Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 7 Rankings
Dalvin Cook photo 1. Dalvin Cook RB - MIN (at DET)
Leonard Fournette photo 2. Leonard Fournette RB - JAC (at CIN)
Fournette's improvement continues, as the least amount of rushing yards that he has in any of his last three games (72) is more than the most rushing yards he had in any of his first three games (66). He's a top-tier play in Week 7 against the Bengals.
19 hours ago
Ezekiel Elliott photo 3. Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL (vs . PHI)
Saquon Barkley photo 4. Saquon Barkley RB - NYG (vs . ARI)
Chris Carson photo 5. Chris Carson RB - SEA (vs . BAL)
Alvin Kamara photo 6. Alvin Kamara RB - NO (at CHI)
Derrick Henry photo 7. Derrick Henry RB - TEN (vs . LAC)
Henry has been generally underwhelming with a 3.7 yards per attempt so far in 2019, though he does have five total touchdowns. He definitely benefits from volume in close games, but he's also the only effective part of the Titans offense, so he'll be involved regardless.
19 hours ago
Aaron Jones photo 8. Aaron Jones RB - GB (vs . OAK)
David Johnson photo 9. David Johnson RB - ARI (at NYG)
Le'Veon Bell photo 10. Le'Veon Bell RB - NYJ (vs . NE)
Bell has only broken 100 scrimmage yards this season, but hopefully the new-and-improved Jets lead to a new-and-improved Bell. His greatest feature is that he's involved no matter the game script, so keep firing him up and eventually he'll have a prototypical Bell performance.
19 hours ago
Julio Jones photo 11. Julio Jones WR - ATL (vs . LAR)
Mark Ingram photo 12. Mark Ingram RB - BAL (at SEA)
Ingram continues to score, but he hasn't broken 74 scrimmage yards since Week 3. The Ravens are going to run no matter what, and Ingram is the first running back to be fed, but he's becoming touchdown dependent. He's still a strong RB2 moving forward, but generally lacks the upside to win you any given week.
19 hours ago
DeAndre Hopkins photo 13. DeAndre Hopkins WR - HOU (at IND)
Phillip Lindsay photo 14. Phillip Lindsay RB - DEN (vs . KC)
Lindsay is becoming reminiscent of Frank Gore of a few years ago - rarely going to win you a fantasy week, but he isn't going to lose you one. Lindsay only has one game over 81 rushing yards, but he has four touchdowns across the past four weeks, and he has four receptions in all but two weeks this season. He should continue to be a solid yet limited upside option in Week 7 against the Chiefs.
19 hours ago
Cooper Kupp photo 15. Cooper Kupp WR - LAR (at ATL)
Joe Mixon photo 16. Joe Mixon RB - CIN (vs . JAC)
Mixon is on the wrong side of the Bengals game script, as they tend to play from behind very often. He has three games this season with 17 or less rushing yards, and that's probably more of the norm than the exception. He's still the main guy and can be used as a low-end RB2, but temper expectations.
19 hours ago
Sony Michel photo 17. Sony Michel RB - NE (at NYJ)
Sony Michel is still averaging a sub-par 3.5 yards per attempt this season, but he only has one game all season with less than 15 carries. He can be frustrating, but using the lead RB on one of the league's best offenses is rarely a bad thing.
19 hours ago
Tyreek Hill photo 18. Tyreek Hill WR - KC (at DEN)
Kerryon Johnson photo 19. Kerryon Johnson RB - DET (vs . MIN)
Travis Kelce photo 20. Travis Kelce TE - KC (at DEN)
Michael Thomas photo 21. Michael Thomas WR - NO (at CHI)
Keenan Allen photo 22. Keenan Allen WR - LAC (at TEN)
Devonta Freeman photo 23. Devonta Freeman RB - ATL (vs . LAR)
It was good to see Freeman in more of a workhorse role last week, and he made the most of it, finishing with 118 total yards and two touchdowns against the Cardinals. Opportunity is everything, especially when you're playing on a high-scoring Falcons offense that's required to participate in shootouts every week. His 22 touches to Smith's three was easily the biggest gap this season. The Rams couldn't put up points on the 49ers last week, but they should against the Falcons unimpressive unit. There should be plenty of volume available for the Falcons backs, as the Rams have faced a league-high 158 rushing attempts through six weeks. They've allowed just 3.77 yards per carry, so they haven't been particularly efficient touches, though the six rushing touchdowns they've allowed is the fourth most in the league. In what's projected to be one of the highest-scoring games on the slate, you'll want to have Freeman plugged into your lineup as a solid RB2. The one concern with Freeman is the fact that Smith has received four of the five carries inside the five-yard line, which would seemingly make him their goal-line back. It's possible that Week 6 was a changing of the guard with how well Freeman played/how many touches he received, but it's still noteworthy.
1 day ago
T.Y. Hilton photo 24. T.Y. Hilton WR - IND (vs . HOU)
Melvin Gordon photo 25. Melvin Gordon RB - LAC (at TEN)
Did Melvin Gordon break the Chargers? After a generally successful first few weeks, the Chargers have looked lost lately. Gordon is averaging 2.5 yards per carry, and he has only accumulated 49 total rushing yards. You have to use him if you have him, but hopefully the Chargers figure out the pitfalls in their offense sooner rather than later.
