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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Brad Hand Note
Brad Hand photo 8. Brad Hand
Hand joins the Nationals on a one-year deal after Cleveland declined his option. His velocity declined a bit last season, but the league's collective lack of interest in Hand is surprising, given that he's coming off one of the best seasons of his career, led the league in saves, has been a top-10 reliever over the last five seasons, and is a lefty. Dave Martinez wants Hand to be the Nationals' closer based on his comments, but it's unclear whether he'll be the sole option. The Nationals barely have another lefty reliever in their bullpen, let alone a reliable one, so chances are that Hand will be deployed earlier in the game if the opposing team has multiple left-handed hitters due up. All that to say that Hand is a reliable reliever who you should draft for his overall numbers, but he may provide fewer saves than most traditional closers.
15 hours ago
Tanner Rainey Note
Tanner Rainey photo 58. Tanner Rainey
Daniel Hudson Note
Daniel Hudson photo 85. Daniel Hudson
Will Harris Note
Will Harris photo 150. Will Harris
Rogelio Armenteros Note
Rogelio Armenteros photo 202. Rogelio Armenteros
Joe Ross Note
Joe Ross photo 211. Joe Ross
Wander Suero Note
Wander Suero photo 271. Wander Suero
Kyle Finnegan Note
Kyle Finnegan photo 283. Kyle Finnegan
Kyle McGowin Note
Kyle McGowin photo 293. Kyle McGowin
Jefry Rodriguez Note
Jefry Rodriguez photo 294. Jefry Rodriguez
Luis Avilan Note
Luis Avilan photo 383. Luis Avilan
Ryne Harper Note
Ryne Harper photo 394. Ryne Harper
Steven Fuentes Note
Steven Fuentes photo 410. Steven Fuentes
Aaron Barrett Note
Aaron Barrett photo 445. Aaron Barrett
Sam Clay Note
Sam Clay photo 460. Sam Clay
Paolo Espino Note
Paolo Espino photo 499. Paolo Espino
Javy Guerra Note
Javy Guerra photo 504. Javy Guerra
Seth Romero Note
Seth Romero photo 519. Seth Romero
T.J. McFarland Note
T.J. McFarland photo 547. T.J. McFarland
Dakota Bacus Note
Dakota Bacus photo 549. Dakota Bacus
Erick Fedde Note
Erick Fedde photo 560. Erick Fedde
Ben Braymer Note
Ben Braymer photo 581. Ben Braymer