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The Ultimate Multi-Sport Fantasy League (Perfect Settings, Rankings)

by FantasyPros Staff | @fantasypros | Featured Writer
Mar 26, 2020

Luka Doncic is one of the best young athletes in the world

Let me guess; bored? Missing sports? Want the absolute greatest fantasy experience? Sure you do! Listen, if you aren’t a super-duper sports nerd, turn around now. This is going to be intense and it isn’t for you. If you are, in fact, a super-duper sports nerd, like myself, proceed but do know that your life is certain to change after you read this.

So you are in a fantasy baseball league, right? You surely have three fantasy football leagues! You used to play fantasy basketball and have entertained the idea of fantasy hockey, but maybe you only know about 20 players. After all, who has time to learn 150 fantasy-relevant hockey players and keep up on a daily lineup NBA league.

Yes, I’m talking about four sports all wrapped into one fantasy extravaganza. Now, before you just assume it’s too much, take solace in the fact that my foremost goals in designing The Ultimate Fantasy Sports League were simplicity and realistic time commitments. So let’s recap: this is going to be intensely amazing and simple to execute. Now, let me tell you about it.

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League Settings

Rotisserie Scoring
This scoring is typically only used in fantasy baseball but it makes plenty of sense for mixing several sports together. Think of this way, if there are 12 teams, first place in every category receives 12 points. Second place gets 11 points, third gets 10 and so forth all the way down to last place receiving just 1 point for that category.

I’ve spread out 12 categories across four sports. Football has 4 categories and you’ll start 8 players. Baseball likewise has 4 and 8 while basketball has 3/6 and Hockey just 1/2. This means in a 12-team league, there will only be 12 hockey players drafted and 36 basketball players. That seems manageable, no? But you won’t only roster players, you’ll be drafting 8 teams across 6 leagues too.

In rotisserie scoring, you can dominate every football category and end up with 48 points combined from those four categories, but if you average 10th place (3 points each, 24 combined) in the other eight categories then you are sitting just below the middle of the pack. Rotisserie scoring requires a balance and equalizes each category so that one sport doesn’t dominate the league too much.

  • Football
    • Passing Yards
    • Rushing Yards
    • Receiving Yards
    • Total Touchdowns
  • Baseball
    • Slugging Percentage (Total Bases/At-Bats —– Total Bases are Homers*4, Triples*3, Doubles*2, Singles*1)
    • On Base Percentage (Think Batting Average but with Walks included)
    • Pitching Strikeouts
    • Innings Pitched minus Earned Runs
  • Basketball
    • Points
    • Rebounds
    • Assists
  • Hockey
    • Points
  • Teams
    • Total Score (Counts for quadruple)
      • 10 points = Champion of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB
      • 6 points = Runner up of any of those six sports
      • 4 points = Final four in any of those six sports
      • 2 points – NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL/NCAAB final 8 teams, but not final 4, or NCAAF top 8 final AP poll
      • 1 point – NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL playoffs but not Final 8 teams, or NCAAB Sweet 16, or NCAAF top 16 final AP poll

Roster Settings
Each team will roster 40 players with only 8 bench spots available.

  • Football
    • 2 Quarterbacks
    • 2 Running Backs
    • 3 Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
    • 1 Flex
  • Baseball
    • 1 Corner Infielder
    • 1 Middle Infielder
    • 1 Outfielder
    • 1 Utility Hitter
    • 4 Pitchers
  • Basketball
    • 2 Guards
    • 2 Forwards
    • 2 Flex
  • Hockey
    • 2 Flex
  • Teams
    • 1 NFL
    • 1 MLB
    • 1 NBA
    • 1 NHL
    • 1 NCAA Football
    • 1 NCAA Basketball
    • 2 Flex
  • All Sport Flex
    • You may roster 8 bench players from all sports combined at any given time
    • These players can active or even prospects from any of the four main sports including college and high school players
    • You may promote any of these players to your active roster during the monthly waiver wire period
    • Or you can activate them during the month ONLY in the event of an injury
      • They cannot be demoted again until the waiver wire period or if they, too, suffer an injury
      • Football is an exception to the rule, as you can change your starting lineup each week (because of byes)

Start-up Draft
This is the Ultimate Fantasy Sports League, right? Ok, well, that means we are doing an auction then. No, not a 40-round auction, but a live 10-round auction (then there will be a 30-round draft to follow). That way we can increase strategy and ensure no one can say they didn’t have a chance at their most desired players/teams. Here is how it works:

  • You have 200 auction dollars to spend
  • You can buy 0 players/teams or you can buy 20+ players/teams, just as long as you don’t spend more than $200
  • At the end of the draft, teams are sorted by most money still remaining
    • That becomes the draft order for the remaining 30+ rounds
    • Those 30+ rounds are not a snake draft, it is a straight draft
    • Once you reach 40 picks, your draft is over, even if it happens much earlier than everyone else

Annual Schedule & Draft
The Ultimate Fantasy Sports League is, of course, a dynasty league, folks. This again enhances strategy and also enables you to grow attached to players you roster for over a decade. You must trim your roster down to 25 players/teams on day one of the MLB All-Star break. By the way, since this is the only time all six sports are stopped, this is when the fantasy season rolls over, a winner is crowned and you execute the draft.

