Fantasy Football Player Notes

2018 Draft Rankings
Todd Gurley photo 1. Todd Gurley RB - LAR
Gurley's season last year was the best for a running back since Chris Johnson's 2000 yard season in 2009. Sure, Le'Veon Bell is amazing, but you are missing the boat if you don't grab by far the best fantasy asset with the first overall pick.
3 days ago
Le'Veon Bell photo 2. Le'Veon Bell RB - PIT
The sentiment for drafting Bell first overall is fair and understandable, but he is substantially more injury prone than Gurley and finished more than 60 points behind him last fantasy season too. With that said, the difference between Bell and the #3 fantasy player may be larger than the difference between #3 and #10.
3 days ago
Ezekiel Elliott photo 3. Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL
Despite missing six games last year, Zeke managerd to still be a top 10 running back. Believe it or not, he scored more standard league points per game than even Le'Veon Bell. So long as he is able to stay healthy, we are looking at one of the top five assets in fantasy football once again.
3 days ago
David Johnson photo 4. David Johnson RB - ARI
Some are clamoring that Johnson should even be the top overall pick. Now, you shouldn't go that far because his touchdown rate from 2016 is entirely unsustainable, but he is without question the workhorse in Arizona and ought to bounce back to a high-end RB1 season in 2018.
3 days ago
Antonio Brown photo 5. Antonio Brown WR - PIT
My overall ranking might be too low on the No. 1 wide receiver who has now finished inside the top-three at his position in each of the last four years, but passing on a volume running back is hard to do. Brown is as consistent as they come, as he's now posted at least WR2 numbers in 57 of his last 77 games, which amounts to 74 percent of the time. The only wide receivers who were able to accomplish that in just one year (2017) were Deandre Hopkins and Michael Thomas. He's the No. 1 wide receiver and it's not even debatable at this point. He's like a fine wine that gets better with age.
5 days ago
DeAndre Hopkins photo 6. DeAndre Hopkins WR - HOU
There are a lot of fantasy football owners going gaga over Hopkins in 2018, but I'd warn you to proceed with caution. Not only did the Texans throw a lot more than they wanted to in 2017 because of all the injuries on the defensive side of the ball, but the 9.3 percent touchdown rate by Deshaun Watson is completely inflated. While Hopkins remains one of the safest wide receivers due to his volume, you don't want to pay for last year's performance. Don't forget that he finished as the WR36 in 2016 while seeing 151 targets. I get it, Watson is better than what he's had, but temper those expectations.
4 weeks ago
Alvin Kamara photo 7. Alvin Kamara RB - NO
If you are expecting Kamara to turn into a workhorse with Ingram out the first four games, or even the entire season, you may want to consider that he never saw more than 12 carries in any game last year. His ceiling is limited as a result, plus his touchdown rate is certain to come crashing back down to earth. Still, he is a first rounder without a doubt.
3 days ago
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 8. Odell Beckham Jr. WR - NYG
It's now a 47-game sample size, so we have plenty of data to analyze him against. Beckham Jr. has posted WR1 numbers in 48.9 percent of those games, which is simply ridiculous. Just how ridiculous? Well, the closest wide receiver to his totals over the last 15 years is Julio Jones, who has hit the WR1 mark in 40.4 percent of his games. The addition of Saquon Barkley is likely to take away some of his massive potential, but he's still a generational talent that is going to be heavily involved.
4 weeks ago
Saquon Barkley photo 9. Saquon Barkley RB - NYG
While this may not have been the smartest #2 pick for an NFL team, he is a surefire top-10 fantasy player even as a rookie. The Giants improved their offensive line and are expected to offer Saquon over 350 touches as a rookie. That is a recipe for one of the best rookie seasons in fantasy football history.
3 days ago
Kareem Hunt photo 10. Kareem Hunt RB - KC
Hunt was spectacular in the first three weeks then to close the season for Kansas City, but the in between stretch left owners benching him before long. More than likely, we will see something in the middle, and with Spencer Ware now in the fold, his ceiling is capped. Don't forget that Andy Reid has always used a 60/30/10 type of backfield split until he had no other options last season.
3 days ago
Julio Jones photo 11. Julio Jones WR - ATL
If you're fortunate to land Jones late in the first, consider yourself one lucky person. While some have said he's inconsistent, the numbers tell a different story. He's finished with WR1 numbers in 40.4 percent of his career games, which ranks second to only Odell Beckham Jr. since 2001. If you think he's too "boom or bust," the only players who have posted a higher WR3 percentage than his (73.4 percent) are Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, and Michael Thomas. He's a stud who is due for some positive touchdown regression. He might be the only one who can compete with Brown for the top wide receiver spot.
4 weeks ago
Leonard Fournette photo 12. Leonard Fournette RB - JAC
If Bortles continues to play like he did to close the season, defenses may finally stop stacking the box against Fournette. That prevented him from truly becoming elite last year, plus the foot injury that has been lingering around for years now. He comes with more risk that others ahead of him, but you can't go wrong adding a workhorse at the start of the second round.
3 days ago
Michael Thomas photo 13. Michael Thomas WR - NO
What Thomas lacked in upside in 2017, he made up for with consistency, as he was finished with WR2 or better numbers 75 percent of the time, which ranked second to only Deandre Hopkins. Should some of Alvin Kamara's regression go Thomas' way, you'll be getting a steal in the second-round, as he'll finish as a top-five wide receiver. Most don't realize that he finished top-eight last year despite scoring just five times. As long as Drew Brees is his quarterback, Thomas is worth a top-20 pick in any format.
4 weeks ago
Melvin Gordon photo 14. Melvin Gordon RB - LAC
Gordon is by no means in the elite class of running backs, but there is something to be said for someone who saw 20+ touches in each of his last eight games. That type of opportunity is irreplacable, making him a sturdy RB1. Where his season ends will merely be determined by touchdowns and health.
3 days ago
Dalvin Cook photo 15. Dalvin Cook RB - MIN
Cook will be only 11 months away from a torn ACL by the time the season begins, so his ranking and projections may move quite a bit if he doesn't look the same. It seems, however, that the Vikings are expecting him to be 100%, and if that is indeed the case, we are looking at a young three-down bell cow who is a part of a terrific offense.
3 days ago
A.J. Green photo 16. A.J. Green WR - CIN
Over Green's career, he's posted WR3 or better numbers in 76.2 percent of his games. The only wide receivers who have better numbers over their careers are Michael Thomas and Odell Beckham Jr. Despite the Bengals offense being extremely underwhelming in 2017, Green still somehow managed to finish top-10 for the fourth time in the last six years. He may never make it to the top-three, but he's consistent enough to warrant a second-round pick.
4 weeks ago
Keenan Allen photo 17. Keenan Allen WR - LAC
After starting out the season extremely slow (595 yards, one touchdown through the first nine games), Allen exploded over the final seven games of the season, posting 798 yards and five touchdowns. His emergence came as the team started to move away from Antonio Gates, who is no longer with the team in 2018. The concern with him is that Mike Williams (who they drafted in the top-10 last year) will see much more playing time and is a real red zone threat, while Hunter Henry expects to take a big step forward in his role. But as it's always been the case, Allen is a fantasy asset when he's on the field, so there's little reason to doubt him now.
4 weeks ago
Davante Adams photo 18. Davante Adams WR - GB
After many wrote him off after his first two seasons, Adams has top-three wide receiver in his range of possibilities in 2018. I mean, the guy finished as a top-12 wide receiver with Brett Hundley starting the majority of the season. He'll now be the No. 1 wide receiver for Aaron Rodgers, which makes him as safe as they come at the position. He's scored 17 touchdowns in his last 22 games with Rodgers under center.
4 weeks ago
Devonta Freeman photo 19. Devonta Freeman RB - ATL
It was only two seasons ago that Freeman took the fantasy world by storm and finished as the top back in football. The NFL moves fast, however, and with Shanahan gone last year, Freeman was not nearly as efficient. There is still plenty of upside, but he has something to prove before Freeman can be considered an RB1 once again.
3 days ago
Mike Evans photo 20. Mike Evans WR - TB
Anyone who drafted Evans last year has a bad taste in their mouth, though we've always said that touchdowns are the hardest thing to predict, even when you're 6-foot-5 and 231 pounds. Evans now has two 12 touchdown seasons under his belt, but the other two netted a combined eight touchdowns. Still, he's now produced 1,000 yards in each of his four seasons, which is something you need to value. If Jameis Winston takes a step forward in his career, Evans could be right back in the first-round conversation next year.
4 weeks ago
LeSean McCoy photo 21. LeSean McCoy RB - BUF
McCoy had some big games, and finished as a top 8 fantasy running back once again as a result, but he also finished outside the top 20 running backs 9 weeks last season. What's more, is that he has been trending down for years now and isn't exactly in the best offense. That combo of age and volatility is not one you should look for when trying to find an RB1.
3 days ago
Jordan Howard photo 22. Jordan Howard RB - CHI
Howard has been a useful fantasy running back the past two seasons, but primarily because of his workload. With Matt Nagy coming into town and Tarik Cohen being a significantly better pass catcher, Howard's touches should dwindle enough that he is no longer an RB1.
3 days ago
Rob Gronkowski photo 23. Rob Gronkowski TE - NE
Target for target, Gronk is the best tight end in football (well except for Hunter Henry--not joking). With that said, we all know his problems staying healthy. It used to be the case that we had to roll the dice anyway because he was far and away the best tight end. That isn't true anymore, as both Ertz and Kelce are right on his back and more durable. I'll let someone else risk losing their season by drafting an oft-injured tight end in the second or third round.
5 days ago
Doug Baldwin photo 24. Doug Baldwin WR - SEA
While everyone seems to be foaming at the mouth to draft Rashaad Penny, it's Baldwin who is the most valuable asset on the Seahawks roster. It's rare to find a wide receiver who is as underappreciated as Baldwin, who has now finished as a top-13 wide receiver in each of the last three seasons. Not only has he averaged 1,062.7 yards in that span, but he's scored 29 touchdowns, and that was with Jimmy Graham on the roster. I shouldn't have to remind you that Graham is gone, and the Seahawks didn't add a wide receiver of significance to replace Paul Richardson. Baldwin is a low-end WR1 with upside.
4 weeks ago
Jerick McKinnon photo 25. Jerick McKinnon RB - SF
Jerick has flashed RB1 talent in limited opportunities, and this year, he should get a chance to prove just how great he can be. San Francisco gave him big money and is expected to use him extensivley. If you think he is too small, just look at what Devonta Freeman did under the same offensive coordinator.
3 days ago
Christian McCaffrey photo 26. Christian McCaffrey RB - CAR
Apparently the Panthers are planning to feed McCaffrey quite a bit more this season, extending his upside further. We already considered him to be among the safest backs, seeing that his receiving production alone would make him startable. There are few more reliable players from week to week at the position.
3 days ago
Tyreek Hill photo 27. Tyreek Hill WR - KC
It's clear that Tyreek Hill is among the most efficient wide receivers in the game, as his 11.3 yards per target in 2017 ranked first in the league among those with 70 or more targets. Not just that, but the closest player to him was Marvin Jones at 10.3 YPT (a whopping 9 percent difference). That number came up quite a bit from his 2016 total that was at 7.1 yards per target, so you might want to dial back those large expectations. The addition of Sammy Watkins isn't going to help him gain a higher target share, either, as they paid Watkins a generous $50 million. As high as you might be on Pat Mahomes, it's going to be incredibly hard for him to top Alex Smith's MVP-caliber 2017 season. There's regression coming for Hill, but his price does not reflect that.
4 weeks ago
Joe Mixon photo 28. Joe Mixon RB - CIN
Mixon was a major disappointment last season, but he has cut weight this off-season and is expected to be given the keys to a workhorse role in the Bengals' offense. We saw him go for 165 yards in the one game he touched the ball 25+ times, so the ceiling is clearly enourmous. With that said, Mixon comes with more risk than most third round picks.
3 days ago
Travis Kelce photo 29. Travis Kelce TE - KC
I'm taking Kelce over Gronk as well. Not only has he missed just one game in four seasons, but he also has more yards than Gronk in that time. The reason I do not have him first over Ertz is that I am of the party who believes Pat Mahomes is a major step back from Alex Smith. Last season, Smith was among the most efficient passers in the league on both deep balls and short passes. Mahomes has played one game so I'm unwilling to buy into him on the same level as an MVP candidate like Smith, and that means I'll be cautious with his assets as well.
5 days ago
Adam Thielen photo 30. Adam Thielen WR - MIN
Most don't realize how much of an effect that Pat Shurmur had on Thielen's career, as he catapulted him into a household fantasy name. He was 26 years old when he broke out, something that doesn't happen all that often. The move to John DiFilippo will change some things, as will the move to Kirk Cousins, who has taken more chances down the field than game-manager Case Keenum did. That would play more into Stefon Diggs' skillset rather than Thielen's. I do expect him to be a reliable fantasy producer, but he's not going to finish with 143 targets again.
4 weeks ago
T.Y. Hilton photo 31. T.Y. Hilton WR - IND
It's very possible that Hilton moves down depending on how Andrew Luck looks this preseason (really hoping to see him play in those weeks), but I'm remaining optimistic for the time-being. During the time he played with Luck, Hilton finished in-between the WR5 and WR24 range every season. He's not someone you draft for consistency, however, as he's posted WR2 or better numbers in just 42.6 percent of his career games.
4 weeks ago
Kenyan Drake photo 32. Kenyan Drake RB - MIA
Drake was a major surprise to close the season, and quite a bit better than Jay Ajayi. You would think someone like that would be the surefire starter, but then the Dolphins went out and drafted Kalen Ballage. If Drake is splitting touches, his ceiling is obviously limited, so keep an eye on the situation.
3 days ago
Aaron Rodgers photo 33. Aaron Rodgers QB - GB
The best in the game, period. By ranking him in the 30-40 range overall, I know that he's unlikely to fall to me in drafts, but that's because of how replaceable the position really is. The dip from Rodgers to someone like Matthew Stafford is typically four points per game, which is a much larger gap from someone like Melvin Gordon down to someone like Giovani Bernard. If Rodgers falls to the end of the third-round, that's when I'd start to consider him.
4 weeks ago
Alex Collins photo 34. Alex Collins RB - BAL
Collins was extremely impressive once he took over the Ravens job and only got better from there. The issue, here, is that the Ravens loved Kenneth Dixon before he went down for the season. He is back now and a potential split backfield situation is looming. If Collins can hold him off, however, we likely have an RB2 in him.
3 days ago
Stefon Diggs photo 35. Stefon Diggs WR - MIN
The addition of Kirk Cousins has everyone excited, though the one who should be most excited is Diggs, who might see more targets float his way. After playing with Case Keenum, who was more of a game manager, Diggs should be more of a field stretcher for Cousins, as he can create separation at every level of the field. Meanwhile, Adam Thielen had a boost in production under Pat Shurmur, who is now gone. As of now, Thielen is going earlier than Diggs in drafts, but it really should be the other way around. Take the discount on Diggs and pass on Thielen.
4 weeks ago
Amari Cooper photo 36. Amari Cooper WR - OAK
After posting back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons to open his career, Cooper hit some speed bumps in 2017, as he finished with just 680 yards in 14 games. It was even worse than that, though, as he accumulated 30.9 percent of his yardage in just one game. We do know that his ankle caused him to miss nearly two full games, but it's rare to see a wide receiver struggle the way he did when coming off two impressive seasons. It may not have helped that Derek Carr was dealing with a back injury as well, so we'll chalk that season up to an outlier in what's been a great start to a career. The Raiders cut Michael Crabtree, which helps, but then brought in both Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant to replenish the weaponry. Still, Cooper is the only one who has rapport with his quarterback, so I'd expect him to bounce back to WR2 status in 2018.