18 hours ago
Tyler Lockett photo 26. Tyler Lockett WR - SEA (vs . BAL)
Tevin Coleman photo 27. Tevin Coleman RB - SF (at WAS)
And the beat goes on… Through five games, Matt Breida's touch counts are 15-13-16-14-17. It's clear that Kyle Shanahan wants him to live in that 13-17 touch role in order to maximize his efficiency while keeping him healthy. Coleman's touch counts are 8-16-20, so he's clearly someone who'll be trusted with a bigger workload when the game calls for it. The Redskins opponents are averaging 67.5 plays per game (5th in NFL), while the 49ers offense is averaging 69.6 plays per game (3rd in NFL). This game should produce tons of plays for the 49ers offense, and in turn, their run game. Due to the increased plays per game, running backs have averaged 31.5 touches per game against the Redskins, which is the second-highest number in football. Knowing that the 49ers pass to run ratio is 44:56 in favor of the run, which easily ranks as the most in the NFL (closest is 47:53), we could see a 40-touch game for the 49ers backfield. Coleman and Breida should split the load here, making the both of them low-end RB2s.
1 day ago
Adam Thielen photo 28. Adam Thielen WR - MIN (at DET)
Carlos Hyde photo 29. Carlos Hyde RB - HOU (at IND)
Hyde has now scored in three out of the last four games and, while he lacks the upside that typically comes with involvement in the receiving game, he is quickly supplanting himself as a solid RB2 option. Consider using him as you would on an offense that is joining the discussion of the league's best.
19 hours ago
Matt Breida photo 30. Matt Breida RB - SF (at WAS)
And the beat goes on… Through five games, Breida's touch counts are 15-13-16-14-17. It's clear that Kyle Shanahan wants him to live in that 13-17 touch role in order to maximize his efficiency while keeping him healthy. Tevin Coleman's touch counts are 8-16-20, so he's clearly someone who'll be trusted with a bigger workload when the game calls for it. The Redskins opponents are averaging 67.5 plays per game (5th in NFL), while the 49ers offense is averaging 69.6 plays per game (3rd in NFL). This game should produce tons of plays for the 49ers offense, and in turn, their run game. Due to the increased plays per game, running backs have averaged 31.5 touches per game against the Redskins, which is the second-highest number in football. Knowing that the 49ers pass to run ratio is 44:56 in favor of the run, which easily ranks as the most in the NFL (closest is 47:53), we could see a 40-touch game for the 49ers backfield. Coleman and Breida should split the load here, making the both of them low-end RB2s.
1 day ago
Michael Gallup photo 31. Michael Gallup WR - DAL (vs . PHI)
Brandin Cooks photo 32. Brandin Cooks WR - LAR (at ATL)
Julian Edelman photo 33. Julian Edelman WR - NE (at NYJ)
Will Fuller photo 34. Will Fuller WR - HOU (at IND)
There's two ways of looking at Fuller's performance from last week. On one hand, he "came back down to earth" with a 5/44/0 performance, providing those opposed to Fuller justification in their hate. On the other hand, he dropped three should-be touchdowns against the Chiefs and finished the game with 158 air yards, which was the sixth-most in football in Week 6. He's a big part of this offense and though he didn't have a big game last week, you need to live with that. The Colts have allowed just one 40-yard passing play all season and allowed just four the entire 2018 season, so they're not typically beat deep. The loss of free safety Malik Hooker could definitely affect that, so we raise the odds. Pierre Desir is the cornerback he'll see most of the time, who happens to be the cornerback that's allowing the most yards per catch (16.0) in his coverage among the Colts cornerbacks. Fuller should remain in lineups as a WR3 who continually gets opportunity. You just must understand that by playing him, you may get a WR4/5 floor (which isn't horrible), but he also offers a WR1 ceiling.
1 day ago
Robert Woods photo 35. Robert Woods WR - LAR (at ATL)
It was going to be a tough matchup for Woods last week regardless, though Goff not showing up made it even worse. Fortunately, he was able to rush for a touchdown to salvage something out of his fantasy day. Things get much better this week, as Woods will see one of either Desmond Trufant or Kendall Sheffield in coverage. Trufant is dealing with a toe injury that had him inactive last week. Sheffield is a fourth-round rookie who's only playing because of injury. The duo has combined to allow 17-of-27 passing for 279 yards and five touchdowns in their coverage, though all five touchdowns were allowed by Trufant, so it's hard to say that it's even much of a downgrade for Woods if he plays, though Sheffield would be the preferred option. Woods has still seen at least eight targets in 4-of-6 games, so you don't want to lose hope, especially in a game that has a 53-point total. Toss him into lineups as a low-end WR2/high-end WR3 and he just might turn into the top-18 option many thought they drafted.
1 day ago
Marlon Mack photo 36. Marlon Mack RB - IND (vs . HOU)
Mack will presumably be healthy coming off a bye, and his upcoming schedule is stellar. The majority of the Colts opponents in Weeks 7-13 have underwhelming offenses, and Mack should be a lock for 20 touches per game. He's a good RB2 in Week 7, but he'll approach RB1 status over the next several weeks.
19 hours ago
Royce Freeman photo 37. Royce Freeman RB - DEN (vs . KC)
Freeman has no fewer than 50 scrimmage yards in any game this year, and he averages 3.5 receptions per game. He likely isn't going to win you a week, but he's a serviceable FLEX if you need him. He does have potential long-term upside in the event that Phillip Lindsay goes down.
4 hours ago
Austin Ekeler photo 38. Austin Ekeler RB - LAC (at TEN)
Melvin Gordon ruined everything. Ekeler had no less than 16 touches in any game while Melvin Gordon was out, but Week 6 saw Ekeler only record eight touches. Maybe the Chargers will realize that Ekeler deserves more of a share of the work, but he's fading into FLEX territory as it stands today.
