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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Robert Woods Note
Robert Woods photo 16. Robert Woods (vs . SF)
It should be an interesting debate regarding Woods this year, because on the surface, it appears that he gets an upgrade to Matthew Stafford. While that's true, it can be argued that Jared Goff's skill-set was tailormade for Woods' skill-set. The 7.1 air yards per target Woods saw in 2020 was the 10th-lowest mark among wide receivers. Meanwhile, Stafford likes to push the ball down the field a bit more. Because of the questions (good or bad), Woods should ultimately be viewed as a mid-to-low-end WR2.
16 weeks ago
Cooper Kupp Note
Cooper Kupp photo 21. Cooper Kupp (vs . SF)
It seemed like the Rams wanted to stretch the middle of the field with Kupp at times over the last couple years, though Jared Goff's inability to accurately throw the ball downfield hindered Kupp's upside. Of the eight deep targets he saw in 2020, just one was catchable. Kupp's not a burner by any means, but if he doesn't have splash plays, he's not going to be anything more than a boring PPR asset. There's more to his game than what we've seen, and it's possible that Matthew Stafford unlocks it. He should be treated as a safe, high-floor WR2.
16 weeks ago
Odell Beckham Jr. Note
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 26. Odell Beckham Jr. (vs . SF)
Let's do an exercise... How many targets per game do you anticipate Beckham getting this year? I'm going with an extremely low number and say he averages 6.5 targets per game. That sounds more than reasonable, right? Beckham had 7.0 targets per game during the 2020 season before getting hurt and that includes a three-target game against the Steelers. The Browns were also throwing the ball a lot less early in the year as Baker Mayfield was still getting grasp on Kevin Stefanski's playbook. If Beckham gets 6.5 targets per game, that'd put him on pace for 104 targets, which again, is what I'd consider low. There were just 32 receivers in the NFL who hit that number last year, with 24 of them (75 percent) finishing as top-24 receivers and just two finishing worse than WR38. You mean to tell me with Beckham's talent, he can't produce top-24 numbers? There's health risks for sure, but there's also top-five wide receiver upside.
16 weeks ago
Van Jefferson Note
Van Jefferson photo 85. Van Jefferson (vs . SF)
Tutu Atwell Note
Tutu Atwell photo 120. Tutu Atwell (vs . SF)
Ben Skowronek Note
Ben Skowronek photo 209. Ben Skowronek (vs . SF)
Brandon Powell Note
Brandon Powell photo 265. Brandon Powell (vs . SF)
Warren Jackson Note
Warren Jackson photo 304. Warren Jackson (vs . SF)
Landen Akers Note
Landen Akers photo 322. Landen Akers (vs . SF)
J.J. Koski Note
J.J. Koski photo 324. J.J. Koski (vs . SF)