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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
J.D. Martinez Note
J.D. Martinez photo 1. J.D. Martinez BOS
Martinez won't steal any bases but with 40 homers, 100+ RBIs and a .300 batting average every year, fantasy owners are getting an absolute steal at any point in the second round of drafts. Don't be scared off by his dip in production, as underlying metrics suggest he was among the most unlucky hitters in baseball.
8 weeks ago
Yordan Alvarez Note
Yordan Alvarez photo 2. Yordan Alvarez HOU
It was just an 87 game sample size but in that time, Yordan was clearly one of the top five hitters in baseball. He won't steal any bags, but 50 homers, 140 RBIs and a .320 batting average is within the realm of realistic possibilities. He comes with some risk, however, since we haven't seen it for an extended time.
8 weeks ago
Nelson Cruz Note
Nelson Cruz photo 3. Nelson Cruz MIN
If you removed Cruz's age from the equation, he'd be a top pick in fantasy. Despite missing nearly a quarter of the season to injury last year, he again put up elite numbers, topping 40 home runs and 100 RBI while batting .311. Cruz will be 40 this year, never plays the field and is starting to miss more time to injuries. But he's essentially forgotten in most drafts and has shown very little skills decline. Don't shy away from him on draft day even though he clogs your utility spot.
5 weeks ago
Austin Meadows Note
Austin Meadows photo 4. Austin Meadows TB
Although we haven't seen it for an extended stretch, what Meadows did last year, hitting 33 homers with a .291 average and 12 steals makes him well worth considering if he lasts into the fifth round of your drafts. There may be room for more upside as well.
8 weeks ago
Tommy Pham Note
Tommy Pham photo 5. Tommy Pham SD
Pham may not be the biggest name in baseball but by now, we should know he is going to give fantasy owners 20 homers, 20 steals and a strong batting average with loads of runs. He offers similar expectations to Austin Meadows but four rounds later.
8 weeks ago
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Note
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. photo 6. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. TOR
It wouldn't surprise anyone if Guerrero batted .330 with 40 homers this year but we are still talking about a kid who didn't outperform Brian Anderson, Renato Nunez or Todd Frazier last year in similar plate appearances. His upside is breathtaking but there is unquestionably some risk at his ADP.
8 weeks ago
Jose Abreu Note
Jose Abreu photo 7. Jose Abreu CWS
Abreu outperformed Anthony Rizzo and Paul Goldschmidt last season, knocking 33 homers with 122 RBIs and a solid as always .282 BA. He hasn't slowed down one bit despite the age so you can rely on him to produce once again if you grab him in the 7th round.
8 weeks ago
Jorge Soler Note
Jorge Soler photo 8. Jorge Soler KC
Soler did swat a ridiculous 48 homers with 117 RBIs and a decent batting average last year but let's not forget that he has missed considerable time due to injury every season prior. If he can stay healthy, that eighth round ADP will be a bargain, but it's a big if.
8 weeks ago
Michael Brantley Note
Michael Brantley photo 9. Michael Brantley HOU
Brantley had injury troubles for a while but has now played virtually every day for two straight years. In that time, he has returned to the steal .310 hitter with 20 homers. Although the steals are long gone, that profile still works great with a tenth-round pick.
8 weeks ago
Carlos Santana Note
Carlos Santana photo 10. Carlos Santana CLE
After a lousy 2018, it seemed Santana's bat had finally hit the end of career wall, but he bounced back to a tune of 34 homers, 110 runs and saw his batting average soar from .229 to .281. All are expected to regress in 2019, but not enough to make him worth passing on in the 12th round.
8 weeks ago
Franmil Reyes Note
Franmil Reyes photo 11. Franmil Reyes CLE
Franmil played most of his season with San Diego's pitcher-friendly park as his home venue but still managed 37 homers in just 494 total at-bats. The batting average will likely end up south of .270 but 50 homers is a possibility out of the 13th round, so you know what to do.
8 weeks ago
Edwin Encarnacion Note
Edwin Encarnacion photo 12. Edwin Encarnacion CWS
Encarnacion is most certainly getting up there in age but his power persists as he knocked 30+ homers again for the eighth straight season. As we all know, the batting average won't be great but we can put up with that for 100+ RBIs and 80+ runs to go with the power.
8 weeks ago
Khris Davis Note
Khris Davis photo 13. Khris Davis OAK
Davis had a terrible 2019 but looked pretty much like his usual self until he ran into a wall in the outfield and injured his hip. After that, he was largely useless as a fantasy player, resulting in one of the worst seasons of his career. Still just 32 years old, there's little reason to doubt Davis' ability to return to his former skills, and go back to his 40-homer ways.
5 weeks ago
Shin-Soo Choo Note
Shin-Soo Choo photo 14. Shin-Soo Choo TEX
It never feels exciting to draft Choo, but he now has 20+ homers with a .260+ average and 80+ runs in each of the past three seasons. In fact, he stole 15 bases last year even despite his older age. This is a killer value in the 21st round of drafts.
8 weeks ago
Luke Voit Note
Luke Voit photo 15. Luke Voit NYY
Voit wasn't anything near the short sample-size explosion we saw in 2018 but he still managed 21 homers, 72 runs and 62 RBIs in just 118 games. While the batting average won't be ideal, you can certainly put up with 30 homers, 90/90 RBis and runs in the 17th round.