4 weeks ago
Allen Robinson photo 37. Allen Robinson WR - CHI
It typically takes some time for a wide receiver to learn a new offense, which puts him behind where the rest of the wide receiver group is, but Robinson doesn't have to worry about that, as they are all learning a new offense. In fact, the starting trio of wide receivers and tight end will all be new faces for Mitch Trubisky. You don't bring in someone like Robinson in free agency if you aren't going to feature him. I'm expecting a minimum of 120 targets, which essentially locks him in as a top-25 wide receiver, as there were no wide receivers with more than 109 targets who finished outside the top-25 in standard formats.
4 weeks ago
Derrick Henry photo 38. Derrick Henry RB - TEN
If the Titans hadn't brought in Dion Lewis, Henry just might be a top 6 fantasy running back this season. With Lewis in the fold, Henry might just be a flex player from week to week. We will know plenty more as the season draws near so keep an ear out for news and be careful about drafting Henry too high in the meantime.
3 days ago
Alshon Jeffery photo 39. Alshon Jeffery WR - PHI
Did you realize that Jeffery had just a 47.5 percent catch rate in 2017? That ranked 168th of the 211 wide receivers who saw at least one target in 2018. To know that he finished as the WR15 despite that is pretty amazing. The chemistry between him and Carson Wentz should grow as time goes on, though his touchdown rate will likely go down with Wentz's. Still, Jeffery is the clear-cut No. 1 receiver in an offense with a creative play-caller and franchise quarterback. His injury-riddled past is factored in, as he'd be higher on my list if he hadn't missed 11 games in the past three years with a lot of soft tissue injuries.
4 weeks ago
Zach Ertz photo 40. Zach Ertz TE - PHI
You may not believe this, but Ertz has three consecutive seasons with more receptions than Rob Gronkowski. With Trey Burton gone and a full season of Carson Wentz, I have no problem taking Ertz even before Gronk and Kelce this season. He has only missed five games in five seasons. Meanwhile, Gronk has missed at least five games in four of his eight career seasons.
5 days ago
Larry Fitzgerald photo 41. Larry Fitzgerald WR - ARI
I'm done trying to predict when father time will catch up with Fitzgerald, as it seemed like he was on his way out in 2014, only he has since posted WR11, WR17, and WR9 seasons (in standard formats). The quarterback position arguably upgraded with Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen this offseason, though the offense is going to look different under head coach Steve Wilks. There's still not another player on this team who sniffs Fitzgerald's level of talent at wide receiver, so I'd fully expect another top-24 season out of him.
4 weeks ago
Jay Ajayi photo 42. Jay Ajayi RB - PHI
Ajayi was extraordinarily inefficient last season and may see a further split in the Eagles' workload as a result. Yes, he has flashed ability at times, but it is merely a dream to imagine Ajayi has RB1 upside at this point. Rather, you are hoping for even 15 touches per week.
3 days ago
Demaryius Thomas photo 43. Demaryius Thomas WR - DEN
It's become the cool thing to avoid Thomas in drafts, and there's good reason for that. He's been trending in the wrong direction since Peyton Manning retired, finishing as the WR13, WR19, and then the WR23 in 2017. The impressive part is his consistency, despite the inconsistency from the quarterback position. The addition of Case Keenum will help more than it'll hurt, so find it in your heart to welcome Thomas into your WR2 slot, as he offers more safety than most taken in this range.
4 weeks ago
Josh Gordon photo 44. Josh Gordon WR - CLE
It didn't seem like Gordon missed a beat upon his return last year, though the quarterback play was less than ideal. 39 percent of his targets were over 20 yards, though just 5-of-16 were catchable. It goes to show that the Browns want to use him down the field, though there's bound to be some changes with Todd Haley taking over as coordinator. The reason I'm down on Gordon, though, is that they brought in Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb, and Jarvis Landry this offseason. That screams, "we want to run a ball-control style offense." There's only so many targets to go around, so by drafting Gordon as a top-24 receiver, you're essentially saying that Landry is likely to see less than 100 targets.
4 weeks ago
Russell Wilson photo 45. Russell Wilson QB - SEA
Once you get down to around the No. 45 overall pick, the sure things are gone, so why not take one of the elite players at his position? Wilson has now finished as a top-three quarterback in three of the last four seasons and has never fallen out of the top-12 quarterbacks in any of his six seasons. His defense is as bad as its ever been, which should force him to partake in some shootouts that never seemed to happen before. Despite the elite defense that was being played, Wilson has posted QB1 numbers in 47.9 percent of his games, including a career-high 68.8 percent of games in 2017. He offers safety and upside, which is rare at the position.
4 weeks ago
Derrius Guice photo 46. Derrius Guice RB - WAS
Apparently Guice hasn't yet earned the job over Perine and Rob Kelley, but you can choose to ignore that unless it lasts into the preseason. Guice is a potential workhorse and this Redskins' offense should score enough that we could see a fringe RB1 season out of Guice should he be given 250+ touches.
3 days ago
Tom Brady photo 47. Tom Brady QB - NE
It's really only a matter of time before Brady starts the inevitable downturn to his Hall of Fame career, and we may have already started to witness the beginning of the end. After throwing 26 touchdowns and just three interceptions in the first 11 games, Brady threw just six touchdowns with five interceptions over the final five games, and failed to top 15 fantasy points in any of them. He still gets the benefit of the doubt, but I wouldn't go out of my way to draft him.
4 weeks ago
JuJu Smith-Schuster photo 48. JuJu Smith-Schuster WR - PIT
Fun fact: Smith-Schuster ranked 55th among wide receivers in targets per game. His 5.6 targets per game ranked behind guys like Kendall Wright and Danny Amendola. His 11.6 yards per target was the best among wide receivers with at least 25 targets, and in fact, it was the best in the last five years. He's going to regress there and the offense didn't change drastically from last year to this year, so seeing his targets make a huge jump is unlikely. We've seen the upside he presents, but that was his absolute ceiling given the opportunities he's capped at. You can't draft a wide receiver who ranked 55th in targets per game in the top-five rounds of your fantasy draft, you just can't.
4 weeks ago
Brandin Cooks photo 49. Brandin Cooks WR - LAR
While many continue to prop Cooks up as a low-end WR1, I urge you to stay away from that territory when it comes to him. The Sean McVay offense doesn't cater to one wide receiver, and it's unlikely they take targets away from Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, who were both extremely efficient last season. We saw Sammy Watkins finish with 70 targets in this exact role last year, and that was despite them giving up a second-round pick to acquire him. While I'd expect Cooks to see more than that with a full offseason to work with the offense, it'd be a stretch to see him finish with anything more than 100 targets. There were just three wide receivers who finished top-24 last year with less than 100 targets, so while it's doable, it's not a given.
4 weeks ago
Mark Ingram photo 50. Mark Ingram RB - NO
Ingram is set to miss 4 games due to suspension, but he was rock solid last year and is expected to maintain the same role upon his re-entry. From the moment he comes back, you are getting an easy RB1, so if you believe you can muster a win or two without your fifth round pick over the first month then don't hesitate to get Ingram on your roster.
3 days ago
Golden Tate photo 51. Golden Tate WR - DET
I get it, Tate isn't a sexy pick that'll win you your fantasy league, but he's now finished as a top-34 receiver in each of the last six seasons, including a WR19 finish last year while Marvin Jones had a miraculous season. With the exit of Eric Ebron, some targets may open up over the middle of the field, while Jones now has to fight for perimeter targets with Kenny Golladay. Tate's role in the offense is safe, as he's now seen at least 120 targets in each of the last four seasons.
4 weeks ago
Rashaad Penny photo 52. Rashaad Penny RB - SEA
The Seahawks have been implying that they intend to run the ball over and over again. The offensive line is lousy as usual, but the offense should put up enough points that if Seattle truly has a workhorse back, he could end up in the RB1 discussion come end of the year. There is plenty of reason to think Penny will have that role from the get-go so be prepared for him to slide up draft boards.
3 days ago
Marvin Jones photo 53. Marvin Jones WR - DET
After seeing 107 targets in 2017, Jones' incredible touchdown rate propped him all the way up to the WR5 in standard leagues. He caught a touchdown once every 11.9 targets, which is almost double the average rate for wide receivers, which stands at one every 22.8 targets. After scoring just four touchdowns the prior season in the same offense, you have to wonder just how sustainable his touchdown total is. On top of that, the Lions continue to hype up Kenny Golladay, who is another big-bodied wide receiver to take away some of those looks. Jones is a solid fantasy asset, but don't pay for last year's numbers.
4 weeks ago
Deshaun Watson photo 54. Deshaun Watson QB - HOU
Just how unrepeatable was Watson's 2017 season? Well, since 2000, just four other quarterbacks have thrown a touchdown on more than 7.9 percent of their passes. We're talking about the entire careers of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and Philip Rivers. Watson's rate was 9.3 percent in 2017. Looking at all quarterbacks in 2017, only he and Carson Wentz threw a touchdown on more than 6.7 percent of their attempts, which should give you all you need to know. In fact, you should expect his touchdown percentage to be cut in half (and it'd still be good). He's still among the top quartebacks because of his rushing ability, but don't pay for last year's production, which was still just six games worth.
4 weeks ago
Lamar Miller photo 55. Lamar Miller RB - HOU
Miller is expected to be the starter at least to open the season. Foreman is coming off a torn achillies, which is a difficult injury for running backs to bounce back from. If Miller holds him off, we may be looking at a top 15 running back in this strong Texans' offense.
3 days ago
Jarvis Landry photo 56. Jarvis Landry WR - CLE
Going from 140-plus targets to one where he will have a tough time seeing 110 targets is a very big deal for someone like Landry. While I believe he's a better football player than what the Dolphins used him as, he's going to play a similar role on the Browns, as Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman are more of the field-stretchers. Knowing that Landry has averaged 7.08 yards per target over his career, his 110 targets would amount to just under 800 yards, and we know he isn't scoring more than six touchdowns. He's just a WR4 in standard leagues.
3 weeks ago
Dion Lewis photo 57. Dion Lewis RB - TEN
You may find this hard to believe, but Lewis was an RB1 last season. Granted, the Titans offense is much different from the Patriots offense and Lewis will have to complete with Henry for work, but he should be regarded as an RB2 until we find out that Henry is the top dog. Not that we should expect it. In fact, Lewis seems to be the favorite based on the contract Tennessee shelled out to him.
3 days ago
Cam Newton photo 58. Cam Newton QB - CAR
After the failed experiment of trying to dial back Newton's rushing attempts in 2016, it was good to see them unleash him again in 2017. If you take away Newton's ability to run, he wouldn't be a quarterback in this league very long. Fortunately, it seems the Panthers figured that out, making Newton an elite fantasy option once again, rushing for a career-high 754 yards. The upgraded weaponry around him doesn't hurt, either.
4 weeks ago
Ronald Jones II photo 59. Ronald Jones II RB - TB
As it stands in mid-June, Payton Barber is still the "starter" in Tampa. Nobody actually believes that will last, however. Rather, the Bucs are making it seem like Jones is earning his role. Expect him to be the head dog within the next two months, which in that offense, will make him an RB2 from the start.
3 days ago
Sony Michel photo 60. Sony Michel RB - NE
There is, of course, risk in drafting a New England running back, but do you really think Ole' Bill would have drafted one in the first round if he didn't intend on running him to death? Dion Lewis is gone and Michel expects to fill the void that made Lewis an RB1 last season. There is huge upside here if Michel does, in fact, land that type of role.
3 days ago
Michael Crabtree photo 61. Michael Crabtree WR - BAL
After seeing 291 targets over a two year period with the Raiders, Crabtree saw that number drop to just 101 targets in 2017. Fortunately for him, he was released and wound up as the No. 1 receiver on another team that should get him somewhere in the range of 110-120 targets. Some will say more than that, but Joe Flacco doesn't heavily target any one receiver. During his 10 years in the league, he's yet to target one more than 137 times, and that includes two seasons with 610-plus attempts. He's a safe WR3 who may give you WR2 production.
4 weeks ago
Drew Brees photo 62. Drew Brees QB - NO
Since 2008, Brees' touchdown rate had been 5.0 percent or higher, which was the reason he threw for at least 32 touchdowns in each of those seasons. In 2017, however, that number dipped to 4.3 percent. Was it Brees slipping? Well, when you look at his record-setting completion percentage (72.0 percent), highest yards per attempt since 2011 (8.1), and lowest interception rate in his entire career (1.5 percent), my answer would be an emphatic "no." The touchdowns will come back, as will the pass attempts, and Brees will likely be one of the steals in fantasy drafts.
3 weeks ago
Carson Wentz photo 63. Carson Wentz QB - PHI
To give you an idea as to how unrepeatable Wentz's 2017 season was from a touchdown standpoint, let's compare him to Aaron Rodgers. Wentz's touchdown rate was 7.5 percent last year, a number that Rodgers has hit just once in his career. Remember, we are talking about the guy who I'd consider the best of all-time. If we dialed back his touchdown rate to 6.0 percent, which is still elite, he would've thrown seven less touchdowns, which would drop him from the QB5 to QB12. Coming off an ACL tear may limit his mobility at the start of the season, which further impacts his fantasy performance. I'd avoid him as a top-five quarterback off the board.
4 weeks ago
Tevin Coleman photo 64. Tevin Coleman RB - ATL
Coleman was nowhere near as impressive without Shanahan leading their offense last season, but that isn't to say he has lost his flex-worthy status. The Falcons are expected to keep working him into their gameplan and with a handful of receptions here and there, you've got a fairly reliable RB3 which is tough to come by.
3 days ago
Greg Olsen photo 65. Greg Olsen TE - CAR
Most believe Evan Engram belongs here. It isn't as though I think that highly of Olsen, who I wouldn't draft until around pick 60. Rather, I just do not want any exposure whatsoever to Engram. Let's not forget, too, that Olsen had over 3,000 yards in the three seasons prior to his injury riddled 2017. He had never missed a game until last season so it isn't as though I am excpecting him to suddenly be injury prone.
5 days ago
Royce Freeman photo 66. Royce Freeman RB - DEN
With C.J. Anderson gone, you may expect Freeman to jump right in and touch the ball 250 times, but that may not be the case. Apparently Booker and even Henderson will have a crack at winning the job this preseason, so until then, keep your expectations reasonable. Still yet, if Freeman wins the job, he could be among the top two or three rookie backs.
3 days ago
Devin Funchess photo 67. Devin Funchess WR - CAR
It seems that everyone is forgetting how much Greg Olsen means to this offense and why Funchess got the volume he did last year. While he did a solid job, the Panthers felt the need to draft a wide receiver with their first-round pick, and one who'll play the underneath possession-style role, eliminating Funchess' volume. He's going to be a lesser version of Kelvin Benjamin going forward.
4 weeks ago
Evan Engram photo 68. Evan Engram TE - NYG
If you think Engram will see 115 targets with Odell Beckham back in the lineup and Saquon Barkley joining the fold then you've got a big surprise coming. Chances are, he won't even see 90, and considering he's got some of the worst hands at the position, Engram may even end up more of a disappointment than I am currently forecasting.
5 days ago
Jimmy Graham photo 69. Jimmy Graham TE - GB
Graham may have played 16 games each of the past two seasons, but lets not be so quick to forget that he is still dealing with a significant shoulder injury that will linger the remainder of his career. Graham only had 520 receiving yards last season and even with Aaron Rodgers, 10 touchdowns will be tough to repeat with just a 59% catch rate and 50ish receptions.
