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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Christian McCaffrey Note
Christian McCaffrey photo 1. Christian McCaffrey RB - CAR
Dalvin Cook Note
Dalvin Cook photo 2. Dalvin Cook RB - MIN
Derrick Henry Note
Derrick Henry photo 3. Derrick Henry RB - TEN
Saquon Barkley Note
Saquon Barkley photo 4. Saquon Barkley RB - NYG
Alvin Kamara Note
Alvin Kamara photo 5. Alvin Kamara RB - NO
Jonathan Taylor Note
Jonathan Taylor photo 6. Jonathan Taylor RB - IND
This time last year, I was much higher on Taylor than the consensus. I like Taylor, but did everyone forget about what happened the first 10 weeks of the season? Taylor was the RB19 and David Montgomery was the RB20. Taylor finished the year as the RB6 while Montgomery was the RB4. Many will talk about Montgomery's schedule as the reason for his production, hence why he's ranked at RB20 in ECR right now, but are they ignoring Taylor's schedule? He played against the Texans TWICE, Packers, Raiders, Jaguars, and the Steelers (who were decimated by injuries in that game). That's a large reason for his jump in production. I still like Taylor, just not nearly as much as the consensus.
3 hours ago
Nick Chubb Note
Nick Chubb photo 7. Nick Chubb RB - CLE
Ezekiel Elliott Note
Ezekiel Elliott photo 8. Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL
Aaron Jones Note
Aaron Jones photo 9. Aaron Jones RB - GB
Tyreek Hill Note
Tyreek Hill photo 10. Tyreek Hill WR - KC
Davante Adams Note
Davante Adams photo 11. Davante Adams WR - GB
Cam Akers Note
Cam Akers photo 12. Cam Akers RB - LAR
A.J. Brown Note
A.J. Brown photo 13. A.J. Brown WR - TEN
Stefon Diggs Note
Stefon Diggs photo 14. Stefon Diggs WR - BUF
Travis Kelce Note
Travis Kelce photo 15. Travis Kelce TE - KC
D.K. Metcalf Note
D.K. Metcalf photo 16. D.K. Metcalf WR - SEA
DeAndre Hopkins Note
DeAndre Hopkins photo 17. DeAndre Hopkins WR - ARI
Calvin Ridley Note
Calvin Ridley photo 18. Calvin Ridley WR - ATL
Antonio Gibson Note
Antonio Gibson photo 19. Antonio Gibson RB - WAS
I like Gibson, it's not that I don't. The issue is that he's not heavily involved in the passing game, and he topped 94 yards on the ground just twice all of last season, with both of those games coming against the Cowboys. In fact, 28.7 percent of his fantasy points in 2020 were against the Cowboys. I can certainly see Gibson finishing higher than my ranking, but those above him have either (a) a more consistent track record, or (b) less question marks. He scored a touchdown once every 15.5 carries last year, a number that's surely to go up.
3 hours ago
Patrick Mahomes II Note
Patrick Mahomes II photo 20. Patrick Mahomes II QB - KC
Justin Jefferson Note
Justin Jefferson photo 21. Justin Jefferson WR - MIN
George Kittle Note
George Kittle photo 22. George Kittle TE - SF
Joe Mixon Note
Joe Mixon photo 23. Joe Mixon RB - CIN
Miles Sanders Note
Miles Sanders photo 24. Miles Sanders RB - PHI
J.K. Dobbins Note
J.K. Dobbins photo 25. J.K. Dobbins RB - BAL
Allen Robinson II Note
Allen Robinson II photo 26. Allen Robinson II WR - CHI
Najee Harris Note
Najee Harris photo 27. Najee Harris RB - PIT
Running backs are at their prime when they enter the NFL, which makes them the most valuable their rookie season, unlike quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. Because of that, Harris, who takes over as the Steelers' lead back, is someone you want to have on your roster. The Steelers are a team that hasn't been shy about giving running backs 18-plus touches per game with Mike Tomlin at the helm. You don't draft a three-down back like Harris in the first round and put him in some timeshare. I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 20-plus touches per game, which puts him smack dab in the middle of the RB1 conversation.
3 hours ago
Keenan Allen Note
Keenan Allen photo 28. Keenan Allen WR - LAC
Mike Evans Note
Mike Evans photo 29. Mike Evans WR - TB
Austin Ekeler Note
Austin Ekeler photo 30. Austin Ekeler RB - LAC
Julio Jones Note
Julio Jones photo 31. Julio Jones WR - ATL
Terry McLaurin Note
Terry McLaurin photo 32. Terry McLaurin WR - WAS
Darren Waller Note
Darren Waller photo 33. Darren Waller TE - LV
D'Andre Swift Note
D'Andre Swift photo 34. D'Andre Swift RB - DET
Chris Godwin Note
Chris Godwin photo 35. Chris Godwin WR - TB
Michael Thomas Note
Michael Thomas photo 36. Michael Thomas WR - NO
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Note
Clyde Edwards-Helaire photo 37. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB - KC
Not many realize that Edwards-Helaire was the No. 11 running back through six weeks without Le'Veon Bell on the roster. Even better, he was the No. 11 running back while scoring just once during that time. In fact, had he scored one more touchdown, he would've been the No. 6 running back through six weeks. Once they traded for Bell, though, it ruined the stable touches he was getting. With Bell gone and no one significant brought in this offseason, Edwards-Helaire should return to his 18-plus touch role in the offense. The Chiefs have rebuilt their offensive line this year, which should help make life easier on Edwards-Helaire, who did average a solid 4.44 yards per carry his rookie season. Touchdowns are what were lacking, but don't bet on that again in what's likely to be the No. 1 scoring offense in the NFL.
5 hours ago
D.J. Moore Note
D.J. Moore photo 38. D.J. Moore WR - CAR
Adam Thielen Note
Adam Thielen photo 39. Adam Thielen WR - MIN
David Montgomery Note
David Montgomery photo 40. David Montgomery RB - CHI
Josh Jacobs Note
Josh Jacobs photo 41. Josh Jacobs RB - LV
Chris Carson Note
Chris Carson photo 42. Chris Carson RB - SEA
Josh Allen Note
Josh Allen photo 43. Josh Allen QB - BUF
Amari Cooper Note
Amari Cooper photo 44. Amari Cooper WR - DAL
Robert Woods Note
Robert Woods photo 45. Robert Woods WR - LAR
Mark Andrews Note
Mark Andrews photo 46. Mark Andrews TE - BAL
Kenny Golladay Note
Kenny Golladay photo 47. Kenny Golladay WR - NYG
CeeDee Lamb Note
CeeDee Lamb photo 48. CeeDee Lamb WR - DAL
Odell Beckham Jr. Note
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 49. Odell Beckham Jr. WR - CLE
Let's do an exercise... How many targets per game do you anticipate Beckham getting this year? I'm going with an extremely low number and say he averages 6.5 targets per game. That sounds more than reasonable, right? Beckham had 7.0 targets per game during the 2020 season before getting hurt and that includes a three-target game against the Steelers. The Browns were also throwing the ball a lot less early in the year as Baker Mayfield was still getting grasp on Kevin Stefanski's playbook. If Beckham gets 6.5 targets per game, that'd put him on pace for 104 targets, which again, is what I'd consider low. There were just 32 receivers in the NFL who hit that number last year, with 24 of them (75 percent) finishing as top-24 receivers and just two finishing worse than WR38. You mean to tell me with Beckham's talent, he can't produce top-24 numbers? There's health risks for sure, but there's also top-five wide receiver upside.
