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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Myles Gaskin Note
Myles Gaskin photo 46. Myles Gaskin RB - (vs . NE)
It was shocking to see the Dolphins pass on running back after running back, especially considering all the picks they had in this year's draft. This is great news for Gaskin, who racked up 183 touches in just 10 games last year. Crazy, right? His 18.3 touches per game ranked ninth among running backs. Opportunity is everything, and if he gets that type of opportunity again in 2021 while playing in all the games, he's going to finish as a top-15 running back. The only difference is that the Dolphins added Malcolm Brown in free agency, which could lead to him siphoning some targets away from Gaskin, which would be less than ideal. As of now, Gaskin should probably be considered a solid RB2, though landing him as your RB3/flex would be even better based on the small sample size we have from him in a big role.
1 week ago
Will Fuller V Note
Will Fuller V photo 92. Will Fuller V WR - (vs . NE)
Not only will Fuller finish up his suspension and miss Week 1 this year, but he'll also be returning to the field with a new quarterback, and let's just say that life without Deshaun Watson hasn't been kind to him. In 20 games with non-Watson quarterbacks, Fuller has averaged 6.0 targets, 3.1 receptions, 38.7 yards, and 0.10 touchdowns, which is a far cry from his 6.5 targets, 4.5 receptions, 70.6 yards, and 0.67 touchdowns per game with Watson under center. Can Tua Tagovailoa take a step forward in his career in 2021? Sure, but he's not going to be Watson, and there are suddenly tons of options for him to throw to, which means Fuller is going to have to fight for his target share. There's more risk than you'd like with Fuller, who's also had his fair share of injuries throughout his career. Getting him as a WR4 would be ideal, as you aren't relying on him for production week-in and week-out.
1 week ago
Mike Gesicki Note
Mike Gesicki photo 108. Mike Gesicki TE - (vs . NE)
Part of the reason we liked Gesicki last year was due to the lack of verified options in the Dolphins passing attack. That's changed as we head into 2021, as the Dolphins have added Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to the arsenal. Despite the lack of options last year, Gesicki saw just 85 targets. There is a new offensive coordinator, which can certainly shake things up, but the additions of Fuller and Waddle reduce the need for Gesicki's athleticism, and he's not a possession-style tight end. His upside is capped, and his floor might be in jeopardy, too.
1 week ago
DeVante Parker Note
DeVante Parker photo 118. DeVante Parker WR - (vs . NE)
This is funny because I was always the guy saying that Parker was undervalued, and he was, but we've reached the point where I'm abandoning that ship. Last year, he played in eight games with Tua Tagovailoa, and in those games, he averaged 7.1 targets, 3.6 receptions, 43.1 yards, and 0.25 touchdowns. That's... not great. And now you add Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to the offense? Parker is the "big body" wide receiver of the bunch, but he's never been a touchdown scorer, finishing with more than four touchdowns just once in his six-year career. His ADP is way too high.
1 week ago
Jaylen Waddle Note
Jaylen Waddle photo 131. Jaylen Waddle WR - (vs . NE)
Reunited and it feels so good? Maybe. Waddle will be playing with his college quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. That certainly helps project him for a quick start to his career, as does the absence of Will Fuller in Week 1 as he serves the remainder of his suspension. Tagovailoa talked about his pass catchers not gaining separation last year, but that shouldn't be an issue with Waddle. Even when Fuller joins the lineup, it might not be a bad thing for Waddle, as he should slide into the slot where he'll be matched up with nickel cornerbacks and safeties. Waddle might be someone who produces quicker than most rookies due to his familiarity with his quarterback.
1 week ago
Tua Tagovailoa Note
Tua Tagovailoa photo 150. Tua Tagovailoa QB - (vs . NE)
It's really unfair to judge Tagovailoa after a pretty weak rookie season, as he dealt with an injury throughout the offseason, had no preseason, and plenty of injuries to his pass catchers. On top of that, he had Ryan Fitzpatrick breathing down his neck. Fast forward to 2021 where Fitzpatrick is gone, and the Dolphins have added Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to his stable of pass catchers. If his injuries really limited him in 2020, we could see an explosion in 2021 with the firepower they have at wide receiver, but don't automatically assume that.
