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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Brandin Cooks Note
Brandin Cooks photo 32. Brandin Cooks (vs . TEN)
Over the last six years, there have been just seven wide receivers who've finished top-24 in at least five of them. Those receivers are Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Jarvis Landry, and... Cooks. He's done it with four different quarterbacks, too. However, 2021 might be his toughest test yet, as it appears Tyrod Taylor will be his quarterback, and this is projected to be the lowest scoring offense in the league. Still, he's the clear-cut top option on this team and should be a lock to see 100-plus targets as long as he's healthy.
9 weeks ago
Nico Collins Note
Nico Collins photo 86. Nico Collins (vs . TEN)
I don't understand why many are talking about Collins as a "sleeper" in 2021. Do we really think this offense is going to produce two fantasy-relevant wide receivers? Somehow, Collins went from sleeper in the NFL Draft, to sleeper on a bad football team. You can like him in dynasty, that's fine, but in 2021, it's hard to see him reaching 80-plus targets if Brandin Cooks is healthy. Even outside of Cooks, the team decided to pay Andre Roberts $2.6 million, Conley $1.5 million, Chris Moore $1.3 million, and then traded for Anthony Miller. This just reeks of a situation to avoid in fantasy. Heck, even if Deshaun Watson were starting (which he's not), you'd have trouble projecting the target distribution for these receivers, though he would give Collins more of that "sleeper" appeal. I'm okay letting someone else take a shot on a non-Cooks receiver.
9 weeks ago
Chris Conley Note
Chris Conley photo 127. Chris Conley (vs . TEN)
Danny Amendola Note
Danny Amendola photo 145. Danny Amendola (vs . TEN)
Andre Roberts Note
Andre Roberts photo 173. Andre Roberts (vs . TEN)
Jalen Camp Note
Jalen Camp photo 229. Jalen Camp (vs . TEN)
Davion Davis Note
Davion Davis photo 234. Davion Davis (vs . TEN)
Chris Moore Note
Chris Moore photo 242. Chris Moore (vs . TEN)
Damon Hazelton Note
Damon Hazelton photo 284. Damon Hazelton (vs . TEN)
Donte Moncrief Note
Donte Moncrief photo 306. Donte Moncrief (vs . TEN)