Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes
Mike Trout photo 1. Mike Trout CF - LAA
Jose Altuve photo 2. Jose Altuve 2B - HOU
Nolan Arenado photo 3. Nolan Arenado 3B - COL
Bryce Harper photo 4. Bryce Harper RF - WSH
Charlie Blackmon photo 5. Charlie Blackmon CF - COL
Paul Goldschmidt photo 6. Paul Goldschmidt 1B - ARI
Mookie Betts photo 7. Mookie Betts RF - BOS
Trea Turner photo 8. Trea Turner SS - WSH
Max Scherzer photo 9. Max Scherzer SP - WSH
Clayton Kershaw photo 10. Clayton Kershaw SP - LAD
Carlos Correa photo 11. Carlos Correa SS - HOU
Giancarlo Stanton photo 12. Giancarlo Stanton RF - NYY
Kris Bryant photo 13. Kris Bryant 3B,RF - CHC
Corey Kluber photo 14. Corey Kluber SP - CLE
Chris Sale photo 15. Chris Sale SP - BOS
Freddie Freeman photo 16. Freddie Freeman 1B,3B - ATL
Manny Machado photo 17. Manny Machado 3B - BAL
It isn't recommended that you sell Machado high at this point. He is in a contract year and realizing his potential so this is likely not a fluke. Ride the improvement the rest of the season.
1 day ago
Joey Votto photo 18. Joey Votto 1B - CIN
J.D. Martinez photo 19. J.D. Martinez RF - BOS
Francisco Lindor photo 20. Francisco Lindor SS - CLE
Aaron Judge photo 21. Aaron Judge RF - NYY
Jose Ramirez photo 22. Jose Ramirez 2B,3B - CLE
Anthony Rizzo photo 23. Anthony Rizzo 1B,2B - CHC
Don't panic and sell Rizzo for half of what he is worth. Just take a look at how his season started last year and where his final numbers ended up and you'll feel significantly better about his slow start in 2018.
1 day ago
George Springer photo 24. George Springer CF,RF - HOU
Stephen Strasburg photo 25. Stephen Strasburg SP - WSH
Brian Dozier photo 26. Brian Dozier 2B - MIN
Cody Bellinger photo 27. Cody Bellinger 1B,LF - LAD
Jose Abreu photo 28. Jose Abreu 1B - CWS
Josh Donaldson photo 29. Josh Donaldson 3B - TOR
Gary Sanchez photo 30. Gary Sanchez C - NYY
Noah Syndergaard photo 31. Noah Syndergaard SP - NYM
Corey Seager photo 32. Corey Seager SS - LAD
Dee Gordon photo 33. Dee Gordon 2B - SEA
Jacob deGrom photo 34. Jacob deGrom SP - NYM
Starling Marte photo 35. Starling Marte LF,CF - PIT
Carlos Carrasco photo 36. Carlos Carrasco SP - CLE
Justin Upton photo 37. Justin Upton LF - LAA
Edwin Encarnacion photo 38. Edwin Encarnacion 1B,DH - CLE
Nelson Cruz photo 39. Nelson Cruz RF,DH - SEA
Luis Severino photo 40. Luis Severino SP - NYY
Christian Yelich photo 41. Christian Yelich CF - MIL
Andrew Benintendi photo 42. Andrew Benintendi LF,CF - BOS
Justin Verlander photo 43. Justin Verlander SP - HOU
Rhys Hoskins photo 44. Rhys Hoskins 1B,LF - PHI
Marcell Ozuna photo 45. Marcell Ozuna LF - STL
Anthony Rendon photo 46. Anthony Rendon 3B - WSH
Rendon has been missing time with a toe injury, but with the Nationals placing him on the DL, it seems as though they will not allow the issue to linger. Perhaps you can buy him low with his owner probably panicked.
1 day ago
Alex Bregman photo 47. Alex Bregman 3B,SS - HOU
Zack Greinke photo 48. Zack Greinke SP - ARI
Khris Davis photo 49. Khris Davis LF,DH - OAK
A.J. Pollock photo 50. A.J. Pollock CF - ARI
Carlos Martinez photo 51. Carlos Martinez SP - STL
Wil Myers photo 52. Wil Myers 1B - SD
Tommy Pham photo 53. Tommy Pham LF,CF - STL
Robinson Cano photo 54. Robinson Cano 2B - SEA
Kenley Jansen photo 55. Kenley Jansen RP - LAD
Yoenis Cespedes photo 56. Yoenis Cespedes LF - NYM
Yu Darvish photo 57. Yu Darvish SP - CHC
Lorenzo Cain photo 58. Lorenzo Cain CF - MIL
Eric Hosmer photo 59. Eric Hosmer 1B - SD
Chris Archer photo 60. Chris Archer SP - TB
Craig Kimbrel photo 61. Craig Kimbrel RP - BOS
Daniel Murphy photo 62. Daniel Murphy 2B - WSH
Ryan Braun photo 63. Ryan Braun LF - MIL
Gerrit Cole photo 64. Gerrit Cole SP - HOU
Aaron Nola photo 65. Aaron Nola SP - PHI
Aroldis Chapman photo 66. Aroldis Chapman RP - NYY
Miguel Cabrera photo 67. Miguel Cabrera 1B - DET
James Paxton photo 68. James Paxton SP - SEA
Travis Shaw photo 69. Travis Shaw 3B - MIL
Andrew McCutchen photo 70. Andrew McCutchen CF,RF - SF
Jonathan Schoop photo 71. Jonathan Schoop 2B - BAL
Jean Segura photo 72. Jean Segura SS - SEA
Shohei Ohtani photo 73. Shohei Ohtani SP,DH - LAA
Miguel Sano photo 74. Miguel Sano 1B,3B,DH - MIN
Robbie Ray photo 75. Robbie Ray SP - ARI
Xander Bogaerts photo 76. Xander Bogaerts SS - BOS
Dallas Keuchel photo 77. Dallas Keuchel SP - HOU
Byron Buxton photo 78. Byron Buxton CF - MIN
Didi Gregorius photo 79. Didi Gregorius SS - NYY
Jose Quintana photo 80. Jose Quintana SP - CHC
Roberto Osuna photo 81. Roberto Osuna RP - TOR
Buster Posey photo 82. Buster Posey C,1B - SF
Willson Contreras photo 83. Willson Contreras C - CHC
Jake Arrieta photo 84. Jake Arrieta SP - PHI
Adrian Beltre photo 85. Adrian Beltre 3B,DH - TEX
DJ LeMahieu photo 86. DJ LeMahieu 2B - COL
Joey Gallo photo 87. Joey Gallo 1B,3B,LF - TEX
Masahiro Tanaka photo 88. Masahiro Tanaka SP - NYY
Rafael Devers photo 89. Rafael Devers 3B - BOS
Ozzie Albies photo 90. Ozzie Albies 2B - ATL
Albies was a favorite breakout candidate by many in the fantasy, and while it looks great so far, he is almost certainly not going to keep up Carlos Correa type numbers for the full season. Expect him to fall back quite a bit, and maximize on his trade value if you are able.
