Who Should I Draft?

Luke Voit or Pete Alonso (2019)

Experts' Pick
  Luke Voit
1B - NYY
Luke Voit
Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso
Recommended by
40 of 55 experts
Recommended by
15 of 55 experts
ECR# 110# 143
Best Rank# 65# 61
Worst Rank# 170# 188
Composite# 168# 234
Best Rank# 146# 177
Worst Rank# 215# 269
Home Runs2323
Stolen Bases12
Batting Average.270.242
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Brandon Funston
The Athletic
# 89# 176
Andy Behrens
Yahoo! Sports
# 99# 144
Scott Pianowski
Yahoo! Sports
# 104# 135
Brad Richter
Going For 2
# 67# 161
Michael Beller
Sports Illustrated
# 134# 171
Steve Gardner
USA Today
# 116# 128
Greg Smith
The Fake Baseball
# 77
Jeff Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire
# 113# 153
Eno Sarris
The Athletic
# 129# 167
Beast Dome
# 138# 174
Al Melchior
The Athletic
# 144
Dalton Del Don
Yahoo! Sports
# 105# 179
Fantasy Team Advice
# 122# 156
Luke Gloeckner
Mr. Cheatsheet
# 113# 141
Dave McKay
The Fantasy Sports Brain
# 116# 164
Andrew Gould
# 118# 123
Wayne Bretsky
# 89# 119
Jake Ciely
The Athletic
# 136# 162
Joe Bond
Fantasy Six Pack
# 134# 141
Chris Meaney
The Athletic
# 95# 148
Andy Singleton
Expand The Boxscore
# 98# 109
Heath Capps
Fake Teams
# 83# 141
Justin Klein
The Fake Baseball
# 130# 131
Mario Mergola
# 149# 188
Chris Meyers
Athlon Sports
# 119# 161
Paul Sporer
# 85
Nick Pollack
Pitcher List
# 88# 91
Bill Dubiel
# 82# 173
Nick Mariano
# 65# 120
Tyler Thompson
Fantasy Six Pack
# 116# 143
Donkey Teeth
# 68# 69
Dan Harris
# 114# 119
Pierre Camus
# 105# 174
Andrew Seifter
# 82# 120
Brandon 'B_Don' Myers
# 114# 163
Kyle Richardson
The Fantasy Headliners
# 116# 142
Jacob Gibbs
# 124# 167
Mick Ciallela
# 131# 137
Ariel Cohen
# 120# 134
Austin Bristow II
Pitcher List
# 142# 173
Andrea LaMont
Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
# 86# 68
Joe E Gentile
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# 95# 61
Scott White
CBS Sports
# 102# 90
Grey Albright
# 113# 96
Alan Harrison
The Fantasy Fix
# 113# 73
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FullTime Fantasy
# 125# 121
Justin Mason
# 130# 119
Todd D Clark
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# 132# 124
Rudy Gamble
# 137# 124
Jason Johnson
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# 138# 134
Nando Di Fino
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# 145# 122
Max Freeze
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# 153# 129
Heath Cummings
CBS Sports
# 157# 131
Site Projections
# 161# 136
Bobby Sylvester
# 170# 167
  Luke Voit
1B - NYY
Luke Voit
Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso
2018 Stats 
At Bats143
Home Runs15
Stolen Bases0
Caught Stealing0
Batting Average.322
On Base Pct.398
Slugging Pct.671
On-base Plus Slugging1.069
  Luke Voit
1B - NYY
Luke Voit
Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso
2019 Projections 
At Bats424434
Home Runs2323
Stolen Bases12
Caught Stealing11
Batting Average.270.242
On Base Pct.338.315
Slugging Pct.489.456
On-base Plus Slugging.827.770
  Luke Voit
1B - NYY
Luke Voit
Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso
 Luke Voit went 2-for-2 with two walks and hit a solo home run as the Yankees lost to the White Sox by a 10-2 score on Friday.
