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Fantasy Baseball 101: Strategy Tips & Advice

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy sports pro or new to the game, we’re here to help everyone become more profitable fantasy sports players. Before you dive deep into your next draft or DFS lineup, check out our top fantasy baseball strategy articles to help you win big.

Sabermetrics Glossary

Strategy Tips & Advice for Your League

Tips on How to Improve Your Fantasy Baseball League
Getting Settled in as the New Person in Your Fantasy League
How to Find the Perfect League for You
How to Hold the Perfect Fantasy Baseball Draft Party
How to Keep Everyone Engaged in Season’s Final Weeks
What To Do If Most of Your League Has Tuned Out
How to Deal With an Early Absentee Owner

Draft Prep Strategy Tips & Advice

Fantasy Baseball Advice from A to Z
How to Make Custom Rankings with Microsoft Excel
When Do Rankings and ADP Matter Most?
Why It’s Never Too Early to Mock Draft
The Art of Chasing Saves
Should You Pay Attention to Fall League or Winter Ball?
Lessons to Carry Over Into Your New Fantasy Season
How to Properly Value Players With Their New Teams
How to Evaluate Late-Season Streaks or Slumps
How to Evaluate Rookies & Prospects in Fantasy Baseball
Recognizing Which Spring Training Info is Useful
So You Lost at Fantasy Baseball…Now What?
How to Deal with Positional Scarcity in Straight & Snake Drafts
When is it OK to Reach on Draft Day?
Baking Consistency Into Fantasy Baseball Player Draft Rankings
The Biggest Mistakes Made in the Draft
How Should Nonstandard Category Settings Affect Your Draft Strategy
How to Approach Injured Players on Draft Day
Myths to Ignore on Draft Day
How to Maximize Value During a Position Run
Strategy From Drafting at the End of a Round
General Strategies for Deep Leagues
Accumulating Surplus Category Value
What is the Right Amount of Risk to Absorb on Draft Day?
Are First- and Second-Half Player Splits a Thing?

DFS Strategy Tips & Advice

A Beginner’s Guide to Daily Fantasy Baseball
How Las Vegas Can Be Your Biggest Daily Fantasy Asset
Maximizing Your Potential in Multi-Lineup Contests
How to Navigate the Shark-Infested DFS Cash Game Waters
Establishing Your Season Budget And Sticking to It
A Guide to DFS Lineup Stacks
Daily Fantasy Baseball: Establishing a Routine
Daily Fantasy Baseball: What Contest Types are Right for You?
What are Chalk Plays?
Where to Spend and Where to Save
How to Strategize in the Postseason
Does Pitcher Salary Predict Points Scored?
Does Hitter Salary Predict Points Scored?
Finding Value in Slumping Hitters
Should You Ever Spend Up for Early-Season Surprises?
Analyzing Stacking Strategy
Does Lineup Position Affect Stolen Bases?
Home vs. Away Scoring Analysis

Keeper/Dynasty Leagues Strategy Tips & Advice

Fantasy Baseball Advice from A to Z
How to handle your first dynasty or keeper draft day
The Importance of Being Open for Business in Keeper Leagues
How to Decide Who to Keep in Your Fantasy Baseball Keeper and Dynasty Leagues
How to Smoothly Expand Your Fantasy Baseball Keeper and Dynasty League
How to Maintain Competitive Balance in Your Fantasy Baseball Keeper and Dynasty League
5 Draft Mistakes for Keeper/Dynasty Leagues
Building for Next Year, This Year
Keeper/Dynasty Strategy with a Low Number of Premium Picks
Keeper/Dynasty Strategy with a High Number of Premium Picks
Getting the Most for Your Prospects in Dynasty Trades
How to Assess the Value of a Draft Pick in a Trade
Why It Pays to Be the First Player to Pull the Plug On Your Season
Optimizing Return on Early-Season Dynasty/Keeper Trades
Why You Should Pay Attention to the MLB Draft
How to Leverage Your Assets as a Non-Contender
The Most Critical Times of the Year for Prospect Hunting

In-Season Management Strategy Tips & Advice

Fantasy Baseball Advice from A to Z
The Tough Choices Required Down the Stretch to Win a Title
The Art of Chasing Saves
When to Cut Bait on Early Underperformers
How to be the Consummate Trading Partner
How to Keep Everyone Engaged in Season’s Final Weeks
Is Your Team Really As Good or Bad as It Looks?
How to Orchestrate a Three-Team Trade
Knowing When to Cut Bait on an Underachiever
Five Mistakes Fantasy Players Make with In-Season Trades
What it Means to Sell High and Buy Low
How To Take Advantage of Shift to Fantasy Football
No, A Trade Doesn’t Have to Be Win-Win
How to Properly Value Your Assets on Deadline Day
Assessing Where Your Pitching Roster Stands at the Midway Point
The Importance of Tracking Your Early-Season Moves
Does Lineup Position Affect Stolen Bases?

Auction Draft Strategy Tips & Advice

Auction Draft Primer
Auction Draft Primer (Podcast)
The Art of the Toss
Stars and Scrubs Approach to Your Fantasy Baseball Auction
Fantasy Baseball Auction Strategies to Set You Up for Success
Bidding Tips and Tricks

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Tips & Advice

Roto versus Head-to-Head Strategy
Four Tips for Daily Lineup Change Leagues
Quality Starts League Primer

AL & NL-Only Leagues Strategy Tips & Advice

Comprehensive Guide to Single-Leagues Pools