1 day ago
Whit Merrifield photo 91. Whit Merrifield 2B,RF - KC
Kyle Seager photo 92. Kyle Seager 3B - SEA
Alex Wood photo 93. Alex Wood SP - LAD
Yasiel Puig photo 94. Yasiel Puig RF - LAD
Matt Olson photo 95. Matt Olson 1B,RF - OAK
Nick Castellanos photo 96. Nick Castellanos 3B,RF - DET
Castellanos may not be in a good lineup, but his batted ball rates have been incredible. He may be worth acquiring via trade before the weather heats up and all these balls fly out of the yard.
1 day ago
Ender Inciarte photo 97. Ender Inciarte CF - ATL
Edwin Diaz photo 98. Edwin Diaz RP - SEA
Adam Eaton photo 99. Adam Eaton CF - WSH
Ronald Acuna photo 100. Ronald Acuna CF - ATL
Adam Jones photo 101. Adam Jones CF - BAL
Domingo Santana photo 102. Domingo Santana RF - MIL
Gregory Polanco photo 103. Gregory Polanco LF,RF - PIT
Jake Lamb photo 104. Jake Lamb 3B - ARI
Mike Moustakas photo 105. Mike Moustakas 3B - KC
Justin Smoak photo 106. Justin Smoak 1B - TOR
Rich Hill photo 107. Rich Hill SP - LAD
Carlos Santana photo 108. Carlos Santana 1B,RF - PHI
Kyle Hendricks photo 109. Kyle Hendricks SP - CHC
Ian Desmond photo 110. Ian Desmond 1B,LF - COL
Felipe Vazquez photo 111. Felipe Vazquez RP - PIT
Rougned Odor photo 112. Rougned Odor 2B - TEX
Odor may be continuing his struggles from last season, but he is nowhere close to being worthy of a drop. Last season his batting average was terrible, but middle infielders who hit 30 homers and steal 15 bases don't grow on trees.
1 day ago
Cody Allen photo 113. Cody Allen RP - CLE
Trevor Story photo 114. Trevor Story SS - COL
Jon Lester photo 115. Jon Lester SP - CHC
Raisel Iglesias photo 116. Raisel Iglesias RP - CIN
Lance McCullers photo 117. Lance McCullers SP - HOU
Brad Hand photo 118. Brad Hand RP - SD
Ryan Zimmerman photo 119. Ryan Zimmerman 1B - WSH
Zimmerman has started the season with lousy statistics, but his batted ball rates are through the roof. This tells us that his numbers will emerge sooner or later. Don't give up on him yet. As long as he stays hea;thy, he should be owned and started everywhere.
1 day ago
Jose Berrios photo 120. Jose Berrios SP - MIN
Michael Conforto photo 121. Michael Conforto LF,CF,RF - NYM
Nomar Mazara photo 122. Nomar Mazara LF,RF - TEX
Matt Carpenter photo 123. Matt Carpenter 1B,2B,3B - STL
Josh Bell photo 124. Josh Bell 1B - PIT
Elvis Andrus photo 125. Elvis Andrus SS - TEX
Jay Bruce photo 126. Jay Bruce 1B,RF - NYM
Javier Baez photo 127. Javier Baez 2B,SS - CHC
We've been waiting for the breakout for a few seasons and when it finally seemed like it might never come, Baez decided to break out. What he has been doing so far appears to be legitimate so don't attempt to sell him high.
1 day ago
Billy Hamilton photo 128. Billy Hamilton CF - CIN
David Price photo 129. David Price SP,RP - BOS
Ian Kinsler photo 130. Ian Kinsler 2B - LAA
Madison Bumgarner photo 131. Madison Bumgarner SP - SF
Chris Taylor photo 132. Chris Taylor 2B,SS,LF,CF - LAD
Taylor has not been as solid fantasy wise as last year, but the Dodgers still have him batting lead-off and are clearly expecting the numbers to bounceback toward where they were last season.
1 day ago
Wade Davis photo 133. Wade Davis RP - COL
Eddie Rosario photo 134. Eddie Rosario LF,CF,RF - MIN
Brett Gardner photo 135. Brett Gardner LF,CF - NYY
Trevor Bauer photo 136. Trevor Bauer SP - CLE
Zack Godley photo 137. Zack Godley SP - ARI
Luke Weaver photo 138. Luke Weaver SP - STL
Justin Bour photo 139. Justin Bour 1B - MIA
Luis Castillo photo 140. Luis Castillo SP - CIN
Johnny Cueto photo 141. Johnny Cueto SP - SF
Jeurys Familia photo 142. Jeurys Familia RP - NYM
Sean Doolittle photo 143. Sean Doolittle RP - WSH
Ian Happ photo 144. Ian Happ 2B,LF,CF,RF - CHC
Many are likely wondering if Happ should be dropped, but the answer is a definite no. He has been losing some playing time to Albert Almora, but that shouldn't last long. He has tremendous power and should contribute across the board.