3 hours ago
Brandon Aiyuk Note
Brandon Aiyuk photo 50. Brandon Aiyuk WR - SF
Kyler Murray Note
Kyler Murray photo 51. Kyler Murray QB - ARI
T.J. Hockenson Note
T.J. Hockenson photo 52. T.J. Hockenson TE - DET
Diontae Johnson Note
Diontae Johnson photo 53. Diontae Johnson WR - PIT
Lamar Jackson Note
Lamar Jackson photo 54. Lamar Jackson QB - BAL
Kareem Hunt Note
Kareem Hunt photo 55. Kareem Hunt RB - CLE
Dak Prescott Note
Dak Prescott photo 56. Dak Prescott QB - DAL
Chase Claypool Note
Chase Claypool photo 57. Chase Claypool WR - PIT
Tyler Lockett Note
Tyler Lockett photo 58. Tyler Lockett WR - SEA
Travis Etienne Note
Travis Etienne photo 59. Travis Etienne RB - JAC
Courtland Sutton Note
Courtland Sutton photo 60. Courtland Sutton WR - DEN
Tee Higgins Note
Tee Higgins photo 61. Tee Higgins WR - CIN
Melvin Gordon III Note
Melvin Gordon III photo 62. Melvin Gordon III RB - DEN
Will Fuller V Note
Will Fuller V photo 63. Will Fuller V WR - MIA
Cooper Kupp Note
Cooper Kupp photo 64. Cooper Kupp WR - LAR
D.J. Chark Jr. Note
D.J. Chark Jr. photo 65. D.J. Chark Jr. WR - JAC
Ja'Marr Chase Note
Ja'Marr Chase photo 66. Ja'Marr Chase WR - CIN
Myles Gaskin Note
Myles Gaskin photo 67. Myles Gaskin RB - MIA
Damien Harris Note
Damien Harris photo 68. Damien Harris RB - NE
Russell Wilson Note
Russell Wilson photo 69. Russell Wilson QB - SEA
Aaron Rodgers Note
Aaron Rodgers photo 70. Aaron Rodgers QB - GB
Justin Herbert Note
Justin Herbert photo 71. Justin Herbert QB - LAC
Dallas Goedert Note
Dallas Goedert photo 72. Dallas Goedert TE - PHI
Raheem Mostert Note
Raheem Mostert photo 73. Raheem Mostert RB - SF
Ronald Jones II Note
Ronald Jones II photo 74. Ronald Jones II RB - TB
Brandin Cooks Note
Brandin Cooks photo 75. Brandin Cooks WR - HOU
JuJu Smith-Schuster Note
JuJu Smith-Schuster photo 76. JuJu Smith-Schuster WR - PIT
James Robinson Note
James Robinson photo 77. James Robinson RB - JAC
Noah Fant Note
Noah Fant photo 78. Noah Fant TE - DEN
Jerry Jeudy Note
Jerry Jeudy photo 79. Jerry Jeudy WR - DEN
Curtis Samuel Note
Curtis Samuel photo 80. Curtis Samuel WR - WAS
David Johnson Note
David Johnson photo 81. David Johnson RB - HOU
Kyle Pitts Note
Kyle Pitts photo 82. Kyle Pitts TE - ATL
Deebo Samuel Note
Deebo Samuel photo 83. Deebo Samuel WR - SF
Chase Edmonds Note
Chase Edmonds photo 84. Chase Edmonds RB - ARI
Robert Tonyan Note
Robert Tonyan photo 85. Robert Tonyan TE - GB
DeVonta Smith Note
DeVonta Smith photo 86. DeVonta Smith WR - PHI
Jalen Hurts Note
Jalen Hurts photo 87. Jalen Hurts QB - PHI
Tyler Boyd Note
Tyler Boyd photo 88. Tyler Boyd WR - CIN
Jarvis Landry Note
Jarvis Landry photo 89. Jarvis Landry WR - CLE
Robby Anderson Note
Robby Anderson photo 90. Robby Anderson WR - CAR
Kenyan Drake Note
Kenyan Drake photo 91. Kenyan Drake RB - LV
Javonte Williams Note
Javonte Williams photo 92. Javonte Williams RB - DEN
Tom Brady Note
Tom Brady photo 93. Tom Brady QB - TB
Marquise Brown Note
Marquise Brown photo 94. Marquise Brown WR - BAL
AJ Dillon Note
AJ Dillon photo 95. AJ Dillon RB - GB
Corey Davis Note
Corey Davis photo 96. Corey Davis WR - NYJ
Mike Gesicki Note
Mike Gesicki photo 97. Mike Gesicki TE - MIA
Zack Moss Note
Zack Moss photo 98. Zack Moss RB - BUF
Matthew Stafford Note
Matthew Stafford photo 99. Matthew Stafford QB - LAR
Mike Davis Note
Mike Davis photo 100. Mike Davis RB - ATL
My guess is that analysts are worried about the Falcons adding a free agent running back because even my RB24 ranking feels a bit low for a back who should have no issue getting 15-plus touches per game. That would amount to 240-plus touches on the season. There have been 144 running backs who've hit that mark over the last 10 years and none have finished worse than RB28 (his current ECR). In fact, just 10 of those running backs (6.9 percent) have finished worse than RB20. If the Falcons don't add anyone of significance, I'll be moving him up even more.
3 hours ago
Joe Burrow Note
Joe Burrow photo 101. Joe Burrow QB - CIN
Leonard Fournette Note
Leonard Fournette photo 102. Leonard Fournette RB - TB
DeVante Parker Note
DeVante Parker photo 103. DeVante Parker WR - MIA
Logan Thomas Note
Logan Thomas photo 104. Logan Thomas TE - WAS
Ryan Tannehill Note
Ryan Tannehill photo 105. Ryan Tannehill QB - TEN
This is a ranking that could certainly change as the weeks/months go on, as I don't believe the Titans are done addressing pass catchers. Losing Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith certainly doesn't help us feel better about Tannehill, and some will be downgrading him after losing play-caller Arthur Smith. While I won't deny that Smith's departure could lead to less efficiency, it will also lead to more pass attempts to compensate. I don't think there's a large discrepancy between the QB10 (where I have him) and QB13 (where ECR has him).
