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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Mike Trout Note
Mike Trout photo 49. Mike Trout CF
Mike Trout's performance in 2023 showcased his exceptional hitting abilities, though injuries limited him to just 82 games. Averaging slightly over 100 games annually since 2016 (excluding the 2020 shortened season), Trout's recent playing time has been inconsistent, with 82, 119, and 36 games in the last three seasons. His .263/.367/.490 slash line last season reflected a dip that can likely be attributed to a wrist injury. At 32, Trout's base-stealing days are behind him, with only 17 steals in the past five years. Additionally, his lineup may no longer include Shohei Ohtani. While a fully healthy Trout could warrant a first or second-round fantasy pick, relying on his full-season availability is risky. Trout remains a viable OF1, but drafting him as an OF2 with a plan for potential absences might be more prudent.
9 weeks ago
Logan O'Hoppe Note
Logan O'Hoppe photo 196. Logan O'Hoppe C
Taylor Ward Note
Taylor Ward photo 200. Taylor Ward LF
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 215. Brandon Drury 1B,2B
Reid Detmers Note
Reid Detmers photo 246. Reid Detmers SP
Carlos Estevez Note
Carlos Estevez photo 251. Carlos Estevez RP
Luis Rengifo Note
Luis Rengifo photo 257. Luis Rengifo 2B,3B,SS,RF
Zach Neto Note
Zach Neto photo 261. Zach Neto SS
Griffin Canning Note
Griffin Canning photo 289. Griffin Canning SP
Robert Stephenson Note
Robert Stephenson photo 309. Robert Stephenson RP
Nolan Schanuel Note
Nolan Schanuel photo 374. Nolan Schanuel 1B
Anthony Rendon Note
Anthony Rendon photo 377. Anthony Rendon 3B
Chase Silseth Note
Chase Silseth photo 382. Chase Silseth SP,RP
Patrick Sandoval Note
Patrick Sandoval photo 416. Patrick Sandoval SP
Mickey Moniak Note
Mickey Moniak photo 428. Mickey Moniak CF,RF
Jo Adell Note
Jo Adell photo 560. Jo Adell CF,RF
Ben Joyce Note
Ben Joyce photo 586. Ben Joyce RP
Tyler Anderson Note
Tyler Anderson photo 648. Tyler Anderson SP
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 663. Miguel Sano 1B
Aaron Hicks Note
Aaron Hicks photo 674. Aaron Hicks LF,CF,RF
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 684. Matt Moore RP
Jose Soriano Note
Jose Soriano photo 722. Jose Soriano RP,SP
Matt Thaiss Note
Matt Thaiss photo 839. Matt Thaiss C
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 850. Luis Garcia RP
Roansy Contreras Note
Roansy Contreras photo 864. Roansy Contreras SP,RP
Adam Cimber Note
Adam Cimber photo 875. Adam Cimber RP
Bryan Shaw Note
Bryan Shaw photo 924. Bryan Shaw RP
Angel Felipe Note
Angel Felipe photo 973. Angel Felipe RP
Jose Cisnero Note
Jose Cisnero photo 979. Jose Cisnero RP
Jose Quijada Note
Jose Quijada photo 1012. Jose Quijada RP
Michael Stefanic Note
Michael Stefanic photo 1033. Michael Stefanic 2B,3B
Jordyn Adams Note
Jordyn Adams photo 1110. Jordyn Adams CF,RF
Andrew Wantz Note
Andrew Wantz photo 1117. Andrew Wantz RP
Kyren Paris Note
Kyren Paris photo 1121. Kyren Paris SS
Jose Suarez Note
Jose Suarez photo 1247. Jose Suarez SP,RP
Victor Mederos Note
Victor Mederos photo 1309. Victor Mederos SP
Kenny Rosenberg Note
Kenny Rosenberg photo 1328. Kenny Rosenberg SP
Carson Fulmer Note
Carson Fulmer photo 1343. Carson Fulmer SP,RP
Brett Kerry Note
Brett Kerry photo 1363. Brett Kerry
Hunter Strickland Note
Hunter Strickland photo 1389. Hunter Strickland RP
Kelvin Caceres Note
Kelvin Caceres photo 1406. Kelvin Caceres RP
Zach Plesac Note
Zach Plesac photo 1412. Zach Plesac SP
Jose Marte Note
Jose Marte photo 1415. Jose Marte RP
Guillo Zuniga Note
Guillo Zuniga photo 1425. Guillo Zuniga RP
Adam Kolarek Note
Adam Kolarek photo 1427. Adam Kolarek RP
Davis Daniel Note
Davis Daniel photo 1455. Davis Daniel SP
Sam Bachman Note
Sam Bachman photo 1458. Sam Bachman RP
Chad Wallach Note
Chad Wallach photo 1522. Chad Wallach C
Kevin Pillar Note
Kevin Pillar photo 1568. Kevin Pillar LF,CF
Hunter Dozier Note
Hunter Dozier photo 1594. Hunter Dozier 3B
Luis Guillorme Note
Luis Guillorme photo 1597. Luis Guillorme 2B,3B
Willie Calhoun Note
Willie Calhoun photo 1607. Willie Calhoun RF,DH
Jake Marisnick Note
Jake Marisnick photo 1645. Jake Marisnick CF
Evan White Note
Evan White photo 1667. Evan White 1B
Charles Leblanc Note
Charles Leblanc photo 1677. Charles Leblanc 2B,3B
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 1704. Ehire Adrianza SS
Niko Goodrum Note
Niko Goodrum photo 1710. Niko Goodrum 1B,2B
Cole Tucker Note
Cole Tucker photo 1745. Cole Tucker 2B,CF