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6 Dynasty Quarterback Sleepers (2024 Fantasy Football)

It’s dynasty fantasy football season, so we must target the correct veterans to help bolster our roster. The most crucial position is quarterback, so today, we will help you navigate either your start-up draft for these sleepers. Here are our top dynasty quarterback sleepers. Let’s get started with a number-one overall pick.

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide Dynasty Veteran Sleepers

Dynasty Quarterback Sleepers

Here are six of our top dynasty quarterback sleepers to target in startup drafts or via trade in current leagues.

Trevor Lawrence (QB – JAC)

Trevor Lawrence entered the league with enormous hype. Since the train left the station, he has lost some steam behind his play. This trade may be complex, as his name still draws memories of the greatest NFL QB possibilities from the pre-draft hype. However, Lawrence lost his best weapon with Calvin Ridley, and with Gabe Davis entering the fold, the Lawrence manager may feel uneasy and be looking for a way out of the feelings that come with his quarterback. This moment is where you swoop in because you know that he still works with Evan Engram, and in a Doug Pederson offense, the tight end matters. He will also have a healthy Christian Kirk, who no longer will be dealing with a core muscle injury. Finally, we know that although the season before was rough, Lawrence thrived from Week 11 to the end of the season. In Week 11, Lawrence was QB7 in fantasy points per game (FPPG). He averaged 270.9 passing yards and 1.7 passing touchdowns a game.

Lawrence also received Brian Thomas Jr. in the draft to help bolster his pass-catching options. Lawrence has all the weapons to fix his consistency issues between Kirk, Thomas, Davis, Engram, and Etienne. He finally needs to make the jump into the upper echelon of quarterbacks. Right now, before training camp videos begin to emerge, you need to trade and get Trevor Lawrence on your team. It won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it.

Dak Prescott (QB – DAL) + Trey Lance (QB – DAL)

I know, I know. Seeing Trey Lance in this may make you mad, but let’s talk about Dak Prescott first. Then, we could move on and talk about your backup plan. Dak had one of the best seasons of his career, which, when you mix it with his age, could have your fellow league mates looking to get out before the “cliff” hits. However, if you look through the trees in the forest, you’ll see Dak Prescott is set for at least two more years of dominance at the quarterback position. Dak Prescott has no dominant running back on the team with an aging Zeke and Rico Dowdle behind him. They will still run the ball, but the team will be pass-heavy for 2024 and, most likely, 2025.

This works in Dak’s favor, as he showed last year that he can dominate the league when given the chance. Prescott threw for the third most yards the previous season (4575) and had the eighth-best (per QBs with 100 attempts) yards per attempt (YPA) in the NFL with 7.65. He also threw for 36 touchdowns to lead the NFL in this category and had the fifth-highest fantasy points per dropback (.54) in the NFL. Dak Prescott, in this offense, can soar for fantasy football purposes. Don’t miss your opportunity to cash in on an excellent quarterback option as your league-mates fret over age.


Don’t roll your eyes; this would be a trade option that would be cheap for your dynasty roster. Trading for Trey Lance is a risk that is probably more set for a rebuilder trying to hit gold than a contender needing things for this season. However, news reports have Lance building on his skills, and if Dak Prescott were to be injured, you would have his mobile backup, which would have above-average arm strength attached to CeeDee Lamb. It’s worth the risk for a third or a fourth-round dart throw pick.

Justin Fields (QB – PIT)

Justin Fields is risky because he is entrenched in a quarterback battle. However, do we believe Russell Wilson still has the skill to hold off a dynamic playmaker like Justin Fields? Say what you want from his passing game, but Fields and his mobility add a wrinkle to the offense to help the Pittsburgh Steelers elevate their offense. If the team falters out the gate with Russell Wilson, then you can see a quick change of guard under center. Now is the time to trade for Justin Fields on a cheaper deal to elevate your quarterback position within your team.

Derek Carr (QB – NO)

The name of the game with Derek Carr is finding a QB2 for Sueprflex or a late-round option for QB1, allowing you to build your roster elsewhere for your team. Derek Carr was in a fundamental, vanilla offense last season. This year, they are looking to add wrinkles to the offense but, more importantly, involve some pre-snap motion to allow players like Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed a chance to break away from their defenders. Carr has left a bad taste in dynasty managers’ mouths, but you must look past it to see the rainbows on the other side.

Sam Darnold (QB – MIN)

This would be a temporary fix for your roster. With the early bye on the Vikings’ schedule, running with Sam Darnold under center until McCarthy is ready seems to be the most feasible option for this organization. If Nick Mullens can produce an 8.82 YPA, I feel comfortable with Sam Darnold producing enough for my fantasy team with Jordan Addison, Justin Jefferson, and the rest of the squad.

The quarterback market is crucial to your fantasy football team. You need to identify the correct players to elevate your team. Not every player is a “world-beater,” but building the proper depth at the most critical position in football is the key to victory within fantasy football. Remember to read all the fantastic work here at FantasyPros. If you ever need unique help for your roster, please get in touch with me on X at @jpep20. Good luck with your dynasty off-season; let’s build those rosters to dominate our leagues.

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