5 hours ago
James Conner Note
James Conner photo 106. James Conner RB - ARI
Michael Gallup Note
Michael Gallup photo 107. Michael Gallup WR - DAL
Jaylen Waddle Note
Jaylen Waddle photo 108. Jaylen Waddle WR - MIA
Irv Smith Jr. Note
Irv Smith Jr. photo 109. Irv Smith Jr. TE - MIN
Matt Ryan Note
Matt Ryan photo 110. Matt Ryan QB - ATL
Laviska Shenault Jr. Note
Laviska Shenault Jr. photo 111. Laviska Shenault Jr. WR - JAC
Marvin Jones Jr. Note
Marvin Jones Jr. photo 112. Marvin Jones Jr. WR - JAC
Mike Williams Note
Mike Williams photo 113. Mike Williams WR - LAC
Jonnu Smith Note
Jonnu Smith photo 114. Jonnu Smith TE - NE
Gus Edwards Note
Gus Edwards photo 115. Gus Edwards RB - BAL
Tyler Higbee Note
Tyler Higbee photo 116. Tyler Higbee TE - LAR
Devin Singletary Note
Devin Singletary photo 117. Devin Singletary RB - BUF
Latavius Murray Note
Latavius Murray photo 118. Latavius Murray RB - NO
Kirk Cousins Note
Kirk Cousins photo 119. Kirk Cousins QB - MIN
Yes, I'm fully aware that Cousins has continually finished as a top-12 quarterback, but my rankings are based on how I'd draft quarterbacks and not where I project them to finish. Why? Well, Cousins has stayed healthy and played all 16 games, allowing him to finish higher than those right around him who missed a game or two. But on a week-to-week basis, you're never going to say Cousins is a top-12 quarterback. He's a rock-solid QB2 in Superflex formats, but he's just a streamer in 1QB leagues. I'd rather draft someone like Trevor Lawrence for upside.
5 hours ago
Tony Pollard Note
Tony Pollard photo 120. Tony Pollard RB - DAL
Rob Gronkowski Note
Rob Gronkowski photo 121. Rob Gronkowski TE - TB
Phillip Lindsay Note
Phillip Lindsay photo 122. Phillip Lindsay RB - HOU
Hunter Henry Note
Hunter Henry photo 123. Hunter Henry TE - NE
Darrell Henderson Note
Darrell Henderson photo 124. Darrell Henderson RB - LAR
Michael Pittman Jr. Note
Michael Pittman Jr. photo 125. Michael Pittman Jr. WR - IND
Antonio Brown Note
Antonio Brown photo 126. Antonio Brown WR - TB
Brown was expected to be back with the Bucs all along. From the time he joined them in Week 9, Brown finished as the No. 38 wide receiver in fantasy. And to be fair, he got better as the year went on, as he had to get back into football shape. Over the final three games he saw 27 targets and turned them into 19 receptions for 266 yards and four touchdowns. Look, he's not going to surpass Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but he'll be closer than some think.
3 hours ago
Evan Engram Note
Evan Engram photo 127. Evan Engram TE - NYG
Nyheim Hines Note
Nyheim Hines photo 128. Nyheim Hines RB - IND
Daniel Jones Note
Daniel Jones photo 129. Daniel Jones QB - NYG
Baker Mayfield Note
Baker Mayfield photo 130. Baker Mayfield QB - CLE
We watched Mayfield take major strides in Kevin Stefanski's offense as the year went on in 2020, but it's important to remember that he didn't throw the ball more than 33 times in 12-of-16 games. They want to play good defense and run the ball as much as possible, which makes Mayfield much more efficient. While he's a great target in 2QB leagues, there's rarely a week-to-week ceiling to his projection.
5 hours ago
T.Y. Hilton Note
T.Y. Hilton photo 131. T.Y. Hilton WR - IND
Jamaal Williams Note
Jamaal Williams photo 132. Jamaal Williams RB - DET
Michael Carter Note
Michael Carter photo 133. Michael Carter RB - NYJ
Nelson Agholor Note
Nelson Agholor photo 134. Nelson Agholor WR - NE
Carson Wentz Note
Carson Wentz photo 135. Carson Wentz QB - IND
Jamison Crowder Note
Jamison Crowder photo 136. Jamison Crowder WR - NYJ
Trevor Lawrence Note
Trevor Lawrence photo 137. Trevor Lawrence QB - JAC
While it's typically tough for a rookie quarterback to make it into top-12 territory, Lawrence is likely the exception to the rule. He comes in as an advanced passer who has tremendous touch on his passes that not many rookies do. The Jaguars defense is in clear rebuild mode, which should allow for plenty of pass attempts, making 4,000-plus passing yards likely. On top of that, Lawrence has great mobility and is likely to rush for 400-plus yards and a handful of touchdowns on the ground. That alone should get him into the top-15, with a good chance at top-12.
