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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Will Fuller V Note
Will Fuller V photo 37. Will Fuller V (vs . NE)
Not only will Fuller finish up his suspension and miss Week 1 this year, but he'll also be returning to the field with a new quarterback, and let's just say that life without Deshaun Watson hasn't been kind to him. In 20 games with non-Watson quarterbacks, Fuller has averaged 6.0 targets, 3.1 receptions, 38.7 yards, and 0.10 touchdowns, which is a far cry from his 6.5 targets, 4.5 receptions, 70.6 yards, and 0.67 touchdowns per game with Watson under center. Can Tua Tagovailoa take a step forward in his career in 2021? Sure, but he's not going to be Watson, and there are suddenly tons of options for him to throw to, which means Fuller is going to have to fight for his target share. There's more risk than you'd like with Fuller, who's also had his fair share of injuries throughout his career. Getting him as a WR4 would be ideal, as you aren't relying on him for production week-in and week-out.
41 mins ago
DeVante Parker Note
DeVante Parker photo 43. DeVante Parker (vs . NE)
This is funny because I was always the guy saying that Parker was undervalued, and he was, but we've reached the point where I'm abandoning that ship. Last year, he played in eight games with Tua Tagovailoa, and in those games, he averaged 7.1 targets, 3.6 receptions, 43.1 yards, and 0.25 touchdowns. That's... not great. And now you add Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to the offense? Parker is the "big body" wide receiver of the bunch, but he's never been a touchdown scorer, finishing with more than four touchdowns just once in his six-year career. His ADP is way too high.
4 weeks ago
Jaylen Waddle Note
Jaylen Waddle photo 51. Jaylen Waddle (vs . NE)
Preston Williams Note
Preston Williams photo 93. Preston Williams (vs . NE)
Lynn Bowden Jr. Note
Lynn Bowden Jr. photo 114. Lynn Bowden Jr. (vs . NE)
Albert Wilson Note
Albert Wilson photo 161. Albert Wilson (vs . NE)
Jakeem Grant Sr. Note
Jakeem Grant Sr. photo 162. Jakeem Grant Sr. (vs . NE)
Malcolm Perry Note
Malcolm Perry photo 232. Malcolm Perry (vs . NE)
Mack Hollins Note
Mack Hollins photo 277. Mack Hollins (vs . NE)
Robert Foster Note
Robert Foster photo 378. Robert Foster (vs . NE)
Allen Hurns Note
Allen Hurns photo 382. Allen Hurns (vs . NE)
Kirk Merritt Note
Kirk Merritt photo 383. Kirk Merritt (vs . NE)