Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons
Note from FantasyPros Staff
Thu, Jun 30th 2:28pm EDT
Despite having Julio Jones to throw to and always putting together loads of passing yards, Matt Ryan will never be the elite QB many thought he could become. This Falcons' offensive line is built to run the ball, and run they will with Freeman and Coleman, especially in the red-zone. With that being said, QB19 is a great value for a talent like Ryan, so don't hesitate to add him to your roster.
WalterFootball | Aug 19th
Matt Ryan should turn things around after a poor 2015. He's not a great quarterback by any means, but he is average and has a great receiver and an offense that passes, a lot. His touchdown total last season is what killed him, but he should be able to rise back up to his career norms for 2016
The NY Times | Aug 9th
A career worst 2015 and no major improvements to the passing game.
Coach Esser | Jul 18th
The offensive line is improving, but I expect the Falcons to rely a little more on the run and their D and not let Ryan sling it as much as he used to.
Dynasty Football Warehouse | Jul 8th
Still a decent starting option. Will be a low end QB1
Breaking Football | Jul 5th
Ryan is just steady as it goes and he has Julio to play with. He's safe, but there might be some upside here in 2016.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Jun 15th
Ryan had a very underwhelming season with just 21 touchdown passes and 16 interceptions and he has no value as a runner. They tried to give him some more targets this year, which includes WR Mohamed Sanu in free agency and TE Austin Hooper in the NFL Draft.