5 hours ago
Pittsburgh Steelers Note
Pittsburgh Steelers photo 138. Pittsburgh Steelers DST - PIT
Rashaad Penny Note
Rashaad Penny photo 139. Rashaad Penny RB - SEA
Jeff Wilson Jr. Note
Jeff Wilson Jr. photo 140. Jeff Wilson Jr. RB - SF
Jalen Reagor Note
Jalen Reagor photo 141. Jalen Reagor WR - PHI
Austin Hooper Note
Austin Hooper photo 142. Austin Hooper TE - CLE
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 143. Tarik Cohen RB - CHI
John Brown Note
John Brown photo 144. John Brown WR - LV
Trey Sermon Note
Trey Sermon photo 145. Trey Sermon RB - SF
Los Angeles Rams Note
Los Angeles Rams photo 146. Los Angeles Rams DST - LAR
Alexander Mattison Note
Alexander Mattison photo 147. Alexander Mattison RB - MIN
Cole Kmet Note
Cole Kmet photo 148. Cole Kmet TE - CHI
Baltimore Ravens Note
Baltimore Ravens photo 149. Baltimore Ravens DST - BAL
Henry Ruggs III Note
Henry Ruggs III photo 150. Henry Ruggs III WR - LV
Cole Beasley Note
Cole Beasley photo 151. Cole Beasley WR - BUF
Indianapolis Colts Note
Indianapolis Colts photo 152. Indianapolis Colts DST - IND
Darnell Mooney Note
Darnell Mooney photo 153. Darnell Mooney WR - CHI
Sterling Shepard Note
Sterling Shepard photo 154. Sterling Shepard WR - NYG
Ryan Fitzpatrick Note
Ryan Fitzpatrick photo 155. Ryan Fitzpatrick QB - WAS
Tua Tagovailoa Note
Tua Tagovailoa photo 156. Tua Tagovailoa QB - MIA
Ben Roethlisberger Note
Ben Roethlisberger photo 157. Ben Roethlisberger QB - PIT
Mecole Hardman Note
Mecole Hardman photo 158. Mecole Hardman WR - KC
Christian Kirk Note
Christian Kirk photo 159. Christian Kirk WR - ARI
Jared Cook Note
Jared Cook photo 160. Jared Cook TE - LAC
Justin Tucker Note
Justin Tucker photo 161. Justin Tucker K - BAL
Washington Football Team Note
Washington Football Team photo 162. Washington Football Team DST - WAS
Gabriel Davis Note
Gabriel Davis photo 163. Gabriel Davis WR - BUF
Darius Slayton Note
Darius Slayton photo 164. Darius Slayton WR - NYG
J.D. McKissic Note
J.D. McKissic photo 165. J.D. McKissic RB - WAS
Hayden Hurst Note
Hayden Hurst photo 166. Hayden Hurst TE - ATL
Sony Michel Note
Sony Michel photo 167. Sony Michel RB - NE
San Francisco 49ers Note
San Francisco 49ers photo 168. San Francisco 49ers DST - SF
Derek Carr Note
Derek Carr photo 169. Derek Carr QB - LV
New England Patriots Note
New England Patriots photo 170. New England Patriots DST - NE
Rashod Bateman Note
Rashod Bateman photo 171. Rashod Bateman WR - BAL
Harrison Butker Note
Harrison Butker photo 172. Harrison Butker K - KC
Younghoe Koo Note
Younghoe Koo photo 173. Younghoe Koo K - ATL
Allen Lazard Note
Allen Lazard photo 174. Allen Lazard WR - GB
Blake Jarwin Note
Blake Jarwin photo 175. Blake Jarwin TE - DAL
Kansas City Chiefs Note
Kansas City Chiefs photo 176. Kansas City Chiefs DST - KC
Eric Ebron Note
Eric Ebron photo 177. Eric Ebron TE - PIT
New Orleans Saints Note
New Orleans Saints photo 178. New Orleans Saints DST - NO
Justin Fields Note
Justin Fields photo 179. Justin Fields QB - CHI
Deshaun Watson Note
Deshaun Watson photo 180. Deshaun Watson QB - HOU
Breshad Perriman Note
Breshad Perriman photo 181. Breshad Perriman WR - DET
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Note
Tampa Bay Buccaneers photo 182. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DST - TB
Denzel Mims Note
Denzel Mims photo 183. Denzel Mims WR - NYJ
Zach Ertz Note
Zach Ertz photo 184. Zach Ertz TE - PHI
Buffalo Bills Note
Buffalo Bills photo 185. Buffalo Bills DST - BUF
James White Note
James White photo 186. James White RB - NE
Benny Snell Jr. Note
Benny Snell Jr. photo 187. Benny Snell Jr. RB - PIT
Tevin Coleman Note
Tevin Coleman photo 188. Tevin Coleman RB - NYJ
Elijah Moore Note
Elijah Moore photo 189. Elijah Moore WR - NYJ
Wil Lutz Note
Wil Lutz photo 190. Wil Lutz K - NO
Carlos Hyde Note
Carlos Hyde photo 191. Carlos Hyde RB - JAC
Marlon Mack Note
Marlon Mack photo 192. Marlon Mack RB - IND
Greg Zuerlein Note
Greg Zuerlein photo 193. Greg Zuerlein K - DAL
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Note
Marquez Valdes-Scantling photo 194. Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR - GB
Salvon Ahmed Note
Salvon Ahmed photo 195. Salvon Ahmed RB - MIA
Rondale Moore Note
Rondale Moore photo 196. Rondale Moore WR - ARI
Parris Campbell Note
Parris Campbell photo 197. Parris Campbell WR - IND
Giovani Bernard Note
Giovani Bernard photo 198. Giovani Bernard RB - TB
Emmanuel Sanders Note
Emmanuel Sanders photo 199. Emmanuel Sanders WR - BUF
Chicago Bears Note
Chicago Bears photo 200. Chicago Bears DST - CHI
Jared Goff Note
Jared Goff photo 201. Jared Goff QB - DET
Jason Sanders Note
Jason Sanders photo 202. Jason Sanders K - MIA
Gerald Everett Note
Gerald Everett photo 203. Gerald Everett TE - SEA
Amon-Ra St. Brown Note
Amon-Ra St. Brown photo 204. Amon-Ra St. Brown WR - DET
Los Angeles Chargers Note
Los Angeles Chargers photo 205. Los Angeles Chargers DST - LAC
Kenneth Gainwell Note
Kenneth Gainwell photo 206. Kenneth Gainwell RB - PHI
Mark Ingram II Note
Mark Ingram II photo 207. Mark Ingram II RB - HOU
Sam Darnold Note
