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Cleveland Guardians

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What are fantasy baseball depth charts?
Fantasy baseball depth charts represent each MLB team's starters and backups based on current playing status. Expert Consensus Rankings are displayed to indicate each player's positional rating. The chart can be used to quickly identify potential injury replacements and waiver targets.

Cleveland Guardians Catchers
Bo Naylor 141116

Cleveland Guardians First Basemen
First BasemenECRBestWorst
Josh Naylor 151319

Cleveland Guardians Second Basemen
Second BasemenECRBestWorst
Andres Gimenez 131018
Tyler Freeman

Cleveland Guardians Third Basemen
Third BasemenECRBestWorst
Jose Ramirez 212
Tyler Freeman
Brayan Rocchio

Cleveland Guardians Shortstops
Tyler Freeman
Brayan Rocchio 676869
Jose Tena

Cleveland Guardians Left Fielders
Left FieldersECRBestWorst
Steven Kwan 504954
Will Brennan 159143150

Cleveland Guardians Center Fielders
Center FieldersECRBestWorst
Myles Straw 132113175
Ramon Laureano 9174138
Will Brennan 159143150

Cleveland Guardians Right Fielders
Right FieldersECRBestWorst
Will Brennan 159143150
Oscar Gonzalez 736495
Ramon Laureano 9174138

Cleveland Guardians Designated Hitters
Designated HittersECRBestWorst
Josh Naylor 262532

Cleveland Guardians Starting Pitchers
Starting PitchersECRBestWorst
Triston McKenzie 403667
Shane Bieber 564273
Gavin Williams 423962
Xzavion Curry

Cleveland Guardians Bullpen
Emmanuel Clase 326
Trevor Stephan
Sam Hentges
Nick Sandlin
James Karinchak 131125171
Eli Morgan