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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 1 Rankings
Christian McCaffrey Note
Christian McCaffrey photo 1. Christian McCaffrey CAR (vs . LV)
Ezekiel Elliott Note
Ezekiel Elliott photo 2. Ezekiel Elliott DAL (at LAR)
Saquon Barkley Note
Saquon Barkley photo 3. Saquon Barkley NYG (vs . PIT)
Josh Jacobs Note
Josh Jacobs photo 4. Josh Jacobs LV (at CAR)
Dalvin Cook Note
Dalvin Cook photo 5. Dalvin Cook MIN (vs . GB)
Alvin Kamara Note
Alvin Kamara photo 6. Alvin Kamara NO (vs . TB)
Derrick Henry Note
Derrick Henry photo 7. Derrick Henry TEN (at DEN)
Joe Mixon Note
Joe Mixon photo 8. Joe Mixon CIN (vs . LAC)
Nick Chubb Note
Nick Chubb photo 9. Nick Chubb CLE (at BAL)
Austin Ekeler Note
Austin Ekeler photo 10. Austin Ekeler LAC (at CIN)
Aaron Jones Note
Aaron Jones photo 11. Aaron Jones GB (at MIN)
Todd Gurley Note
Todd Gurley photo 12. Todd Gurley ATL (vs . SEA)
Chris Carson Note
Chris Carson photo 13. Chris Carson SEA (at ATL)
Miles Sanders Note
Miles Sanders photo 14. Miles Sanders PHI (at WAS)
James Conner Note
James Conner photo 15. James Conner PIT (at NYG)
Kenyan Drake Note
Kenyan Drake photo 16. Kenyan Drake ARI (at SF)
Leonard Fournette Note
Leonard Fournette photo 17. Leonard Fournette JAC (vs . IND)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Note
Clyde Edwards-Helaire photo 18. Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC (vs . HOU)
David Johnson Note
David Johnson photo 19. David Johnson HOU (at KC)
David Montgomery Note
David Montgomery photo 20. David Montgomery CHI (at DET)
Mark Ingram II Note
Mark Ingram II photo 21. Mark Ingram II BAL (vs . CLE)
Raheem Mostert Note
Raheem Mostert photo 22. Raheem Mostert SF (vs . ARI)
Melvin Gordon Note
Melvin Gordon photo 23. Melvin Gordon DEN (vs . TEN)
Le'Veon Bell Note
Le'Veon Bell photo 24. Le'Veon Bell NYJ (at BUF)
Jonathan Taylor Note
Jonathan Taylor photo 25. Jonathan Taylor IND (at JAC)
Sony Michel Note
Sony Michel photo 26. Sony Michel NE (vs . MIA)
Devin Singletary Note
Devin Singletary photo 27. Devin Singletary BUF (vs . NYJ)
D'Andre Swift Note
D'Andre Swift photo 28. D'Andre Swift DET (vs . CHI)
Cam Akers Note
Cam Akers photo 29. Cam Akers LAR (vs . DAL)
Jordan Howard Note
Jordan Howard photo 30. Jordan Howard MIA (at NE)
Kareem Hunt Note
Kareem Hunt photo 31. Kareem Hunt CLE (at BAL)
Tevin Coleman Note
Tevin Coleman photo 32. Tevin Coleman SF (vs . ARI)
Ke'Shawn Vaughn Note
Ke'Shawn Vaughn photo 33. Ke'Shawn Vaughn TB (at NO)
Ronald Jones II Note
Ronald Jones II photo 34. Ronald Jones II TB (at NO)
Damien Williams Note
Damien Williams photo 35. Damien Williams KC (vs . HOU)
Kerryon Johnson Note
Kerryon Johnson photo 36. Kerryon Johnson DET (vs . CHI)
J.K. Dobbins Note
J.K. Dobbins photo 37. J.K. Dobbins BAL (vs . CLE)
Marlon Mack Note
Marlon Mack photo 38. Marlon Mack IND (at JAC)
Phillip Lindsay Note
Phillip Lindsay photo 39. Phillip Lindsay DEN (vs . TEN)