Sam Darnold photo 208. Sam Darnold QB - CAR
Russell Gage Note
Russell Gage photo 209. Russell Gage WR - ATL
Robbie Gould Note
Robbie Gould photo 210. Robbie Gould K - SF
Denver Broncos Note
Denver Broncos photo 211. Denver Broncos DST - DEN
Cam Newton Note
Cam Newton photo 212. Cam Newton QB - NE
A.J. Green Note
A.J. Green photo 213. A.J. Green WR - ARI
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 214. Dawson Knox TE - BUF
Matt Prater Note
Matt Prater photo 215. Matt Prater K - ARI
Miami Dolphins Note
Miami Dolphins photo 216. Miami Dolphins DST - MIA
O.J. Howard Note
O.J. Howard photo 217. O.J. Howard TE - TB
Jameis Winston Note
Jameis Winston photo 218. Jameis Winston QB - NO
Tim Patrick Note
Tim Patrick photo 219. Tim Patrick WR - DEN
Josh Reynolds Note
Josh Reynolds photo 220. Josh Reynolds WR - TEN
James Washington Note
James Washington photo 221. James Washington WR - PIT
Preston Williams Note
Preston Williams photo 222. Preston Williams WR - MIA
Jakobi Meyers Note
Jakobi Meyers photo 223. Jakobi Meyers WR - NE
Rodrigo Blankenship Note
Rodrigo Blankenship photo 224. Rodrigo Blankenship K - IND
Green Bay Packers Note
Green Bay Packers photo 225. Green Bay Packers DST - GB
Ke'Shawn Vaughn Note
Ke'Shawn Vaughn photo 226. Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB - TB
Bryan Edwards Note
Bryan Edwards photo 227. Bryan Edwards WR - LV
Jason Myers Note
Jason Myers photo 228. Jason Myers K - SEA
Seattle Seahawks Note
Seattle Seahawks photo 229. Seattle Seahawks DST - SEA
Adam Trautman Note
Adam Trautman photo 230. Adam Trautman TE - NO
DeSean Jackson Note
DeSean Jackson photo 231. DeSean Jackson WR - LAR
La'Mical Perine Note
La'Mical Perine photo 232. La'Mical Perine RB - NYJ
Anthony Firkser Note
Anthony Firkser photo 233. Anthony Firkser TE - TEN
Joshua Kelley Note
Joshua Kelley photo 234. Joshua Kelley RB - LAC
Trey Lance Note
Trey Lance photo 235. Trey Lance QB - SF
Michael Badgley Note
Michael Badgley photo 236. Michael Badgley K - LAC
Cleveland Browns Note
Cleveland Browns photo 237. Cleveland Browns DST - CLE
Kadarius Toney Note
Kadarius Toney photo 238. Kadarius Toney WR - NYG
KJ Hamler Note
KJ Hamler photo 239. KJ Hamler WR - DEN
Sammy Watkins Note
Sammy Watkins photo 240. Sammy Watkins WR - BAL
Minnesota Vikings Note
Minnesota Vikings photo 241. Minnesota Vikings DST - MIN
Terrace Marshall Jr. Note
Terrace Marshall Jr. photo 242. Terrace Marshall Jr. WR - CAR
Damien Williams Note
Damien Williams photo 243. Damien Williams RB - CHI
Boston Scott Note
Boston Scott photo 244. Boston Scott RB - PHI
Mason Crosby Note
Mason Crosby photo 245. Mason Crosby K - GB
Tre'Quan Smith Note
Tre'Quan Smith photo 246. Tre'Quan Smith WR - NO
Tyler Bass Note
Tyler Bass photo 247. Tyler Bass K - BUF
Zach Wilson Note
Zach Wilson photo 248. Zach Wilson QB - NYJ
Philadelphia Eagles Note
Philadelphia Eagles photo 249. Philadelphia Eagles DST - PHI
Jake Elliott Note
Jake Elliott photo 250. Jake Elliott K - PHI
Tyrell Williams Note
Tyrell Williams photo 251. Tyrell Williams WR - DET
Randall Cobb Note
Randall Cobb photo 252. Randall Cobb WR - HOU
Chris Herndon IV Note
Chris Herndon IV photo 253. Chris Herndon IV TE - NYJ
Anthony Miller Note
Anthony Miller photo 254. Anthony Miller WR - CHI
Taysom Hill Note
Taysom Hill photo 255. Taysom Hill QB - NO
Ryan Succop Note
Ryan Succop photo 256. Ryan Succop K - TB
Darrel Williams Note
Darrel Williams photo 257. Darrel Williams RB - KC
Todd Gurley II Note
Todd Gurley II photo 258. Todd Gurley II RB - ATL
Justin Jackson Note
Justin Jackson photo 259. Justin Jackson RB - LAC
Kerryon Johnson Note
Kerryon Johnson photo 260. Kerryon Johnson RB - DET
Jack Doyle Note
Jack Doyle photo 261. Jack Doyle TE - IND
Le'Veon Bell Note
Le'Veon Bell photo 262. Le'Veon Bell RB - KC
Matt Breida Note
Matt Breida photo 263. Matt Breida RB - BUF
Tennessee Titans Note
Tennessee Titans photo 264. Tennessee Titans DST - TEN
Dan Arnold Note
Dan Arnold photo 265. Dan Arnold TE - CAR
Darrynton Evans Note
Darrynton Evans photo 266. Darrynton Evans RB - TEN
Anthony McFarland Jr. Note
Anthony McFarland Jr. photo 267. Anthony McFarland Jr. RB - PIT
Jimmy Garoppolo Note
Jimmy Garoppolo photo 268. Jimmy Garoppolo QB - SF
Amari Rodgers Note
Amari Rodgers photo 269. Amari Rodgers WR - GB
Ka'imi Fairbairn Note
Ka'imi Fairbairn photo 270. Ka'imi Fairbairn K - HOU
Brandon McManus Note
Brandon McManus photo 271. Brandon McManus K - DEN
Zane Gonzalez Note
Zane Gonzalez photo 272. Zane Gonzalez K - FA
Daniel Carlson Note
Daniel Carlson photo 273. Daniel Carlson K - LV
Joey Slye Note
Joey Slye photo 274. Joey Slye K - CAR
Hunter Renfrow Note
Hunter Renfrow photo 275. Hunter Renfrow WR - LV
Jimmy Graham Note
Jimmy Graham photo 276. Jimmy Graham TE - CHI
Malcolm Brown Note
Malcolm Brown photo 277. Malcolm Brown RB - MIA
Teddy Bridgewater Note
Teddy Bridgewater photo 278. Teddy Bridgewater QB - DEN
Van Jefferson Note
Van Jefferson photo 279. Van Jefferson WR - LAR
Wayne Gallman Note
Wayne Gallman photo 280. Wayne Gallman RB - SF
Chuba Hubbard Note
Chuba Hubbard photo 281. Chuba Hubbard RB - CAR