4 hours ago
Kenny Golladay photo 39. Kenny Golladay WR - DET (vs . MIN)
Todd Gurley photo 40. Todd Gurley RB - LAR (at ATL)
D.J. Chark photo 41. D.J. Chark WR - JAC (at CIN)
Amari Cooper photo 42. Amari Cooper WR - DAL (vs . PHI)
Courtland Sutton photo 43. Courtland Sutton WR - DEN (vs . KC)
It may not have been a massive game, but Sutton extended his seven-plus target streak to six games with Flacco last week. He's consistently being targeted, which is ultimately the best-case scenario out of a player you're relying on for WR3 production most of the time. The Chiefs cornerbacks did a solid job keeping Deandre Hopkins in check last week, though Sutton is used quite a bit differently, as his 11.5 air yards per target easily trumps Hopkins' measly 9.5 air yards per target. We did see Will Fuller get behind the Chiefs defense on multiple occasions but ultimately dropped three should-be touchdowns. Sutton will see Charvarius Ward much of the game, a cornerback who put his name on the map towards the end of last year and has continued playing well for much of 2019. He's seen 33 targets in coverage this year, allowing 19 receptions for 253 yards and one touchdown. He allowed 7/123/0 of that in Week 1 against the Jaguars but has been pretty lights out since that time. Sutton is someone you want to keep plugging in as a WR3 with the volume he's getting, though the matchup isn't as great as we might've hoped.
1 day ago
Jordan Howard photo 44. Jordan Howard RB - PHI (at DAL)
Larry Fitzgerald photo 45. Larry Fitzgerald WR - ARI (at NYG)
Tyler Boyd photo 46. Tyler Boyd WR - CIN (vs . JAC)
George Kittle photo 47. George Kittle TE - SF (at WAS)
Damien Williams photo 48. Damien Williams RB - KC (at DEN)
Williams only had one carry in his Week 6 game where the Chiefs generally abandoned the run, but he saved his fantasy day with a receiving touchdown. In Week 7, he faces a Denver defense that can generally be exploited with an effective running game, but he's risky considering the sporadic Chiefs running back usage. He's a low-end RB2/high-end RB3.
19 hours ago
Stefon Diggs photo 49. Stefon Diggs WR - MIN (at DET)
Malcolm Brown photo 50. Malcolm Brown RB - LAR (at ATL)
John Brown photo 51. John Brown WR - BUF (vs . MIA)
It's always going to be difficult to rely on a Josh Allen wide receiver consistently, but knowing Brown has seen at least five targets in every game, including eight or more in 3-of-5 games, it's a bit easier. Both he and Beasley have a 22 percent target share but the difference is that Brown has seen 34 percent of the team's air yards, while Beasley has seen just 19 percent. The Dolphins were without their top cornerback Xavien Howard last week, though he hasn't been good to begin with. On the year, he's allowed 162 yards and two touchdowns on 18 targets in coverage. His replacement was Ken Webster, who proceeded to allow two catches for 38 yards and a touchdown on just three targets in coverage. There's just one team who's seen fewer targets in coverage than this Dolphins secondary, and that's because they've been unnecessary, as the targets have netted a robust 2.30 PPR points per target. Just five wide receivers have finished as top-30 options against them, so it's been very top heavy, and Brown would likely be the one to benefit considering his share of air yards. He's not a lock for production given the blowout nature of this game, but not many WR3s are, and that's where Brown slots in this week.
20 hours ago
Allen Robinson photo 52. Allen Robinson WR - CHI (vs . NO)
Calvin Ridley photo 53. Calvin Ridley WR - ATL (vs . LAR)
Adrian Peterson photo 54. Adrian Peterson RB - WAS (vs . SF)
You were warned that it would be a Peterson-heavy game against the Dolphins. That time is now over. The timing of Bill Callahan taking over for Jay Gruden just happened to take place before a game they could win, though oddsmakers don't see this one going that way. Running backs are averaging just 21.0 touches per game against the 49ers, which is the lowest in the NFL. The 49ers opponents are averaging just 55.4 plays per game (2nd fewest in NFL) while the Redskins offense has netted just 56.7 plays per game (3rd fewest in NFL), making this the worst possible scenario for a two-down running back who doesn't participate much in the passing game. The status of Thompson will affect his output, though it'd be likely we see Wendell Smallwood walk into that passing-down role rather than Peterson taking on a big role. Even when teams try to run the ball against the 49ers, it hasn't panned out well, as they've allowed just 3.98 yards per carry and have yet to allow a touchdown, either rushing or receiving. The Patriots are the only other team who can say that. Even if Thompson can't play in this game, Peterson should be considered a low-ceiling RB3/4-type option this week.
1 day ago
Alshon Jeffery photo 55. Alshon Jeffery WR - PHI (at DAL)
Josh Gordon photo 56. Josh Gordon WR - NE (at NYJ)
James White photo 57. James White RB - NE (at NYJ)
White has almost twice as many receptions (31) as rushing attempts (16). His receiving usage gives him a very high floor, but he doesn't offer the rushing or touchdown upside that would make him a stud. He's a great fill-in RB2 or a very solid FLEX.
4 hours ago
LeSean McCoy photo 58. LeSean McCoy RB - KC (at DEN)
Does anyone have any idea what's going on with the Chiefs backfield? McCoy has averaged 5.4 yards per attempt this season, though he doesn't have more than 14 touches in a single game. Avoid him if you can, but he's a decent FLEX option if you're desperate.
3 hours ago
Terry McLaurin photo 59. Terry McLaurin WR - WAS (vs . SF)
With Keenum back under center, McLaurin was once again highly productive. Sure, the Dolphins were missing their best cornerback Xavien Howard, but it was going to be a plus-matchup regardless. Now onto the 49ers, who run a zone-heavy scheme, which means McLaurin will line up across from Emmanuel Moseley, the second-year cornerback who's stepped in for Ahkello Witherspoon the last two weeks and done a solid job. Despite playing against the Browns and Rams receivers, he's allowed just 4-of-7 passing for 28 yards in coverage the last two weeks. Again, he's zone-heavy, so they'll be relying on pressure up front, or McLaurin should find soft spots in the coverage. McLaurin needs to be started given his role in the offense as someone who's weighted opportunity ranks third-best in the NFL, just behind Michael Thomas and Keenan Allen. Based on the weeks he's played, he's seeing 51 percent of the Redskins air yards, which is the biggest share in the NFL (closest player is Michael Thomas at 44 percent). Consider McLaurin a low-end WR2 in a tough matchup but one who should remain in your lineup.
