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Matt Van Every

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"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.... teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime." If you're not allergic to mercury and want all the fish you can catch, trust the Unknown Fantasy Dude to transform wisened winners out of green grasshoppers. After finishing college and earning my degree in journalism, I was drafted by the daily fantasy sports website, where I wrote a daily advice column. As the face of a completely unknown website, under the scrutiny of my loyal reader, as is cliche with rookie columnists, the intense pressure and unimaginable success led to blowing my signing bonus on black coffee and blue "clicky," pens. A wiser, more experienced, yet no less "Unknown," dude, I joined with author and DFS veteran "Top 40 Tom," to form the Daily Fantasy Dudes. Together we hosted a weekly podcast still available in syndication on iTunes and Soundcloud. Both following and playing baseball since I could hit the cut-off mom with my warm bottle, I was passionate about statistics and embraced Sabermetrics, back when Billy Beane and Theo Epstein were picking boogers and learning to tie their Roo's. Equally versed in all things football, I first memorized the accomplishments of my childhood hero Walter Payton. And as for today, whether the QB is Russell Wilson, Shane Falco, or Johnny Football, the Unknown Fantasy Dude knows all the data you'll ever need. A hometown kid with the OKC Thunder in my backyard, don't sit on "Dude," come the NBA season. If it's stats, personality, or the savvy analysis I've come to be known for, you can count on a dominating performance in any of the major American professional sports by The Uknown Fantasy Dude. When it comes to NHL, just go with Gretzky...can't go wrong right? No? Okay, we all have our limits... Check out the podcast history on iTunes: SoundCloud: And at our website

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