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Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice: Luis Castillo, Nico Hoerner, Julio Rodriguez, Francisco Lindor

Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice: Luis Castillo, Nico Hoerner, Julio Rodriguez, Francisco Lindor

Fantasy baseball enthusiasts are always looking for an edge in their leagues, and one strategy that can pay off is buying low on struggling players and selling high on those who have exceeded expectations. Below, our featured experts look closely at some players they’re targeting for these trades. Our experts have closely monitored the latest player trends and performance metrics to identify key players you should consider buying low and selling high to maximize your roster’s potential.

By leveraging our exclusive trade analyzer and relying on advanced metrics and our comprehensive player rankings and player projections, our experts have determined which players you should be targeting in trades, and which ones you should be looking to move. So, whether you’re in need of a roster shake-up or simply looking to capitalize on a player’s hot streak, this article is here to guide you through the process.

Let’s dive into these trade recommendations, analyzing the rationale behind each move and providing you with actionable advice to help you dominate your league. And don’t forget to check out our other fantasy baseball resources to help you stay ahead of the competition all season long. Happy trading!

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Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice

What one MLB player are you trying to buy low and why? Also, who are you willing to give up for him?

Francisco Lindor (SS – NYM)

“Buying low in fantasy baseball is not easy, where most players are experts, but I would see if I could get Francisco Lindor for less than I could later in the season. His xBA is .283, and the xwOBA is .347, one point higher than his actual wOBA from last year. I would be willing to give up a quality third starting pitcher as a way to open talks with another player thrown in, but maybe a swap for an underperforming SP such as Luis Castillo could be fair.”
Scott Engel (RotoBaller)

“Fantasy managers are panicking about Francisco Lindor, and I’d happily take him off their hands if they want. The veteran shortstop has been magnificently underperforming through the first 17 games of 2024. But it’s 17 games! Lindor’s expected stats are 100 points higher than his actual numbers, suggesting that regression to the mean is in our favor. Additionally, he’s had a couple of multi-hit games in the last five. Lindor has crossed 600 plate appearances in each of the last two years, and I think his productivity is on its way. I’d start the trade talks by offering Oswaldo Cabrera and go from there.”
Kelly Kirby (FantasyPros)

Julio Rodriguez (OF – SEA)

“We are deep in the dumps with Julio Rodriguez right now, as he’s hitting .206 with a 34% K%. Also of worry, some of the important stuff is down. His Barrel% is 7.3%, which is around 5% lower than last year. His hard hit% is just 39%, where he was well over 50%. As bad as it all is, it screams as an anomaly, as his BABIP is around 50 points lower than his career average, and he has a .253 xBA. When the uptick in average comes, so will the power. He already has almost 115 max EV. Here’s my favorite, though: He’s only hitting .211 against fastballs, but with a .290 xBA against, his average EV on those fastballs is 91.6 MPH. The early season has a hold of Julio. Buy now and have the worst already behind him. ”
Christopher Welsh (FantasyPros)

“There is a window every April to buy one of the best players in baseball. Without fail, Julio Rodriguez struggles mightily in April. He’s now a career .221/.285/.331 slasher over 65 career games in the month of April with a .616 OPS. Now, you’re not getting Julio cheap, but you could consider a package starting with Pete Alonso or Elly De La Cruz and probably get a conversation started. Just know, the window is closing because, on May 1st, Rodriguez becomes an MVP candidate again.”
Joe Pisapia (FantasyPros)

Nico Hoerner (2B, SS – CHC)

“I am buying low on Nico Hoerner. There are bound to be owners ready to jump ship after the abysmal start for Hoerner. There were some key factors involved as the Cubs faced an imbalanced number of righty versus lefty pitchers to start the season, and that led to a lot of lineup shuffling that likely disrupted Hoerner early. He is starting to heat up, and I’d pay whatever it took to get him before his value skyrockets.”
Chad Simpson (Fantasy Six Pack)

Luis Castillo (SP – SEA)

“If you are panicking about Luis Castillo, you should go ahead and trade him…to me. Because if we’re in a league together, I’m willing and ready to buy low. Despite striking out 27 and only walking four batters over 21 2/3 innings, the rest of Castillo’s numbers, at least on the surface, are ugly. 5.82 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, 10.9% swinging strike, .337 average against, .547 slugging against, .395 wOBA against. You get the point. They’re rough. But Castillo has done this before to start the season, and he has a long track record of being very good. And since we have already lost approximately 75 pitchers this season, you shouldn’t give up on someone like Castillo just because some of his early numbers aren’t very pretty. That is especially true when you consider this: his numbers SHOULD be a lot better.

Yes, his ERA is 5.82, but his expected numbers (FIP, xFIP, SIERA, and xERA) are as follows: 3.11, 2.87, 3.06, and 3.65. Those batted ball numbers we just mentioned? His expected numbers are all 75 to 128 points lower there, too. And his BABIP is currently .446. Castillo is going to be better. If he stays healthy (and he has for the majority of his career), he’s going to give you 200 strikeouts to go with a solid ERA and WHIP. If you can buy low now, he has league-winning potential.”
– Mike Maher (FantasyPros)

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