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I earned my MA from SUNY New Paltz, where I continue to teach college grammar and writing. I also manage Rhino Records in New Paltz and am an avid horror and b-movie collector. Born and raised on Staten Island, I grew up a Yankees and Knicks fan, but I have since become, for better or worse, fairly "sports agnostic" thanks to my interest in sports analytics and fantasy. You can find more of my writing at numberFire.

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For all of the unexpected injuries and frustrating setbacks that have befallen the upper echelon of fantasy starters, there is no shortage of impressive up-and-comers poised to take the reigns....

On last week's inaugural Regression Report, our cautiousness towards limited sample size moved us to focus solely on starting pitchers. Now that most every-day offensive players have close to...

Even though many treat regression as a stand-in for "getting worse," it's important to remember that the concept doesn't only entail negative trends. Regression is a quality-neutral concept--it...

With a myriad of injury woes rendering the current crop of reliable fantasy starters much thinner than than it was this time last year, the prospect of taking calculated risks at the positional...

An argument can be made that the present talent glut at all four infield positions makes high-risk players at those positions much less attractive. The counter to that argument is the "rising...

Tolerance for risk is one of the defining factors of each fantasy owner's approach to the game. Some owners thrive on risk; others avoid it religiously; some sprinkle in a few high-variance plays...

Pitchers are waves, not straight lines. A step or two forward, a step or two back, or so the cliché goes. This is part of what makes assessing pitchers so challenging. And pitching hinges...

The consensus top two players in fantasy, Mike Trout and Mookie Betts, are both outfielders, and with their power/speed dynamism, these two players in many ways typify the appeal of outfield...

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