Keke Coutee Note
Keke Coutee photo 282. Keke Coutee WR - HOU
Zach Pascal Note
Zach Pascal photo 283. Zach Pascal WR - IND
Jerick McKinnon Note
Jerick McKinnon photo 284. Jerick McKinnon RB - KC
Drew Lock Note
Drew Lock photo 285. Drew Lock QB - DEN
Rashard Higgins Note
Rashard Higgins photo 286. Rashard Higgins WR - CLE
Chris Boswell Note
Chris Boswell photo 287. Chris Boswell K - PIT
N'Keal Harry Note
N'Keal Harry photo 288. N'Keal Harry WR - NE
New York Jets Note
New York Jets photo 289. New York Jets DST - NYJ
Kendrick Bourne Note
Kendrick Bourne photo 290. Kendrick Bourne WR - NE
Duke Johnson Jr. Note
Duke Johnson Jr. photo 291. Duke Johnson Jr. RB - FA
Tyron Johnson Note
Tyron Johnson photo 292. Tyron Johnson WR - LAC
Scotty Miller Note
Scotty Miller photo 293. Scotty Miller WR - TB
Josh Lambo Note
Josh Lambo photo 294. Josh Lambo K - JAC
Stephen Gostkowski Note
Stephen Gostkowski photo 295. Stephen Gostkowski K - TEN
New York Giants Note
New York Giants photo 296. New York Giants DST - NYG
Dallas Cowboys Note
Dallas Cowboys photo 297. Dallas Cowboys DST - DAL
Dan Bailey Note
Dan Bailey photo 298. Dan Bailey K - FA
Donald Parham Jr. Note
Donald Parham Jr. photo 299. Donald Parham Jr. TE - LAC
Arizona Cardinals Note
Arizona Cardinals photo 300. Arizona Cardinals DST - ARI
Rex Burkhead Note
Rex Burkhead photo 301. Rex Burkhead RB - NE
Dustin Hopkins Note
Dustin Hopkins photo 302. Dustin Hopkins K - WAS
Kyle Rudolph Note
Kyle Rudolph photo 303. Kyle Rudolph TE - NYG
Quintez Cephus Note
Quintez Cephus photo 304. Quintez Cephus WR - DET
Tyler Eifert Note
Tyler Eifert photo 305. Tyler Eifert TE - JAC
Austin Seibert Note
Austin Seibert photo 306. Austin Seibert K - CIN
Nico Collins Note
Nico Collins photo 307. Nico Collins WR - HOU
Ito Smith Note
Ito Smith photo 308. Ito Smith RB - ATL
Javian Hawkins Note
Javian Hawkins photo 309. Javian Hawkins RB - ATL
Travis Fulgham Note
Travis Fulgham photo 310. Travis Fulgham WR - PHI
Devontae Booker Note
Devontae Booker photo 311. Devontae Booker RB - NYG
Jordan Howard Note
Jordan Howard photo 312. Jordan Howard RB - PHI
Ian Thomas Note
Ian Thomas photo 313. Ian Thomas TE - CAR
Dede Westbrook Note
Dede Westbrook photo 314. Dede Westbrook WR - JAC
Jacksonville Jaguars Note
Jacksonville Jaguars photo 315. Jacksonville Jaguars DST - JAC
Will Dissly Note
Will Dissly photo 316. Will Dissly TE - SEA
Donovan Peoples-Jones Note
Donovan Peoples-Jones photo 317. Donovan Peoples-Jones WR - CLE
Atlanta Falcons Note
Atlanta Falcons photo 318. Atlanta Falcons DST - ATL
Rhamondre Stevenson Note
Rhamondre Stevenson photo 319. Rhamondre Stevenson RB - NE
Houston Texans Note
Houston Texans photo 320. Houston Texans DST - HOU
Ty Johnson Note
Ty Johnson photo 321. Ty Johnson RB - NYJ
Golden Tate Note
Golden Tate photo 322. Golden Tate WR - FA
Brevin Jordan Note
Brevin Jordan photo 323. Brevin Jordan TE - HOU
Andy Isabella Note
Andy Isabella photo 324. Andy Isabella WR - ARI
Andy Dalton Note
Andy Dalton photo 325. Andy Dalton QB - CHI
Keelan Cole Sr. Note
Keelan Cole Sr. photo 326. Keelan Cole Sr. WR - NYJ
Bryce Love Note
Bryce Love photo 327. Bryce Love RB - WAS
Miles Boykin Note
Miles Boykin photo 328. Miles Boykin WR - BAL
Sam Sloman Note
Sam Sloman photo 329. Sam Sloman K - TEN
Eno Benjamin Note
Eno Benjamin photo 330. Eno Benjamin RB - ARI
Mac Jones Note
Mac Jones photo 331. Mac Jones QB - NE
Ryquell Armstead Note
Ryquell Armstead photo 332. Ryquell Armstead RB - JAC
David Njoku Note
David Njoku photo 333. David Njoku TE - CLE
Tyrod Taylor Note
Tyrod Taylor photo 334. Tyrod Taylor QB - HOU
Tylan Wallace Note
Tylan Wallace photo 335. Tylan Wallace WR - BAL
DeeJay Dallas Note
DeeJay Dallas photo 336. DeeJay Dallas RB - SEA
D'Wayne Eskridge Note
D'Wayne Eskridge photo 337. D'Wayne Eskridge WR - SEA
Adrian Peterson Note
Adrian Peterson photo 338. Adrian Peterson RB - DET
Lynn Bowden Jr. Note
Lynn Bowden Jr. photo 339. Lynn Bowden Jr. WR,RB - MIA
Dalton Schultz Note
Dalton Schultz photo 340. Dalton Schultz TE - DAL
Graham Gano Note
Graham Gano photo 341. Graham Gano K - NYG
Harrison Bryant Note
Harrison Bryant photo 342. Harrison Bryant TE - CLE
Antonio Gandy-Golden Note
Antonio Gandy-Golden photo 343. Antonio Gandy-Golden WR - WAS
Brian Hill Note
Brian Hill photo 344. Brian Hill RB - TEN
Steven Sims Jr. Note
Steven Sims Jr. photo 345. Steven Sims Jr. WR - WAS
Detroit Lions Note
Detroit Lions photo 346. Detroit Lions DST - DET
C.J. Uzomah Note
C.J. Uzomah photo 347. C.J. Uzomah TE - CIN
Jordan Wilkins Note
Jordan Wilkins photo 348. Jordan Wilkins RB - IND
Kalen Ballage Note
Kalen Ballage photo 349. Kalen Ballage RB - PIT
Jalen Richard Note
Jalen Richard photo 350. Jalen Richard RB - LV
Carolina Panthers Note
Carolina Panthers photo 351. Carolina Panthers DST - CAR
Samaje Perine Note
Samaje Perine photo 352. Samaje Perine RB - CIN
Cordarrelle Patterson Note
Cordarrelle Patterson photo 353. Cordarrelle Patterson WR,RB - ATL
Alshon Jeffery Note
Alshon Jeffery photo 354. Alshon Jeffery WR - FA
Jalen Hurd Note
Jalen Hurd photo 355. Jalen Hurd WR - SF
Pat Freiermuth Note