Darrell Henderson Note
Darrell Henderson photo 40. Darrell Henderson LAR (vs . DAL)
James White Note
James White photo 41. James White NE (vs . MIA)
Latavius Murray Note
Latavius Murray photo 42. Latavius Murray NO (vs . TB)
Matt Breida Note
Matt Breida photo 43. Matt Breida MIA (at NE)
Duke Johnson Note
Duke Johnson photo 44. Duke Johnson HOU (at KC)
Derrius Guice Note
Derrius Guice photo 45. Derrius Guice WAS (vs . PHI)
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 46. Tarik Cohen CHI (at DET)
Zack Moss Note
Zack Moss photo 47. Zack Moss BUF (vs . NYJ)
Tony Pollard Note
Tony Pollard photo 48. Tony Pollard DAL (at LAR)
Adrian Peterson Note
Adrian Peterson photo 49. Adrian Peterson WAS (vs . PHI)
Boston Scott Note
Boston Scott photo 50. Boston Scott PHI (at WAS)
Alexander Mattison Note
Alexander Mattison photo 51. Alexander Mattison MIN (vs . GB)
Joshua Kelley Note
Joshua Kelley photo 52. Joshua Kelley LAC (at CIN)
Anthony McFarland Jr. Note
Anthony McFarland Jr. photo 53. Anthony McFarland Jr. PIT (at NYG)
Darrynton Evans Note
Darrynton Evans photo 54. Darrynton Evans TEN (at DEN)
A.J. Dillon Note
A.J. Dillon photo 55. A.J. Dillon GB (at MIN)
Antonio Gibson Note
Antonio Gibson photo 56. Antonio Gibson WAS (vs . PHI)
Justin Jackson Note
Justin Jackson photo 57. Justin Jackson LAC (at CIN)
Nyheim Hines Note
Nyheim Hines photo 58. Nyheim Hines IND (at JAC)
Jamaal Williams Note
Jamaal Williams photo 59. Jamaal Williams GB (at MIN)
DeeJay Dallas Note
DeeJay Dallas photo 60. DeeJay Dallas SEA (at ATL)
Chase Edmonds Note
Chase Edmonds photo 61. Chase Edmonds ARI (at SF)
Lamical Perine Note
Lamical Perine photo 62. Lamical Perine NYJ (at BUF)
Ryquell Armstead Note
Ryquell Armstead photo 63. Ryquell Armstead JAC (vs . IND)
Rex Burkhead Note
Rex Burkhead photo 64. Rex Burkhead NE (vs . MIA)
Frank Gore Note
Frank Gore photo 65. Frank Gore NYJ (at BUF)
Damien Harris Note
Damien Harris photo 66. Damien Harris NE (vs . MIA)
Malcolm Brown Note
Malcolm Brown photo 67. Malcolm Brown LAR (vs . DAL)
Rashaad Penny Note
Rashaad Penny photo 68. Rashaad Penny SEA (at ATL)
Giovani Bernard Note
Giovani Bernard photo 69. Giovani Bernard CIN (vs . LAC)
Jaylen Samuels Note
Jaylen Samuels photo 70. Jaylen Samuels PIT (at NYG)
Jalen Richard Note
Jalen Richard photo 71. Jalen Richard LV (at CAR)
Lynn Bowden Jr. Note
Lynn Bowden Jr. photo 72. Lynn Bowden Jr. LV (at CAR)
Brian Hill Note
Brian Hill photo 73. Brian Hill ATL (vs . SEA)
Eno Benjamin Note
Eno Benjamin photo 74. Eno Benjamin ARI (at SF)
Ito Smith Note
Ito Smith photo 75. Ito Smith ATL (vs . SEA)
Justice Hill Note
Justice Hill photo 76. Justice Hill BAL (vs . CLE)
Benny Snell Jr. Note
Benny Snell Jr. photo 77. Benny Snell Jr. PIT (at NYG)
Royce Freeman Note
Royce Freeman photo 78. Royce Freeman DEN (vs . TEN)
Gus Edwards Note
Gus Edwards photo 79. Gus Edwards BAL (vs . CLE)
Dion Lewis Note
Dion Lewis photo 80. Dion Lewis NYG (vs . PIT)
Chris Thompson Note