1 day ago
Zach Ertz photo 60. Zach Ertz TE - PHI (at DAL)
Josh Jacobs photo 61. Josh Jacobs RB - OAK (at GB)
Jacobs has recorded 19 and 29 touches in his last two games, respectively, and hopefully the Raiders have realized that the offense should be built around him. He's quietly averaging 86 rushing yards per game, and he has five receptions in his last two games versus one reception in the first three combined. Jacobs's trajectory should make you feel very confident.
19 hours ago
Mark Andrews photo 62. Mark Andrews TE - BAL (at SEA)
Robby Anderson photo 63. Robby Anderson WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Austin Hooper photo 64. Austin Hooper TE - ATL (vs . LAR)
Miles Sanders photo 65. Miles Sanders RB - PHI (at DAL)
Mike Williams photo 66. Mike Williams WR - LAC (at TEN)
Marquez Valdes-Scantling photo 67. Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Hunter Henry photo 68. Hunter Henry TE - LAC (at TEN)
Christian Kirk photo 69. Christian Kirk WR - ARI (at NYG)
Devin Singletary photo 70. Devin Singletary RB - BUF (vs . MIA)
Prior to his injury, Singletary was very efficient, averaging 10.3 yards per touch. It should be interesting to see how he functions with Frank Gore's emergence, but the Bills would be mistaken not to explore what they have in Singletary. He's a high-upside bench stash at this point but could be a desperation FLEX if you need him.
4 hours ago
Chase Edmonds photo 71. Chase Edmonds RB - ARI (at NYG)
Tyrell Williams photo 72. Tyrell Williams WR - OAK (at GB)
D.K. Metcalf photo 73. D.K. Metcalf WR - SEA (vs . BAL)
Marvin Jones photo 74. Marvin Jones WR - DET (vs . MIN)
After he was going back and forth with Golladay as the 1A and 1B last year, Jones has clearly faded into the No. 2 option this year. He's seen in-between 4-6 targets in 4-of-5 games with a nine-target game mixed in between. His average depth of target is two full yards higher than Golladay's, so he'll be more of the boom-or-bust variety regardless of the target numbers. He's likely going to be covered by Trae Waynes this week, the speedy Vikings cornerback who has done a great job keeping the play in front of him this year, allowing just 9.6 yards per reception in his coverage. He's allowed just one play of more than 26 yards (went for 37 yards) on 40 targets in coverage this year. You'll want to consider Jones in games the Lions are forced into shootouts against reverse funnel defenses, but this isn't one of them, making him nothing more than a boom-or-bust WR5.
4 hours ago
Dede Westbrook photo 75. Dede Westbrook WR - JAC (at CIN)
Kenyan Drake photo 76. Kenyan Drake RB - MIA (at BUF)
The Dolphins are bad. Luckily, Drake is their receiving back and should provide a decent floor, but he is pretty matchup-dependent. He's a desperation FLEX at best with the current state of the Miami offense.
4 hours ago
Emmanuel Sanders photo 77. Emmanuel Sanders WR - DEN (vs . KC)
Demarcus Robinson photo 78. Demarcus Robinson WR - KC (at DEN)
Mecole Hardman photo 79. Mecole Hardman WR - KC (at DEN)
Jamison Crowder photo 80. Jamison Crowder WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Auden Tate photo 81. Auden Tate WR - CIN (vs . JAC)
After dropping three balls in the previous two games, Tate made a few highlight reel grabs in Week 6, re-instilling confidence in him as a primary target for Dalton. The issue is that he'll match-up with one of Jalen Ramsey or A.J. Bouye, depending on Ramsey's status. I will say that Tate would get a massive bump in the rankings if Green plays and Ramsey doesn't, as it would mean Bouye covering Green. If Green doesn't play, you have to at least consider Tate, who's now seen at least six targets in each of the last four games, including a career-high 12 targets last week. The Jaguars have only allowed a 60 percent completion-rate to receivers, but those catches have gone for an average of 14.2 yards per reception. Tate's average depth of target is just 9.5 yards, so it's tough to say he'll be the one who benefits from that. He can be considered a middling WR4 with not much upside this week, though there are many variables with Green and Ramsey.
1 day ago
Golden Tate photo 82. Golden Tate WR - NYG (vs . ARI)
With Sterling Shepard seemingly out of the picture for a bit, Tate should continue to eat up targets, as he did versus the Patriots last week. His nine targets ranked as the second-most by a Giants receiver this year, while his 102 yards were the most by a Giants receiver. The Cardinals playmaker returning on defense (Patrick Peterson) doesn't cover slot receivers. That means Tate will see a lot of Tramaine Brock, a journeyman in the league who's struggled while defending the slot. He's seen 12 targets and allowed six catches for 115 yards and a touchdown on them. He hasn't been targeted a lot, which has kept some numbers down in the matchups against him, but that won't be the case with Tate, as he's the No. 1 option in the passing game and should be locked into eight-plus targets. Tate should be in lineups as a high-floor WR3 for this matchup.