Pat Freiermuth photo 356. Pat Freiermuth TE - PIT
Gardner Minshew II Note
Gardner Minshew II photo 357. Gardner Minshew II QB - JAC
Greg Ward Note
Greg Ward photo 358. Greg Ward WR - PHI
Peyton Barber Note
Peyton Barber photo 359. Peyton Barber RB - WAS
Mitchell Trubisky Note
Mitchell Trubisky photo 360. Mitchell Trubisky QB - BUF
Danny Amendola Note
Danny Amendola photo 361. Danny Amendola WR - DET
Josh Palmer Note
Josh Palmer photo 362. Josh Palmer WR - LAC
John Ross Note
John Ross photo 363. John Ross WR - NYG
Mike Boone Note
Mike Boone photo 364. Mike Boone RB - DEN
Matt Gay Note
Matt Gay photo 365. Matt Gay K - LAR
Larry Fitzgerald Note
Larry Fitzgerald photo 366. Larry Fitzgerald WR - ARI
Jermar Jefferson Note
Jermar Jefferson photo 367. Jermar Jefferson RB - DET
Chris Thompson Note
Chris Thompson photo 368. Chris Thompson RB - JAC
Frank Gore Note
Frank Gore photo 369. Frank Gore RB - NYJ
Cornell Powell Note
Cornell Powell photo 370. Cornell Powell WR - KC
Royce Freeman Note
Royce Freeman photo 371. Royce Freeman RB - DEN
Dare Ogunbowale Note
Dare Ogunbowale photo 372. Dare Ogunbowale RB - JAC
Jordan Akins Note
Jordan Akins photo 373. Jordan Akins TE - HOU
Kylin Hill Note
Kylin Hill photo 374. Kylin Hill RB - GB
Randy Bullock Note
Randy Bullock photo 375. Randy Bullock K - DET
Justice Hill Note
Justice Hill photo 376. Justice Hill RB - BAL
Shi Smith Note
Shi Smith photo 377. Shi Smith WR - CAR
Tyler Johnson Note
Tyler Johnson photo 378. Tyler Johnson WR - TB
Demarcus Robinson Note
Demarcus Robinson photo 379. Demarcus Robinson WR - KC
Drew Sample Note
Drew Sample photo 380. Drew Sample TE - CIN
Tutu Atwell Note
Tutu Atwell photo 381. Tutu Atwell WR - LAR
Cam Sims Note
Cam Sims photo 382. Cam Sims WR - WAS
Khalil Herbert Note
Khalil Herbert photo 383. Khalil Herbert RB - CHI
Larry Rountree III Note
Larry Rountree III photo 384. Larry Rountree III RB - LAC
Las Vegas Raiders Note
Las Vegas Raiders photo 385. Las Vegas Raiders DST - LV
Cincinnati Bengals Note
Cincinnati Bengals photo 386. Cincinnati Bengals DST - CIN
Mo Alie-Cox Note
Mo Alie-Cox photo 387. Mo Alie-Cox TE - IND
Chris Evans Note
Chris Evans photo 388. Chris Evans RB - CIN
Elijah Mitchell Note
Elijah Mitchell photo 389. Elijah Mitchell RB - SF
Kenny Stills Note
Kenny Stills photo 390. Kenny Stills WR - BUF
Jaelon Darden Note
Jaelon Darden photo 391. Jaelon Darden WR - TB
Qadree Ollison Note
Qadree Ollison photo 392. Qadree Ollison RB - ATL
Davis Mills Note
Davis Mills photo 393. Davis Mills QB - HOU
Dyami Brown Note
Dyami Brown photo 394. Dyami Brown WR - WAS
Jacob Hollister Note
Jacob Hollister photo 395. Jacob Hollister TE - BUF
Devine Ozigbo Note
Devine Ozigbo photo 396. Devine Ozigbo RB - JAC
Kenny Yeboah Note
Kenny Yeboah photo 397. Kenny Yeboah TE - NYJ
Dez Fitzpatrick Note
Dez Fitzpatrick photo 398. Dez Fitzpatrick WR - TEN
Adam Humphries Note
Adam Humphries photo 399. Adam Humphries WR - WAS
Tamorrion Terry Note
Tamorrion Terry photo 400. Tamorrion Terry WR - SEA
Brycen Hopkins Note
Brycen Hopkins photo 401. Brycen Hopkins TE - LAR
Cameron Brate Note
Cameron Brate photo 402. Cameron Brate TE - TB
David Moore Note
David Moore photo 403. David Moore WR - CAR
Chris Conley Note
Chris Conley photo 404. Chris Conley WR - HOU
Devin Duvernay Note
Devin Duvernay photo 405. Devin Duvernay WR - BAL
Anthony Schwartz Note
Anthony Schwartz photo 406. Anthony Schwartz WR - CLE
Jake Funk Note
Jake Funk photo 407. Jake Funk RB - LAR
LeSean McCoy Note
LeSean McCoy photo 408. LeSean McCoy RB - TB
Demetric Felton Note
Demetric Felton photo 409. Demetric Felton WR,RB - CLE
Collin Johnson Note
Collin Johnson photo 410. Collin Johnson WR - JAC
Kylen Granson Note
Kylen Granson photo 411. Kylen Granson TE - IND
Pooka Williams Jr. Note
Pooka Williams Jr. photo 412. Pooka Williams Jr. RB - CIN
Foster Moreau Note
Foster Moreau photo 413. Foster Moreau TE - LV
Hunter Long Note
Hunter Long photo 414. Hunter Long TE - MIA
Byron Pringle Note
Byron Pringle photo 415. Byron Pringle WR - KC
Richard Rodgers Note
Richard Rodgers photo 416. Richard Rodgers TE - PHI
Maxx Williams Note
Maxx Williams photo 417. Maxx Williams TE - ARI
Tyler Conklin Note
Tyler Conklin photo 418. Tyler Conklin TE - MIN
Dazz Newsome Note
Dazz Newsome photo 419. Dazz Newsome WR - CHI
Devonta Freeman Note
Devonta Freeman photo 420. Devonta Freeman RB - BUF
Seth Williams Note
Seth Williams photo 421. Seth Williams WR - DEN
Trey Burton Note
Trey Burton photo 422. Trey Burton TE - IND
Auden Tate Note
Auden Tate photo 423. Auden Tate WR - CIN
Stevie Scott III Note
Stevie Scott III photo 424. Stevie Scott III RB - NO
Deonte Harris Note
Deonte Harris photo 425. Deonte Harris WR - NO
Trayveon Williams Note
Trayveon Williams photo 426. Trayveon Williams RB - CIN
Albert Okwuegbunam Note
Albert Okwuegbunam photo 427. Albert Okwuegbunam TE - DEN
Kelvin Harmon Note
Kelvin Harmon photo 428. Kelvin Harmon WR - WAS
Jordan Love Note
Jordan Love photo 429. Jordan Love QB - GB
Cameron Batson Note
Cameron Batson photo 430. Cameron Batson WR - TEN
Tommy Tremble Note