8 weeks ago
Avisail Garcia Note
Avisail Garcia photo 16. Avisail Garcia MIL
If you are scrambling to find a useful late-round outfielder, look no further. Garcia has an excellent bat, hiting 20 homers with a .282 batting average and incredible statcast data in just 125 games last year. The sizeable ballpark upgrade could drive that to 30, .290 this season and his price is the 21st round.
8 weeks ago
Miguel Andujar Note
Miguel Andujar photo 17. Miguel Andujar NYY
Andujar virtually missed the entire season so there is some risk in relying on a bounceback or even a full year of stats, but if we get it, we've seen the upside to be a .300 average with 25+ homers. With an ADP above 300, you should be able to get him super late in drafts.
8 weeks ago
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 18. Renato Nunez BAL
Nunez went from 8 homers and a .258 average in 2018 to a breakout performance with 31 homers and 90 RBIs. The batting average certainly won't help fantasy owners, however.
8 weeks ago
Yandy Diaz Note
Yandy Diaz photo 19. Yandy Diaz TB
Diaz finally received some playing time and the bat was strong as expected with 14 homers in just half a season. The batting average has room for growth too so don't be surprised if a full season gives fantasy owners 25 homers with a .280 average.
8 weeks ago
Nick Solak Note
Nick Solak photo 20. Nick Solak TEX
Solak was never a big prospect but he always raked in the minors then continued that trend upon being called up for Texas. He finished the year with 32 combined homers, 91 RBIs and a .290 batting average. That seems unlikely in his full rookie season, but the kid can surely hit.
8 weeks ago
Omar Narvaez Note
Omar Narvaez photo 21. Omar Narvaez MIL
Narvaez was exceptional last year in a breakout campaign with 22 bombs and a .278 average. While he may be due for some regression, moving from Seattle's pitcher park to Milwaukee's hitter park and a much stronger lineup could help him have another very useful offensive season.
8 weeks ago
Justin Smoak Note
Justin Smoak photo 22. Justin Smoak MIL
Smoak batted just .208 but underlying metrics suggest he may have been the most unlucky hitter in all of baseball. Expect .240 at least this year with another 25+ homers in Milwaukee.
8 weeks ago
Miguel Cabrera Note
Miguel Cabrera photo 23. Miguel Cabrera DET
If you play in a deeper league and are looking for a source of batting average in the later rounds, Cabrera is as solid of a bet as you'll find. Durability is a concern and he won't hit for power anymore though.
8 weeks ago
Ji-Man Choi Note
Ji-Man Choi photo 24. Ji-Man Choi TB
Daniel Vogelbach Note
Daniel Vogelbach photo 25. Daniel Vogelbach SEA
Vogelbach did manage 30 homers as many thought he might but the batting average was so horrendous that there are talks that he may lose his job at some point this season. With that said, with the risk comes upside for 40 bombs and a Joey Gallo like season.
8 weeks ago
Albert Pujols Note
Albert Pujols photo 26. Albert Pujols LAA
Pujols is nowhere near where he once was and has some durability concerns but this is still a 20+ homer hitter for the end of your bench with a BA that won't entirely kill you.
8 weeks ago
Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 27. Shohei Ohtani LAA
Ohtani didn't pitch at all in 2019 and likely won't do so until mid-May in 2020. But his bat looked just fine last year, proving that his 2018 skills he showed as a hitter were not a fluke. He'll likely settle back into a part-time DH role with the Angels, and if you can choose to deploy him as both a pitcher and a hitter in any given week, Ohtani should provide immense value as a fantasy player. Even if not, he should contribute on either end of the spectrum, so draft him with a high degree of confidence.
5 weeks ago
Rowdy Tellez Note
Rowdy Tellez photo 28. Rowdy Tellez TOR
Tellez has power galore, as evidenced by his 21 homers in just 370 at-bats. Now, the BA will hurt a bit, but you can afford to deal with that if his homers jump to 35 over a full season.
8 weeks ago
Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 29. Shohei Ohtani LAA
Hunter Pence Note
Hunter Pence photo 30. Hunter Pence SF
Jake Bauers Note
Jake Bauers photo 31. Jake Bauers CLE
Bauers has not produced at the level many prospect hounds expected but he does have upside to break out this year to a tune of 20 homers, 10 steals and a .250 batting average if he hangs onto the job.
8 weeks ago
Yonder Alonso Note
Yonder Alonso photo 32. Yonder Alonso ATL
Zack Collins Note
Zack Collins photo 33. Zack Collins CWS
Adam Jones Note
Adam Jones photo 34. Adam Jones FA
Kendrys Morales Note
Kendrys Morales photo 35. Kendrys Morales FA
Mark Trumbo Note
Mark Trumbo photo 36. Mark Trumbo FA
Welington Castillo Note
Welington Castillo photo 37. Welington Castillo WSH
Bobby Bradley Note
Bobby Bradley photo 38. Bobby Bradley CLE
Hanley Ramirez Note
Hanley Ramirez photo 39. Hanley Ramirez CLE
Steve Pearce Note
Steve Pearce photo 40. Steve Pearce FA
Tyler Austin Note
Tyler Austin photo 41. Tyler Austin FA
Matt Davidson Note
Matt Davidson photo 42. Matt Davidson CIN
AJ Reed Note
AJ Reed photo 43. AJ Reed CWS
Yasmany Tomas Note
Yasmany Tomas photo 44. Yasmany Tomas ARI
Matt Skole Note
Matt Skole photo 45. Matt Skole FA