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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Panic or Make a Title Run? (2021 Fantasy Football)

Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to Week 3’s dynasty roster renovation! As always, I’ll offer ideas depending on your goals and current record. None of these moves work for everyone in a vacuum, but obviously, I don’t know your league. Each one is different, so some recommendations may not make sense for you, but some might.

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If You’re 0-3

If you thought you would contend but are still winless, it might be time to rethink things. I’m not advocating for pure panic or a firesale just yet, but you need to take a serious look at your team and league to see what your chances are.

Our My Playbook application can help analyze your league and show you an unbiased angle about where your team stands in relation to your competition. Being 0-3 may mean it’s time to make some bigger moves with an eye toward the future.

If you haven’t considered a rebuild before now, well, it might be time to change that. Although an 0-3 isn’t the end of the season, landing in the middle is the worst place to be in dynasty. It’s obviously best to win it all, but the second-best outcome is finishing last so you get the first pick in next year’s rookie draft.

I’m always looking for injured players who should rebound next year. J.K. Dobbins or Travis Etienne are viable targets. Kenny Golladay and Jerry Jeudy, whom I’ve mentioned before, are also candidates if you can acquire them for the right price.

You’re not entirely out of it yet. If you can still contend this year, go for it. You don’t have to blow your team up just because you’re winless, but it might be the best move.

If You’re 1-2 or 2-1

It’s only been three weeks, but starting 1-2 or 2-1 can either feel great or terrible depending on how you got there. If your lone win was a close matchup, you might think you’re out of it. If your lone loss was close, you might think you’re a contender. However, neither outcome is too bad through three weeks.

The first three weeks were pretty chaotic. There have been late Sunday scratches, injuries, and players not performing well. That randomness is frustrating, but it’s all part of the game. If everything went as projected, a lot of the fun would disappear.

If in the middle of the standings, I’m not making any moves just yet. I might consider moving a late-round rookie pick for Antonio Brown or Amon-Ra St. Brown, both of whom are hit-or-miss and don’t have a ton of dynasty value. However, it’s still too soon to make any significant moves involving starters.

Overall, I’d probably acquire bench players for late rookie picks instead of the opposite, but I’m not moving my first or second if I can help it. Adding depth can sometimes turn a middle-of-the-road team into a contender, which is great if on the fence about your chances.

If You’re 3-0

Leading your league through three weeks feels great. You’ve dodged all the bullets and somehow come out unscathed, but don’t get complacent. There’s a lot of season left. An 3-0 record can turn into 3-3 if you’re not careful, so keep your eyes on the prize.

I’m unlikely to make any big moves if I’m winning, but look around at your league to see who may consider blowing things up. Send a message in the league chat that you’re looking to add some depth for your title run. Make it fun and braggy to get some attention. Start trash-talking a little more when you can. The more confidence you exude, the more a rebuilding leaguemate might be willing to send you offers as a contender.

Don’t be rude about it and rub your early success in their faces, but bragging is one of the best parts of this made-up game. If you can’t be happy about your accomplishments, why even bother? Even if it’s pure luck and only Week 4, it’s fun to act like you’re the king of the hill.

When on top of the league, send lowball offers for other teams’ bench players with starting potential. Rashod Bateman and Michael Gallup are great targets before they come off the IR. Offer a third for one and see what happens. It’s unlikely that deal gets done, but maybe it opens the door to something that will work.

Don’t go nuts, but don’t be afraid to test the market and see who’s available. As the weeks go by, you may need to add some pieces to build a stronger roster. If you wait too long, your competition might jump ahead. It’s always better to ask first than to see a trade go through that helps other contending teams.

Besides, talking to your league-mates is part of the game. Go have fun!

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