Tommy Tremble photo 431. Tommy Tremble TE - CAR
Jacoby Brissett Note
Jacoby Brissett photo 432. Jacoby Brissett QB - MIA
Cade Johnson Note
Cade Johnson photo 433. Cade Johnson WR - SEA
Geoff Swaim Note
Geoff Swaim photo 434. Geoff Swaim TE - TEN
Gerrid Doaks Note
Gerrid Doaks photo 435. Gerrid Doaks RB - MIA
JaMycal Hasty Note
JaMycal Hasty photo 436. JaMycal Hasty RB - SF
Hunter Bryant Note
Hunter Bryant photo 437. Hunter Bryant TE - DET
Albert Wilson Note
Albert Wilson photo 438. Albert Wilson WR - MIA
Kene Nwangwu Note
Kene Nwangwu photo 439. Kene Nwangwu RB - MIN
Phillip Dorsett II Note
Phillip Dorsett II photo 440. Phillip Dorsett II WR - JAC
Jalen Guyton Note
Jalen Guyton photo 441. Jalen Guyton WR - LAC
Taylor Heinicke Note
Taylor Heinicke photo 442. Taylor Heinicke QB - WAS
Cairo Santos Note
Cairo Santos photo 443. Cairo Santos K - CHI
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Note
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside photo 444. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside WR - PHI
Greg Joseph Note
Greg Joseph photo 445. Greg Joseph K - MIN
Andrew Jacas Note
Andrew Jacas photo 446. Andrew Jacas K - SF
Nick Boyle Note
Nick Boyle photo 447. Nick Boyle TE - BAL
Cody Parkey Note
Cody Parkey photo 448. Cody Parkey K - CLE
James O'Shaughnessy Note
James O'Shaughnessy photo 449. James O'Shaughnessy TE - JAC
Dion Lewis Note
Dion Lewis photo 450. Dion Lewis RB - NYG
Marquez Callaway Note
Marquez Callaway photo 451. Marquez Callaway WR - NO
Caleb Huntley Note
Caleb Huntley photo 452. Caleb Huntley RB - ATL
Sage Surratt Note
Sage Surratt photo 453. Sage Surratt WR - DET
Nick Folk Note
Nick Folk photo 454. Nick Folk K - NE
Jacob Harris Note
Jacob Harris photo 455. Jacob Harris WR,TE - LAR
Jaeden Graham Note
Jaeden Graham photo 456. Jaeden Graham TE - ATL
Jacob Eason Note
Jacob Eason photo 457. Jacob Eason QB - IND
Phillip Walker Note
Phillip Walker photo 458. Phillip Walker QB - CAR
Darwin Thompson Note
Darwin Thompson photo 459. Darwin Thompson RB - KC
Simi Fehoko Note
Simi Fehoko photo 460. Simi Fehoko WR - DAL
D'Onta Foreman Note
D'Onta Foreman photo 461. D'Onta Foreman RB - TEN
Austin Watkins Note
Austin Watkins photo 462. Austin Watkins WR - SF
Kyle Allen Note
Kyle Allen photo 463. Kyle Allen QB - WAS
John Bates Note
John Bates photo 464. John Bates TE - WAS
Dwayne Washington Note
Dwayne Washington photo 465. Dwayne Washington RB - NO
Richie James Jr. Note
Richie James Jr. photo 466. Richie James Jr. WR - SF
Jarrett Stidham Note
Jarrett Stidham photo 467. Jarrett Stidham QB - NE
Jaret Patterson Note
Jaret Patterson photo 468. Jaret Patterson RB - WAS
Olamide Zaccheaus Note
Olamide Zaccheaus photo 469. Olamide Zaccheaus WR - ATL
Damiere Byrd Note
Damiere Byrd photo 470. Damiere Byrd WR - NE
Luke Farrell Note
Luke Farrell photo 471. Luke Farrell TE - JAC
Marquez Stevenson Note
Marquez Stevenson photo 472. Marquez Stevenson WR - BUF
Kellen Mond Note
Kellen Mond photo 473. Kellen Mond QB - MIN
Devin Funchess Note
Devin Funchess photo 474. Devin Funchess WR - GB
Marcus Mariota Note
Marcus Mariota photo 475. Marcus Mariota QB - LV
DeAndre Washington Note
DeAndre Washington photo 476. DeAndre Washington RB - MIA
Nick Mullens Note
Nick Mullens photo 477. Nick Mullens QB - SF
Jaylen Samuels Note
Jaylen Samuels photo 478. Jaylen Samuels RB - PIT
Travis Homer Note
Travis Homer photo 479. Travis Homer RB - SEA
Devin Asiasi Note
Devin Asiasi photo 480. Devin Asiasi TE - NE
Darren Fells Note
Darren Fells photo 481. Darren Fells TE - DET
Willie Snead IV Note
Willie Snead IV photo 482. Willie Snead IV WR - LV
Freddie Swain Note
Freddie Swain photo 483. Freddie Swain WR - SEA
Marlon Williams Note
Marlon Williams photo 484. Marlon Williams WR - HOU
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Note
Ihmir Smith-Marsette photo 485. Ihmir Smith-Marsette WR - MIN
Josh Oliver Note
Josh Oliver photo 486. Josh Oliver TE - BAL
Olabisi Johnson Note
Olabisi Johnson photo 487. Olabisi Johnson WR - MIN
Scottie Phillips Note
Scottie Phillips photo 488. Scottie Phillips RB - HOU
Isaiah Coulter Note
Isaiah Coulter photo 489. Isaiah Coulter WR - HOU
Mike Strachan Note
Mike Strachan photo 490. Mike Strachan WR - IND
Bernhard Seikovits Note
Bernhard Seikovits photo 491. Bernhard Seikovits TE - ARI
Jace Sternberger Note
Jace Sternberger photo 492. Jace Sternberger TE - GB
Dwayne Haskins Note
Dwayne Haskins photo 493. Dwayne Haskins QB - PIT
Tre' McKitty Note
Tre' McKitty photo 494. Tre' McKitty TE - LAC
Cedrick Wilson Note
Cedrick Wilson photo 495. Cedrick Wilson WR - DAL
Jamie Newman Note
Jamie Newman photo 496. Jamie Newman QB - PHI
Miller Forristall Note
Miller Forristall photo 497. Miller Forristall TE - TEN
BJ Emmons Note
BJ Emmons photo 498. BJ Emmons RB - SEA
J.J. Taylor Note
J.J. Taylor photo 499. J.J. Taylor RB - NE
Briley Moore Note
Briley Moore photo 500. Briley Moore TE - TEN
Marcus Johnson Note
Marcus Johnson photo 501. Marcus Johnson WR - TEN
Tony Poljan Note
Tony Poljan photo 502. Tony Poljan TE - BAL
Kawaan Baker Note
Kawaan Baker photo 503. Kawaan Baker WR - NO