Chris Thompson photo 81. Chris Thompson JAC (vs . IND)
Jerick McKinnon Note
Jerick McKinnon photo 82. Jerick McKinnon SF (vs . ARI)
Mike Boone Note
Mike Boone photo 83. Mike Boone MIN (vs . GB)
Bryce Love Note
Bryce Love photo 84. Bryce Love WAS (vs . PHI)
Peyton Barber Note
Peyton Barber photo 85. Peyton Barber WAS (vs . PHI)
DeAndre Washington Note
DeAndre Washington photo 86. DeAndre Washington KC (vs . HOU)
Patrick Laird Note
Patrick Laird photo 87. Patrick Laird MIA (at NE)
Reggie Bonnafon Note
Reggie Bonnafon photo 88. Reggie Bonnafon CAR (vs . LV)
Bo Scarbrough Note
Bo Scarbrough photo 89. Bo Scarbrough DET (vs . CHI)
Jordan Wilkins Note
Jordan Wilkins photo 90. Jordan Wilkins IND (at JAC)
Dare Ogunbowale Note
Dare Ogunbowale photo 91. Dare Ogunbowale TB (at NO)
Carlos Hyde Note
Carlos Hyde photo 92. Carlos Hyde SEA (at ATL)
Wayne Gallman Note
Wayne Gallman photo 93. Wayne Gallman NYG (vs . PIT)
Darrel Williams Note
Darrel Williams photo 94. Darrel Williams KC (vs . HOU)
Darwin Thompson Note
Darwin Thompson photo 95. Darwin Thompson KC (vs . HOU)
Kalen Ballage Note
Kalen Ballage photo 96. Kalen Ballage MIA (at NE)
Qadree Ollison Note
Qadree Ollison photo 97. Qadree Ollison ATL (vs . SEA)
T.J. Yeldon Note
T.J. Yeldon photo 98. T.J. Yeldon BUF (vs . NYJ)
Ryan Nall Note
Ryan Nall photo 99. Ryan Nall CHI (at DET)
Travis Homer Note
Travis Homer photo 100. Travis Homer SEA (at ATL)
Salvon Ahmed Note
Salvon Ahmed photo 101. Salvon Ahmed SF (vs . ARI)
Elijah Holyfield Note
Elijah Holyfield photo 102. Elijah Holyfield PHI (at WAS)
Myles Gaskin Note
Myles Gaskin photo 103. Myles Gaskin MIA (at NE)
Mike Davis Note
Mike Davis photo 104. Mike Davis CAR (vs . LV)
Devonta Freeman Note
Devonta Freeman photo 105. Devonta Freeman FA (BYE)
Raymond Calais Note
Raymond Calais photo 106. Raymond Calais TB (at NO)
Lamar Miller Note
Lamar Miller photo 107. Lamar Miller FA (BYE)
Rodney Anderson Note
Rodney Anderson photo 108. Rodney Anderson CIN (vs . LAC)
Rod Smith Note
Rod Smith photo 109. Rod Smith LV (at CAR)
Brandon Bolden Note
Brandon Bolden photo 110. Brandon Bolden NE (vs . MIA)
Kyle Juszczyk Note
Kyle Juszczyk photo 111. Kyle Juszczyk SF (vs . ARI)
Jordan Scarlett Note
Jordan Scarlett photo 112. Jordan Scarlett CAR (vs . LV)
Taquan Mizzell Note
Taquan Mizzell photo 113. Taquan Mizzell NO (vs . TB)
Jeff Wilson Note
Jeff Wilson photo 114. Jeff Wilson SF (vs . ARI)
J.D. McKissic Note
J.D. McKissic photo 115. J.D. McKissic WAS (vs . PHI)
Dontrell Hilliard Note
Dontrell Hilliard photo 116. Dontrell Hilliard CLE (at BAL)
David Fluellen Note
David Fluellen photo 117. David Fluellen FA (BYE)
Kerrith Whyte Jr. Note
Kerrith Whyte Jr. photo 118. Kerrith Whyte Jr. PIT (at NYG)
LeSean McCoy Note
LeSean McCoy photo 119. LeSean McCoy FA (BYE)
Trenton Cannon Note
Trenton Cannon photo 120. Trenton Cannon NYJ (at BUF)
Ty Johnson Note
Ty Johnson photo 121. Ty Johnson DET (vs . CHI)
Karan Higdon Note