1 day ago
Paul DeJong photo 145. Paul DeJong 2B,SS - STL
Jameson Taillon photo 146. Jameson Taillon SP - PIT
Justin Turner photo 147. Justin Turner 3B - LAD
Adam Duvall photo 148. Adam Duvall LF - CIN
Charlie Morton photo 149. Charlie Morton SP - HOU
Dylan Bundy photo 150. Dylan Bundy SP - BAL
Kenneth Giles photo 151. Kenneth Giles RP - HOU
Shin-Soo Choo photo 152. Shin-Soo Choo RF,DH - TEX
Kyle Schwarber photo 153. Kyle Schwarber LF - CHC
Evan Longoria photo 154. Evan Longoria 3B - SF
Tim Anderson photo 155. Tim Anderson SS - CWS
Trey Mancini photo 156. Trey Mancini 1B,LF - BAL
Jose Martinez photo 157. Jose Martinez 1B,LF,RF - STL
If you were wondering if Martinez is the real deal, look no further than his batted ball data, which is among the elite hitters in baseball since he joined the Cardinals last season. You may actually still be able to trade for him at a discount compared to what he is worth.
1 day ago
Yoan Moncada photo 158. Yoan Moncada 2B - CWS
Moncada's surface level statistics are not where fantasy owners would want them to be, but he has the highest average exit velocity in all of baseball. Hang onto him and if you can, buy him low before the numbers begin to catch up to the batted ball data.
1 day ago
Odubel Herrera photo 159. Odubel Herrera CF - PHI
Marcus Stroman photo 160. Marcus Stroman SP - TOR
Yadier Molina photo 161. Yadier Molina C - STL
Despite his old age, Yadi is continuing to rake and perhaps even getting better at the plate. With that being said, he has spent a considerable amount of time on the DL in the past so it might be a good time to sell before that happens again.
1 day ago
Mitch Haniger photo 162. Mitch Haniger RF - SEA
Manuel Margot photo 163. Manuel Margot CF - SD
Hanley Ramirez photo 164. Hanley Ramirez 1B,DH - BOS
Hanley is killing the baseball right now and while that may last while he is on the field, it seems to be only a matter of time before he suffers another injury setback. He is among the top sell-high candidates right now.
1 day ago
J.T. Realmuto photo 165. J.T. Realmuto C,1B - MIA
Sonny Gray photo 166. Sonny Gray SP - NYY
Kenta Maeda photo 167. Kenta Maeda SP - LAD
Yonder Alonso photo 168. Yonder Alonso 1B - CLE
Josh Reddick photo 169. Josh Reddick LF,CF,RF - HOU
Garrett Richards photo 170. Garrett Richards SP - LAA
Hector Neris photo 171. Hector Neris RP - PHI
Andrelton Simmons photo 172. Andrelton Simmons SS - LAA
Eduardo Nunez photo 173. Eduardo Nunez 2B,3B,SS,LF - BOS
Brandon Morrow photo 174. Brandon Morrow RP - CHC
Chase Anderson photo 175. Chase Anderson SP - MIL
Patrick Corbin photo 176. Patrick Corbin SP - ARI
Alexander Colome photo 177. Alexander Colome RP - TB
David Peralta photo 178. David Peralta LF,RF - ARI
Andrew Miller photo 179. Andrew Miller RP - CLE
Evan Gattis photo 180. Evan Gattis C,DH - HOU
Gio Gonzalez photo 181. Gio Gonzalez SP - WSH
Eric Thames photo 182. Eric Thames 1B,LF - MIL
Kelvin Herrera photo 183. Kelvin Herrera RP - KC
Marwin Gonzalez photo 184. Marwin Gonzalez 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Dexter Fowler photo 185. Dexter Fowler CF - STL
Blake Treinen photo 186. Blake Treinen RP - OAK
Michael Fulmer photo 187. Michael Fulmer SP - DET
Jeff Samardzija photo 188. Jeff Samardzija SP - SF
Danny Duffy photo 189. Danny Duffy SP - KC
Corey Dickerson photo 190. Corey Dickerson LF,DH - PIT
Drew Pomeranz photo 191. Drew Pomeranz SP - BOS
Steven Souza photo 192. Steven Souza RF - ARI
Marcus Semien photo 193. Marcus Semien SS - OAK
Yulieski Gurriel photo 194. Yulieski Gurriel 1B - HOU
Jonathan Gray photo 195. Jonathan Gray SP - COL
Arodys Vizcaino photo 196. Arodys Vizcaino RP - ATL
Bradley Zimmer photo 197. Bradley Zimmer CF - CLE
Salvador Perez photo 198. Salvador Perez C - KC
Salvador Perez is a top five fantasy hitter the moment he returns from his trip to the disabled list. You can expect him to continue contributing in the power department this season.
1 day ago
Avisail Garcia photo 199. Avisail Garcia RF - CWS
Michael Brantley photo 200. Michael Brantley LF - CLE
Blake Snell photo 201. Blake Snell SP - TB
Sean Manaea photo 202. Sean Manaea SP - OAK
Scott Kingery photo 203. Scott Kingery 2B - PHI
What you are seeing from Kingery is not only real, it is almost certainly not as good as we should grow used to seeing from him. The batting average ought to end up around .260 with power and speed to spare.
1 day ago
Maikel Franco photo 204. Maikel Franco 3B - PHI
Carlos Gonzalez photo 205. Carlos Gonzalez RF - COL
Michael Clevinger photo 206. Michael Clevinger SP,RP - CLE
Stephen Piscotty photo 207. Stephen Piscotty RF - OAK
Logan Morrison photo 208. Logan Morrison 1B - MIN
Yasmani Grandal photo 209. Yasmani Grandal C - LAD
Grandal was expected to split time with Austin Barnes but Yasmani was so good at plate in Spring Training that he appears to have won the job outright. It has only helped that Grandal has been the best offensive catcher thus far.