23 hours ago
Mohamed Sanu photo 83. Mohamed Sanu WR - ATL (vs . LAR)
It was a disappointing game for Sanu considering the matchup, but that'll happen when you're the No. 3 receiver on a team, as there are only so many targets to go around. The four targets he saw was a season-low and it served as a reminder to keep expectations in check. The Rams have Nickell Robey-Coleman covering the slot, which is a much worse matchup than the one Sanu had last week. He's allowed just 4.23 yards per target in his coverage this year, and the 26 targets he's seen in coverage does rank as the most on the team, so it's not a small sample size, either. This isn't a matchup you should be expecting a big game out of Sanu, who is just a middling WR5-type option in this game.
1 day ago
Duke Johnson photo 84. Duke Johnson RB - HOU (at IND)
While effective when being used (6.5 yards per rushing attempt and 9.5 yards per reception), Johnson simply doesn't have the volume to be a fantasy starter at this point.
3 hours ago
Latavius Murray photo 85. Latavius Murray RB - NO (at CHI)
Darren Waller photo 86. Darren Waller TE - OAK (at GB)
Preston Williams photo 87. Preston Williams WR - MIA (at BUF)
He was tied for the team lead with six targets last week, though he remained inefficient on them, finishing with just two catches for 31 yards. Over the last three games, he's racked up a massive 25 targets, but has netted just 10 receptions for 145 yards and no touchdowns. You do want to follow targets and Williams' 20 percent target share makes you at least consider him as an option. Fortunately, you can do a quick "nope" when looking at the matchup this week, as the Bills have tormented opposing wide receivers. There's been just one wide receiver who's been able to post numbers better than the WR35 against them, and that was Jamison Crowder, who saw a ridiculous 17 targets. In fact, there's been just five receivers to score more than 7.6 PPR points against the Bills and four of them saw double-digit targets, while the other one scored a touchdown. Williams is nothing more than a touchdown-or-bust WR5 and you don't want to rely on that out of this Dolphins passing game.
20 hours ago
Marquise Goodwin photo 88. Marquise Goodwin WR - SF (at WAS)
David Montgomery photo 89. David Montgomery RB - CHI (vs . NO)
Geronimo Allison photo 90. Geronimo Allison WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Jamaal Williams photo 91. Jamaal Williams RB - GB (vs . OAK)
Corey Davis photo 92. Corey Davis WR - TEN (vs . LAC)
Dante Pettis photo 93. Dante Pettis WR - SF (at WAS)
A.J. Brown photo 94. A.J. Brown WR - TEN (vs . LAC)
Gus Edwards photo 95. Gus Edwards RB - BAL (at SEA)
Keke Coutee photo 96. Keke Coutee WR - HOU (at IND)
Deebo Samuel photo 97. Deebo Samuel WR - SF (at WAS)
Devante Parker photo 98. Devante Parker WR - MIA (at BUF)
He's now scored a touchdown in back-to-back games, but he's also seen four targets in back-to-back games, meaning there's a bust game coming soon and the Bills are just the team to give it to him. They may not have Tre'Davious White shadow him considering how involved and targeted Preston Williams is, but it won't matter all that much, as the Bills have seen far better receivers than this duo and have allowed just one wide receiver to finish higher than WR35 against them. You don't want to keep playing a receiver who's getting minimal targets in a bad offense who's in a bad matchup.
20 hours ago
Darrell Henderson photo 99. Darrell Henderson RB - LAR (at ATL)
Darius Slayton photo 100. Darius Slayton WR - NYG (vs . ARI)
KeeSean Johnson photo 101. KeeSean Johnson WR - ARI (at NYG)
Nelson Agholor photo 102. Nelson Agholor WR - PHI (at DAL)
Delanie Walker photo 103. Delanie Walker TE - TEN (vs . LAC)
Jakobi Meyers photo 104. Jakobi Meyers WR - NE (at NYJ)
Willie Snead photo 105. Willie Snead WR - BAL (at SEA)
Ito Smith photo 106. Ito Smith RB - ATL (vs . LAR)
Demaryius Thomas photo 107. Demaryius Thomas WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Gerald Everett photo 108. Gerald Everett TE - LAR (at ATL)
Duke Williams photo 109. Duke Williams WR - BUF (vs . MIA)
Ted Ginn photo 110. Ted Ginn WR - NO (at CHI)
Paul Richardson photo 111. Paul Richardson WR - WAS (vs . SF)
Frank Gore photo 112. Frank Gore RB - BUF (vs . MIA)
With the way Gore has played, it seems unlikely Devin Singletary will take over the lead role. Over the three games Gore filled the workhorse role, he totaled 245 yards on 45 carries (5.4 yards per carry) with one touchdown, though T.J. Yeldon did take on most of the receiving work. We've only seen 10 carries in Singletary's young career, so it may be a bit premature to say he'll take over anyway. Fortunately, both running backs should see a lot of carries in this game against the Dolphins. Their opponents are averaging 31.2 carries per game, and that's not even counting the 4.6 receptions available to them. The craziest part is that the Dolphins have already had their bye week, yet there are just two teams who have faced more rushing attempts. Not a single team of running backs have totaled less than 27 rushing attempts. They've been high-quality attempts, too, as the Dolphins have allowed a flattering 4.80 yards per carry with at least one rushing touchdown in 4-of-5 games. Even through the air, they're allowing a lot of efficiency, as running backs have averaged a league-leading 2.69 PPR points per target against them. The Bills have capped Gore at 19 carries over the first five games, so worse case scenario, we're probably looking at 10-12 touches for Singletary. Gore should be startable as a solid high-floor RB3 who should be a lock for 80-plus total yards.
