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Dynasty Rookie Draft Advice: Values of Picks (2024 Fantasy Football)

Dynasty Rookie Draft Advice: Values of Picks (2024 Fantasy Football)

If you’re here to see what the specific value of each draft pick is worth, you’re in the wrong spot. Instead of running through what I think each pick is worth in terms of players, I wanted to do something more process-oriented. If you are looking for pick values, then you can find a trade calculator to help you out. Let’s get into how to determine the value of what a dynasty rookie draft pick is worth.

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

What is a Dynasty Draft Pick Worth?

Are you contending or rebuilding?

The first thing I do when determining what draft picks are worth is ask myself “What are they worth to me?”. I do this by first determining if my team is contending or rebuilding. Whenever I’m not sure, it means I’m rebuilding, or at the very least retooling. Being a contender shouldn’t have any doubts at all, but rebuilding can take many forms.

Once I decide if I’m contending or rebuilding, I then look at draft picks as a way to transfer value from theoretical points to actual points for my roster. If I’m contending, I’m going to need points, not just future assets. I’d rather have players who can score points than draft picks in the future that can’t score points.

None of this means that I’m trading draft picks at their minimal value. Instead, I’m fine being patient and waiting until the pick is worth the most in my mind before moving it. This is usually when it’s on the clock, or shortly before the draft starts. Timing is everything, and even if I’m rebuilding, I’m likely waiting until the best moment possible to either select a player or trade for one.

To pick or not to pick

Ultimately, every pick you have is an asset that either changes into a player through the draft or via trade. In some cases, you can trade a pick for more picks, but that’s just kicking the can down the road. In the end, each pick should be changed into an asset who can score you points. Whether you do that now or later, just keep in mind that points win titles, not draft picks.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to draft a player just because you have a pick. You might be able to get more value for the pick in a trade than by drafting a player. In almost every case, the picks are worth more than any one of the players you can select. That’s because the pick includes the value of selecting whoever you want on top of the player selected.

This means that you might be better off moving the pick with that added value rather than using it to select a player yourself. If you’re contending, it might make more sense to move the pick for a more proven asset, or even multiple assets, that can help you win the title. Don’t ever feel like you have to make a selection just because you have the pick.

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Draft for value, trade for need

Much like buying a car, a draft pick loses a lot of its value as soon as it’s selected. The best way to avoid this is to do whatever you can to select the player with the most value at each pick when you’re forced to make the pick. Don’t worry about positions, or lineups, or roster construction at all. Draft for value. Trade for need.

The fastest way to lose value at the draft is to worry about your lineup more than the values of the players available. Look at your settings, check multiple resources, and do your research. Get a list together that puts each player in order from most valuable to least valuable across all of the positions.

You shouldn’t even be looking at your roster when you make picks. If you end up drafting the person with the most intrinsic value, you can likely trade them for a position of need later on. Don’t worry about lineups until you have to. Your rookie draft is not the time to do that.


Ultimately, determining how much a draft pick is worth comes down to your rankings, your league’s settings, and the other managers you’re playing against. If your league isn’t very active with trades, then keep that in mind when setting up your rankings. If your league rewards tight ends or quarterbacks more than receivers, make sure your rankings reflect that too.

In the end, a draft pick is only worth what you do with it, or what someone else will pay for it. If the market is low for a specific pick, don’t be afraid to make the selection yourself. Just be smart in how you make that pick. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Set yourself up for success and you’ll be fine. Good luck with your rookie drafts!

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