1 week ago
Salvon Ahmed Note
Salvon Ahmed photo 184. Salvon Ahmed RB - (vs . NE)
He's kind of gone under the radar this offseason, though it's odd because of how well he played when given the opportunity last year as Myles Gaskin's primary backup. He tallied 63 total touches, 291 total yards, and two touchdowns in the three games he played a big role, which is certainly enough to be started in fantasy. Worst case scenario is that he's a handcuff to Gaskin, who hasn't proven the ability to remain healthy in a workhorse role.
1 week ago
Jason Sanders Note
Jason Sanders photo 210. Jason Sanders K - (vs . NE)
Sanders was the top kicker in fantasy both because he was in an offense that was able to move the ball consistently but not score touchdowns and because he was just flat-out accurate. He was perfect from within 40 yards and on extra-point attempts, went 12-of-14 from 40-49 yards, and 8-of-9 from 50 yards or more. Sanders had never shown that level of accuracy from long range before, so fantasy managers would be wise to view it with a bit of skepticism. Still, with his 2020 performance, it would be difficult to consider drafting him as anything but a top-10 kicker in fantasy.
5 weeks ago
Malcolm Brown Note
Malcolm Brown photo 223. Malcolm Brown RB - (vs . NE)
Brown's a role player, plain and simple. The Dolphins are going to give him touches; you don't sign a player for nearly $2 million to have him fourth on the running back depth chart. With that being said, he's not a sleeper candidate or anything, but rather someone who takes away some of the upside of players like Myles Gaskin.
1 week ago
Miami Dolphins Note
Miami Dolphins photo 230. Miami Dolphins DST - (vs . NE)
Preston Williams Note
Preston Williams photo 275. Preston Williams WR - (vs . NE)
Williams has shown his talent when he has been on the field, but health - or a lack thereof - has limited him to just 16 games in his two-year career. He underwent surgery on his foot in November and even if he returns to full health, he's likely going to be in merely a depth role with Will Fuller, Jaylen Waddle, and DeVante Parker in front of him. There's little reason to consider him in pretty much any fantasy format this year.
3 weeks ago
Lynn Bowden Jr. Note
Lynn Bowden Jr. photo 362. Lynn Bowden Jr. WR - (vs . NE)
Bowden's rookie season was bizarre. He was drafted by the Raiders in the third round only to get shipped to Miami before the season began. Although the Dolphins were in need of playmakers, Bowden did little in his 10 games, with just nine carries and 28 receptions. He's a versatile player and can make things happen when the ball in his hands, but with the Dolphins adding Will Fuller and drafting Jaylen Waddle, and Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed in the backfield, there's almost no chance for Bowden to have fantasy value this year absent multiple injuries ahead of him.
2 weeks ago
Gerrid Doaks Note
Gerrid Doaks photo 411. Gerrid Doaks RB - (vs . NE)
Hunter Long Note
Hunter Long photo 420. Hunter Long TE - (vs . NE)
Albert Wilson Note
Albert Wilson photo 448. Albert Wilson WR - (vs . NE)
Jakeem Grant Sr. Note
Jakeem Grant Sr. photo 454. Jakeem Grant Sr. WR - (vs . NE)
Adam Shaheen Note
Adam Shaheen photo 476. Adam Shaheen TE - (vs . NE)
Durham Smythe Note
Durham Smythe photo 524. Durham Smythe TE - (vs . NE)
Jacoby Brissett Note
Jacoby Brissett photo 538. Jacoby Brissett QB - (vs . NE)
Malcolm Perry Note
Malcolm Perry photo 603. Malcolm Perry RB,WR - (vs . NE)
Cethan Carter Note
Cethan Carter photo 618. Cethan Carter TE,RB - (vs . NE)
Mack Hollins Note
Mack Hollins photo 687. Mack Hollins WR - (vs . NE)
Patrick Laird Note
Patrick Laird photo 764. Patrick Laird RB - (vs . NE)
Jordan Scarlett Note
Jordan Scarlett photo 801. Jordan Scarlett RB - (vs . NE)
Robert Foster Note
Robert Foster photo 885. Robert Foster WR - (vs . NE)
Kirk Merritt Note
Kirk Merritt photo 891. Kirk Merritt WR - (vs . NE)
Allen Hurns Note
Allen Hurns photo 892. Allen Hurns WR - (vs . NE)
Chris Myarick Note
Chris Myarick photo 907. Chris Myarick TE - (vs . NE)
Jibri Blount Note
Jibri Blount photo 912. Jibri Blount TE - (vs . NE)