20 hours ago
Raheem Mostert photo 113. Raheem Mostert RB - SF (at WAS)
T.J. Hockenson photo 114. T.J. Hockenson TE - DET (vs . MIN)
It's been a bumpy ride for Hockenson, as he's failed to top 27 yards in each of his last four games. He almost hauled in his third touchdown of the year, but when he landed hard on the ground, the ball popped out of his hands. He's seen at least three targets in every game, which is not the highest floor, but among tight ends, it's somewhat appealing in 2019. Hockenson's top two performances this year came in games he had a great matchup (ARI, KC), so maybe we just pay attention to the defense to dictate whether or not we trust him. The problem with that is we have a mixed bag in Week 7 against the Vikings. They've allowed the eighth-most fantasy points to tight ends, but that's almost solely to do with the fact that they've seen 64 targets (over 10 targets per game), which is the most in the NFL. When you play against Darren Waller, Austin Hooper, Evan Engram, and Zach Ertz, your numbers are going to look a bit worse than most. Somehow, despite that competition, they've allowed just 1.30 PPR points per target, the third-lowest mark in the league. Hockenson is not a preferred option this week.
4 hours ago
Jared Cook photo 115. Jared Cook TE - NO (at CHI)
Chris Conley photo 116. Chris Conley WR - JAC (at CIN)
Evan Engram photo 117. Evan Engram TE - NYG (vs . ARI)
Miles Boykin photo 118. Miles Boykin WR - BAL (at SEA)
Albert Wilson photo 119. Albert Wilson WR - MIA (at BUF)
Jaron Brown photo 120. Jaron Brown WR - SEA (vs . BAL)
Anthony Miller photo 121. Anthony Miller WR - CHI (vs . NO)
Jimmy Graham photo 122. Jimmy Graham TE - GB (vs . OAK)
Byron Pringle photo 123. Byron Pringle WR - KC (at DEN)
Trey Quinn photo 124. Trey Quinn WR - WAS (vs . SF)
Eric Ebron photo 125. Eric Ebron TE - IND (vs . HOU)
Alexander Mattison photo 126. Alexander Mattison RB - MIN (at DET)
Adam Humphries photo 127. Adam Humphries WR - TEN (vs . LAC)
Mark Walton photo 128. Mark Walton RB - MIA (at BUF)
Kenny Stills photo 129. Kenny Stills WR - HOU (at IND)
Jake Kumerow photo 130. Jake Kumerow WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Trent Sherfield photo 131. Trent Sherfield WR - ARI (at NYG)
Marquise Brown photo 132. Marquise Brown WR - BAL (at SEA)
Davante Adams photo 133. Davante Adams WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Danny Amendola photo 134. Danny Amendola WR - DET (vs . MIN)
Jason Witten photo 135. Jason Witten TE - DAL (vs . PHI)
Giovani Bernard photo 136. Giovani Bernard RB - CIN (vs . JAC)
Phillip Dorsett photo 137. Phillip Dorsett WR - NE (at NYJ)
Damiere Byrd photo 138. Damiere Byrd WR - ARI (at NYG)
Chris Thompson photo 139. Chris Thompson RB - WAS (vs . SF)
Darrel Williams photo 140. Darrel Williams RB - KC (at DEN)
Noah Fant photo 141. Noah Fant TE - DEN (vs . KC)
Devin Smith photo 142. Devin Smith WR - DAL (vs . PHI)
Sammy Watkins photo 143. Sammy Watkins WR - KC (at DEN)
Dallas Goedert photo 144. Dallas Goedert TE - PHI (at DAL)
Jordan Akins photo 145. Jordan Akins TE - HOU (at IND)
Tony Pollard photo 146. Tony Pollard RB - DAL (vs . PHI)
Travis Benjamin photo 147. Travis Benjamin WR - LAC (at TEN)
Jonathan Hilliman photo 148. Jonathan Hilliman RB - NYG (vs . ARI)
Tyler Eifert photo 149. Tyler Eifert TE - CIN (vs . JAC)
Darren Fells photo 150. Darren Fells TE - HOU (at IND)
Jack Doyle photo 151. Jack Doyle TE - IND (vs . HOU)
Tavon Austin photo 152. Tavon Austin WR,RB - DAL (vs . PHI)
Dion Lewis photo 153. Dion Lewis RB - TEN (vs . LAC)
Tyler Higbee photo 154. Tyler Higbee TE - LAR (at ATL)
Mack Hollins photo 155. Mack Hollins WR - PHI (at DAL)
DaeSean Hamilton photo 156. DaeSean Hamilton WR - DEN (vs . KC)
Brandon Bolden photo 157. Brandon Bolden RB - NE (at NYJ)
Sterling Shepard photo 158. Sterling Shepard WR - NYG (vs . ARI)
Cody Latimer photo 159. Cody Latimer WR - NYG (vs . ARI)
Tarik Cohen photo 160. Tarik Cohen RB - CHI (vs . NO)
David Moore photo 161. David Moore WR - SEA (vs . BAL)
Mike Gesicki photo 162. Mike Gesicki TE - MIA (at BUF)
Ty Johnson photo 163. Ty Johnson RB - DET (vs . MIN)
Taylor Gabriel photo 164. Taylor Gabriel WR - CHI (vs . NO)
Trey Burton photo 165. Trey Burton TE - CHI (vs . NO)
Hayden Hurst photo 166. Hayden Hurst TE - BAL (at SEA)
Luke Willson photo 167. Luke Willson TE - SEA (vs . BAL)
Chris Herndon IV photo 168. Chris Herndon IV TE - NYJ (vs . NE)
C.J. Prosise photo 169. C.J. Prosise RB - SEA (vs . BAL)
Nyheim Hines photo 170. Nyheim Hines RB - IND (vs . HOU)
Seth Roberts photo 171. Seth Roberts WR - BAL (at SEA)
Dawson Knox photo 172. Dawson Knox TE - BUF (vs . MIA)
Cole Beasley photo 173. Cole Beasley WR - BUF (vs . MIA)
Josh Reynolds photo 174. Josh Reynolds WR - LAR (at ATL)
Alex Erickson photo 175. Alex Erickson WR - CIN (vs . JAC)
Kendrick Bourne photo 176. Kendrick Bourne WR - SF (at WAS)
Irv Smith Jr. photo 177. Irv Smith Jr. TE - MIN (at DET)
Olabisi Johnson photo 178. Olabisi Johnson WR - MIN (at DET)
Rex Burkhead photo 179. Rex Burkhead RB - NE (at NYJ)
Burkhead has been banged up lately and serves as little more than a thorn in the side of Sony Michel owners. You can leave him on your bench unless a different Patriots running back is unavailable.