Karan Higdon photo 122. Karan Higdon HOU (at KC)
Ty Montgomery Note
Ty Montgomery photo 123. Ty Montgomery NO (vs . TB)
Elijah McGuire Note
Elijah McGuire photo 124. Elijah McGuire KC (vs . HOU)
Devontae Booker Note
Devontae Booker photo 125. Devontae Booker LV (at CAR)
Ameer Abdullah Note
Ameer Abdullah photo 126. Ameer Abdullah MIN (vs . GB)
CJ Ham Note
CJ Ham photo 127. CJ Ham MIN (vs . GB)
Buddy Howell Note
Buddy Howell photo 128. Buddy Howell HOU (at KC)
Dan Vitale Note
Dan Vitale photo 129. Dan Vitale NE (vs . MIA)
Kenneth Dixon Note
Kenneth Dixon photo 130. Kenneth Dixon NYJ (at BUF)
Trayveon Williams Note
Trayveon Williams photo 131. Trayveon Williams CIN (vs . LAC)
Devine Ozigbo Note
Devine Ozigbo photo 132. Devine Ozigbo JAC (vs . IND)
Patrick Ricard Note
Patrick Ricard photo 133. Patrick Ricard BAL (vs . CLE)
Anthony Sherman Note
Anthony Sherman photo 134. Anthony Sherman KC (vs . HOU)
D'Ernest Johnson Note
D'Ernest Johnson photo 135. D'Ernest Johnson CLE (at BAL)
Keith Smith Note
Keith Smith photo 136. Keith Smith ATL (vs . SEA)
Derek Watt Note
Derek Watt photo 137. Derek Watt PIT (at NYG)
Ricky Ortiz Note
Ricky Ortiz photo 138. Ricky Ortiz NO (vs . TB)
Dexter Williams Note
Dexter Williams photo 139. Dexter Williams GB (at MIN)
Alec Ingold Note
Alec Ingold photo 140. Alec Ingold LV (at CAR)
Khari Blasingame Note
Khari Blasingame photo 141. Khari Blasingame TEN (at DEN)
Alex Armah Note
Alex Armah photo 142. Alex Armah CAR (vs . LV)
Nick Bellore Note
Nick Bellore photo 143. Nick Bellore SEA (at ATL)
Jamize Olawale Note
Jamize Olawale photo 144. Jamize Olawale DAL (at LAR)
Troymaine Pope Note
Troymaine Pope photo 145. Troymaine Pope FA (BYE)
Dalyn Dawkins Note
Dalyn Dawkins photo 146. Dalyn Dawkins TEN (at DEN)
Tra Carson Note
Tra Carson photo 147. Tra Carson FA (BYE)
Patrick DiMarco Note
Patrick DiMarco photo 148. Patrick DiMarco BUF (vs . NYJ)
Trey Edmunds Note
Trey Edmunds photo 149. Trey Edmunds PIT (at NYG)
Jakob Johnson Note
Jakob Johnson photo 150. Jakob Johnson NE (vs . MIA)
 photo 151. (BYE)
Tyler Ervin Note
Tyler Ervin photo 152. Tyler Ervin GB (at MIN)
Dwayne Washington Note
Dwayne Washington photo 153. Dwayne Washington NO (vs . TB)
Josh Ferguson Note
Josh Ferguson photo 154. Josh Ferguson WAS (vs . PHI)
Josh Adams Note
Josh Adams photo 155. Josh Adams NYJ (at BUF)
Senorise Perry Note
Senorise Perry photo 156. Senorise Perry TEN (at DEN)
Samaje Perine Note
Samaje Perine photo 157. Samaje Perine CIN (vs . LAC)
John Kelly Note
John Kelly photo 158. John Kelly LAR (vs . DAL)
Wes Hills Note
Wes Hills photo 159. Wes Hills DET (vs . CHI)
Tony Brooks-James Note
Tony Brooks-James photo 160. Tony Brooks-James MIN (vs . GB)
Michael Burton Note
Michael Burton photo 161. Michael Burton NO (vs . TB)
D.J. Foster Note
D.J. Foster photo 162. D.J. Foster ARI (at SF)
Jonathan Hilliman Note
Jonathan Hilliman photo 163. Jonathan Hilliman NYG (vs . PIT)
Jeremy McNichols Note