John Aubin
Sat, Jun 15th
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso went 4-for-4 with two walks, a home run, two doubles, three runs scored, and three RBIs in Tuesday's win over the Braves. The homer was his 24th of the season.
Mike Maher
Wed, Jun 19th
 Luke Voit went 1-for-4 with a three-run homer as the Yankees defeated the Mets 12-5 in the first game of a doubleheader Tuesday.
John Aubin
Tue, Jun 11th
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso went 2-for-4 with a three-run home run in Saturday's win over the St. Louis Cardinals. The homer was his 23rd of the season.
Mike Maher
Sun, Jun 16th
 Voit is not in the lineup for Saturday's game against Cleveland.
Connor Rooney
Sat, Jun 8th
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso went 1-for-3 with a double, two walks, and two runs scored in Friday's loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.
Mike Maher
Sat, Jun 15th
 Luke Voit went 1-for-3 with a home run, walk and another run scored in Sunday's 8-5 loss to the Red Sox.
John Aubin
Mon, Jun 3rd
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso went 1-for-3 with a three-run home run, two runs scored, and two walks in the second game of Tuesday's doubleheader against the New York Yankees. The homer was his 22nd of the season.
Mike Maher
Wed, Jun 12th
 Luke Voit went 3-for-4 and scored a run as the Yankees beat the Red Sox by a 5-3 score on Saturday.
John Aubin
Sun, Jun 2nd
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso went 1-for-3 with a walk and a solo home run in Saturday's win over the Colorado Rockies. The homer was his 21st of the season.
Mike Maher
Sun, Jun 9th
 Voit was extraordinary for the Yankees once they acquired him from St. Louis last year. In fact, he may have been one of the best hitters in baseball. Don't expect that for all of 2019, but don't be shocked if he puts up a Jesus Aguilar type of season either.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
While Jed Lowrie and Todd Frazier both starting 2019 on the IL, Alonso forced the Mets' hand and won an Opening Day by displayed his Herculean power throughout spring training. The rookie could promptly crush 30 long balls if locked into the starting role all year. Their infield, however, could get crowded when Lowrie and Frazier return, so he may need to hit out of the gate to preserve a big league role.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros
 After bouncing around the Cardinals' minor league system for seven years, Voit finally experienced some Major League success after moving to the Yankees. He hit a blistering .322 with 15 home runs over 47 games in Pinstripes, begging the question of whether that was a true breakout or a mirage. The answer likely lies somewhere in between. Voit's 40.5 percent HR/FB rate is the definition of unsustainable, but his batted ball data suggest he does have some legitimate pop in his bat. He's unlikely to hit anywhere close to .322 again, but if he can hold down a starting job in New York -- which is no certainty -- it is not hard envision him hitting 25-30 home runs with good run production over the course of a full season.
Andrew Seifter - FantasyPros
Like Vlad Jr. and Eloy, Alonso's true impact will depend on whether on not the big league club makes space for him. As it stands now, Todd Frazier is likely to play first base with Jed Lowrie manning the other corner. It is possible that Alonso pushes the envelope in the spring, forcing Lowrie to shortstop, but more than likely, we are looking at his arrival coming when the first infielder heads to the DL. With an older group of players, that may be sooner than later. When he arrives, he will come with a dangerous stick right away and could be one of the stronger second half rookies. In the minors last year, Alonso swatted 36 homers and drove in 119 runners in just 478 at-bats.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
 Voit dominated (.322/.398/.671, 15 HRs) in 47 games with the Yankees. His .447 wOBA matched Mike Trout, and his .437 wxOBA topped every hitter with at least 150 plate appearances. He also, however, posted a 40.5 HR/FB% with an abysmal 68.9% contact rate, stats which respectively scream HR and AVG regression. Given the microscopic sample size attached to 2018's breakout, there's still a chance he falls into the short end of a platoon with Greg Bird. Yet the scorching contact suggests he could ward off some red flags and leverage Yankee Stadium into a 30-homer campaign. Weigh the risks and rewards before determining whether to swing for the fences.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros