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Chris Clegg’s Draft Cheat Sheet (2023 Fantasy Baseball)

by Chris Clegg | @RotoClegg | Featured Writer
Mar 13, 2023
Jose Ramirez

It is that time of year, the final stretch for 2023 fantasy baseball drafts. Spring training is rolling, the World Baseball Classic is underway, and the regular season will be here before you know it. It is cramming time before the final test, as your most significant drafts are likely getting underway soon!

Sometimes, reading an abbreviated version of something is helpful when you are low on time. This Draft Cheat Sheet is designed for that purpose. Something you can easily reference when you need it. So, here it is: Chris Clegg’s Draft Cheat Sheet for 2023.

Targets By Position

Targets By Round (12-Team League using FantasyPros ADP)


  • Build your draft backward. Everyone wants to start at the front, but building your ideal team from the back of the draft makes it significantly easier to figure out who you want to target at the front end of drafts.
  • On that note, always know your end-game targets and be willing to jump ADP to get them.
  • Know your league settings! This is vital. I have been in too many draft rooms where people did not realize it was OBP instead of AVG. Knowing the simple rules will help you significantly.
  • Draft at least one high-end closer. Saves are spread out more than ever, and you don’t have to try and dominate that category, but having a solid anchor like a top-five closer gives you a great foundation to build on.
  • Grab a solid source of speed early. Speed is scarce, and waiting on speed hurts you in other categories. The five-category contributors go early. Be sure to draft one of them.
  • Winning your league is about having boring veterans later in drafts. The shiny new toy is always fun to draft, but you often get more production by grabbing the boring veteran.
  • Use a cheat sheet, or you can create your own right here at FantasyPros.
  • Connect your league to FantasyPros’ Draft Assistant.

Thanks for stopping by to read my cheat sheet. I wish you all a happy draft season and the most success in all of your leagues in 2023!

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