1 day ago
Corey Knebel photo 210. Corey Knebel RP - MIL
Delino DeShields photo 211. Delino DeShields LF,CF - TEX
Kevin Gausman photo 212. Kevin Gausman SP - BAL
Bradley Boxberger photo 213. Bradley Boxberger RP - ARI
Eugenio Suarez photo 214. Eugenio Suarez 3B - CIN
Wilson Ramos photo 215. Wilson Ramos C - TB
Jackie Bradley photo 216. Jackie Bradley CF - BOS
Brandon Belt photo 217. Brandon Belt 1B,LF - SF
Jacob Faria photo 218. Jacob Faria SP - TB
Todd Frazier photo 219. Todd Frazier 3B - NYM
Jonathan Villar photo 220. Jonathan Villar 2B,CF - MIL
Jason Kipnis photo 221. Jason Kipnis 2B,CF - CLE
Matt Chapman photo 222. Matt Chapman 3B - OAK
Cesar Hernandez photo 223. Cesar Hernandez 2B - PHI
Matt Kemp photo 224. Matt Kemp LF - LAD
Zack Cozart photo 225. Zack Cozart SS - LAA
Cole Hamels photo 226. Cole Hamels SP - TEX
J.A. Happ photo 227. J.A. Happ SP - TOR
Chris Davis photo 228. Chris Davis 1B - BAL
Josh Hader photo 229. Josh Hader RP - MIL
Lance Lynn photo 230. Lance Lynn SP - MIN
Orlando Arcia photo 231. Orlando Arcia SS - MIL
Max Kepler photo 232. Max Kepler CF,RF - MIN
Brad Brach photo 233. Brad Brach RP - BAL
Danny Salazar photo 234. Danny Salazar SP - CLE
Albert Pujols photo 235. Albert Pujols 1B,DH - LAA
Greg Bird photo 236. Greg Bird 1B - NYY
Greg Holland photo 237. Greg Holland RP - STL
Dansby Swanson photo 238. Dansby Swanson SS - ATL
Starlin Castro photo 239. Starlin Castro 2B - MIA
Mark Melancon photo 240. Mark Melancon RP - SF
Mike Zunino photo 241. Mike Zunino C - SEA
Keone Kela photo 242. Keone Kela RP - TEX
Kole Calhoun photo 243. Kole Calhoun RF - LAA
Ryan McMahon photo 244. Ryan McMahon 1B - COL
The Rockies have been letting McMahon waste away even though he batted .355 with loads of extra-base hits last season. He has struggled in his few opportunities, but if he should finally get everyday chances, he would be a top 200 fantasy player.
1 day ago
Scooter Gennett photo 245. Scooter Gennett 2B,3B,LF - CIN
Randal Grichuk photo 246. Randal Grichuk LF,RF - TOR
Kendrys Morales photo 247. Kendrys Morales 1B,DH - TOR
Welington Castillo photo 248. Welington Castillo C - CWS
Tim Beckham photo 249. Tim Beckham 2B,SS - BAL
Addison Russell photo 250. Addison Russell SS - CHC
Aaron Hicks photo 251. Aaron Hicks LF,CF,RF - NYY
Lewis Brinson photo 252. Lewis Brinson LF,CF - MIA
Shane Greene photo 253. Shane Greene RP - DET
Matt Davidson photo 254. Matt Davidson 1B,3B,DH - CWS
Julio Teheran photo 255. Julio Teheran SP - ATL
Josh Harrison photo 256. Josh Harrison 2B,3B,LF - PIT
Michael Taylor photo 257. Michael Taylor CF - WSH
Aaron Sanchez photo 258. Aaron Sanchez SP - TOR
Jose Peraza photo 259. Jose Peraza 2B,SS - CIN
Michael Wacha photo 260. Michael Wacha SP - STL
Chris Devenski photo 261. Chris Devenski RP - HOU
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 262. Asdrubal Cabrera 2B,3B,SS - NYM
Ryon Healy photo 263. Ryon Healy 1B,3B,DH - SEA
Tanner Roark photo 264. Tanner Roark SP - WSH
Kevin Kiermaier photo 265. Kevin Kiermaier CF - TB
Joey Lucchesi photo 266. Joey Lucchesi SP - SD
Fernando Rodney photo 267. Fernando Rodney RP - MIN
Jordan Montgomery photo 268. Jordan Montgomery SP - NYY
Willie Calhoun photo 269. Willie Calhoun LF - TEX
Brian McCann photo 270. Brian McCann C - HOU
Hyun-Jin Ryu photo 271. Hyun-Jin Ryu SP - LAD
Rick Porcello photo 272. Rick Porcello SP - BOS
Archie Bradley photo 273. Archie Bradley RP - ARI
Mallex Smith photo 274. Mallex Smith LF,CF,RF - TB
Jedd Gyorko photo 275. Jedd Gyorko 1B,2B,3B - STL
Jedd Gyorko was passed up by Jose Martinez in Spring Training, but that doesn't mean he is out for the count. Rather, he is getting plenty of at-bats all over the infield and just might take over full-time at 2nd base if Kolten Wong continues to struggle.
1 day ago
Hunter Strickland photo 276. Hunter Strickland RP - SF
Lucas Giolito photo 277. Lucas Giolito SP - CWS
Jack Flaherty photo 278. Jack Flaherty SP - STL
Marco Estrada photo 279. Marco Estrada SP - TOR
Mark Trumbo photo 280. Mark Trumbo RF,DH - BAL
Sean Newcomb photo 281. Sean Newcomb SP - ATL
Carlos Gomez photo 282. Carlos Gomez CF - TB
Keynan Middleton photo 283. Keynan Middleton RP - LAA
Zach Davies photo 284. Zach Davies SP - MIL
Jonathan Lucroy photo 285. Jonathan Lucroy C - OAK
Yangervis Solarte photo 286. Yangervis Solarte 2B,3B,SS - TOR
Miles Mikolas photo 287. Miles Mikolas SP - STL
Amed Rosario photo 288. Amed Rosario SS - NYM
Nick Senzel photo 289. Nick Senzel 3B - CIN
Senzel has been having a rough go down in Triple-A, so while a call-up seemed to be in the cards, it looks as though it might not happen until the All-Star break. He is still worth stashing depending on how many bench spots you are allowed.
1 day ago
C.J. Cron photo 290. C.J. Cron 1B - TB
Jed Lowrie photo 291. Jed Lowrie 2B - OAK
Lowrie is not a star, nor are his numbers sustainable over a full year. It is possible, of course, that he is in fact much better than he has been in the past. If you can, sell him high while he is still mashing.
1 day ago
Gleyber Torres photo 292. Gleyber Torres SS - NYY
Jake Junis photo 293. Jake Junis SP - KC
Alex Cobb photo 294. Alex Cobb SP - BAL
David Dahl photo 295. David Dahl LF,CF,RF - COL
Chad Green photo 296. Chad Green RP - NYY
Nick Williams photo 297. Nick Williams LF,CF,RF - PHI
Jose Pirela photo 298. Jose Pirela LF - SD
Reynaldo Lopez photo 299. Reynaldo Lopez SP - CWS
Luiz Gohara photo 300. Luiz Gohara SP - ATL
Jorge Soler photo 301. Jorge Soler RF - KC
Aaron Altherr photo 302. Aaron Altherr LF,CF,RF - PHI
Derek Fisher photo 303. Derek Fisher LF,RF - HOU
Jake Odorizzi photo 304. Jake Odorizzi SP - MIN
Dellin Betances photo 305. Dellin Betances RP - NYY
Scott Schebler photo 306. Scott Schebler CF,RF - CIN
Nick Pivetta photo 307. Nick Pivetta SP - PHI
Brad Peacock photo 308. Brad Peacock SP,RP - HOU
Joakim Soria photo 309. Joakim Soria RP - CWS
Ervin Santana photo 310. Ervin Santana SP - MIN
Tyler Skaggs photo 311. Tyler Skaggs SP - LAA
Felix Hernandez photo 312. Felix Hernandez SP - SEA
Matt Harvey photo 313. Matt Harvey SP - NYM
Joe Mauer photo 314. Joe Mauer 1B - MIN
German Marquez photo 315. German Marquez SP - COL
Tyler Chatwood photo 316. Tyler Chatwood SP,RP - CHC
Jeimer Candelario photo 317. Jeimer Candelario 3B - DET
CC Sabathia photo 318. CC Sabathia SP - NYY
Alexander Reyes photo 319. Alexander Reyes SP - STL
Kevin Pillar photo 320. Kevin Pillar CF - TOR
Colin Moran photo 321. Colin Moran 1B - PIT
Steven Matz photo 322. Steven Matz SP - NYM
Hunter Renfroe photo 323. Hunter Renfroe RF - SD
Cameron Maybin photo 324. Cameron Maybin LF,CF,RF - MIA
Austin Hedges photo 325. Austin Hedges C - SD
Teoscar Hernandez photo 326. Teoscar Hernandez LF - TOR
Neil Walker photo 327. Neil Walker 1B,2B - NYY
With Gleyber Torres now up in the majors for the Yankees, Walker has minimal fantasy appeal. Torres can play shortstop and third base as well, but with the way Didi and Andujar are hitting, Walker is the odd man out.
1 day ago
Bud Norris photo 328. Bud Norris SP,RP - STL
Eduardo Rodriguez photo 329. Eduardo Rodriguez SP - BOS
Austin Jackson photo 330. Austin Jackson LF,CF,RF - SF
Blake Parker photo 331. Blake Parker RP - LAA
Jimmy Nelson photo 332. Jimmy Nelson SP - MIL
Daniel Straily photo 333. Daniel Straily SP - MIA
Brandon Crawford photo 334. Brandon Crawford SS - SF
Ketel Marte photo 335. Ketel Marte SS - ARI
Joe Panik photo 336. Joe Panik 2B - SF
Michael Foltynewicz photo 337. Michael Foltynewicz SP - ATL
Brad Ziegler photo 338. Brad Ziegler RP - MIA
Cameron Bedrosian photo 339. Cameron Bedrosian RP - LAA
Robinson Chirinos photo 340. Robinson Chirinos C - TEX
Mike Leake photo 341. Mike Leake SP - SEA
Nicky Delmonico photo 342. Nicky Delmonico LF - CWS
Mike Minor photo 343. Mike Minor SP,RP - TEX
Lucas Duda photo 344. Lucas Duda 1B,DH - KC
Curtis Granderson photo 345. Curtis Granderson LF,CF,RF - TOR
Carlos Rodon photo 346. Carlos Rodon SP - CWS
Zach Britton photo 347. Zach Britton RP - BAL
Nick Markakis photo 348. Nick Markakis RF - ATL
Christian Villanueva photo 349. Christian Villanueva 3B - SD
Addison Reed photo 350. Addison Reed RP - MIN
J.P. Crawford photo 351. J.P. Crawford 3B,SS - PHI
Matt Albers photo 352. Matt Albers RP - MIL
Chris Iannetta photo 353. Chris Iannetta C - COL
Iannetta has been lousy offensively despite playing his home games in Coors Field. It may only be a matter of time until he loses his job to Tom Murphy.
1 day ago
Dominic Leone photo 354. Dominic Leone RP - STL
Wilmer Flores photo 355. Wilmer Flores 1B,2B,3B - NYM
Flores isn't playing enough to be started every week, but he is among the game's best hitters versus lefties and should be started every time he draws one. Beyond that, he is merely waiting for extra playing time, at which point he would need to be owned in every league.