5 days ago
Robert Woods photo 70. Robert Woods WR - LAR
As it turns out, coaching does, in fact, matter more than most care to admit. After failing to finish as a top-40 wide receiver in any of his first four seasons, Woods finished as the WR33 in 2017 despite missing four games! His 85 targets over 12 games would extrapolate to 113.3 over a full 16-game season, though we can't automatically pencil him in for that with the arrival of Brandin Cooks. With the way their defense improved, it's unlikely that they'll be throwing any more in 2018, so you have to keep your expectations at bay with Woods. He's likely to be on the WR3/WR4 border most weeks and offers little upside with all the playmakers on that offense.
3 weeks ago
Kirk Cousins photo 71. Kirk Cousins QB - MIN
Many are assuming that just because the talent around Cousins got better, that he'll produce more than he did with the Redskins. I'd hit the brakes on that assessment, as his efficiency was among the best in the game while there, and he was among the top-10 in pass attempts every season. Going to the Vikings (who threw the ball just 526 times in 2017) is going to change that, as their defense is top-three in the league, which doesn't allow shootouts. They also just lost their offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, so it'll take some time for everyone to sync up. While Cousins should be a bit more consistent, I don't think he comes with the upside to warrant a top-eight quarterback selection.
3 weeks ago
Sammy Watkins photo 72. Sammy Watkins WR - KC
It wouldn't shock me to see Watkins finish as the best Chiefs wide receiver, as I believe he's the most talented one. The issue is that he's learning his third offense in three years, which can cripple a wide receiver in year-one. Because of that, Tyreek Hill is the preferred option in 2018. Still, the Chiefs didn't pay Watkins $50 million to see 60-80 targets, so I'd expect him to be a WR3 more often than not. With Pat Mahomes under center and a bad defense, the recipe is there for increased pass attempts.
4 weeks ago
Pierre Garcon photo 73. Pierre Garcon WR - SF
After seemingly walking into 140 targets with the 49ers when he signed in free agency, Garcon all of a sudden has plenty of competition for targets. From Marquise Goodwin, to George Kittle, to Jerick McKinnon, and now recently-drafted Dante Pettis. He totaled 67 targets over the first eight games last year which would have put him on pace for 134, though you shouldn't be expecting more than 110 this season, and possibly less.
3 weeks ago
Marshawn Lynch photo 74. Marshawn Lynch RB - OAK
Lynch was a top 20 back last season and Doug Martin was horrible, so even though they brought in another piece, we should expect Marshawn to be the lead back again for now. That is, if he even plays. It isn't exactly set in stone yet, so draft with that in mind.
3 days ago
Marlon Mack photo 75. Marlon Mack RB - IND
Mack has bonkers potential if Andrew Luck is healthy and the Colts trust Mack to be a three-down back. If neither is the case, we are looking at a fringe flex player, but the upside is enticing enough that you may want to target him toward the middle of your draft if you've got a strong core of running backs ahead of him.
3 days ago
Corey Davis photo 76. Corey Davis WR - TEN
Davis is someone I compared to Brandon Marshall during last year's draft process, and after watching him throughout the 2017 season, my expectations haven't changed. He didn't develop any chemistry with Marcus Mariota until playoff time, where he caught nine passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns in their two games. He's still yet to "prove it," so you don't want to go all-in, but the potential is there for a top-15 season.
4 weeks ago
Chris Hogan photo 77. Chris Hogan WR - NE
Despite playing in just nine games in 2017, Hogan managed to finish tied for 25th in red zone targets, and actually had the same amount that Brandin Cooks (12) did, despite Cooks playing all 16 games. It goes to show the confidence Tom Brady has developed with him, so by taking Hogan where he's currently going in drafts, you're getting WR2 upside at WR4/WR5 cost.
3 weeks ago
Delanie Walker photo 78. Delanie Walker TE - TEN
It is difficult to be excited about someone like Walker, but there is something to be said about his consistency and reliability. Walker has been a top 8 tight end each of the past four seasons and is showing no signs of slowing down. He has seen at least 100 targets in each of those four seasons and is due for positive touchdown regression in 2018.
5 days ago
Matthew Stafford photo 79. Matthew Stafford QB - DET
It seems like Stafford is the same quarterback every year, as he's now finished in-between the QB5 and QB11 in six of the last seven seasons. Both him and Matt Ryan are the borderline QB1's that you don't LOVE drafting, but they're usually the safest picks on the board, though Stafford usually goes a bit earlier. While his overall numbers put him in the top-12, he's been outside the top-12 in each of the last four seasons when it comes to QB1 performance percentage, as he's typically around the 37.5 percent mark.
3 weeks ago
Kyle Rudolph photo 80. Kyle Rudolph TE - MIN
Take a look at the Vikings depth chart and you'll quickly discover that Kyle Rudolph is bound to be one of Kirk Cousins' top targets. Cousins, meanwhile, is not only among the most efficient passers, but is also one of only five quarterbacks with at least 13,000 passing yards over the past three years. Perhaps most importantly, he loves throwing to tight end, as evidenced by the strong production of Niles Paul, Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis since Cousins took over. Rudolph is no slouch either. We have recently seen an 83 reception, 840 yard, 7 touchdown season, and he may pass all of those totals in 2018.
5 days ago
Chris Thompson photo 81. Chris Thompson RB - WAS
Thomspon somehow outscored Jordan Howard in terms of fantasy points per game last season, despite just 1/3rd as many touches. Now, Thompson is recovering from an injury, due for touchdown regression, under a new quarterback and suddenly competing with Derrius Guice, but he still seems to be a safe flex play.
3 days ago
Julian Edelman photo 82. Julian Edelman WR - NE
Don't just automatically assume that just because Edelman is returning to the field, that he's going to be the same player. He's now 32 years old and coming off a torn ACL last preseason. It's not to say he can't return and produce, but he finished as the WR22 while playing all 16 games in his age-30 season. A lot of the targets have evaporated in the Patriots offense and you have to figure that Edelman will still get every opportunity to succeed, so you don't want to write him off completely. He's obviously someone who would benefit in a PPR format. He's now been suspended for the first four games, so it's going to be difficult to hang on to him because the first month is the most important time to acquire waiver wire players. He shouldn't be drafted as a top-50 wide receiver at this point.
1 week ago
Carlos Hyde photo 83. Carlos Hyde RB - CLE
Hyde was an RB1 last season in a lackluster offense, so don't be surprised if he holds off Nick Chubb for a year. The upside is there for him to return to top 15 production, but there will be some obstacles considering all the mouths Cleveland suddenly has to feed.
3 days ago
Emmanuel Sanders photo 84. Emmanuel Sanders WR - DEN
It's very possible that Sanders outperforms my ranking of him, but he's now 31 years old and has started to show signs of slowing down, whether it be age or injuries. His yards per target has declined each of the last three seasons, bottoming out at 6.0 yards in 2017. The upgrade in quarterback should help, though, as he was still averaging 7.7 targets per game, which ranked 17th among wide receivers. He should be considered a solid WR4 with some upside.
3 weeks ago
C.J. Anderson photo 85. C.J. Anderson RB - CAR
McCaffrey is in place as the starter, but let's not forget that Jonathan Stewart was still effective and received plenty of carries in this same role last season. Anderson is the better running back at this point in his and Stewart's careers and may earn additional touches as he finds his way in this offense.
3 days ago
Rex Burkhead photo 86. Rex Burkhead RB - NE
Burkhead is expected to take a backseat to Sony Michel, but don't forget that Rex was useful even with Dion Lewis finishing as a top 12 fantasy running back last season. There is definitely room for him to perform in a similar fashion this year, especially if the Patriots further cut down on their pass attempts.
3 days ago
Duke Johnson photo 87. Duke Johnson RB - CLE
Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb both join the fold, but Johnson has been so impressive in his role that you can count on his touches being safe. He was start-worthy as often as virtually any other running back last season. The downside is that he will be stuck in that role rather than having a chance to become a three down back.
3 days ago
Jamaal Williams photo 88. Jamaal Williams RB - GB
Aaron Jones was far more efficient last year, but they drafted Williams first and gave him the first crack at starting, so don't give up on Williams winning this job. After all, Green Bay cares a ton about pass blocking running backs and Williams is the best of them. He's got major upside if he starts next to Aaron Rodgers.
3 days ago
Ben Roethlisberger photo 89. Ben Roethlisberger QB - PIT
Did you know that Roethlisberger has been a top-8 fantasy quarterback just twice during his 14-year career? Missed games play into that a lot, but he's never been one of the "elites" in fantasy football. With that being said, he's finished top-10 in two of the last four seasons and may now have the best wide receiver group he's ever had in Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and James Washington. The Steelers defense is in somewhat of a rebuild mode, so it shouldn't be shocking to see him in more shootouts like the one against the Jaguars in the playoffs. He's not going to be an every-week starter, but he's going to win you some weeks.
3 weeks ago
Will Fuller photo 90. Will Fuller WR - HOU
Fuller caught a touchdown pass once every 7.1 targets in 2017, which led the NFL with ease, as the next closest with at least three touchdowns was Sammy Watkins, who caught one every 8.8 targets. After that, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster at 11.3 targets. Do you get my drift here? The players who were in his territory in 2016 were Donte Moncrief, Taylor Gabriel, and Kenny Stills. The addition of Keke Coutee in the draft definitely doesn't help get him more targets. He's going to be very boom-or-bust, though his boom weeks are going to be bigger than most in the WR4 conversation.
2 weeks ago
Isaiah Crowell photo 91. Isaiah Crowell RB - NYJ
After playing behind one of the best offensive lines in football last year, Crowell will head to the Jets, whose running backs had a hard time finding many holes last year. He'll compete with Bilal Powell for touches and he no longer has Hue Jackson playing favoritism. Crowell is a plodder who struggles to create his own yardage, something that he'll really need to do while in New York. Let someone else remain hopeful.
1 week ago
Jamison Crowder photo 92. Jamison Crowder WR - WAS
After the Redskins traded for Alex Smith, I knew I'd be high on Crowder. My interest only grew fonder when the Redskins brought in Paul Richardson, who should help stretch the field and open things underneath for Crowder. Smith doesn't like throwing into tight windows, as evidenced by NFL's NextGenStats that show a league-low 12 percent of his throws went to a wide receiver with one or less yard of separation. While Richardson and Josh Doctson were mediocre at separating, Crowder averaged 3.2 yards of separation, which ranked eight among wide receivers in 2017.
4 weeks ago
Cooper Kupp photo 93. Cooper Kupp WR - LAR
Despite missing Week 17, Kupp finished as the No. 27 wide receiver in his rookie season, something that's not common in today's game. He did benefit from Robert Woods missing four games, and it now doesn't help that Brandin Cooks has been added to the mix. The part you can hang your hat on is that Kupp plays an entirely different role in the Rams offense than Cooks will, so it shouldn't affect his role too much. With Cooks, Woods, and Todd Gurley on the roster, it's going to be tough for Kupp to outperform last year's numbers without an injury.
3 weeks ago
Jimmy Garoppolo photo 94. Jimmy Garoppolo QB - SF
There's a lot of hype surrounding Garoppolo, who finished the season with a bang. His 8.8 yards per attempt ranks as third-best of any quarterback who's thrown the ball at least 100 times in the last five years. With that being said, he did finish with just 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in five starts, so it wasn't all coming together just yet. He lacks a true No. 1 receiver, which may hurt his overall touchdown numbers, and he doesn't offer any rushing upside, as he's rushed for just 17 yards in his seven NFL starts. There's definitely a chance that he gets into QB1 territory, but you shouldn't pay for that just yet.
2 weeks ago
Marquise Goodwin photo 95. Marquise Goodwin WR - SF
Goodwin is one of the tougher players to project this season, as the 49ers will be welcoming Pierre Garcon back to the lineup, they added Jerick McKinnon in free agency, and they traded up in the second-round to snag Dante Pettis. Still, Goodwin was the alpha-dog for Jimmy Garoppolo last year, totaling 51 targets, 34 receptions, 545 yards, and two touchdowns over the final seven games of the season. You have to wonder if that chemistry carries over into this season, or was it more of a "there's really no one else to throw to" scenario? There's risk with drafting him as a top-30 wide receiver, but if you get him around the WR40 range, you can afford to take that risk.
3 weeks ago
Devante Parker photo 96. Devante Parker WR - MIA
There are a lot of fantasy players who are bailing on Parker at this point in his career, and while I get why they'd want to do that, it's a mistake. He's a former first-round pick who is 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, who has produced when he's been healthy. There've been 25 games in which he's seen at least five targets, and in those games he's averaged 68.2 yards and 0.3 touchdowns, which is low-end WR2 numbers. He did that with Jarvis Landry on the team, who is now a Cleveland Browns receiver. It's rare to find a player this late in drafts who has 120-target potential, but Parker does. If he stays healthy, he's going to finish as a top-30 wide receiver with upside for more.
4 weeks ago
Aaron Jones photo 97. Aaron Jones RB - GB
If Aaron Jones wins the three-down back job outright, we are looking at a potential top 5 fantasy back. Chances are, however, that this scenario won't play out, despite his talent. The Green Bay staff has made it clear they intend on using a committee involving all three backs. If this is the case, Jones is merely a week to week flex. He is still worth drafting based on the upside, though.
3 days ago
Robby Anderson photo 98. Robby Anderson WR - NYJ
This is a ranking that can move, as Anderson could potentially be suspended by the commissioner. He's had off -the-field issues multiple times, but the most recent arrest has some really bad details, particularly when he said things to a police officer about what he'd do to his wife. He may escape legal trouble, but the NFL is sure to investigate. It could be an Ezekiel Elliott situation where we don't even know when the season begins, so you have to build that risk into his draft price. He belongs in the WR4 range because of it.
3 weeks ago
Jordy Nelson photo 99. Jordy Nelson WR - OAK
Let's be clear - when you go from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr, there's going to be a massive efficiency decline. One positive from the move to the Raiders is that it appears they'll be using him in the slot, similarly to the way that the Cardinals use Larry Fitzgerald. Nelson isn't as physically imposing as Fitzgerald, and he's also got to compete with Amari Cooper and Martavis Bryant for targets. While Nelson will be usable as a safe WR4 play most weeks, he doesn't offer you much upside.
2 weeks ago
Andrew Luck photo 100. Andrew Luck QB - IND
Let's be real about this - nobody outside of Andrew Luck knows whether or not he can return to form. It's possible that it may take time for him to come around, and it's unlikely we get a large preview in the preseason. Because of that, he needs to be lowered on your draft board. When taking Luck, you're going to have to draft another quarterback to your squad, unless we've seen him throw extensively. Prior to hurting his shoulder, Luck finished as a top-four quarterback in three of his last four seasons.
3 weeks ago
Sterling Shepard photo 101. Sterling Shepard WR - NYG
Over the first two years of his career, Shepard has shown the ability to step-up and be the focal point of a passing attack, though he doesn't need to be with Odell Beckham Jr. on the field. To know that he has that ability is a bonus, though, as Beckham Jr. has dealt with injuries throughout his career. Pat Shurmur did wonders for Adam Thielen's career while working out of the slot, which is where Shepard has played over 80 percent of his snaps the last two years. He's going to give you WR4 production regardless, but has upside for more.
3 weeks ago
Jameis Winston photo 102. Jameis Winston QB - TB
Did you know that if you combined Winston's and Ryan Fitzpatrick's passing yardage last year, it would've led the NFL? Their combined 4,607 yards were more than Tom Brady's 4,577, though their touchdowns (26) were somewhat lacking. Touchdowns are the hardest thing to predict, but seeing Winston's yardage with the weapons around him, big things are going to happen for him. You don't have to draft him as a top-12 quarterback, but he's likely to finish there if he stays healthy.
