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Devy Quarterback Rankings (2021 Fantasy Football)

by Christian Williams | @CWilliamsNFL | Featured Writer
Jul 26, 2021

Playing devy fantasy football presents challenges that can make people uncomfortable. As a devy manager, you absolutely must be comfortable with misses; a 100% hit rate on players that haven’t been drafted yet is quite honestly an impossible feat, and draft capital is a major factor in opportunity. But with devy, identifying talent is important. Talent rises more often than not, and even if you can’t see an immediate path to opportunity, it’s sometimes smarter to take some home run swings. With quarterbacks, that hit rate is even lower. There is so much that goes into quarterback evaluation that fantasy football players don’t have access to; mental makeup, football intelligence, interviews, etc., are crucial evaluation pieces. Certainly, as devy fantasy football players, it’s important to gather as much information on this side of things as possible. But more often than not, it’s not available, and it causes extreme misses. With all of that being said, here are my current devy quarterback rankings.

Practice fast mock drafts with our free Mock Draft Simulator >>


Practice fast mock drafts with our free Mock Draft Simulator >>

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