1 day ago
Nate Jones photo 356. Nate Jones RP - CWS
Miguel Andujar photo 357. Miguel Andujar 3B - NYY
Hunter Pence photo 358. Hunter Pence RF - SF
Franchy Cordero photo 359. Franchy Cordero CF - SD
Yandy Diaz photo 360. Yandy Diaz 3B - CLE
Aledmys Diaz photo 361. Aledmys Diaz SS - TOR
Devon Travis photo 362. Devon Travis 2B - TOR
Matt Shoemaker photo 363. Matt Shoemaker SP - LAA
Freddy Galvis photo 364. Freddy Galvis SS - SD
Denard Span photo 365. Denard Span CF - TB
Eduardo Escobar photo 366. Eduardo Escobar 2B,3B,SS,DH - MIN
David Robertson photo 367. David Robertson RP - NYY
Ian Kennedy photo 368. Ian Kennedy SP - KC
Jacob Barnes photo 369. Jacob Barnes RP - MIL
Austin Barnes photo 370. Austin Barnes C,2B - LAD
Chris Owings photo 371. Chris Owings 2B,SS,RF - ARI
Michael Kopech photo 372. Michael Kopech SP - CWS
C.J. Edwards photo 373. C.J. Edwards RP - CHC
Jerad Eickhoff photo 374. Jerad Eickhoff SP - PHI
Luke Gregerson photo 375. Luke Gregerson RP - STL
Jarrod Dyson photo 376. Jarrod Dyson LF,CF - ARI
Joe Musgrove photo 377. Joe Musgrove SP,RP - PIT
Austin Hays photo 378. Austin Hays CF,RF - BAL
A.J. Ramos photo 379. A.J. Ramos RP - NYM
Gerardo Parra photo 380. Gerardo Parra LF,RF - COL
Jason Heyward photo 381. Jason Heyward CF,RF - CHC
Mikie Mahtook photo 382. Mikie Mahtook LF,CF,RF - DET
A.J. Minter photo 383. A.J. Minter RP - ATL
Jesse Winker photo 384. Jesse Winker RF - CIN
Dustin Pedroia photo 385. Dustin Pedroia 2B - BOS
Alexander Claudio photo 386. Alexander Claudio RP - TEX
Chris Stratton photo 387. Chris Stratton SP - SF
Leonys Martin photo 388. Leonys Martin CF,RF - DET
Erasmo Ramirez photo 389. Erasmo Ramirez SP,RP - SEA
Francisco Mejia photo 390. Francisco Mejia C,DH - CLE
Tyler Mahle photo 391. Tyler Mahle SP - CIN
Brandon McCarthy photo 392. Brandon McCarthy SP - ATL
Jose Bautista photo 393. Jose Bautista RF - ATL
Raimel Tapia photo 394. Raimel Tapia LF,RF - COL
Kyle Barraclough photo 395. Kyle Barraclough RP - MIA
Clint Frazier photo 396. Clint Frazier LF,RF - NYY
Darren O'Day photo 397. Darren O'Day RP - BAL
Lonnie Chisenhall photo 398. Lonnie Chisenhall LF,CF,RF - CLE
James McCann photo 399. James McCann C - DET
Chad Kuhl photo 400. Chad Kuhl SP - PIT
Cory Spangenberg photo 401. Cory Spangenberg 3B,LF - SD
Brandon Nimmo photo 402. Brandon Nimmo LF,CF,RF - NYM
Jason Vargas photo 403. Jason Vargas SP - NYM
Dan Vogelbach photo 404. Dan Vogelbach 1B - SEA
Matt Wieters photo 405. Matt Wieters C - WSH
Brad Miller photo 406. Brad Miller 2B - TB
Brandon Drury photo 407. Brandon Drury 2B - NYY
Jorge Polanco photo 408. Jorge Polanco SS - MIN
Matt Joyce photo 409. Matt Joyce LF,RF - OAK
Franklin Barreto photo 410. Franklin Barreto 2B,SS - OAK
Barreto was sent back down to the minors, but he will be called back up within the next few months and when he does, he should immediately be picked up in every league.
1 day ago
Victor Martinez photo 411. Victor Martinez DH - DET
Joc Pederson photo 412. Joc Pederson CF - LAD
Brent Suter photo 413. Brent Suter SP,RP - MIL
Mychal Antonio Givens photo 414. Mychal Antonio Givens RP - BAL
Logan Forsythe photo 415. Logan Forsythe 2B,3B - LAD
Ivan Nova photo 416. Ivan Nova SP - PIT
Joe Jimenez photo 417. Joe Jimenez RP - DET
Victor Robles photo 418. Victor Robles RF - WSH
Trevor Hildenberger photo 419. Trevor Hildenberger RP - MIN
Alex Avila photo 420. Alex Avila C,1B - ARI
Avila is struggling quite a bit and isn't playing every day. He is not ownable outside of 2-catcher leagues.
1 day ago
Ryan Madson photo 421. Ryan Madson RP - WSH
Anthony DeSclafani photo 422. Anthony DeSclafani SP - CIN
Dustin Fowler photo 423. Dustin Fowler RF - OAK
Juan Minaya photo 424. Juan Minaya RP - CWS
Raul Adalberto Mondesi photo 425. Raul Adalberto Mondesi 2B - KC
Jacoby Ellsbury photo 426. Jacoby Ellsbury CF - NYY
Jhoulys Chacin photo 427. Jhoulys Chacin SP - MIL
Drew Steckenrider photo 428. Drew Steckenrider RP - MIA
Clayton Richard photo 429. Clayton Richard SP - SD
Jorge Alfaro photo 430. Jorge Alfaro C - PHI
Seung-Hwan Oh photo 431. Seung-Hwan Oh RP - TOR
Troy Tulowitzki photo 432. Troy Tulowitzki SS - TOR
Anthony Swarzak photo 433. Anthony Swarzak RP - NYM
Josh Tomlin photo 434. Josh Tomlin SP - CLE
Ben Zobrist photo 435. Ben Zobrist 2B,LF,RF - CHC
Adam Wainwright photo 436. Adam Wainwright SP - STL
Vincent Velasquez photo 437. Vincent Velasquez SP - PHI
Collin McHugh photo 438. Collin McHugh SP - HOU
Tyler Glasnow photo 439. Tyler Glasnow SP,RP - PIT
Pat Neshek photo 440. Pat Neshek RP - PHI
Mitch Moreland photo 441. Mitch Moreland 1B - BOS
Chase Headley photo 442. Chase Headley 1B,3B - SD
Jaime Garcia photo 443. Jaime Garcia SP - TOR
Keon Broxton photo 444. Keon Broxton CF - MIL
Ryan Dull photo 445. Ryan Dull RP - OAK
Juan Nicasio photo 446. Juan Nicasio RP - SEA
Jordan Hicks photo 447. Jordan Hicks SP - STL
Miguel Gonzalez photo 448. Miguel Gonzalez SP - CWS
Michael Feliz photo 449. Michael Feliz RP - PIT
Will Harris photo 450. Will Harris RP - HOU
Dixon Machado photo 451. Dixon Machado 2B,SS - DET
Mike Montgomery photo 452. Mike Montgomery SP,RP - CHC
