB
Ildemaro Vargas Note
Ildemaro Vargas photo 99. Ildemaro Vargas WSH
Zack Short Note
Zack Short photo 100. Zack Short ATL
Addison Barger Note
Addison Barger photo 101. Addison Barger TOR
Ryan Bliss Note
Ryan Bliss photo 102. Ryan Bliss SEA
Alan Trejo Note
Alan Trejo photo 103. Alan Trejo FA
Jett Williams Note
Jett Williams photo 104. Jett Williams NYM
Harold Castro Note
Harold Castro photo 105. Harold Castro FA
Pablo Reyes Note
Pablo Reyes photo 106. Pablo Reyes NYM
Tyler Fitzgerald Note
Tyler Fitzgerald photo 107. Tyler Fitzgerald SF
David Fletcher Note
David Fletcher photo 108. David Fletcher ATL
Kyren Paris Note
Kyren Paris photo 109. Kyren Paris LAA
Jose Rodriguez Note
Jose Rodriguez photo 110. Jose Rodriguez PHI
Nasim Nunez Note
Nasim Nunez photo 111. Nasim Nunez WSH
Kevin Newman Note
Kevin Newman photo 112. Kevin Newman ARI
Yu Chang Note
Yu Chang photo 113. Yu Chang FA
Tucupita Marcano Note
Tucupita Marcano photo 114. Tucupita Marcano SD
Christian Arroyo Note
Christian Arroyo photo 115. Christian Arroyo MIL
Andrew Velazquez Note
Andrew Velazquez photo 116. Andrew Velazquez ATL
Leury Garcia Note
Leury Garcia photo 117. Leury Garcia ATL
Jose Barrero Note
Jose Barrero photo 118. Jose Barrero TEX
Kevin Smith Note
Kevin Smith photo 119. Kevin Smith NYY
Jeter Downs Note
Jeter Downs photo 120. Jeter Downs NYY
Grae Kessinger Note
Grae Kessinger photo 121. Grae Kessinger HOU
Greg Jones Note
Greg Jones photo 122. Greg Jones COL
Luke Williams Note
Luke Williams photo 123. Luke Williams ATL
Diego Castillo Note
Diego Castillo photo 124. Diego Castillo MIN
Alika Williams Note
Alika Williams photo 125. Alika Williams PIT
Julio Carreras Note
Julio Carreras photo 126. Julio Carreras COL
Angel Martinez Note
Angel Martinez photo 127. Angel Martinez CLE
David Hamilton Note
David Hamilton photo 128. David Hamilton BOS
Otto Lopez Note
Otto Lopez photo 129. Otto Lopez MIA
Ryan Kreidler Note
Ryan Kreidler photo 130. Ryan Kreidler DET
Jose Iglesias Note
Jose Iglesias photo 131. Jose Iglesias NYM
Jose Tena Note
Jose Tena photo 132. Jose Tena CLE
Livan Soto Note
Livan Soto photo 133. Livan Soto CIN
Vinny Capra Note
Vinny Capra photo 134. Vinny Capra MIL
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 135. Ehire Adrianza FA
Jonathan Ornelas Note
Jonathan Ornelas photo 136. Jonathan Ornelas TEX
Mason McCoy Note
Mason McCoy photo 137. Mason McCoy SD
Eddys Leonard Note
Eddys Leonard photo 138. Eddys Leonard DET
Daniel Schneemann Note
Daniel Schneemann photo 139. Daniel Schneemann CLE
Tristan Gray Note
Tristan Gray photo 140. Tristan Gray MIA
David Bote Note
David Bote photo 141. David Bote CHC
Alejo Lopez Note
Alejo Lopez photo 142. Alejo Lopez ATL
Didi Gregorius Note
Didi Gregorius photo 143. Didi Gregorius FA
Erik Gonzalez Note
Erik Gonzalez photo 144. Erik Gonzalez CIN
Phillip Evans Note
Phillip Evans photo 145. Phillip Evans FA
Chris Owings Note
Chris Owings photo 146. Chris Owings LAD
Logan Davidson Note
Logan Davidson photo 147. Logan Davidson OAK
Brett Pope Note
Brett Pope photo 148. Brett Pope FA