3 weeks ago
Philip Rivers photo 103. Philip Rivers QB - LAC
Facts are facts and Rivers has now finished as a top-12 quarterback in eight of the last 10 seasons. He's got one of the better offensive lines in football and his weapons have never been better than they are right now. There's not enough love for the boring low-end QB1.
4 weeks ago
Nick Chubb photo 104. Nick Chubb RB - CLE
The Browns may have drafted Chubb early, and he certainly looks impressive on tape, but don't overlook the fact that Carlos Hyde was extremely good last season. It won't be an easy task for Chubb to take over as the starter, and even if he does, don't expect a workhorse type of workload. Don't forget that Duke Johnson is plenty impressive himself too.
3 days ago
Kerryon Johnson photo 105. Kerryon Johnson RB - DET
Yes, the Lions spent some draft capitol on Kerryon this off-season, but Matt Patricia also brought in touchdown vulture, LeGarrette Blount, which limits Johnson's upside. Plus, Ameer Abdullah is still alive with all his athleticism, and Theo Riddick hasn't gone anywhere. This is nowhere near a safe situation, nor is it one with a ton of potential.
3 days ago
Kelvin Benjamin photo 106. Kelvin Benjamin WR - BUF
Let me be clear - I'm not a fan of Benjamin the player, but I am a fan of the targets he'll see with no other viable wide receiver in Buffalo. It was the reason he saw 115-plus targets in Carolina, and the quarterback situation wasn't much better (from an accuracy standpoint), but he was able to finish as a top-24 receiver multiple times. Targets first, talent second in fantasy football. As long as Benjamin shows he's healthy when drafts start taking place, he's worthy of a top-40 wide receiver pick.
3 weeks ago
Randall Cobb photo 107. Randall Cobb WR - GB
I get it, Cobb's career has gone downhill the past few years, but that shouldn't force you to run from him completely. The last I checked, his quarterback is still Aaron Rodgers, which means 10 touchdowns is well within reach. Even with Jordy Nelson in town last year, Cobb saw 92 targets in 15 games, showing how much he still means to the offense. While there were rumors of him being cut due to his large salary cap number, they decided to hold on for another season, and you should, too.
3 weeks ago
Trey Burton photo 108. Trey Burton TE - CHI
There is no denying that Burton was a highly sought after tight end free agent this off-season. The Bears ended up signing him to a big deal and he expects to step in right away as a playmaker. With that said, going from Wentz to Trubisky is a big drop off, and now, the Bears have plenty of weapons int he passing game so Burton may be going overrated at this point. The upside is clearly there, but don't sleep on the risk.
5 days ago
Nelson Agholor photo 109. Nelson Agholor WR - PHI
For someone who ranked 50th in targets per game among wide receivers last year, Agholor is getting a lot of love in early drafts. Knowing that, tied in with the fact that Carson Wentz will regress in the touchdown department, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster when taking him as a top-35 wide receiver (as he's currently being drafted).
3 weeks ago
Tarik Cohen photo 110. Tarik Cohen RB - CHI
If you are looking for upside in the middle of your drafts, look no further than Cohen, who is also known as the human joystick. Matt Nagy loves pass catching backs and Cohen was heavily underutilized last season. He is a real threat to break out as a result, but there is nowhere near enough safety here to rely on him from week to week.
3 days ago
Dez Bryant photo 111. Dez Bryant WR - FA
He doesn't have a team right now, but it doesn't mean that you should ignore him. Wherever Bryant lands, it'll be with a team who knows the risk as well as the reward, and they wouldn't bring him in to not be a vital part of their offense. Stay tuned, as his ranking will move depending on the team he lands with.
3 weeks ago
D'Onta Foreman photo 112. D'Onta Foreman RB - HOU
Foreman has enormous upside as a breakout candidate, but first he will have to manage to bounce back completely from a torn achillies, which is a tough task, unseat Lamar Miller, then hope Watson is himself again. That seems like a tall task, but the lottery ticket is worth the risk.
3 days ago
Jared Goff photo 113. Jared Goff QB - LAR
The Rams became a better football team this offseason, though that will actually hurt Goff who may see his attempts decline in 2018. His ridiculous efficiency should come down a tad as well, now that there's a full year of tape on the Rams offense under Sean McVay. It's not that Goff is a bad fantasy quarterback, but he's overpriced right now for what he's going to offer.
4 weeks ago
Jordan Reed photo 114. Jordan Reed TE - WAS
You may be ready to give up on Jordan Reed, but his profile has hardly changed from where it was last season, yet somehow, he is being drafted nearly 100 spots lower. Reed was an obvious overdraft last season in the 40s, but he still has elite efficiency to his name and if he can manage to play 12+ games, we've got a surefire top 5 fantasy tight end on our hands.
5 days ago
Matt Ryan photo 115. Matt Ryan QB - ATL
The addition of Calvin Ridley bumped Ryan's stock up just a bit, enough to move him ahead of guys like Jared Goff and Jimmy Garoppolo. Ryan isn't going to be the top fantasy quarterback that he was in 2016, but he's someone you should be happy to roster if you're waiting until the late rounds to draft your quarterback.
4 weeks ago
Bilal Powell photo 116. Bilal Powell RB - NYJ
It's not an ideal situation in New York, but if you really think they'll lean on Isaiah Crowell more than they did Matt Forte, you're going about this the wrong way. Powell should at least have the same role he had last year, if not more. He finished as the RB26, less than double his current cost. He's not someone who will win you your fantasy league, but he can most definitely play a role.
2 weeks ago
Patrick Mahomes photo 117. Patrick Mahomes QB - KC
Despite starting just one NFL game in Week 17, there are some who are willing to invest a top-12 quarterback pick on Mahomes. Don't count me as one of them, though. Sure, he's got a cannon for an arm, but so did Jay Cutler. He's got some mobility, but when you have Kareem Hunt, plays aren't going to be designed for him to rush for 50 yards per game. Bottom line, there's massive potential here, but he's essentially a rookie. At the quarterback position, there's no reason you need to take unnecessary risks when there are so many safe options. If Mahomes falls out of the top-15, that's when you should start considering him.
2 weeks ago
Marqise Lee photo 118. Marqise Lee WR - JAC
Most don't seem to know that despite missing two games in 2017 that Lee ranks 27th in targets among wide receivers over the last two years. Keep in mind that Allen Robinson was healthy and played the entire 2016 season, so this is noteworthy. The Jaguars let Robinson walk, but retained Lee on a four-year, $34 million contract, which wasn't far off what Robinson got with the Bears. I he stays healthy, he's locked into 100-plus targets, which is why he should be considered a borderline WR3 with some upside if Blake Bortles continues to improve.
2 weeks ago
Jack Doyle photo 119. Jack Doyle TE - IND
This is, quite obviously, one of the most difficult players to forecast. Not only does Andrew Luck's shoulder linger over Doyle's production, but the Colts made a move for Eric Ebron who is one of just 14 tight ends all-time to receive for over 2,000 yards before his 25th birthday. There is a chance that Doyle finishes as a top five tight end and also a decent chance he is entirely irrelevant. I don't mind buying a lottery ticket, just be aware that it is what we are getting out of Doyle.
5 days ago
Rishard Matthews photo 120. Rishard Matthews WR - TEN
Despite Marcus Mariota getting hurt in 2016 and struggling through much of 2017, Matthews remained consistent in his production, hauling in 61 percent of his passes for 14.5 and 15.0 yards per reception in each year. The area his production dipped, though, was targets and touchdowns. With Corey Davis slated for a bigger role in 2018, you should expect that decline to continue, though Matthews won't go away, as he's been extremely efficient with his targets. He's comparable to the Titans version of DeSean Jackson.
3 weeks ago
Marcus Mariota photo 121. Marcus Mariota QB - TEN
After what was a stellar start to his NFL career where he threw 45 touchdowns to just 19 interceptions, Mariota took a giant step back in 2017, despite being given better options to throw to. The good news is that he didn't stop running the ball, as he ran for five touchdowns, easily a career-high. He also just inherited Matt LaFleur as his offensive coordinator, someone who has been tutored by Sean McVay. With the weaponry that he has, there's no reason to think that Mariota can't finish as a top-12 quarterback, but his performance in 2017 left a bad taste in your mouth. When drafting him around the QB18 range, you're taking very little risk, but major upside if he returns to his pre-2017 form.
2 weeks ago
DeSean Jackson photo 122. DeSean Jackson WR - TB
When you watch as much football as I do, you see some things that some people may have missed. When it comes to Jackson, he and Jameis Winston were just a touch off on connecting for multiple 40-plus yard touchdowns, which would have dramatically changed how fantasy players valued him this offseason. There were four passes that I can recall right now that were within a yard or two of his hands that might turn into long touchdowns this year. Even in what was a "down year" for him, he produced WR3 numbers 50 percent of the time, which ranked 33rd among wide receivers.
3 weeks ago
Kenny Stills photo 123. Kenny Stills WR - MIA
Without looking, where do you think Stills would rank among wide receivers in yards and touchdowns over the last two years? I bet you didn't think he was 32nd in yards and 9th in touchdowns. Even though I believe Devante Parker has a career-year, there's plenty of targets to go around, as the Dolphins were one of just three teams who had three receivers with 96 or more targets. With Jarvis Landry out, Stills' target ceiling is likely around 115.
2 weeks ago
Josh Doctson photo 124. Josh Doctson WR - WAS
It's possible that Doctson moves up my draft board as the season nears, as I want to see how he and new quarterback Alex Smith gel in the preseason. Smith has traditionally been a quarterback who doesn't throw into tight coverage, and Doctson was among the worst in the league last year when it came to yards of separation at target. He was followed by some top-tier cornerbacks last year, so it's possible that will influence the numbers, but Smith's style seems to fit Jamison Crowder's and Jordan Reed's skill-set a bit more than Doctson's.
2 weeks ago
Dak Prescott photo 125. Dak Prescott QB - DAL
If you would've asked me a month ago, I would've told you that Prescott was being undervalued. A lot has changed since then, as the Cowboys released Dez Bryant, didn't draft a wide receiver in the first-round, and then had Jason Witten retire mid-draft. The Cowboys are going to rely on Ezekiel Elliott more than ever.
4 weeks ago
Tyler Eifert photo 126. Tyler Eifert TE - CIN
Sure, there is a chance we see another 140 point fantasy season from Eifert, but even that 2015 output appeared to be a fluke. He had an absurd touchdown rate and just 615 receiving yards. More likely, we will see the version who has missed significant time in three of the past four seasons. Rememeber, nobody wanted him in free agency so he crawled back to the Bengals. That should tell you most everything you need to know.
5 days ago
Theo Riddick photo 127. Theo Riddick RB - DET
Possibly one of the hardest players to predict in fantasy football, as Riddick has been one of the more consistent RB3/RB4's in the game the last few years, but the scenery has changed quite a bit in Detroit.
2 weeks ago
George Kittle photo 128. George Kittle TE - SF
When you watch Kittle play, it is easy to imagine him morphing into a star tight end with Jimmy G. The matter of the fact is, however, that he was merely mediocre with Jimmy under center. The majority of Kittle's production came when his college teammate, C.J. Beathard was the one throwing passes. That isn't to say things can't change over the off-season, but you shouldn't be willing to draft Kittle as your #1 tight end with that expectation.
5 days ago
Devontae Booker photo 129. Devontae Booker RB - DEN
While it seems that the Broncos drafted Royce Freeman to jump in as the lead-back from Week 1, it is far from certain at this point. Booker is said to have a shot at the job, so keep an eye out and draft him in the meantime as a shot in the dark.
3 days ago
Alex Smith photo 130. Alex Smith QB - WAS
Most people say that 2017 was an outlier year for Smith, and while it's hard to disagree that it was better than the rest, he's been doing this for a while now. Since 2011, Smith has thrown 132 touchdowns compared to just 43 interceptions. In that period, there are just two quarterbacks who have a better TD:INT ratio than him: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. You don't do that over a seven-year period if you're a mediocre quarterback. With Jay Gruden's history with Kirk Cousins, it's very possible that we're underestimating Smith's fantasy potential. If you're the type to grab two quarterbacks in a draft, Smith would make an excellent No. 2.
2 weeks ago
O.J. Howard photo 131. O.J. Howard TE - TB
Howard was unbelieveably efficient last season with 432 yards and 6 touchdowns in just 39 targets. Granted, that touchdown rate is nearly impossible to repeat, but it goes without saying that his target total will at least double if the Bucs know what is good for them. In standard leagues, he was only 30 fantasy points behind Evan Engram despite 76 fewer targets.
5 days ago
David Njoku photo 132. David Njoku TE - CLE
I'm a big fan of Njoku the player, but I don't see where or how he finishes as a top-15 tight end with all the other talent on the roster. Not only are the Browns going to be run-heavy, but they need to find a way to keep Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, and Corey Coleman involved. Because of that, his targets aren't going to be where they need to be.
4 weeks ago
Cameron Meredith photo 133. Cameron Meredith WR - NO
It was a knee injury that looked like it could be a career-ender, but Meredith latched on with the Saints this offseason and will now be catching passes from Drew Brees. Shortly after snagging him, the Saints cut ties with Willie Snead, opening up the slot role that Meredith played so well while with the Bears. Meredith's sample size is relatively small, but when you rack up 888 yards and four touchdowns from Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley, there's plenty of optimism. The issue is that Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Ted Ginn, and maybe even Ben Watson are ahead of him in the pecking order. He's likely to have some big weeks, but I wouldn't expect a weekly contributor.
2 weeks ago
Jacksonville Jaguars photo 134. Jacksonville Jaguars DST - JAC
It's not often that I'd support the idea of drafting a defense before the final round, but the Jaguars are a slightly different animal. They are one of the most dominant defenses we've seen in their lifetime, they haven't lost any of their important pieces, and they're extremely young.
2 weeks ago
LeGarrette Blount photo 135. LeGarrette Blount RB - DET
Potentially the worst landing spot for someone with his skill-set, as players who don't participate in the passing-game don't stay on the field under Jim Bob Cooter. It's possible that new head coach Matt Patricia wanted Blount from his days in New England, but when they drafted Kerryon Johnson in the second-round, it pretty much buried the hope for Blount. He may score from time-to-time, but you're better off letting someone else draft him.
1 week ago
Allen Hurns photo 136. Allen Hurns WR - DAL
As of right now, Hurns is the No. 1 receiver for the Cowboys, though you shouldn't expect him to carry that role for very long with Michael Gallup in the picture. Still, there's value for a wide receiver who will see anywhere from 5-8 targets from Dak Prescott. Hurns did produce quite a few fantasy relevant weeks with Blake Bortles, so it's possible he turns out to be better than most expect.
2 weeks ago
James White photo 137. James White RB - NE
White has finished as a top-50 running back in each of the last three seasons, but never better than the RB35 in standard leagues. He's someone who will hurt you more than often because he simply doesn't get enough weekly touches to be consistent, meaning he'll need to score a touchdown to not completely bust. With Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead on the field, it's not likely that White earns any more work in 2018. He's just a spot-starter and one who'll be incredibly difficult to predict.
2 weeks ago
Derek Carr photo 138. Derek Carr QB - OAK
After trending upward his first couple seasons, Carr hit a bump in the road in 2017 when he finished as the QB19. He did gain both Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant this offseason, but he also lost his trusted red zone target in Michael Crabtree. New head coach John Gruden has talked about running the ball a lot more, which would obviously have a negative impact on Carr's overall potential. Did you know that in 9-of-15 games in 2017, Carr finished with fewer than 14.0 fantasy points? That's not great. He's a streamer and one who I can't see a whole lot of upside with.