Each year, there will be a 15-round draft. The first 10 rounds will again be an auction with $200 to spend and the following rounds all being done via a straight draft. Again, whatever money is leftover determines the order in the final rounds. The trade deadline falls on Memorial Day every year, giving you 10 months to trade before the season rolls over.

Waiver Wire
Most fantasy leagues are won based on whoever is willing to persist in tedious work (IE: daily lineup and waiver wire moves). Yuck. Who wants to compete to be the most tedious? No. We are setting a new starting lineup only once per month (football is the exception: it will be set weekly). But even still, the waiver wire only runs once per month (on the first Saturday of every month). You have $200 FAAB to spend over the full season and any FAAB not used will be transferred into your auction funds for the upcoming year.

Overall Rankings

Using these settings, I’d rank the top 100 options as such:

  1. Alabama NCAAF (Team)
  2. Patrick Mahomes (NFL)
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo (NBA)
  4. Ronald Acuna (MLB)
  5. Christian McCaffrey (NFL)
  6. Saquon Barkley (NFL)
  7. Clemson NCAAF (Team)
  8. Luka Doncic (NBA)
  9. Karl-Anthony Towns (NBA)
  10. Cody Bellinger (MLB)
  11. Michael Thomas (NFL)
  12. Duke NCAAB (Team)
  13. Juan Soto (MLB)
  14. Mike Trout (MLB)
  15. Kansas NCAAB (Team)
  16. Connor McDavid (NHL)
  17. Anthony Davis (NBA)
  18. Lakers NBA (Team)
  19. Christian Yelich (MLB)
  20. James Harden (NBA)
  21. Chiefs NFL (Team)
  22. Francisco Lindor (MLB)
  23. Dodgers MLB (Team)
  24. Lamar Jackson (NFL)
  25. Nathan MacKinnon (NHL)
  26. Yankees MLB (Team)
  27. Auston Matthews (NHL)
  28. Ezekiel Elliott (NFL)
  29. Dalvin Cook (NFL)
  30. Rafael Devers (MLB)
  31. Mookie Betts (MLB)
  32. Trae Young (NBA)
  33. Ohio St. NCAAF (Team)
  34. Clippers NBA (Team)
  35. Davante Adams (NFL)
  36. Gleyber Torres (MLB)
  37. Kyler Murray (NFL)
  38. DeAndre Hopkins (NFL)
  39. Nikola Jokic (NBA)
  40. Kentucky NCAAB (Team)
  41. Alvin Kamara (NFL)
  42. Bryce Harper (MLB)
  43. Michigan St. NCAA (Team)
  44. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (MLB)
  45. Alex Bregman (MLB)
  46. Astros MLB (Team)
  47. Zion Williamson (NBA)
  48. Patriots NFL (Team)
  49. David Pastrnak (NHL)
  50. Joe Mixon (NFL)
  51. George Kittle (NFL)
  52. Joel Embiid (NBA)
  53. Leon Draisaitl (NHL)
  54. Bucks NBA (Team)
  55. LeBron James (NBA)
  56. Pascal Siakam (NBA)
  57. Devin Booker (NBA)
  58. Walker Buehler (MLB)
  59. Bradley Beal (NBA)
  60. Yordan Alvarez (MLB)
  61. Fernando Tatis Jr. (MLB)
  62. Bruins NHL (Team)
  63. DeAndre Ayton (NBA)
  64. A.J. Brown (NFL)
  65. Stephen Curry (NBA)
  66. Golden Knights NHL (Team)
  67. Josh Jacobs (NFL)
  68. Nick Chubb (NFL)
  69. D.J. Moore (NFL)
  70. Wander Franco (MLB)
  71. Avalanche NHL (Team)
  72. Aaron Jones (NFL)
  73. Ravens NFL (Team)
  74. Trea Turner (MLB)
  75. Gerrit Cole (MLB)
  76. 49ers NFL (Team)
  77. Eloy Jimenez (MLB)
  78. Lightning NHL (Team)
  79. Jack Eichel (NHL)
  80. Luis Robert (MLB)
  81. Chris Godwin (NFL)
  82. LSU NCAAF (Team)
  83. Jayson Tatum (NBA)
  84. Georgia NCAAF (Team)
  85. Jerry Jeudy (NFL)
  86. Mike Evans (NFL)
  87. D’Andre Swift (NFL)
  88. Celtics NBA (Team)
  89. Amari Cooper (NFL)
  90. Ozzie Albies (MLB)
  91. Cardinals MLB (Team)
  92. Jonathan Taylor (NFL)
  93. CeeDee Lamb (NFL)
  94. Damian Lillard (NBA)
  95. Ja Morant (NBA)
  96. Ben Simmons (NBA)
  97. Blues NHL (Team)
  98. Donovan Mitchell (NBA)
  99. Deshaun Watson (NFL)
  100. Trevor Story (MLB)

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