Jeremy McNichols photo 164. Jeremy McNichols FA (BYE)
Cullen Gillaspia Note
Cullen Gillaspia photo 165. Cullen Gillaspia HOU (at KC)
Darius Jackson Note
Darius Jackson photo 166. Darius Jackson IND (at JAC)
Taiwan Jones Note
Taiwan Jones photo 167. Taiwan Jones BUF (vs . NYJ)
Damarea Crockett Note
Damarea Crockett photo 168. Damarea Crockett GB (at MIN)
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1Christian McCaffrey (CAR)RB
2Saquon Barkley (NYG)RB
3Michael Thomas (NO)WR
4Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)RB
5Dalvin Cook (MIN)RB
6Derrick Henry (TEN)RB
7Alvin Kamara (NO)RB
8Tyreek Hill (KC)WR
9Joe Mixon (CIN)RB
10Davante Adams (GB)WR
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11Nick Chubb (CLE)RB
12Julio Jones (ATL)WR
13Josh Jacobs (LV)RB
14DeAndre Hopkins (ARI)WR
15Chris Godwin (TB)WR
16Travis Kelce (KC)TE
17Kenny Golladay (DET)WR
18George Kittle (SF)TE
19Aaron Jones (GB)RB
20Mike Evans (TB)WR
21Kenyan Drake (ARI)RB
22Miles Sanders (PHI)RB
23Amari Cooper (DAL)WR
24Lamar Jackson (BAL)QB
25Patrick Mahomes (KC)QB
26Mark Andrews (BAL)TE
27Odell Beckham Jr. (CLE)WR
28Austin Ekeler (LAC)RB
29A.J. Brown (TEN)WR
30JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT)WR
1Ronald Acuna Jr. (ATL)LF,CF
2Mike Trout (LAA)CF
3Christian Yelich (MIL)LF,RF
4Cody Bellinger (LAD)1B,CF
5Mookie Betts (LAD)CF,RF
6Trevor Story (COL)SS
7Francisco Lindor (CLE)SS
8Gerrit Cole (NYY)SP
9Trea Turner (WSH)SS
10Jacob deGrom (NYM)SP
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11Nolan Arenado (COL)3B
12Juan Soto (WSH)LF
13Max Scherzer (WSH)SP
14Freddie Freeman (ATL)1B
15Jose Ramirez (CLE)3B
16Alex Bregman (HOU)3B,SS
17J.D. Martinez (BOS)LF,RF
18Walker Buehler (LAD)SP
19Fernando Tatis Jr. (SD)SS
20Anthony Rendon (LAA)3B
21Rafael Devers (BOS)3B
22Bryce Harper (PHI)RF
23Justin Verlander (HOU)SP
24Starling Marte (ARI)CF
25Jack Flaherty (STL)SP
26Stephen Strasburg (WSH)SP
27Javier Baez (CHC)SS
28Xander Bogaerts (BOS)SS
29Shane Bieber (CLE)SP
30Jose Altuve (HOU)2B
1Anthony Davis (LAL)PF,C
2James Harden (HOU)PG,SG
3Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)SF,PF
4Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)C
5Kevin Durant (BKN)SF,PF
6LeBron James (LAL)SF,PF
7Stephen Curry (GSW)PG,SG
8Nikola Jokic (DEN)PF,C
9Damian Lillard (POR)PG
10Russell Westbrook (HOU)PG
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11Victor Oladipo (IND)PG,SG
12Paul George (LAC)SF,PF
13Joel Embiid (PHI)PF,C
14Kawhi Leonard (LAC)SG,SF
15Chris Paul (OKC)PG
16Jimmy Butler (MIA)SG,SF
17Kemba Walker (BOS)PG
18Ben Simmons (PHI)PG,SF
19Kyrie Irving (BKN)PG,SG
20Jrue Holiday (NOR)PG,SG
21Rudy Gobert (UTH)C
22Andre Drummond (CLE)PF,C
23John Wall (WAS)PG
24Kyle Lowry (TOR)PG
25Donovan Mitchell (UTH)PG,SG
26Khris Middleton (MIL)SG,SF
27Bradley Beal (WAS)SG
28Kevin Love (CLE)PF,C
29Draymond Green (GSW)PF,C
30LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS)PF,C
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