Brandon Finnegan photo 453. Brandon Finnegan SP - CIN
Colby Rasmus photo 454. Colby Rasmus LF,RF - BAL
Sam Dyson photo 455. Sam Dyson RP - SF
Daniel Mengden photo 456. Daniel Mengden SP - OAK
Amir Garrett photo 457. Amir Garrett SP,RP - CIN
Tyler Lyons photo 458. Tyler Lyons RP - STL
Andrew Heaney photo 459. Andrew Heaney SP - LAA
Jason Hammel photo 460. Jason Hammel SP - KC
Adrian Gonzalez photo 461. Adrian Gonzalez 1B - NYM
Derek Dietrich photo 462. Derek Dietrich 1B,2B,3B - MIA
Ben Gamel photo 463. Ben Gamel LF,RF - SEA
Jose Reyes photo 464. Jose Reyes 2B,3B,SS - NYM
Stephen Vogt photo 465. Stephen Vogt C - MIL
Yusmeiro Petit photo 466. Yusmeiro Petit RP - OAK
Yoshihisa Hirano photo 467. Yoshihisa Hirano RP - ARI
Albert Almora photo 468. Albert Almora CF - CHC
Ross Stripling photo 469. Ross Stripling RP - LAD
Yonny Chirinos photo 470. Yonny Chirinos SP - TB
Walker Buehler photo 471. Walker Buehler SP,RP - LAD
Kendall Graveman photo 472. Kendall Graveman SP - OAK
Michael Lorenzen photo 473. Michael Lorenzen RP - CIN
Kirby Yates photo 474. Kirby Yates RP - SD
Nathan Karns photo 475. Nathan Karns SP - KC
Dillon Peters photo 476. Dillon Peters SP - MIA
Kyle Tucker photo 477. Kyle Tucker CF,RF - HOU
Tyson Ross photo 478. Tyson Ross SP - SD
Jim Johnson photo 479. Jim Johnson RP - LAA
Tyler Flowers photo 480. Tyler Flowers C - ATL
Matt Duffy photo 481. Matt Duffy 1B,3B - TEX
Kyle Gibson photo 482. Kyle Gibson SP - MIN
Seth Lugo photo 483. Seth Lugo SP - NYM
Jeremy Hellickson photo 484. Jeremy Hellickson SP - WSH
Pedro Baez photo 485. Pedro Baez RP - LAD
Howie Kendrick photo 486. Howie Kendrick 2B,LF - WSH
Homer Bailey photo 487. Homer Bailey SP - CIN
Luis Valbuena photo 488. Luis Valbuena 1B,3B - LAA
Johan Camargo photo 489. Johan Camargo 2B,3B,SS - ATL
Doug Fister photo 490. Doug Fister SP - TEX
Jose Iglesias photo 491. Jose Iglesias SS - DET
Matt Barnes photo 492. Matt Barnes RP - BOS
Melky Cabrera photo 493. Melky Cabrera LF,RF - FA
Carson Fulmer photo 494. Carson Fulmer SP - CWS
Russell Martin photo 495. Russell Martin C,3B - TOR
Tony Watson photo 496. Tony Watson RP - SF
Trevor Williams photo 497. Trevor Williams SP,RP - PIT
Jose Ramirez photo 498. Jose Ramirez RP - ATL
Kolten Wong photo 499. Kolten Wong 2B - STL
Ryan Tepera photo 500. Ryan Tepera RP - TOR
Hector Rondon photo 501. Hector Rondon RP - HOU
Junior Guerra photo 502. Junior Guerra SP,RP - MIL
Steve Cishek photo 503. Steve Cishek RP - CHC
Adam Frazier photo 504. Adam Frazier 2B,LF,RF - PIT
Ben Lively photo 505. Ben Lively SP - PHI
Tyler Anderson photo 506. Tyler Anderson SP - COL
Tom Murphy photo 507. Tom Murphy C - COL
Nick Vincent photo 508. Nick Vincent RP - SEA
Ariel Miranda photo 509. Ariel Miranda SP - SEA
Brandon Kintzler photo 510. Brandon Kintzler RP - WSH
Paul Blackburn photo 511. Paul Blackburn SP - OAK
Zack Wheeler photo 512. Zack Wheeler SP - NYM
Matt Andriese photo 513. Matt Andriese SP - TB
Christian Vazquez photo 514. Christian Vazquez C - BOS
Martin Prado photo 515. Martin Prado 3B - MIA
Ty Blach photo 516. Ty Blach SP,RP - SF
Pedro Strop photo 517. Pedro Strop RP - CHC
Joe Smith photo 518. Joe Smith RP - HOU
Jake Marisnick photo 519. Jake Marisnick CF - HOU
Alcides Escobar photo 520. Alcides Escobar SS - KC
Jose Urena photo 521. Jose Urena SP,RP - MIA
Caleb Joseph photo 522. Caleb Joseph C - BAL
Wei-Yin Chen photo 523. Wei-Yin Chen SP - MIA
Mark Reynolds photo 524. Mark Reynolds 1B - WSH
Tommy Hunter photo 525. Tommy Hunter RP - PHI
Carter Capps photo 526. Carter Capps RP - SD
Yasmany Tomas photo 527. Yasmany Tomas LF - ARI
Hisashi Iwakuma photo 528. Hisashi Iwakuma SP - SEA
Jeff Hoffman photo 529. Jeff Hoffman SP,RP - FA
Brandon Maurer photo 530. Brandon Maurer RP - KC
Adam Warren photo 531. Adam Warren RP - NYY
Yolmer Sanchez photo 532. Yolmer Sanchez 2B,3B - CWS
Liam Hendriks photo 533. Liam Hendriks RP - OAK
Jesus Aguilar photo 534. Jesus Aguilar 1B - MIL
Bryan Mitchell photo 535. Bryan Mitchell SP,RP - SD
Parker Bridwell photo 536. Parker Bridwell SP - LAA
Francisco Rodriguez photo 537. Francisco Rodriguez RP - FA
Joe Kelly photo 538. Joe Kelly RP - BOS
Joshua Fields photo 539. Joshua Fields RP - LAD
Andrew Cashner photo 540. Andrew Cashner SP - BAL
Sergio Romo photo 541. Sergio Romo RP - TB
Ryan Buchter photo 542. Ryan Buchter RP - OAK
Jake McGee photo 543. Jake McGee RP - COL
Robert Stephenson photo 544. Robert Stephenson SP,RP - CIN
Brandon Woodruff photo 545. Brandon Woodruff SP - MIL
Alex Gordon photo 546. Alex Gordon LF,CF - KC
Craig Stammen photo 547. Craig Stammen RP - SD
David Hernandez photo 548. David Hernandez RP - CIN
Matt Bush photo 549. Matt Bush RP - TEX
Scott Alexander photo 550. Scott Alexander RP - LAD
George Kontos photo 551. George Kontos RP - PIT
Cheslor Cuthbert photo 552. Cheslor Cuthbert 3B - KC
Zach McAllister photo 553. Zach McAllister RP - CLE
Luis Garcia photo 554. Luis Garcia 2B - WSH
Kurt Suzuki photo 555. Kurt Suzuki C - ATL
Suzuki was better at-bat for at-bat than Gary Sanchez last season. With more playing time, he would very clearly be a top 10 fantasy catcher.
