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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Jerry Jeudy Note
Jerry Jeudy photo 27. Jerry Jeudy (vs . KC)
Don't let 2020 fool you; Jerry Jeudy is a very good wide receiver. The targets that came from Drew Lock were not worth nearly as much as they should've been, and Jeudy owners should be hoping Teddy Bridgewater wins the job. He's someone who's more timing-based than Lock, and that would benefit the route runner that Jeudy is, as you could make a highlight tape of the defenders he made look silly last year, only Lock didn't find him. The quarterback competition weighs heavily on Jeudy's fantasy potential.
16 weeks ago
Courtland Sutton Note
Courtland Sutton photo 29. Courtland Sutton (vs . KC)
It seems like it's been forever since we've seen Sutton on a football field, right? Part of that is due to 2020 seeming like the longest year of all-time. But when he does return to the field, the Broncos offense looks quite different than the one that allowed him to rack up 1,112 yards and six touchdowns in 2019. The additions of Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Melvin Gordon, and Javonte Williams are all massive, as is the emergence of Tim Patrick. Suddenly, it's going to be tough for any receiver on this team to hit 120 targets. But what Sutton has going for him is that he's already shown that he can perform at a high level in the NFL. While I believe Jeudy can as well, we haven't seen that just yet, which gives Sutton the nod in the rankings as a WR3.
16 weeks ago
KJ Hamler Note
KJ Hamler photo 82. KJ Hamler (vs . KC)
Tim Patrick Note
Tim Patrick photo 89. Tim Patrick (vs . KC)
Diontae Spencer Note
Diontae Spencer photo 188. Diontae Spencer (vs . KC)
Seth Williams Note
Seth Williams photo 194. Seth Williams (vs . KC)
DaeSean Hamilton Note
DaeSean Hamilton photo 226. DaeSean Hamilton (vs . KC)
Tyrie Cleveland Note
Tyrie Cleveland photo 259. Tyrie Cleveland (vs . KC)
Kendall Hinton Note
Kendall Hinton photo 263. Kendall Hinton (vs . KC)