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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2023 Half PPR Rest of Season Rankings

Javonte Williams Note
Javonte Williams photo 56. Javonte Williams RB - (at LV)
Jerry Jeudy Note
Jerry Jeudy photo 59. Jerry Jeudy WR - (at LV)
Courtland Sutton Note
Courtland Sutton photo 91. Courtland Sutton WR - (at LV)
Russell Wilson Note
Russell Wilson photo 132. Russell Wilson QB - (at LV)
Marvin Mims Jr. Note
Marvin Mims Jr. photo 134. Marvin Mims Jr. WR - (at LV)
Rookie Marvin Mims was super-efficient again - 3 catches for 73 yards along with a special teams score - on just 5 targets. Mims doubled Jeudy's first half targets (4 vs 2). Mims led all Broncos WRs in receiving yards in the first half (68). He played a grand total of 15 snaps (24% snap share). Same exact snap share as last week. At least he ran more routes (11 vs. 6).
Up to 28% route participation. Ahead of Lil'Jordan Humphrey!
Through three games, Mims has a 9% target share. In yet, he leads the team in receiving yards (195) and air yards (221). Sean Payton, your team is 0-3. Can we maybe have your best player on offense player more than a quarter of the snaps? Enough of the Brandon Johnson nonsense.
In all seriousness, I think we see Mims' role increase sooner rather than later. The Chicago Bears defense is the perfect get right spot for the Broncos offense, which honestly hasn't been the team's biggest issue. Add or trade for Mims ASAP before his snaps increase and he turns into his final form.
4 days ago
Samaje Perine Note
Samaje Perine photo 141. Samaje Perine RB - (at LV)
Denver Broncos Note
Denver Broncos photo 247. Denver Broncos DST - (at LV)
Jaleel McLaughlin Note
Jaleel McLaughlin photo 277. Jaleel McLaughlin RB - (at LV)
Greg Dulcich Note
Greg Dulcich photo 280. Greg Dulcich TE - (at LV)
Adam Trautman Note
Adam Trautman photo 288. Adam Trautman TE - (at LV)
Wil Lutz Note
Wil Lutz photo 306. Wil Lutz K - (at LV)
Brandon Johnson Note
Brandon Johnson photo 389. Brandon Johnson WR - (at LV)