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Busts: Starting Pitchers (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Paul Ghiglieri on March, 17th 2021

  In fantasy baseball, it is inevitable that we will experience the deflating feeling of realizing one of our starting pitchers has busted. Usually, it’s a player drafted in the early rounds who fails to deliver on lofty expectations. Sometimes, … read more »

Spring Training Risers & Fallers (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Travis Cain on March, 16th 2021

  Spring Training can tend to come with a lot of overreaction from fans and media alike. That being said, there can be good trends to analyze from both hitters and pitchers. On the other side, bad trends can turn … read more »

Brendan Tuma’s Hitters To Avoid (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on March, 14th 2021

Earlier in the week I published my pitchers to avoid column. I gave the same caveat there that I’m going to share now: the below names aren’t a 2021 busts list. The word “bust” gets thrown around a lot in … read more »

Brendan Tuma’s Pitchers To Avoid (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on March, 10th 2021

The word “bust” gets thrown around nonchalantly in fantasy sports. What is a bust? It is it a player who has the potential to absolutely bottom out as a fantasy asset? Or is it merely someone who isn’t worth their … read more »

Busts: Hitters (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on March, 9th 2021

  I wrote about ten hitters not to draft earlier this offseason, which was largely compiled through early ADP analysis. This time around, we have updated ADP, and with updated ADP comes updated busts. I don’t dislike these hitters in … read more »

Early-Round Picks to Target and Avoid (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 3rd 2021

  The early rounds can make or break your fantasy baseball drafts. Knowing not only who to target but also landmines to avoid can make a world of difference. Our writers provide the players they are targeting and avoiding inside … read more »

High Risk/High Reward Hitters (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Jon Anderson on February, 26th 2021

  There are two general ways you can go when investing for the future. You can take your money and go big, throwing a lot in an investment that could either hit the moon in a month or crash to … read more »

Starting Pitcher Values and Busts Based on Swinging-Strike Rates (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Paul Ghiglieri on February, 19th 2021

There are a lot of things that go into making a pitcher great for fantasy purposes. Some pitchers excel at getting called strikes, and their pitch mix and ability to freeze a hitter make them attractive commodities. However, a pitcher’s … read more »

16 Pitchers Who Will Break Out Or Disappoint (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on February, 10th 2021

  Following a season with such limited sample sizes, evaluating pitchers is going to be harder than ever leading into spring fantasy drafts. That’s why we polled our writers for pitchers who could break out in 2021, as well as … read more »

15 Hitters Who Will Break Out or Disappoint (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on February, 3rd 2021

The Super Bowl is this weekend, which means it’s time to kick it into high gear for our 2021 fantasy baseball preparation. We asked our writers for hitters they could see breaking out this season and stars they see disappointing … read more »