Promo Codes and Sponsors for FantasyPros Podcasts

This is a list of sponsors and discounts available to listeners of our Football and Baseball podcasts. Please support each sponsor by checking out their offers.

DRAFT – One of the best parts of playing fantasy is the draft. DRAFT lets your run FAST snake drafts every day of the week for cash. Use our special link to get a free $3 Best Ball entry with your first deposit! Available on iOS and Android.
Pristine Auction: Get the best deals in sports memorabilia including signed helmets and custom jerseys with guaranteed authenticity. When you register, be sure to mention that you heard about Pristine Auction from FantasyPros. Enter our giveaway to win a signed DeAndre Hopkins jersey!
Leesa   Get a 100% American-made mattress shipped directly to your door with free delivery. Try the mattress in your own home for a full 100 nights or return it for a refund. Use promo code FANTASYPROS for $100 off your mattress.
FatHead – The leader in authentic sports life-size wall graphics. Get 10% off any custom fathead with promo code FANTASYPRO.
SeatGeek – The easiest way to get tickets to live events. Get the best seats at the best prices – fully guaranteed. Use promo code FANTASYPROS for $20 off your first purchase.
Harry’s Razors – Harry’s is so confident you’re going to love their blades, they’ll give you their trial shave set for FREE when you use our special link! Just pay for shipping and you’ll get a razor, shave gel, and a blade cover.  Buy and print official U.S. postage for ANY letter or package using your own computer & printer. Use promo code fantasypros for a free 4 week trial. Includes postage and a digital scale!
FantasyJocks – Play fantasy in style with custom Draft Boards, Championship Belts, Trophies and more items to make your league awesome.
InGame Fantasy: One of the most innovative games in fantasy. InGame Fantasy lets you play real-money contests that take place after games have started. Read our strategy tips here and use promo code Pros to claim a free $5 to play. Available on iOS and Android.
Inside Injuries: Download the Inside Injuries for free to get the real scoop on injury news & analysis. Available on iOS and Android.