3 hours ago
Geoff Swaim photo 180. Geoff Swaim TE - JAC (at CIN)
Zach Pascal photo 181. Zach Pascal WR - IND (vs . HOU)
Justice Hill photo 182. Justice Hill RB - BAL (at SEA)
Zay Jones photo 183. Zay Jones WR - OAK (at GB)
Rashaad Penny photo 184. Rashaad Penny RB - SEA (vs . BAL)
Vernon Davis photo 185. Vernon Davis TE - WAS (vs . SF)
Ty Montgomery photo 186. Ty Montgomery RB - NYJ (vs . NE)
Kalen Ballage photo 187. Kalen Ballage RB - MIA (at BUF)
Pharoh Cooper photo 188. Pharoh Cooper WR - ARI (at NYG)
Damion Willis photo 189. Damion Willis WR - CIN (vs . JAC)
Hunter Renfrow photo 190. Hunter Renfrow WR - OAK (at GB)
Ryquell Armstead photo 191. Ryquell Armstead RB - JAC (at CIN)
Kyle Rudolph photo 192. Kyle Rudolph TE - MIN (at DET)
Jalen Richard photo 193. Jalen Richard RB - OAK (at GB)
Richard doesn't have more than five touches in a game this season. He isn't worth a bench spot unless we get an indication that the Raiders think Josh Jacobs can't handle the receiving work.
3 hours ago
Richie James photo 194. Richie James WR - SF (at WAS)
Jeremy Sprinkle photo 195. Jeremy Sprinkle TE - WAS (vs . SF)
Isaiah McKenzie photo 196. Isaiah McKenzie WR - BUF (vs . MIA)
Marqise Lee photo 197. Marqise Lee WR - JAC (at CIN)
Cordarrelle Patterson photo 198. Cordarrelle Patterson WR - CHI (vs . NO)
Steven Sims photo 199. Steven Sims WR - WAS (vs . SF)
Allen Hurns photo 200. Allen Hurns WR - MIA (at BUF)
DeAndre Washington photo 201. DeAndre Washington RB - OAK (at GB)
Andy Isabella photo 202. Andy Isabella WR - ARI (at NYG)
Allen Lazard photo 203. Allen Lazard WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Chris Moore photo 204. Chris Moore WR - BAL (at SEA)
Elijhaa Penny photo 205. Elijhaa Penny RB - NYG (vs . ARI)
Rhett Ellison photo 206. Rhett Ellison TE - NYG (vs . ARI)
Geremy Davis photo 207. Geremy Davis WR - LAC (at TEN)
Ryan Izzo photo 208. Ryan Izzo TE - NE (at NYJ)
Mike Davis photo 209. Mike Davis RB - CHI (vs . NO)
Justin Hardy photo 210. Justin Hardy WR - ATL (vs . LAR)
J.D. McKissic photo 211. J.D. McKissic RB - DET (vs . MIN)
Wayne Gallman photo 212. Wayne Gallman RB - NYG (vs . ARI)
T.J. Yeldon photo 213. T.J. Yeldon RB - BUF (vs . MIA)
Jordan Wilkins photo 214. Jordan Wilkins RB - IND (vs . HOU)
Trevor Davis photo 215. Trevor Davis WR - OAK (at GB)
Wendell Smallwood photo 216. Wendell Smallwood RB - WAS (vs . SF)
Deon Cain photo 217. Deon Cain WR - IND (vs . HOU)
Vyncint Smith photo 218. Vyncint Smith WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Marvin Hall photo 219. Marvin Hall WR - DET (vs . MIN)
Tajae Sharpe photo 220. Tajae Sharpe WR - TEN (vs . LAC)
Tra Carson photo 221. Tra Carson RB - GB (vs . OAK)
C.J. Uzomah photo 222. C.J. Uzomah TE - CIN (vs . JAC)
Cedrick Wilson photo 223. Cedrick Wilson WR - DAL (vs . PHI)
Gunner Olszewski photo 224. Gunner Olszewski WR - NE (at NYJ)
Laquon Treadwell photo 225. Laquon Treadwell WR - MIN (at DET)
Boston Scott photo 226. Boston Scott RB - PHI (at DAL)
Keelan Cole photo 227. Keelan Cole WR - JAC (at CIN)
Jeff Wilson photo 228. Jeff Wilson RB - SF (at WAS)
Bilal Powell photo 229. Bilal Powell RB - NYJ (vs . NE)
Chester Rogers photo 230. Chester Rogers WR - IND (vs . HOU)
Josh Bellamy photo 231. Josh Bellamy WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Fred Brown photo 232. Fred Brown WR - DEN (vs . KC)
Ameer Abdullah photo 233. Ameer Abdullah RB - MIN (at DET)
Blake Jarwin photo 234. Blake Jarwin TE - DAL (vs . PHI)
John Kelly photo 235. John Kelly RB - LAR (at ATL)
Kelvin Harmon photo 236. Kelvin Harmon WR - WAS (vs . SF)
CJ Ham photo 237. CJ Ham RB - MIN (at DET)
Austin Carr photo 238. Austin Carr WR - NO (at CHI)
Dwayne Washington photo 239. Dwayne Washington RB - NO (at CHI)
Cody Core photo 240. Cody Core WR - NYG (vs . ARI)
Randall Cobb photo 241. Randall Cobb WR - DAL (vs . PHI)
Austin Walter photo 242. Austin Walter RB - FA (BYE)