2 weeks ago
Giovani Bernard photo 139. Giovani Bernard RB - CIN
Mixon should be the primary back and may even end up as a bell-cow for the Bengals. With that said, Bernard has always performed well in a limited roll and did post 158 yards in Week 16, so there seems to be a chance that Cincy would give him another opportunity to shine in a larger role.
3 days ago
D.J. Moore photo 140. D.J. Moore WR - CAR
It was shocking to see the Panthers snag Moore with Calvin Ridley still on the board, but they obviously had him higher on their board. He's going to have to compete with Devin Funchess, Greg Olsen, and Christian McCaffrey for targets, which is less than ideal considering that Cam Newton isn't what we'd call an accurate quarterback. Moore might turn out to be the most productive wide receiver in Carolina, but that might not be saying much. Be prepared for a roller coaster in fantasy.
2 weeks ago
Martavis Bryant photo 141. Martavis Bryant WR - OAK
So, Bryant went from competing with Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster for targets, to now competing with Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson for targets. I don't think this will end well, considering the quality of the targets will also go down. The positive is that Derek Carr has plenty of arm strength to get the ball downfield to Bryant, but Cooper and Nelson should dominate the work underneath, making him a very boom-or-bust fantasy option. He's going to be more appealing in the weeks that Amari Cooper is projected to be shadowed by a true No. 1 cornerback.
2 weeks ago
Cameron Brate photo 142. Cameron Brate TE - TB
If the Bucs hadn't just signed Brate to a big-time contract, I'd be ready to fade Brate, considering how excellent O.J. Howard was once he took over. The Bucs did sign Brate, however, and Jameis positively loves him. When Jameis was the starting QB, Brate was a top four fantasy tight end last season. In fact, in the six games Brate started, the Harvard grad was a top 12 tight end even more often than Gronk.
5 days ago
Calvin Ridley photo 143. Calvin Ridley WR - ATL
I banged the drum for Ridley all offseason, saying he was the most pro-ready receiver in the draft. When he was taken by the Falcons, it was tough to love the landing spot, as Julio Jones demands a lot of targets. With that, Ridley will see a lot of No. 2 cornerbacks in man coverage, meaning he's going to have some big weeks. Think about Taylor Gabriel's effect he had on the Falcons offense in his first year there and that's likely what you'll get out of Ridley in 2018. He's just a WR4/5, but he's going to have some massive weeks.
2 weeks ago
Ted Ginn photo 144. Ted Ginn WR - NO
Another year with Drew Brees, yet his cost is down? Well, to be fair, Ginn is now 33 years old and the Saints have added a lot of new pieces around him. Cameron Meredith was a pretty solid signing, as was drafting Tre'Quan Smith, who is known as a downfield receiver. We also cannot forget the addition of Ben Watson, who is sure to see more targets than Coby Fleener did the last two seasons. There were just five games where Ginn saw more than five targets last year, meaning his fantasy production is going to be sporadic. He also caught a ridiculous 76 percent of passes, which was far more than his previous career-high of 58 percent, so you're looking at some regression. He's a guy you plug in for bye weeks and hope you get one of his better performances.
2 weeks ago
Minnesota Vikings photo 145. Minnesota Vikings DST - MIN
Doug Martin photo 146. Doug Martin RB - OAK
Martin has been an RB1 multiple times in his career and it wouldn't surprise anyone if he suddenly returned to that type of production. With that said, he should also be considered the underdog to win the starting job with Marshawn Lynch on the roster. Even if he does, it would likely be a split workload.
3 days ago
Ty Montgomery photo 147. Ty Montgomery RB - GB
The Packers have made it clear that Montgomery will have a sizeable role in the Packers' offense, but that it will primarily be on third down. While this certainly caps his upside, it gives enough safety that you can draft him as a reliable depth piece, and who knows if he might just end up winning the #1 job back one way or another.
3 days ago
Eric Ebron photo 148. Eric Ebron TE - IND
It may be tempting, but don't be so quick to give up on Ebron. Since 2000, only Gronk, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten and Jeremy Shockey have as many receiving yards as Ebron before their 25th birthdays. Obviously, Ebron will have to overtake Doyle before having much relevance, but there is a shot it happens and thus, a shot Ebron morphs into a top-five fantasy tight end with Andrew Luck throwing him the ball.
5 days ago
Mohamed Sanu photo 149. Mohamed Sanu WR - ATL
While I've got Calvin Ridley higher in my rankings, Sanu is the safer draft pick. He's a proven veteran who knows the offense, and posted WR3 numbers in 67 percent of his games last year, which ranked 13th among wide receivers. He doesn't have much upside, but if you're looking for a safe, high-floor type producer, Sanu is your guy.
2 weeks ago
Chris Carson photo 150. Chris Carson RB - SEA
Ignore the offseason hype you're hearing about Carson, because if the Seahawks really believed it, they wouldn't have drafted a running back in the first-round when they have so many other holes to fill. Carson looked good for a short time last year, but he's only going to have a role if something happens to Rashaad Penny.
1 week ago
Kenny Golladay photo 151. Kenny Golladay WR - DET
It seems that the Lions are trying to make Golladay a thing in 2018, though I'm not seeing it without taking away targets from Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. Outside of those two, the leading receiver on the Lions last year was T.J. Jones with 49 targets. With Matt Patricia coming to town, you have to figure they lean more on the run, especially when you factor in the additions of both LeGarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson. Without injury, Golladay is going to be a spot-starter, at best.
2 weeks ago
Charles Clay photo 152. Charles Clay TE - BUF
Clay may not have finished with the best numbers last season, but prior to his injury, the Bills were peppering him with targets. Once he returned, Clay wasn't quite himself, but over the final three weeks of the season, he saw another 27 targets which has to encourage fantasy owners. Add in the fact that the Bills still have no receiving weapons and Clay doesn't make a bad tight end in deep leagues or best ball contests.
5 days ago
Mitch Trubisky photo 153. Mitch Trubisky QB - CHI
If I'm being honest, I tempered expectations when doing Trubisky's projections, which made me think I'd be lower than the consensus. It's clear that not enough people have taken notice to the effect that a young offensive-minded head coach can do for a quarterback. Trubisky has been surrounded by a ton of weapons and has extremely underrated mobility, something that fantasy footballers should covet.
4 weeks ago
Philadelphia Eagles photo 154. Philadelphia Eagles DST - PHI
Corey Clement photo 155. Corey Clement RB - PHI
It seemed that Clement started to pick up steam in his pursuit for more snaps as the year went on, but he never topped 28 snaps. Keep in mind that's with Darren Sproles missing essentially the entire season, and he's been brought back in 2018. Between Sproles, Jay Ajayi, and Clement, this is going to be a wildly inconsistent backfield for fantasy purposes. He's nothing more than a bench-stash who has value should something happen to Ajayi or Sproles.
1 week ago
Dede Westbrook photo 156. Dede Westbrook WR - JAC
There's some big question marks about whether or not Westbrook will be starting for the Jaguars, but it seems like he's the No. 4 or No. 5 on the depth chart. They paid both Marqise Lee and Donte Moncrief good money, so they're on the field in 2WR sets. Then you look at both Keelan Cole, who outproduced Westbrook last year, and second-round pick D.J. Chark. Because of the uncertainty in a run-first offense, you're better off avoiding him in redraft leagues.
1 week ago
Latavius Murray photo 157. Latavius Murray RB - MIN
There are some who are expecting the Vikings backfield to be split similar to the way it was last year with Jerick McKinnon and Murray, but I'm not one of them. Dalvin Cook had a stranglehold on the job prior to tearing his ACL, as he averaged 23.7 touches per game in his first three full games. With his injury coming so early in the year, he'll be back for Week 1, which would have Murray return to a 6-10 touch role, which is unusable for fantasy, making him a high-end backup running back.
2 weeks ago
Frank Gore photo 158. Frank Gore RB - MIA
You want to say that Gore wouldn't have gone to the Dolphins to just sit on the bench in his final year, but it's hard seeing him receive many touches with youngsters Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage on the roster. But still, why would the Dolphins sign him if they weren't planning on at least using him in a 8-10 touch per game role? It's an odd situation for sure, but knowing that Gore has averaged just 3.8 yards per carry over the last three years makes your life easier. His best days are behind him and he's playing behind what will be one of the worst offensive lines in his career. You're better off looking for someone who presents actual upside late in drafts.
6 days ago
Tyler Lockett photo 159. Tyler Lockett WR - SEA
Some are scared of Brandon Marshall signing, but you shouldn't be one of them, as I don't even think he's a lock to make the roster. Lockett isn't someone I'd chase in drafts, but he plays with Russell Wilson, has flashed before, and the touchdowns have to go somewhere. His price doesn't reflect any of that.
2 weeks ago
Michael Gallup photo 160. Michael Gallup WR - DAL
I just don't believe that Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, and Cole Beasley are going to be the Cowboys starting wide receivers for long. Gallup is the one wide receiver on that team with the ability to potentially be a top-30 wide receiver in this league and it's not going to happen sitting on the bench behind the B-squad. Even if he doesn't start Week 1, it's only a matter of time before they start giving him reps, and he'll quickly become Dak Prescott's go-to receiver, giving you multiple usable fantasy weeks in the process.
3 weeks ago
Blake Bortles photo 161. Blake Bortles QB - JAC
While many spend a fortune to acquire Deshaun Watson, many are overlooking the fact that Bortles had "almost" as good of a stretch that Watson did. From Week 13-16 (four games), Bortles threw for 321.3 yards and 2.3 touchdowns per game. During Watson's five-game stretch, he averaged 294.4 yards and 3.6 touchdowns per game. The reason people think Watson could be the real-deal is because that's really one of the only sample size we have on him, whereas most "know what they are getting" with Bortles. Is that fair, though, considering he was a top-10 quarterback twice? Bottom line is that Bortles has been really streaky and has shown more bad than good, but the hate on him has gone a bit too far this offseason. With him rushing for at least 310 yards in every season, it's possible that we see him finish inside the top-15 this year, though you don't want to pay for those up-and-downs in his performances.
2 weeks ago
Eli Manning photo 162. Eli Manning QB - NYG
When you've got analysts everywhere saying that Odell Beckham is a top-three wide receiver, Evan Engram is a top-five tight end, and Saquon Barkley is a top-six running back, why is Manning so low on lists? It's a fact that they cannot all produce like that if Manning is outside the top-24 quarterbacks. Prior to the 2017 season, Manning had averaged 4,290 yards and 30.3 touchdowns in the previous three seasons. Those numbers would have made him a top-10 quarterback in 2017. With Pat Shurmur coming to town, you should expect Manning to take a step forward and be better than most expect. He's someone who is ideal for 2QB leagues, but will be able to be streamed in 1QB leagues.
2 weeks ago
Los Angeles Rams photo 163. Los Angeles Rams DST - LAR
Peyton Barber photo 164. Peyton Barber RB - TB
Some are still expecting Barber to start for the Bucs, eh? When you draft a running back at the top of the second-round, call me skeptical. Whether or not you like it, draft stock matters. Barber is a formerly undrafted free agent who the Bucs let sit on the bench while Doug Martin and Charles Sims combined for 1,071 yards on 354 carries over the last two years. That amounts to just 3.03 yards per carry. While Barber played better, they obviously felt the need to invest in Ronald Jones. He's just the handcuff, guys.
1 week ago
Houston Texans photo 165. Houston Texans DST - HOU
Denver Broncos photo 166. Denver Broncos DST - DEN
Mike Williams photo 167. Mike Williams WR - LAC
Once word came out about Hunter Henry tearing his ACL, most wanted to look at which tight end would take his place. Truth be told, Williams is the one who's likely to see the biggest increase in targets because of Henry's injury. He was drafted inside the top-10 to become a red zone presence for Philip Rivers, though his back injury limited his playing time in 2017. Having an injury-free offseason would be big for him to develop some chemistry with Rivers and work his way into the offense. It seems like it'll be him, Keenan Allen, and Tyrell Williams in 3WR sets, meaning he should see a minimum of 50 targets this season. He's someone you can draft and you'll likely know what you have within the first week or two.
1 week ago
Los Angeles Chargers photo 168. Los Angeles Chargers DST - LAC
Andy Dalton photo 169. Andy Dalton QB - CIN
Most find it fun to dog Dalton after his lackluster 2017 campaign, but did you know that he's still yet to finish outside the top-18 fantasy quarterbacks? It's because he's typically healthy, has a solid cast of wide receivers, and has no threat of getting benched. It was his yardage that took the biggest hit in 2017, because his touchdown (25) to interception (12) ratio was actually solid. The Bengals need to inject some youth into the offense, so expect to see Joe Mixon and John Ross a lot more involved in year-two, which could revive Dalton's fantasy status. He's a solid No. 2 quarterback in 2QB leagues.
2 weeks ago
Case Keenum photo 170. Case Keenum QB - DEN
This should be interesting, as Keenum was essentially left for dead in the NFL before joining Pat Shurmur's offense as a backup to Sam Bradford. Over the 15 games he played, Keenum over 3,500 yards and 22 touchdowns while throwing just seven interceptions. The question becomes - was it the offense, or was Keenum just set-up to fail under Jeff Fisher while in Los Angeles? Heading to Denver, the talent surrounding him hasn't decreased, though the offensive line may not be as strong. Bill Musgrave's offense hasn't been what you'd call potent in recent years and that's what's got me slightly concerned. Still, it wouldn't shock me if Keenum posts solid QB2-type numbers in 2018.
2 weeks ago
Samaje Perine photo 171. Samaje Perine RB - WAS
After being selected in the fourth-round of last year's draft, the Redskins apparently saw all they needed to see last year. Perine plodded his way to just 3.4 yards per carry and scoring one touchdown on 175 carries. Both he and Rob Kelley failed to distance themselves from each other, even when Chris Thompson went down with a season-ending injury. Because of that, the Redskins drafted Derrius Guice in the second-round in this year's draft. Perine is just a low-upside backup.
6 days ago
Anthony Miller photo 172. Anthony Miller WR - CHI
The more you hear about Miller, the more you want to believe. The Bears liked him so much, they moved their second-round pick next year as well as their fourth-round this year to move up and select him. He's going to start immediately, and it doesn't hurt that he's got Allen Robinson to help take away extra attention. The way I see it, Miller will likely play the slot role more often than not, and that's an area of the field that Mitch Trubisky fell in love with last year, as Kendall Wright became a fantasy viable option late in the year. He may not have top-20 upside in his rookie season, but he could become a 2017 Nelson Agholor-type contributor.
2 weeks ago
Matt Breida photo 173. Matt Breida RB - SF
The 49ers paid big bucks for Jerick McKinnon, but they also didn't draft a running back which means Shanahan is comfortable with Breida as his number two. Remember that Tevin Coleman was created by Shanahan's offense and that Breida is an even better athlete.
3 days ago
Paul Richardson photo 174. Paul Richardson WR - WAS
The landing spot was an odd one for Richardson, as he might be the fifth option on the depth chart behind Jamison Crowder, Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson, and maybe even Josh Doctson. They apparently brought him in to be the downfield threat in the offense, but Richardson wasn't much of a separator last year with the Seahawks, but did rack up nine plays of more than 20 yards. Alex Smith was the best deep passer in the NFL last year, though it probably helps to have Tyreek Hill scooting down the field. Richardson is likely to be a very boom-or-bust fantasy option, making him just a high-upside bye week filler.