1 day ago
Jordy Mercer photo 556. Jordy Mercer SS - PIT
Tom Murphy photo 557. Tom Murphy C - COL
Tommy Kahnle photo 558. Tommy Kahnle RP - NYY
Jacob May photo 559. Jacob May CF - CWS
Brett Cecil photo 560. Brett Cecil RP - STL
A.J. Cole photo 561. A.J. Cole SP - NYY
Hernan Perez photo 562. Hernan Perez 2B,3B,SS,LF,CF,RF - MIL
Jerry Blevins photo 563. Jerry Blevins RP - NYM
Shawn Kelley photo 564. Shawn Kelley RP - WSH
Mike Fiers photo 565. Mike Fiers SP - DET
Ian Krol photo 566. Ian Krol RP - LAA
Sal Romano photo 567. Sal Romano SP,RP - CIN
Matt Duffy photo 568. Matt Duffy 2B,3B,SS - TB
Brock Stewart photo 569. Brock Stewart SP,RP - LAD
Danny Barnes photo 570. Danny Barnes RP - TOR
Anthony Banda photo 571. Anthony Banda SP,RP - TB
Burch Smith photo 572. Burch Smith SP,RP - KC
Nathan Eovaldi photo 573. Nathan Eovaldi SP - TB
Chih-Wei Hu photo 574. Chih-Wei Hu RP - TB
Yan Gomes photo 575. Yan Gomes C - CLE
Jeremy Jeffress photo 576. Jeremy Jeffress RP - MIL
Dominic Smith photo 577. Dominic Smith 1B - NYM
Emilio Pagan photo 578. Emilio Pagan RP - OAK
Marco Gonzales photo 579. Marco Gonzales SP - SEA
Jorge Bonifacio photo 580. Jorge Bonifacio LF,RF - KC
Sandy Alcantara photo 581. Sandy Alcantara P - MIA
Jake Bauers photo 582. Jake Bauers 1B,LF - TB
Justin Wilson photo 583. Justin Wilson RP - CHC
Bryan Shaw photo 584. Bryan Shaw RP - COL
Matthew Bowman photo 585. Matthew Bowman RP - STL
Brett Phillips photo 586. Brett Phillips CF - MIL
Adam Lind photo 587. Adam Lind 1B,LF - NYY
Rajai Davis photo 588. Rajai Davis LF,CF - CLE
Chance Sisco photo 589. Chance Sisco C - BAL
Magneuris Sierra photo 590. Magneuris Sierra CF,RF - MIA
Trevor Oaks photo 591. Trevor Oaks P - KC
Kyle Crick photo 592. Kyle Crick RP - PIT
Hansel Robles photo 593. Hansel Robles RP - NYM
Jared Hughes photo 594. Jared Hughes RP - CIN
Michael Pineda photo 595. Michael Pineda SP - MIN
Mark Leiter Jr. photo 596. Mark Leiter Jr. P - PHI
Brian Anderson photo 597. Brian Anderson 3B - MIA
Austin Maddox photo 598. Austin Maddox P - BOS
Kenneth Roberts photo 599. Kenneth Roberts P - FA
Tyler Naquin photo 600. Tyler Naquin CF - CLE
James Shields photo 601. James Shields SP - CWS
Daniel Norris photo 602. Daniel Norris SP - DET
Matt Moore photo 603. Matt Moore SP - TEX
Kazuhisa Makita photo 604. Kazuhisa Makita P - SD
Adam Conley photo 605. Adam Conley SP - MIA
Erick Fedde photo 606. Erick Fedde SP - WSH
Hunter Harvey photo 607. Hunter Harvey SP - BAL
Jordan Zimmermann photo 608. Jordan Zimmermann SP - DET
Jalen Beeks photo 609. Jalen Beeks P - BOS
Nick Green photo 610. Nick Green SP - NYY
Luis Perdomo photo 611. Luis Perdomo SP - SD
Scott Kazmir photo 612. Scott Kazmir SP - FA
Phil Maton photo 613. Phil Maton P - SD
Ricardo Rodriguez photo 614. Ricardo Rodriguez P - TEX
Andrew Kittredge photo 615. Andrew Kittredge P - TB
Dillon Maples photo 616. Dillon Maples P - CHC
Tanner Scott photo 617. Tanner Scott P - BAL
John Brebbia photo 618. John Brebbia P - STL
Jacob Thompson photo 619. Jacob Thompson P - FA
Gabriel Moya photo 620. Gabriel Moya P - MIN
Danny Valencia photo 621. Danny Valencia 1B,RF - BAL
Aaron Slegers photo 622. Aaron Slegers P - MIN
Jason Castro photo 623. Jason Castro C - MIN
John Curtiss photo 624. John Curtiss P - MIN
Andrew Suarez photo 625. Andrew Suarez P - SF
Chandler Shepherd photo 626. Chandler Shepherd P - BOS
Tommy Joseph photo 627. Tommy Joseph 1B - TEX
Michael Baez photo 628. Michael Baez P - SD
Tucker Barnhart photo 629. Tucker Barnhart C - CIN
Adbert Alzolay photo 630. Adbert Alzolay P - CHC
Samuel Gaviglio photo 631. Samuel Gaviglio P - TOR
Preston Tucker photo 632. Preston Tucker LF,RF - ATL
Jurickson Profar photo 633. Jurickson Profar LF - TEX
Chad Pinder photo 634. Chad Pinder 2B,SS,RF - OAK