Mike Boone photo 243. Mike Boone RB - MIN (at DET)
Zach Line photo 244. Zach Line RB - NO (at CHI)
Jacob Hollister photo 245. Jacob Hollister TE - SEA (vs . BAL)
Derek Watt photo 246. Derek Watt RB - LAC (at TEN)
Troymaine Pope photo 247. Troymaine Pope RB - LAC (at TEN)
Kenjon Barner photo 248. Kenjon Barner RB - ATL (vs . LAR)
Keelan Doss photo 249. Keelan Doss WR - OAK (at GB)
Devontae Booker photo 250. Devontae Booker RB - DEN (vs . KC)
Brian Hill photo 251. Brian Hill RB - ATL (vs . LAR)
Travis Homer photo 252. Travis Homer RB - SEA (vs . BAL)
De'Anthony Thomas photo 253. De'Anthony Thomas WR - KC (at DEN)
Dan Vitale photo 254. Dan Vitale RB - GB (vs . OAK)
Marcedes Lewis photo 255. Marcedes Lewis TE - GB (vs . OAK)
Andy Janovich photo 256. Andy Janovich RB - DEN (vs . KC)
Dexter Williams photo 257. Dexter Williams RB - GB (vs . OAK)
Qadree Ollison photo 258. Qadree Ollison RB - ATL (vs . LAR)
Foster Moreau photo 259. Foster Moreau TE - OAK (at GB)
Darwin Thompson photo 260. Darwin Thompson RB - KC (at DEN)
Anthony Sherman photo 261. Anthony Sherman RB - KC (at DEN)
Robert Tonyan photo 262. Robert Tonyan TE - GB (vs . OAK)
Jamize Olawale photo 263. Jamize Olawale RB - DAL (vs . PHI)
Josh Hill photo 264. Josh Hill TE - NO (at CHI)
Seth DeValve photo 265. Seth DeValve TE - JAC (at CIN)
Diontae Spencer photo 266. Diontae Spencer WR - DEN (vs . KC)
Isaiah Ford photo 267. Isaiah Ford WR - MIA (at BUF)
Charles Clay photo 268. Charles Clay TE - ARI (at NYG)
Lee Smith photo 269. Lee Smith TE - BUF (vs . MIA)
Maxx Williams photo 270. Maxx Williams TE - ARI (at NYG)
Nick Boyle photo 271. Nick Boyle TE - BAL (at SEA)
Javon Wims photo 272. Javon Wims WR - CHI (vs . NO)
Malik Turner photo 273. Malik Turner WR - SEA (vs . BAL)
Jonnu Smith photo 274. Jonnu Smith TE - TEN (vs . LAC)
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside photo 275. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside WR - PHI (at DAL)
Jesse James photo 276. Jesse James TE - DET (vs . MIN)
Trayveon Williams photo 277. Trayveon Williams RB - CIN (vs . JAC)
Mo Alie-Cox photo 278. Mo Alie-Cox TE - IND (vs . HOU)
Lil'Jordan Humphrey photo 279. Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR - NO (at CHI)
Stanley Morgan Jr. photo 280. Stanley Morgan Jr. WR - CIN (vs . JAC)
Juwann Winfree photo 281. Juwann Winfree WR - DEN (vs . KC)
Logan Thomas photo 282. Logan Thomas TE - DET (vs . MIN)
Darius Jennings photo 283. Darius Jennings WR - TEN (vs . LAC)
Jeff Heuerman photo 284. Jeff Heuerman TE - DEN (vs . KC)
Nick O'Leary photo 285. Nick O'Leary TE - MIA (at BUF)
Russell Gage photo 286. Russell Gage WR - ATL (vs . LAR)
Andrew Beck photo 287. Andrew Beck TE - DEN (vs . KC)
J.P. Holtz photo 288. J.P. Holtz TE - CHI (vs . NO)
Ben Koyack photo 289. Ben Koyack TE - JAC (at CIN)
Blake Bell photo 290. Blake Bell TE - KC (at DEN)
Darrius Shepherd photo 291. Darrius Shepherd WR - GB (vs . OAK)
Tommy Sweeney photo 292. Tommy Sweeney TE - BUF (vs . MIA)
Braxton Berrios photo 293. Braxton Berrios WR - NYJ (vs . NE)
Deon Yelder photo 294. Deon Yelder TE - KC (at DEN)
Virgil Green photo 295. Virgil Green TE - LAC (at TEN)
Luke Stocker photo 296. Luke Stocker TE - ATL (vs . LAR)
Ryan Griffin photo 297. Ryan Griffin TE - NYJ (vs . NE)
Derek Carrier photo 298. Derek Carrier TE - OAK (at GB)
Anthony Firkser photo 299. Anthony Firkser TE - TEN (vs . LAC)
Andre Roberts photo 300. Andre Roberts WR - BUF (vs . MIA)
Durham Smythe photo 301. Durham Smythe TE - MIA (at BUF)
Levine Toilolo photo 302. Levine Toilolo TE - SF (at WAS)
Adam Shaheen photo 303. Adam Shaheen TE - CHI (vs . NO)
Drew Sample photo 304. Drew Sample TE - CIN (vs . JAC)
Ross Dwelley photo 305. Ross Dwelley TE - SF (at WAS)
Jaeden Graham photo 306. Jaeden Graham TE - ATL (vs . LAR)
Dalton Schultz photo 307. Dalton Schultz TE - DAL (vs . PHI)