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Best Ball Players To Avoid (2020 Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on May, 22nd 2020

If you haven’t played the best-ball format before, you’re missing out. It’s your chance to enjoy all the best parts of fantasy football without a lot of the responsibility that comes with it. You draft your team, then you don’t … read more »

2019 Best-Ball Players to Avoid (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on May, 23rd 2019

Everyone talks about the players that fantasy players should draft, but we don’t want to pass over the players they shouldn’t be drafting, right? In fact, they may be even more important, as they can set you back in the … read more »

Early Best Ball Strategy (2019 Fantasy Football)
By Sam Schlesinger on April, 24th 2019

To the fantasy players out there who can’t get enough drafting, best ball is the answer. To the fantasy players who have multiple draft strategies they want to experiment with and multiple players they want to own at least a … read more »

Tips to Drafting a Competitive MFL10 Team (2019 Fantasy Football)
By Sam Schlesinger on March, 21st 2019

If you’ve never done an MFL10 before, I’m going to explain a bit about what they are, and then why they are possibly my favorite form of fantasy football. An MFL10 is a “best ball” league where your optimal lineup … read more »

Beginner’s Guide to Best-Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on March, 20th 2019

Have you ever been taking part in a conversation, only for something to come up that you have no clue about, yet you feel like you should? That’s how best-ball felt to me a few years back. No matter where … read more »

Fantasy Football Best-Ball Strategy Guide (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on July, 2nd 2018

Throughout this offseason, we’ve posted articles on best-ball leagues. Whether it be our beginner’s guide (read it here) or articles on which players fare better/worse in the best-ball format (read here). While those may have been helpful to many, there … read more »

Players Who Are Better/Worse in Best-Ball Leagues (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on June, 1st 2018

There are plenty of newcomers to best-ball leagues this offseason, and while there’s plenty of advice out there on how many positions to draft to your squad, there’s not much out there on the type of players you should be … read more »

Best-Ball Players to Avoid (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on May, 21st 2018

Late last week, we released an article highlighting some of the players you should be targeting in the late rounds of best-ball leagues (read it here), so it’s only natural we’d do an article highlighting who you should be avoiding, … read more »

Fantasy Football Best-Ball Late Round Targets (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on May, 18th 2018

Everyone will argue until they’re blue in the face about who you should draft between Melvin Gordon and Mike Evans, but in the end, we pretty much know what we’re getting out of those guys. I’ve said this before about … read more »

Best Ball Rookie Risers and Fallers (Fantasy Football)
By Ethan Sauers on May, 6th 2018

April fading into May brings with it the last lull until football-related activities before the start of the season. In a few weeks, the NFL will permit a three-day rookie training camp, and we’ll have a bit more chatter to … read more »