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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Josh Donaldson Note
Josh Donaldson photo 11. Josh Donaldson
Donaldson played it right, betting on himself with a one-year deal and turning in a patented monstrous power season with the Braves. He'll now move on to the Twins where you can expect more of the same. Not only do the Twins boast one of the best all-around lineups in baseball, but park factors actually favor Target Field over Truist Park for home runs and doubles. Expect a repeat of 2019, with perhaps a little more.
21 weeks ago
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 19. Miguel Sano
Sano tested positive for COVID-19, though he's asymptomatic. There have been few updates since his test in early July, and it's certainly possible that he'll return healthy before the start of the regular season. For now, drop him down your draft board a hair, but don't shy away entirely.
14 weeks ago
Luis Arraez Note
Luis Arraez photo 37. Luis Arraez
Arraez came to the majors and did exactly what he has done throughout his minor-league career. He hit for a high average (.334), rarely struck out (7.9%), and offered nearly no power or speed. Even though his expected batting average was nearly 45 points lower than his actual average, he still should be a major contributor in the category. Is that worth the complete lack of production he offers in three other categories? All depends on your team construction.
21 weeks ago
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 54. Marwin Gonzalez
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 65. Willians Astudillo
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 82. Ehire Adrianza
Travis Blankenhorn Note
Travis Blankenhorn photo 127. Travis Blankenhorn