2 weeks ago
DeMarco Murray photo 175. DeMarco Murray RB - FA
Jared Cook photo 176. Jared Cook TE - OAK
It is hard not to like the weapons Cook is competiting with from Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson to Martavis Bryant, but Cook was seventh in receiving yards last season so he is definitley still a fantasy asset. Granted, Derek Carr has taken a big step back so there will only be so many touchdowns to go around, but you'd expect Cook to improve on the two he posted last year, and if he had even three, we would have been looking at a top 12 fantasy tight end.
5 days ago
Baltimore Ravens photo 177. Baltimore Ravens DST - BAL
Mike Wallace photo 178. Mike Wallace WR - PHI
Why do I feel like every time I see Mike Wallace's name, I think of the song "End of the Road"? It's been such a long career for Wallace at a high-level of production, but starting over with another new team at the age of 32? It feels like he's a slight upgrade over Torrey Smith's role on the team last year, leaving him off the fantasy radar. If something should happen to Alshon Jeffery, though, Wallace would be an immediate waiver wire add.
1 week ago
Stephen Gostkowski photo 179. Stephen Gostkowski K - NE
Austin Seferian-Jenkins photo 180. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE - JAC
Early reports indicate that ASJ has quickly become Blake Bortles' favorite target. This should come as no surprise considering run-blocking 33-year-old Marcedes Lewis has five touchdowns for the Jags last season. ASJ is a significantly better weapon and has a chance to finally realize his potential this season in an offense that has lackluster receiving and tight-end friendly quarterback.
5 days ago
Donte Moncrief photo 181. Donte Moncrief WR - JAC
After failing to make it work with Andrew Luck for the duration of his contract, it's unlikely that we see Moncrief take the leap that most expected him to while with Blake Bortles. The Jaguars only signed him to a one-year deal, though it was worth $10 million, but then drafted D.J. Chark in the second-round. In a run-heavy offense, avoid pass-catchers who don't have a crystal clear path to targets.
1 week ago
Tyrell Williams photo 182. Tyrell Williams WR - LAC
He's on just a one-year deal with the Chargers now, so it's only natural to expect them to try and get last year's first-round draft pick Mike Williams more involved, though Tyrell will still be on the field a ton, as they run a lot of 3WR sets. With the Hunter Henry injury, it also opens up quite a bit of work, so Williams is likely to deliver a few big weeks, similar to the way he did last year.
1 week ago
Corey Coleman photo 183. Corey Coleman WR - CLE
Going from the No. 1 option in the passing game from when he was drafted, to what might now be the No. 5 option behind Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Duke Johnson, David Njoku, and maybe even Antonio Callaway. They aren't going to throw the ball nearly as much this year, making Coleman a risky bet to even hit 60 targets this season. He'll have a few big weeks, but he's far from a reliable fantasy option.
1 week ago
Justin Tucker photo 184. Justin Tucker K - BAL
Vance McDonald photo 185. Vance McDonald TE - PIT
Let's say you miss out on your top tight end targets and start to panic. McDonald can be someone you pair with Austin Seferian-Jenkins (or someone in that range) to produce competent numbers at the tight end position. Getting traded to the Steelers on short notice last year, McDonald had just one full week to try and catch up on the offense, something he apparently struggled with. He did close out the year with two 52-yard performances in the last four games, and the Steelers have said he's going to be much more involved this season. He's an extremely athletic tight end who averaged 16.3 yards per reception when he was given a bigger role with the 49ers in 2016. If Ben Roethlisberger can make Heath Miller and Jesse James fantasy relevant a few weeks a year, he can do the same for McDonald.
3 weeks ago
Seattle Seahawks photo 186. Seattle Seahawks DST - SEA
Tyrod Taylor photo 187. Tyrod Taylor QB - CLE
I'm usually a big proponent of drafting Taylor in fantasy football, but this has more to do with him potentially losing the job to Baker Mayfield at some point. If you could guarantee he'd start the entire season, he'd probably rank inside my top 15 quarterbacks. As of now, I'm projecting Mayfield to take over for the final six games, which really hurts Taylor's projection.
4 weeks ago
Jonathan Stewart photo 188. Jonathan Stewart RB - NYG
Chris Godwin photo 189. Chris Godwin WR - TB
Even though DeSean Jackson is the better asset, it doesn't mean that Godwin can't give you value himself. Earlier this offseason, offensive coordinator Todd Monken said that Godwin has earned the opportunity to be a starting wide receiver. This will kick Adam Humphries off the field and create quite the nasty threesome of Godwin, Jackson, and Mike Evans. Over the final four games of 2017, Godwin was able to haul in at least 68 yards in three of them, including 111 yards and a touchdown in Week 17.
3 weeks ago
Greg Zuerlein photo 190. Greg Zuerlein K - LAR
Christian Kirk photo 191. Christian Kirk WR - ARI
Apparently the Cardinals are dead-set on using Kirk in his rookie year, but the problem is that he's been pretty much a slot-only wide receiver throughout his college career, and Larry Fitzgerald pretty much has that spot locked down. Unless they move Fitzgerald, it'd likely be tough sledding for Kirk on the perimeter, meaning I'd fade him in redraft leagues.
1 week ago
Wayne Gallman photo 192. Wayne Gallman RB - NYG
Jordan Matthews photo 193. Jordan Matthews WR - NE
With Julian Edelman getting suspended for the first four games, it's very possible that Matthews comes out of the gate strong. Many are forgetting that he ranked 23rd among wide receivers in yardage over his first three years in the league, posting at least 804 yards in each season. He then went to Buffalo where he was not utilized in the offense, as he saw just 36 targets all season. He now goes to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time while just 26 years old. Remember when ex-Bills wide receivers Chris Hogan and Robert Woods were left for dead? Yeah, me too.
1 week ago
Matt Bryant photo 194. Matt Bryant K - ATL
Quincy Enunwa photo 195. Quincy Enunwa WR - NYJ
Returning from a neck injury is never an easy thing to project, as Enunwa was shut-down for the season once the injury occurred. He's reportedly doing well and participating in most activities, but the wide receiver landscape has changed a lot since he was injured. Both Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse eclipsed 100 targets last year, and then the Jets also went out and snagged Terrelle Pryor this offseason. That's not to mention the draft picks they used last offseason to acquire ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen. They have a crowded wide receiver room as of now, so it wouldn't be shocking to see someone of significance cut. His path to targets isn't all that easy anymore.
1 week ago
Ameer Abdullah photo 196. Ameer Abdullah RB - DET
We don't even know if Abdullah will be on the Lions roster at the start of the season, so it definitely wouldn't be
1 week ago
Kenneth Dixon photo 197. Kenneth Dixon RB - BAL
Don't forget about the guy that the Ravens were extremely high on coming into last year before he suffered a season-ending injury. I'm not projecting him to take the starting job back immediately, but it wouldn't surprise me if he worked his way back into fantasy relevance at some point. The one-year contract for Alex Collins doesn't scream confidence.
4 weeks ago
Nyheim Hines photo 198. Nyheim Hines RB - IND
It appears as if Hines was drafted to take over the Darren Sproles role in Frank Reich's offense, which is a version of Doug Pederson's. He's a do-it-all utility player who may not come oozing with upside, but he should be able to contribute immediately, especially if they don't trust Marlon Mack in passing-down situations. Hines is a player to watch in preseason, because he may have a bigger role than most think.
1 week ago
Ricky Seals-Jones photo 199. Ricky Seals-Jones TE - ARI
It seems that Seals-Jones will have a shot to steal the job right out from under Jermaine Gresham, as the veteran suffered an Achilles injury in Week 17 of last year, who is unlikely to be ready by Week 1. Seals-Jones did flash towards the end of 2017, totaling at least 44 yards in three straight contests from Week 11 through Week 13. He's an incredible athlete, which makes him intriguing, but I've still got concerns about the efficiency of the overall offense.
5 days ago
New England Patriots photo 200. New England Patriots DST - NE
New Orleans Saints photo 201. New Orleans Saints DST - NO
Ryan Tannehill photo 202. Ryan Tannehill QB - MIA
In a league with so many options at quarterback, Tannehill is falling by the wayside in the rankings, and rightfully so. He hasn't played a full season since 2015, and hasn't played a game since Week 14 of 2016. With that being said, he finished as the QB17, QB8, and QB16 in the last three full seasons he did play. The big question mark is how he'll adjust to losing his safety blanket Jarvis Landry, as that was a big part of his success. The other concern is his legs, as they accounted for a lot of his success as well, rushing for more than 225 yards per season in his first four years in the league. With the position being as deep as it is, there's no reason to risk a draft pick on Tannehill, outside of 2QB formats.
2 weeks ago
Benjamin Watson photo 203. Benjamin Watson TE - NO
Watson is old as dirt, but he was remarkably efficient last year even with Joe Flacco, posting a huge 77.2% catch rate for 522 yards and 4 touchdowns on just 79 targets. Now that he is returning to New Orleans, where Drew Brees loves to pass to tight ends, we may just see Watson return to the 110 targets and #8 tight end finish that Watson posted in the same offense during the 2015 season.
5 days ago
Austin Hooper photo 204. Austin Hooper TE - ATL
Hooper got his chance to shine last year and failed miserably. From Week 4 to Week 10, he saw at least six targets in all but one game, yet he failed to crack 50 yards in any game. Once the Falcons realized that he wasn't doing much with his targets, they dialed them back and he failed to see more than five the remainder of the season, including just two targets in a few games. Them acquiring Calvin Ridley in the draft definitely didn't give him any clearer path to targets, either. Hooper will be touchdown-or-bust, meaning he's just a streaming option.
1 week ago
Mike Gesicki photo 205. Mike Gesicki TE - MIA
He's an athletic freak who can do things most human beings cannot, though we mustn't forget that he's still a rookie tight end and he's got a lot to learn. The reason for some optimism, however, is that the Dolphins don't really have another tight end on the roster who is a clear-cut starter to force Gesicki out of the lineup. On top of that, the exit of Jarvis Landry and Julius Thomas frees up over 220 targets in the passing attack. There's reason for optimism, but history tells us to be weary of rookie tight ends.
1 week ago
Spencer Ware photo 206. Spencer Ware RB - KC
Kareem Hunt took the world by storm last year, but it was no different than what Ware did prior to his concussion in 2016. Now that he is returning from injury, don't discount the potential of Ware splitting the Chiefs' running back duties, as Andy Reid has been known to allow in the past.
3 days ago
Austin Ekeler photo 207. Austin Ekeler RB - LAC
It seemed that while the Chargers used Ekeler in an extended role while Melvin Gordon was dinged up last year, they wanted to upgrade their depth chart. While some will see that they didn't draft a running back until the seventh-round and think Ekeler is fine, you have to know that Justin Jackson (that pick) would've gone earlier if he didn't have so much mileage on his body. He was best-suited for a backup role, while Ekeler is likely the new Branden Oliver.
1 week ago
Carolina Panthers photo 208. Carolina Panthers DST - CAR
Danny Amendola photo 209. Danny Amendola WR - MIA
There were some crazy rumors coming out of Miami early in the offseason suggesting that Amendola would see 100-plus targets in Jarvis Landry's old role. The issue with that was that the Dolphins signed Albert Wilson before him, and for much more money. Amendola will turn 33 years old this year and is not built for that type of role, as shown by the fact that he's failed to top 689 yards in his career, and has played 16 games just twice. He may have a higher floor than most in his range, but his ceiling isn't what some are making it out to be.
5 days ago
Kansas City Chiefs photo 210. Kansas City Chiefs DST - KC
Wil Lutz photo 211. Wil Lutz K - NO
John Brown photo 212. John Brown WR - BAL
It seemed like targets were going to be a bit easy for Brown to get when he signed with the Ravens at the start of free agency, but as the offseason went on, things got much more cloudy. Not only did they go out and sign Michael Crabtree after he was dumped by the Raiders, but they also signed Willie Snead late in free agency. Then the draft came and they not only added two tight ends in the first three rounds, but they also grabbed two wide receivers in the top five rounds. Needless to say, targets will be hard to come by and that's not to mention his health problems he's dealt with over the last few years.
1 week ago
Darren Sproles photo 213. Darren Sproles RB - PHI
Sproles may be old, but he has been an RB3 or better in 5 of the past 6 years he was healthy including two years ago. The Eagles are saying he will start, and while his workload will clearly be limited, it should be enough to warrant flex starts once the bye weeks and injuries roll in.
3 days ago
Pittsburgh Steelers photo 214. Pittsburgh Steelers DST - PIT
Javorius Allen photo 215. Javorius Allen RB - BAL
It's unlikely that Allen sees the field a whole lot in 2018, unless the Ravens have completely moved on from Kenneth Dixon. Going back to the 2016 season, Allen touched the ball just 12 times. The Danny Woodhead injury at the start of 2017 definitely meant he needed to get more involved, but there are no guarantees this season. He's just a bench stash at this point.
1 week ago
T.J. Yeldon photo 216. T.J. Yeldon RB - JAC
Coming out of college, I was a huge Yeldon supporter, but he just looked over-matched his first two NFL seasons. Not that he was awful, just not special. It's possible that the Jaguars drafting Leonard Fournette was the best thing for him, as he looked sharp, fast, and spry last season while playing in a backup role, though it carried more responsibility than most due to Fournette's lingering ankle problems. Because of that, Yeldon should be considered as one of the best backups in football who can also contribute as a flex player in a pinch with how often they use him in the passing-game.
2 weeks ago
Dan Bailey photo 217. Dan Bailey K - DAL
Albert Wilson photo 218. Albert Wilson WR - MIA
Wilson is becoming a difficult player to project, as it seems that the Dolphins may start Danny Amendola in the slot, which would leave Wilson as the No. 4 receiver on the depth chart. It would be extremely odd, which is why I'm not buying into that story. You don't pay Wilson $24 million in free agency (nearly $15 million guaranteed) to have him play in 4WR sets. He could very well be the lead candidate to take a lot of Jarvis Landry's lost targets, and that would give him fantasy viability right away. He's someone you may want to take with your last pick and you'll know what you have right after the first game of the season.
2 weeks ago
Brandon Marshall photo 219. Brandon Marshall WR - SEA
Jordan Wilkins photo 220. Jordan Wilkins RB - IND
It isn't though Wilkins is some elite talent, although he seems to be underrated in that department too. Rather, Wilkins is worth drafting primarily because of the situation in Indy. Marlon Mack may not be able to handle a three-down workload which might just leave first and second down in Andrew Luck's offense open to Wilkins. Watch this one closely in case we get another Alfred Morris rookie season out of Wilkins here.
3 days ago
Keelan Cole photo 221. Keelan Cole WR - JAC
The Jaguars offense is going to be extremely difficult to project outside of Leonard Fournette. I'd argue that Marqise Lee will be somewhat predictable, but when trying to figure out who you should be playing between Cole, Dede Westbrook, and Donte Moncrief, you'll likely give yourself a headache. Cole looked solid late in the season, but it didn't stop the Jaguars from going out and spending $10 million on Moncrief. He's just a late-round guy and not one that I'd like to roster.
2 weeks ago
Terrelle Pryor photo 222. Terrelle Pryor WR - NYJ
Don't fall for it again, guys. Do you remember last year? Pryor is going to play with Kirk Cousins, so it automatically means he'll produce more than he did with the Browns! I remember it like it was yesterday, though those same people forgot that it took him 140 targets just to get to 1,000 yards. He was benched for Ryan Grant last year, so why would you bet on him to beat out Robby Anderson, Jermaine Kearse, Quincy Enunwa, and ArDarius Stewart? He also got a downgrade in quarterback, which doesn't help matters.
