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Who Should I Trade?

Jerad Eickhoff for Chris Devenski (2023)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
Experts' Pick
  Jerad Eickhoff
Jerad Eickhoff
Chris Devenski
Chris Devenski
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Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Jerad Eickhoff
Jerad Eickhoff
Chris Devenski
Chris Devenski
2022 Stats 
Games Played112
Games Started10
Innings Pitched4.113.0
Blown Saves00
Hits Allowed1017
Earned Runs1012
Home Runs Allowed23
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Jerad Eickhoff
Jerad Eickhoff
Chris Devenski
Chris Devenski
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Jerad Eickhoff
Jerad Eickhoff
Chris Devenski
Chris Devenski
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Mar 30th   @ OAK
Sat, Apr 1st   @ OAK
Sun, Apr 2nd   @ OAK
Mon, Apr 3rd   @ SEA
Tue, Apr 4th   @ SEA
Wed, Apr 5th   @ SEA
Fri, Apr 7th   vs TOR
Sat, Apr 8th   vs TOR
Sun, Apr 9th   vs TOR
Mon, Apr 10th   vs WSH
Tue, Apr 11th   vs WSH
Wed, Apr 12th   vs WSH
Fri, Apr 14th   @ BOS
Sat, Apr 15th   @ BOS
Sun, Apr 16th   @ BOS
Mon, Apr 17th   @ BOS
Tue, Apr 18th   @ NYY
Wed, Apr 19th   @ NYY
Thu, Apr 20th   @ NYY
Fri, Apr 21st   vs KC
Sat, Apr 22nd   vs KC
Sun, Apr 23rd   vs KC
Mon, Apr 24th   vs OAK
Tue, Apr 25th   vs OAK
Wed, Apr 26th   vs OAK
Thu, Apr 27th   vs OAK
Fri, Apr 28th   @ MIL
Sat, Apr 29th   @ MIL
Sun, Apr 30th   @ MIL
Tue, May 2nd   @ STL
Wed, May 3rd   @ STL
Thu, May 4th   @ STL
Fri, May 5th   vs TEX
Sat, May 6th   vs TEX
Sun, May 7th   vs TEX
Mon, May 8th   vs HOU
Tue, May 9th   vs HOU
Wed, May 10th   vs HOU
Fri, May 12th   @ CLE
Sat, May 13th   @ CLE
Sun, May 14th   @ CLE
Mon, May 15th   @ BAL
Tue, May 16th   @ BAL
Wed, May 17th   @ BAL
Thu, May 18th   @ BAL
Fri, May 19th   vs MIN
Sat, May 20th   vs MIN
Sun, May 21st   vs MIN
Mon, May 22nd   vs BOS
Tue, May 23rd   vs BOS
Wed, May 24th   vs BOS
Fri, May 26th   vs MIA
Sat, May 27th   vs MIA
Sun, May 28th   vs MIA
Mon, May 29th   @ CWS
Tue, May 30th   @ CWS
Wed, May 31st   @ CWS
Thu, Jun 1st   @ HOU
Fri, Jun 2nd   @ HOU
Sat, Jun 3rd   @ HOU
Sun, Jun 4th   @ HOU
Tue, Jun 6th   vs CHC
Wed, Jun 7th   vs CHC
Thu, Jun 8th   vs CHC
Fri, Jun 9th   vs SEA
Sat, Jun 10th   vs SEA
Sun, Jun 11th   vs SEA
Mon, Jun 12th   @ TEX
Tue, Jun 13th   @ TEX
Wed, Jun 14th   @ TEX
Thu, Jun 15th   @ TEX
Fri, Jun 16th   @ KC
Sat, Jun 17th   @ KC
Sun, Jun 18th   @ KC
Tue, Jun 20th   vs LAD
Wed, Jun 21st   vs LAD
Fri, Jun 23rd   @ COL
Sat, Jun 24th   @ COL
Sun, Jun 25th   @ COL
Mon, Jun 26th   vs CWS
Tue, Jun 27th   vs CWS
Wed, Jun 28th   vs CWS
Thu, Jun 29th   vs CWS
Fri, Jun 30th   vs ARI
Sat, Jul 1st   vs ARI
Sun, Jul 2nd   vs ARI
Mon, Jul 3rd   @ SD
Tue, Jul 4th   @ SD
Wed, Jul 5th   @ SD
Fri, Jul 7th   @ LAD
Sat, Jul 8th   @ LAD
Fri, Jul 14th   vs HOU
Sat, Jul 15th   vs HOU
Sun, Jul 16th   vs HOU
Mon, Jul 17th   vs NYY
Tue, Jul 18th   vs NYY
Wed, Jul 19th   vs NYY
Fri, Jul 21st   vs PIT
Sat, Jul 22nd   vs PIT
Sun, Jul 23rd   vs PIT
Tue, Jul 25th   @ DET
Wed, Jul 26th   @ DET
Thu, Jul 27th   @ DET
Fri, Jul 28th   @ TOR
Sat, Jul 29th   @ TOR
Sun, Jul 30th   @ TOR
Mon, Jul 31st   @ ATL
Tue, Aug 1st   @ ATL
Wed, Aug 2nd   @ ATL
Thu, Aug 3rd   vs SEA
Fri, Aug 4th   vs SEA
Sat, Aug 5th   vs SEA
Sun, Aug 6th   vs SEA
Mon, Aug 7th   vs SF
Tue, Aug 8th   vs SF
Wed, Aug 9th   vs SF
Fri, Aug 11th   @ HOU
Sat, Aug 12th   @ HOU
Sun, Aug 13th   @ HOU
Mon, Aug 14th   @ TEX
Tue, Aug 15th   @ TEX
Wed, Aug 16th   @ TEX
Fri, Aug 18th   vs TB
Sat, Aug 19th   vs TB
Sun, Aug 20th   vs TB
Mon, Aug 21st   vs CIN
Tue, Aug 22nd   vs CIN
Wed, Aug 23rd   vs CIN
Fri, Aug 25th   @ NYM
Sat, Aug 26th   @ NYM
Sun, Aug 27th   @ NYM
Mon, Aug 28th   @ PHI
Tue, Aug 29th   @ PHI
Wed, Aug 30th   @ PHI
Fri, Sep 1st   @ OAK
Sat, Sep 2nd   @ OAK
Sun, Sep 3rd   @ OAK
Mon, Sep 4th   vs BAL
Tue, Sep 5th   vs BAL
Wed, Sep 6th   vs BAL
Thu, Sep 7th   vs CLE
Fri, Sep 8th   vs CLE
Sat, Sep 9th   vs CLE
Sun, Sep 10th   vs CLE
Mon, Sep 11th   @ SEA
Tue, Sep 12th   @ SEA
Wed, Sep 13th   @ SEA
Fri, Sep 15th   vs DET
Sat, Sep 16th   vs DET
Sun, Sep 17th   vs DET
Tue, Sep 19th   @ TB
Wed, Sep 20th   @ TB
Thu, Sep 21st   @ TB
Fri, Sep 22nd   @ MIN
Sat, Sep 23rd   @ MIN
Sun, Sep 24th   @ MIN
Mon, Sep 25th   vs TEX
Tue, Sep 26th   vs TEX
Wed, Sep 27th   vs TEX
Fri, Sep 29th   vs OAK
Sat, Sep 30th   vs OAK
Sun, Oct 1st   vs OAK