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Tim Metzler

Tim Metzler


Articles From Tim
Top-5 Last Place Punishments (Fantasy Football) photo
If you're like me, you know how frustrating a league can be when middling, and bottom-dwelling teams give up on the season before Week ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy16 hrs ago
Running Backs to Avoid (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
There are many ways to win a fantasy football championship, but the safest and most consistent method is to draft a stable of stud ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy4 days ago
TE2s with Top-5 Potential (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
Ah, yes, the yearly deep dive into the question that plagues anyone who doesn't nab a top-3 TE in the first couple rounds: which ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy7 days ago
The 'Never Again' Team (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
If you want to dominate your fantasy football drafts this year, put down the buffalo chicken wrap and take notes. You need to know ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy2 wks ago
The Best Awards To Make Your Fantasy Football Season Unforgettable photo
Fantasy football isn't really about the stats, or the sport, or the haha happy fun times throughout the season. No. Fantasy football is, has ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy3 wks ago
Expert Consensus Rantings: End The CEH Hate! photo
SHAME! Shame on us all! We've depressed the market for Clyde Edwards-Helaire by saying he's "difficult to predict" and "coming off a tough season." ...
by Tim Metzler in Fantasy4 wks ago
Expert Consensus Rantings: Michael Thomas (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
Hey! Are we seriously going to let Michael Thomas be ranked 30th overall in the Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR)? For realsies?! We're just going ...
by Tim Metzler in FantasyTue, Jun 15
Schrödinger's Stat: J.K. Dobbins in 2021 (Fantasy Football) photo
Once upon a time, there was a quirky man named Erwin Schrödinger. He also happened to be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. He posited a ...
by Tim Metzler in FantasyThu, Jun 3
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