6 days ago
Geronimo Allison photo 223. Geronimo Allison WR - GB
Possibly fantasy football's best kept secret to this point, as you have the chance to get one of Aaron Rodgers' starting wide receivers essentially for free. With Randall Cobb playing the slot almost exclusively, Allison would start opposite Davante Adams in 2WR sets. Did everyone forget that James Jones caught 14 touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers a handful of years ago, only to retire a few years later? Allison has played 15 total games with Rodgers under center, and in those games he's totaled 45 targets, 26 receptions, 381 yards, and two touchdowns. That's some pretty good point-per-target production, and despite them drafting a few wide receivers, he's the only one who has experience in the offense, chemistry with Rodgers, and production to show he's capable.
2 weeks ago
Terrance Williams photo 224. Terrance Williams WR - DAL
Hayden Hurst photo 225. Hayden Hurst TE - BAL
While I'm typically against drafting rookie tight ends, Hurst may be an exception to the rule. He's already 25 years old, so it's unlikely the Ravens want to waste his prime athletically. Next, it's not an offense that favors the wide receivers. In fact, it's one that favors the tight end position, which is likely why the Ravens also added Mark Andrews in the third-round. Ravens tight ends have accounted for 285 targets, 214 receptions, 1,740 yards, and 10 touchdowns over the last two seasons, and that was with Dennis Pitta (who hadn't played football in years) and 37-year-old Ben Watson as the featured players. Hurst's ball-tracking is on a different level than most rookies, so don't be shocked to see him walk into 80-plus targets in year-one.
1 week ago
Matt Prater photo 226. Matt Prater K - DET
Chicago Bears photo 227. Chicago Bears DST - CHI
Mike Davis photo 228. Mike Davis RB - SEA
Kalen Ballage photo 229. Kalen Ballage RB - MIA
When you see Ballage, you'll say to yourself, "he's a running back?" He's a massive young man (6-2, 228) who excels in the passing-game, though he struggles in-between the tackles. Similar things were said about David Johnson when he came into the league, but Johnson has shown to be an effective runner. Ballage has to compete with Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore for touches, but he should get 4-6 touches per game out of the gate. If he impresses, he could earn more work.
1 week ago
Dante Pettis photo 230. Dante Pettis WR - SF
While I wasn't a huge Pettis fan coming into the NFL Draft, I must re-evaluate how I value you him considering the 49ers felt it necessary to trade up in the second-round to acquire him. He may not have a very significant passing role in 2018, but it shouldn't surprise you if they try to work him in a lot more as the season goes on.
5 days ago
Jake Elliott photo 231. Jake Elliott K - PHI
Ryan Grant photo 232. Ryan Grant WR - IND
I'm not sure why so many are writing Grant off in fantasy leagues after he forced his way into the Redskins starting lineup despite many leaving him for dead. Once in the lineup, he produced with the targets he was given, posting 573 yards and four touchdowns on just 65 targets. During Andrew Luck's career, his No. 2 receiver has never finished with fewer than 56 targets, and there's no one competing with Grant for that spot. He comes with risk because we don't know what to expect out of Luck, but he also comes with upside much better than where his ADP is.
1 week ago
Jermaine Kearse photo 233. Jermaine Kearse WR - NYJ
It's rare to see a wide receiver see 102 targets in a season, only to be cut the next, but it seems like a realistic possibility for Kearse. If released, the Jets would take no cap hit, and they have a pretty crowded room of wide receivers. He is a veteran presence, but on a rebuilding team, they may lean on others to fill that role. You should be avoiding Kearse in early drafts.
1 week ago
Chris Ivory photo 234. Chris Ivory RB - BUF
Ivory is an interesting one because I believe he's going to get some extended looks this year. While McCoy avoided the major injury bug last year, he's now 30 years old and playing on a bad football team. If he gets nicked up, we could see him shut down for a few games. The Bills aren't going to score often, though, and their offensive line doesn't look the same as it did a few years ago, meaning their running backs will have to create their own space, something Ivory struggles with.
1 week ago
Courtland Sutton photo 235. Courtland Sutton WR - DEN
Jeremy Maclin photo 236. Jeremy Maclin WR - FA
John Ross photo 237. John Ross WR - CIN
After being benched for a fumble in his rookie season, Ross never had a chance to make an impact. It doesn't help that he missed time in the preseason due to injury, but if he stays healthy, he has a chance to change people's minds about him. Ross isn't just a speedster, but someone who can run routes and get defenders spun around when chasing him. If Marvin Lewis figures out how to incorporate him into the offense, he could be someone who makes a splash with one of your late-round picks.
6 days ago
Chris Boswell photo 238. Chris Boswell K - PIT
Brice Butler photo 239. Brice Butler WR - ARI
I wonder if Butler is upset about his landing spot now that the Cardinals drafted Christian Kirk and they're saying that he'll be on the field no matter what. That means Butler now has to compete with J.J. Nelson for the No. 3 wide receiver role in the offense. It's going to be a run-heavy offense, so it's very unlikely he even has an impact if he does beat out Nelson. You're better off looking elsewhere in drafts.
5 days ago
Zay Jones photo 240. Zay Jones WR - BUF
After finishing as the least efficient receiver in all of football last year, Jones will actually receive a downgrade at quarterback in 2018. On top of that, he may not be ready mentally to play football, as he had an ugly offseason mental episode that would up getting him hospitalized. If he is cleared, his path to targets is extremely easy, so it's impossible to completely dismiss him. It's still difficult to love him in fantasy on a team that might not throw 18 touchdowns all season.
5 days ago
Jeremy Hill photo 241. Jeremy Hill RB - NE
Atlanta Falcons photo 242. Atlanta Falcons DST - ATL
Willie Snead photo 243. Willie Snead WR - BAL
I'm not sure if even Snead realizes how good he had it with Drew Brees, but the targets are going to be even cloudier in Baltimore now that they've added Michael Crabtree, John Brown, Hayden Hurst, Mark Andrews, Jaleel Scott, and Jordan Lasley this offseason. Think of him as the Cole Beasley of the Ravens offense, but with better talent around him and a worse quarterback.
5 days ago
Mason Crosby photo 244. Mason Crosby K - GB
Harrison Butker photo 245. Harrison Butker K - KC
Arizona Cardinals photo 246. Arizona Cardinals DST - ARI
Chester Rogers photo 247. Chester Rogers WR - IND
Lamar Jackson photo 248. Lamar Jackson QB - BAL
Some are expecting Jackson to get a shot by mid-season, though I'm not one of them. Joe Flacco has been an untouchable for so long, they aren't going to simply go away from him. While yes, they did draft Jackson, he wasn't valued more than Hayden Hurst, who they took with their first-round pick. I think they give Flacco this full season before moving on, barring a major disaster.
1 week ago
Cole Beasley photo 249. Cole Beasley WR - DAL
After posting at least 41 yards in 13-of-16 games in 2016, Beasley hit that mark just one time in 2017 and finished with a measly 314 yards. The Cowboys offense was a mess in 2017 and it's likely to be again in 2018, but the loss of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten could provide Beasley with more targets. Still, he's a low-upside target late in drafts, but one you can use if you're in a pinch.
6 days ago
Brandon LaFell photo 250. Brandon LaFell WR - CIN
Once he stepped in for an injured A.J. Green in 2016 to produce 862 yards and six touchdowns, most though LaFell had developed a clear role on the team. The odd part was that even though John Ross didn't play, LaFell took a big step back and finished with just 548 yards and three touchdowns. My belief is that Ross plays a lot more this year, forcing LaFell to lose some much-needed snaps for production. He's someone you snag if Green were to get hurt again, but that's about it.
6 days ago
James Washington photo 251. James Washington WR - PIT
It's almost as if everyone forgot that Martavis Bryant was traded and that Washington is going to start immediately, unless the Steelers drafted him to sit behind Darrius Heyward-Bey (they didn't). Yeah, he's a rookie, as was his teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster last year. Did we also forget about Bryant's 549 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie, too? Washington's best attribute is adjusting, separating, and hauling in the deep ball, something Ben Roethlisberger is known for. He may not be an every-week fantasy starter, but he's going to have some big weeks.
3 weeks ago
C.J. Prosise photo 252. C.J. Prosise RB - SEA
If you could go back and read some of the blurbs on Prosise from the last two years, you'd wonder why everyone has forgotten about him. He was touted as a David Johnson-type running back who was a better receiver than he was a runner, which made sense having formerly played wide receiver at Notre Dame. He's the best pass-catcher in the Seahawks backfield and has produced while on the field, so I wouldn't simply forget about him. If he can stay healthy, he could turn out to be a Gio Bernard-type producer for them.
6 days ago
Ed Dickson photo 253. Ed Dickson TE - SEA
J.J. Nelson photo 254. J.J. Nelson WR - ARI
While many are stuck on Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk, J.J. Nelson has fallen by the wayside. Truth be told, there may be room for him to produce more than most think. He saw 61 targets on this team last year that had both Jaron and John Brown combine for 124 targets. They are likely to run the ball a lot more this year, but Nelson should get first dibs on the perimeter as a starter. You don't draft him to be an every-week starter, but if you need someone to fill a bye week here and there, play him when it's a projected shootout.
1 week ago
Tavon Austin photo 255. Tavon Austin WR - DAL
It's very possible that Austin is being undervalued early in drafts, because even though we knew the Cowboys were lying when they said Austin would get "1-2 dozen touches per week," he should be in line for a lot of touches given the lack of play-making talent on the roster. He's going to be used behind the best offensive line in football, as well as out of the slot, so don't be shocked to see him get 5-8 touches per week, which could give you flex-type numbers.
6 days ago
New York Giants photo 256. New York Giants DST - NYG
Joe Flacco photo 257. Joe Flacco QB - BAL
If there was ever one thing that Flacco had going for him, it was job stability. You knew that by drafting him as your No. 2 quarterback in a 2QB league, he wasn't going to get benched. Now that the Ravens have drafted Lamar Jackson, those days are over. Flacco did get some increased weaponry in Michael Crabtree, John Brown, Hayden Hurst, Mark Andrews, and Willie Snead, but is it too little, too late? He's now finished as the QB20 or worse in three straight seasons and it's hard to trust him as anything more than a streaming QB2.
2 weeks ago
Jacquizz Rodgers photo 258. Jacquizz Rodgers RB - TB
Equanimeous St. Brown photo 259. Equanimeous St. Brown WR - GB
Orleans Darkwa photo 260. Orleans Darkwa RB - FA
Taywan Taylor photo 261. Taywan Taylor WR - TEN
If you're looking to hedge against the Corey Davis breakout that everyone is expecting, Taylor is someone that should entice you. He was one of my favorites coming out of the draft last year as someone who reminded me of Kendall Wright, but could play on the perimeter. He didn't get many opportunities with Eric Decker there last year, but Taylor did well with the 28 targets he did see, totaling 231 yards and a touchdown. He's going to be on the field in all 3WR sets
1 week ago
Taylor Gabriel photo 262. Taylor Gabriel WR - CHI
The landing spot seemed much better for Gabriel before the Bears landed Anthony Miller in the draft, someone who will come in and demand targets from the get-go. Still, Gabriel is a speedy wide receiver that Matt Nagy will likely use in a variety of ways. Some have said he's the closest comp to Tyreek Hill on the Bears, but I'd disagree on that. He's a field-stretcher who will see a lot of one-on-one coverage with Allen Robinson playing on the opposite side of the field. He's not going to be a weekly contributor, but think about someone like Travis Benjamin in 2017.
1 week ago
Thomas Rawls photo 263. Thomas Rawls RB - NYJ
Robbie Gould photo 264. Robbie Gould K - SF
Jakeem Grant photo 265. Jakeem Grant WR - MIA
Travis Benjamin photo 266. Travis Benjamin WR - LAC
There's not much love for Benjamin and that's because he's fourth on the Chargers depth chart. He scored just 4.5 fewer fantasy points than Tyrell Williams on four fewer targets, but one of them moves down the depth chart while Mike Williams moves up, and it's got to be Benjamin. He's one injury away from being fantasy relevant.
1 week ago
Deon Cain photo 267. Deon Cain WR - IND
Mark Walton photo 268. Mark Walton RB - CIN
Mike Gillislee photo 269. Mike Gillislee RB - NE
Vernon Davis photo 270. Vernon Davis TE - WAS
Elijah McGuire photo 271. Elijah McGuire RB - NYJ
It seemed that the retirement of Matt Forte would open some doors for McGuire, but the Jets have crowded their running back room, now having Bilal Powell, McGuire, Isaiah Crowell, and Thomas Rawls competing for touches. It's not going to be a high-scoring offense, so selecting McGuire even at the chance he gets as many touches as he did last year makes for an unexciting fantasy pick.
6 days ago
Buffalo Bills photo 272. Buffalo Bills DST - BUF
Chad Williams photo 273. Chad Williams WR - ARI
Green Bay Packers photo 274. Green Bay Packers DST - GB
Sam Bradford photo 275. Sam Bradford QB - ARI
After being given $20 million despite not having a clean bill of health, Bradford seemed like he was a lock to start for the Cardinals this year. After they landed Josh Rosen in the first-round, things are a bit cloudier, as he was widely considered as the most pro-ready quarterback in the class. By selecting Bradford (even in 2QB leagues), you're playing with fire.
1 week ago
Trent Taylor photo 276. Trent Taylor WR - SF
It's difficult to figure out where Taylor fits in with the 49ers plans this year, as his 60 targets in 2017 were somewhat misleading. Not only was Pierre Garcon hurt for over half the season, but Marquise Goodwin took some time to get going. This offseason didn't help things, either, as the 49ers actually traded-up in the second-round to acquire Dante Pettis. While I believe Taylor gets the first shot, he's obviously on a short leash, which makes him a risky proposition.
1 week ago
Stephen Anderson photo 277. Stephen Anderson TE - HOU
Dontrelle Inman photo 278. Dontrelle Inman WR - FA
Detroit Lions photo 279. Detroit Lions DST - DET
D.J. Chark photo 280. D.J. Chark WR - JAC
Curtis Samuel photo 281. Curtis Samuel WR - CAR
Jonathan Williams photo 282. Jonathan Williams RB - NO
Luke Willson photo 283. Luke Willson TE - DET
It seemed like the Lions would add a tight end in the draft after cutting Eric Ebron, but Willson is the clear-cut starter as we head into the season. The Lions seemed to focus on using Ebron a lot more last year, though that may have had to do with trying to boost his trade value. Whatever the case, Willson will have the biggest role of his career, though it's likely not enough to be a weekly fantasy contributor.
5 days ago
Antonio Gates photo 284. Antonio Gates TE - FA
Brandon McManus photo 285. Brandon McManus K - DEN
Rod Smith photo 286. Rod Smith RB - DAL
Smith is someone who is likely too low on everyone's board. While you can't project him as a top-50 running back, his value might be greater than that as Ezekiel Elliott's backup. We saw him succeed behind a lesser offensive last year, totaling 232 yards and four touchdowns on just 55 carries, including another 202 yards and touchdown on 19 receptions. If anything were to happen to Elliott, Smith would become the waiver wire add of the year.
