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Featured Pros: Dynasty Buy/Sell
Thu, Apr 12
Featured Pros: Dynasty Buy/Sell
Which player are you selling now in dynasty leagues and what kind of return are you looking for?
While his value is still high, sell Joe Mixon. It's not that I don't like Joe Mixon's talent, I just hate his situation in Cincinnati. Their O-Line is bad (ranked 28th by ProFootballFocus and 24th in Adj. Line Yards by FootballOutsiders for the 2017 season), and the offense has ranked 24th and 26th in total points the past two seasons. The team doesn't seem to be getting any better, either. Few yards available and limited scoring opportunities are two huge red flags for me when projecting running back fantasy points. I'd be selling Mixon for an early-mid 2018 first round rookie pick or a projected early 2019 first round rookie pick.

Which player are you buying now in dynasty leagues and what are you willing to give up to get him?
There's a ton of value out there right now, but one player I'll focus on is Patrick Mahomes. With a lot of good young talent at the QB position right now - Wentz, Goff, Watson, Mariota, Winston, Dak, Trubisky - it's been a bit easier to acquire one of these guys. The Kansas City offense looks like a dream situation for a young QB to develop with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, and Kareem Hunt as your weapons. With so much talent and Mahomes' ability to make plays, I really like his long-term prospects and would give up a 2018 2nd round rookie pick, and even a late 1st round pick in a Superflex league.

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