1 week ago
Graham Gano photo 287. Graham Gano K - CAR
Steven Hauschka photo 288. Steven Hauschka K - BUF
Adam Vinatieri photo 289. Adam Vinatieri K - IND
Adrian Peterson photo 290. Adrian Peterson RB - FA
Jaron Brown photo 291. Jaron Brown WR - SEA
Adam Shaheen photo 292. Adam Shaheen TE - CHI
Jake Butt photo 293. Jake Butt TE - DEN
Malcolm Mitchell photo 294. Malcolm Mitchell WR - NE
With Julian Edelman's pending four-game suspension and the exit of Brandin Cooks, the wide receiver depth chart is sort of wide-open after Chris Hogan. Most have forgotten about Mitchell's last six games with Tom Brady that produced 25 receptions for 309 yards and four touchdowns. If Mitchell can bounce back from his injury that knocked him out of 2017, he could have a few fantasy relevant weeks.
5 days ago
Amara Darboh photo 295. Amara Darboh WR - SEA
After losing both Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson this offseason, the Seahawks are going to be looking for someone to find the end zone with a tad more frequency. Darboh is 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, and could be the player to step into a starting role. He was drafted in the third-round last year, so the Seahawks obviously felt like he would be a contributor before long. He's one of those guys you can take with your last draft pick and you should know what you've got after the first week or two.
6 days ago
Bo Scarbrough photo 296. Bo Scarbrough RB - DAL
Kevin White photo 297. Kevin White WR - CHI
Rico Gathers photo 298. Rico Gathers TE - DAL
He's someone you need to keep an eye on throughout the preseason, as the Cowboys starting tight end position is wide open. He'll compete with a few rookies, making me believe he'll get the job after dominating last preseason. He gained almost 20 pounds this offseason to help with his blocking, but hopefully it doesn't take away from what he does best - catch the ball. With the lack of playmakers on the Cowboys, they need someone to step up and Gathers has it in him as a receiver.
5 days ago
Robert Kelley photo 299. Robert Kelley RB - WAS
Virgil Green photo 300. Virgil Green TE - LAC
Jesse James photo 301. Jesse James TE - PIT
Jaylen Samuels photo 302. Jaylen Samuels TE - PIT
Josh Rosen photo 303. Josh Rosen QB - ARI
It's possible that Rosen landed in the best spot for his chance to be the starter right away, as Sam Bradford has a bad history of knee injuries and still hasn't been fully cleared. With them both learning a new offense, it's well within the realm of possibilities that Rosen starts Week 1. He's still a rookie, so expectations must be kept in check, but he'd be worth a draft pick in 2QB leagues.
1 week ago
Dalton Schultz photo 304. Dalton Schultz TE - DAL
Gerald Everett photo 305. Gerald Everett TE - LAR
While everyone else debates which Rams wide receiver you want to own, it's very possible that Sean McVay overhauls his process and includes Everett much more in his second season. He was a second-round pick last year, so it's clear they loved his skill-set, though he topped four targets just once in 2017 and that was in Week 17 when they were resting starters. You don't want to bet on him being more involved, but being attached to a high-scoring offense isn't a bad thing for a former second-round pick. He's one of the higher upside tight ends going outside the top-20 at his position.
5 days ago
Corey Grant photo 306. Corey Grant RB - JAC
After watching Chris Ivory exit to the Bills, Grant has inched his way closer to fantasy relevance. With Leonard Fournette continually dealing with injuries, Grant should always be prepared to step-in alongside T.J. Yeldon should Fournette miss any time. In his short stints, Grant has impressed, totaling 412 yards and three touchdowns on 62 carries (6.65 YPC) the last two seasons.
6 days ago
Teddy Bridgewater photo 307. Teddy Bridgewater QB - NYJ
It seemed like one of the oddest signings of the offseason, as the Jets already had Josh McCown on the roster and we knew they were going quarterback with the No. 3 pick in the draft. Still, Bridgewater has reportedly turned heads at Jets OTAs, making him legit competition for McCown as the Week 1 starter while Sam Darnold waits in the wings. If Bridgewater does win the job, he will be a low-end QB2 while he has the job with some upside if he regains the mobility he once had.
1 week ago
Mack Hollins photo 308. Mack Hollins WR - PHI
DeAndre Washington photo 309. DeAndre Washington RB - OAK
Baker Mayfield photo 310. Baker Mayfield QB - CLE
While I don't expect Mayfield to start Week 1, this has John Fox in Chicago written all over it. After saying that Mitch Trubisky wasn't going to start, they had no choice but to go to the rookie. While Tyrod Taylor isn't Mike Glennon-bad, he's not going to carry the team to new heights, which is what is needed to save Hue Jackson's job. If you're looking for a rookie to snag at the end of a keeper draft, Mayfield is the one to do it with, as he's got Russell Wilson-type upside, just don't expect him to start for at least half the season.
2 weeks ago
Joe Williams photo 311. Joe Williams RB - SF
John Kelly photo 312. John Kelly RB - LAR
I was waiting to see who the Rams added to be Todd Gurley's backup, as Malcolm Butler is just a guy. Outside of Saquon Barkley, Kelly was the best pass-catching running back in this year's class and can handle some work on first- and second-down. In fact, he reminds me of Duke Johnson. If anything were to happen to Gurley, Kelly would shoot up into the top-20 conversation every week.
1 week ago
Coby Fleener photo 313. Coby Fleener TE - FA
Ryan Succop photo 314. Ryan Succop K - TEN
Dallas Goedert photo 315. Dallas Goedert TE - PHI
Cincinnati Bengals photo 316. Cincinnati Bengals DST - CIN
Josh Lambo photo 317. Josh Lambo K - JAC
Josh Hill photo 318. Josh Hill TE - NO
Jalen Richard photo 319. Jalen Richard RB - OAK
Caleb Sturgis photo 320. Caleb Sturgis K - LAC
Daniel Carlson photo 321. Daniel Carlson K - MIN
Nick Foles photo 322. Nick Foles QB - PHI
It appears that Foles won't be needed to start the season, as Carson Wentz's recovery is on track for him to start Week 1, making Foles an expensive backup quarterback. He's someone to keep on waiver wire speed-dial, though, should anything happen to Wentz.
1 week ago
Seth Roberts photo 323. Seth Roberts WR - OAK
C.J. Fiedorowicz photo 324. C.J. Fiedorowicz TE - FA
San Francisco 49ers photo 325. San Francisco 49ers DST - SF
Tre'Quan Smith photo 326. Tre'Quan Smith WR - NO
New York Jets photo 327. New York Jets DST - NYJ
Adam Humphries photo 328. Adam Humphries WR - TB
Washington Redskins photo 329. Washington Redskins DST - WAS
Tennessee Titans photo 330. Tennessee Titans DST - TEN
Mark Andrews photo 331. Mark Andrews TE - BAL
Kai Forbath photo 332. Kai Forbath K - MIN
Terrance West photo 333. Terrance West RB - NO
Ryan Griffin photo 334. Ryan Griffin TE - HOU
Braxton Miller photo 335. Braxton Miller WR - HOU
Cairo Santos photo 336. Cairo Santos K - NYJ
Josh McCown photo 337. Josh McCown QB - NYJ
It appeared that McCown was going to be handed the starting job for at least the first few weeks, but there's noise coming out of Jets camp that Teddy Bridgewater looks really good. With that being the case, it's hard to invest any pick in McCown, because we know that Sam Darnold will be given the keys to the offense before long.
1 week ago
AJ McCarron photo 338. AJ McCarron QB - BUF
It seems like McCarron is the favorite to start Week 1 for the Bills, but a non-mobile quarterback behind an offensive line that lost three starters this offseason? Not just that, but his pass-catchers are one of the worst groups in the league.
1 week ago
Sam Darnold photo 339. Sam Darnold QB - NYJ
With both Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater as veterans on the team, it's nearly impossible that Darnold starts before the second-half of the season. He's not someone you should be drafting, outside of deep 2QB leagues, but even then, you'll likely need the bench spots for someone who'll contribute sooner.
1 week ago
Josh Allen photo 340. Josh Allen QB - BUF
As of now, it appears unlikely that Allen will start the season for the Bills, as A.J. McCarron is the front-runner for the job. It's only a matter of time before they go to Allen, though, so he's got some bench value in 2QB leagues as someone who will use his legs. His ceiling is capped due to the pass-catchers, but once he does start, he should be a semi-high-floor QB2.
1 week ago
Ka'imi Fairbairn photo 341. Ka'imi Fairbairn K - HOU
Chandler Catanzaro photo 342. Chandler Catanzaro K - TB
Keke Coutee photo 343. Keke Coutee WR - HOU
It didn't take long for Coutee to start turning heads in training camp, just like I thought he would. He's a weapon who reminds me of Tyreek Hill, though he's not going to have the type of impact that Hill has with DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller on the field. Still, Coutee is going to have some big weeks if you're looking for someone as an upside bye week filler.
5 days ago
Nick Vannett photo 344. Nick Vannett TE - SEA
There are a lot of fantasy analysts overlooking Vannett, who was drafted in the third-round a couple years ago waiting in the wings behind both Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson, who are both with new teams in 2018. Yes, the Seahawks did bring in Ed Dickson, but he's not someone who should eliminate Vannett from the starting conversation. He's a big, athletic tight end who could develop into one of Russell Wilson's go-to targets in the red zone.
5 days ago
Dustin Hopkins photo 345. Dustin Hopkins K - WAS
Blair Walsh photo 346. Blair Walsh K - FA
DaeSean Hamilton photo 347. DaeSean Hamilton WR - DEN
Paul Perkins photo 348. Paul Perkins RB - FA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers photo 349. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DST - TB
Charles Sims photo 350. Charles Sims RB - TB
Most didn't even realize that Sims was a free agent this offseason, but he was, only to be unsigned all the way up to a week before the NFL Draft when the Bucs gave him a one-year deal. He's been really hit-or-miss throughout his NFL career, averaging 2.8 yards per carry in 2014, then 2.9 yards per carry in 2016, but he did average 4.9 yards per carry in-between those two seasons in 2015. He's a passing-down specialist, something the Bucs don't need much help with nowadays with all their receiving threats. Sims is just a boring fantasy option and one who shouldn't be drafted.
6 days ago
Tion Green photo 351. Tion Green RB - FA
James Conner photo 352. James Conner RB - PIT
We aren't sure if the exit of Todd Haley will mean more snaps for Le'Veon Bell's backup running back, but my guess would be no. In fact, we don't even know if the Steelers view Conner as the clear-cut backup to Bell, though he'd definitely be in the mix for touches. He's just a unsure handcuff at this point.
6 days ago
Wendell Smallwood photo 353. Wendell Smallwood RB - PHI
Torrey Smith photo 354. Torrey Smith WR - CAR
Antonio Callaway photo 355. Antonio Callaway WR - CLE
Roger Lewis photo 356. Roger Lewis WR - NYG
Michael Roberts photo 357. Michael Roberts TE - DET
Justin Jackson photo 358. Justin Jackson RB - LAC
Even though Jackson was just a seventh-round pick, he's more than capable to handle a large workload. Just take a look at the 1,142 carries and 122 receptions he racked up at Northwestern as proof. Melvin Gordon has dealt with a variety of injuries in his career, so Jackson will be waiting in the wings for his opportunity to play in a high-powered offense.
1 week ago
Garrett Celek photo 359. Garrett Celek TE - SF
Eric Decker photo 360. Eric Decker WR - FA
Eddie Lacy photo 361. Eddie Lacy RB - FA
Kendall Wright photo 362. Kendall Wright WR - MIN
J.D. McKissic photo 363. J.D. McKissic RB - SEA
De'Angelo Henderson photo 364. De'Angelo Henderson RB - DEN
He was someone who made an impact last preseason, but it didn't amount to many touches in the regular season with C.J. Anderson, Jamaal Charles, and Devontae Booker in the mix. While Anderson and Charles are gone, the Broncos did draft Royce Freeman in the third-round. Still, it's possible that Henderson is a better running back than Booker and usurps him at some point. He's not draft-worthy, but he's someone to monitor in deep leagues.
6 days ago
Tyler Higbee photo 365. Tyler Higbee TE - LAR
J'Mon Moore photo 366. J'Mon Moore WR - GB
Oakland Raiders photo 367. Oakland Raiders DST - OAK
Ito Smith photo 368. Ito Smith RB - ATL
Carlos Henderson photo 369. Carlos Henderson WR - DEN
There are a lot of people who have forgotten about Henderson after he missed his rookie season with a hand injury, but he was the guy most compared to Golden Tate last offseason. He's a monster after the catch and can play anywhere on the field, though the slot is his likely destination in 2018. He got into some trouble this offseason, but if he can stay on the field, he'll have to beat out rookie DaeSean Hamilton, who is solid in his own right. Henderson is someone you should watch closely in the preseason.
5 days ago
Tyler Kroft photo 370. Tyler Kroft TE - CIN
Chase Edmonds photo 371. Chase Edmonds RB - ARI
Even though he was selected in just the fourth-round and he's now on a team with David Johnson, Edmonds may control his own fate during this offseason. Not only did David Johnson miss the 2017 season, but he's still yet to return to the practice field in what is a brand new offense. Johnson is also on the final year of his contract, meaning that if Edmonds continues to impress while Johnson is out, they may not want to pony-up a whole lot of dough this offseason to re-sign Johnson. Edmonds is just a handcuff at this moment, but he could be one of those guys who surprises if given the opportunity.
6 days ago
Clive Walford photo 372. Clive Walford TE - NYJ
Kenny Britt photo 373. Kenny Britt WR - NE
Josh Reynolds photo 374. Josh Reynolds WR - LAR
Jamaal Charles photo 375. Jamaal Charles RB - FA
Jeremy Kerley photo 376. Jeremy Kerley WR - BUF
Robert Turbin photo 377. Robert Turbin RB - IND
Kyle Juszczyk photo 378. Kyle Juszczyk RB - SF
Shane Vereen photo 379. Shane Vereen RB - FA
Marcell Ateman photo 380. Marcell Ateman WR - OAK
Travaris Cadet photo 381. Travaris Cadet RB - BUF
Chris Moore photo 382. Chris Moore WR - BAL
Andre Holmes photo 383. Andre Holmes WR - BUF
Jonnu Smith photo 384. Jonnu Smith TE - TEN
TJ Jones photo 385. TJ Jones WR - DET
Demarcus Robinson photo 386. Demarcus Robinson WR - KC
Damien Williams photo 387. Damien Williams RB - KC
Chris Conley photo 388. Chris Conley WR - KC
Cameron Artis-Payne photo 389. Cameron Artis-Payne RB - CAR
Nick O'Leary photo 390. Nick O'Leary TE - BUF
Jermaine Gresham photo 391. Jermaine Gresham TE - ARI
Boston Scott photo 392. Boston Scott RB - NO
Malcolm Brown photo 393. Malcolm Brown RB - LAR
Alfred Blue photo 394. Alfred Blue RB - HOU
After sitting out there as a free agent, Blue wound up signing with the Texans again. It may turn out to be nothing, but Blue did receive 46 carries over the teams final three games, including 22 touches in Week 17. If D'Onta Foreman starts the season on the PUP list, it's possible that Blue is in a timeshare with Lamar Miller.
6 days ago
Geoff Swaim photo 395. Geoff Swaim TE - DAL
Jordan Akins photo 396. Jordan Akins TE - HOU
Chris Herndon IV photo 397. Chris Herndon IV TE - NYJ
Nick Boyle photo 398. Nick Boyle TE - BAL
Jeff Heuerman photo 399. Jeff Heuerman TE - DEN
Lance Kendricks photo 400. Lance Kendricks TE - GB
Levine Toilolo photo 401. Levine Toilolo TE - DET
T.J. Logan photo 402. T.J. Logan RB - ARI
Ryan Switzer photo 403. Ryan Switzer WR - OAK
Tyler Boyd photo 404. Tyler Boyd WR - CIN