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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

J.K. Dobbins Note
J.K. Dobbins photo 30. J.K. Dobbins RB - (vs . PIT)
Dobbins is extremely talented, there's no doubting that. However, if you think he's a breakout candidate to finish as a top-five running back, you're betting against the odds. Among the running backs who finished top-10 last year, just two of them finished there while seeing fewer than 39 targets. Those two running backs were Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb, who averaged 5.4 and 5.6 yards per carry, numbers no one can actually project to hit. They also scored 17 and 12 touchdowns on the ground, propping their numbers up. Dobbins saw just 24 targets last year, a number that's unlikely to move much considering he's in the same offense with the same quarterback, only with more weapons around him. If Dobbins can rush for over 5.0 yards per carry (he did last year) and score double-digit rushing touchdowns (again, hard to project), he's going to finish as a top-10 running back, but not top-five due to the lack of work in the passing game. He's best-suited as your RB2 who has RB1 in his range of outcomes.
7 days ago
Mark Andrews Note
Mark Andrews photo 54. Mark Andrews TE - (vs . PIT)
It's kind of crazy how much Andrews gets disrespected by the fantasy community. He's tallied 2,105 yards and 20 touchdowns over his first three seasons in the league. That's the ninth-most yardage by a tight end in the post-merger era during his first three seasons. You know what other tight ends are on that list? George Kittle, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, and Kellen Winslow. Sure, the Ravens went out and added some pass catchers, but Andrews is the go-to option for Lamar Jackson over the middle of the field and in the red zone. Health has been the biggest obstacle for Andrews, but if he's able to stay on the field, he should be the No. 4 tight end off the board.
6 days ago
Lamar Jackson Note
Lamar Jackson photo 55. Lamar Jackson QB - (vs . PIT)
Do you know how many times Jackson has finished with fewer than 16.5 fantasy points since taking the starting job in 2019? Four. He's posted 21.3 or more fantasy points in 22-of-30 games during that stretch, which is flat-out ridiculous. On top of that, he's now got better weapons to throw to, yet some are ranking him as the fourth-best quarterback in fantasy? Not me. Jackson should be in the conversation to be the first quarterback off the board.
6 days ago
Gus Edwards Note
Gus Edwards photo 104. Gus Edwards RB - (vs . PIT)
Marquise Brown Note
Marquise Brown photo 117. Marquise Brown WR - (vs . PIT)
Baltimore Ravens Note
Baltimore Ravens photo 163. Baltimore Ravens DST - (vs . PIT)
Rashod Bateman Note
Rashod Bateman photo 165. Rashod Bateman WR - (vs . PIT)
I was leading the charge for Bateman during the draft process, saying he reminded me of Keenan Allen. After landing with the Ravens, I'm not so excited about him anymore. The Ravens have targeted their wide receivers just 393 times over the last two seasons, a number that four teams hit in 2020 alone. The passing will likely increase in 2021 after the acquisitions of a few pass catchers, but they're not going to be changing their entire philosophy. We need targets in order for Bateman to break out, and it's tough to project him getting even 100 of them, making him a bench hopeful in fantasy.
2 weeks ago
Justin Tucker Note
Justin Tucker photo 178. Justin Tucker K - (vs . PIT)
Tucker remains the best kicker in the game from a real-life standpoint, hitting nearly 90% of his field-goal attempts and all but one of his extra-point attempts last year. The issue from a fantasy standpoint is that the Ravens' efficiency in the red zone with Lamar Jackson under center has led to fewer field goal attempts. After averaging 39 field-goal attempts per season from 2015-2018, Tucker has attempted just 29 field goals in each of the past two seasons. His increase in extra-point attempts (he's averaged 56 extra-point attempts the last two seasons after averaging just 33 the four prior seasons) just isn't enough to make up the difference. Still, even if Tucker is down from his peak, he remains a locked-in top-10 kicker and the safest option on the board. He should be one of the first few taken at the position, even if his upside isn't quite as high anymore.
1 week ago
Sammy Watkins Note
Sammy Watkins photo 209. Sammy Watkins WR - (vs . PIT)
Miles Boykin Note
Miles Boykin photo 321. Miles Boykin WR - (vs . PIT)
There was a time where people were excited about what Boykin might bring to the table. That time has passed, as he's now entering his third season with just 32 receptions under his belt. He's actually performed solid on a per-target basis, but his opportunity is gone with the additions of Rashod Bateman, Sammy Watkins, and Tylan Wallace to the wide receiver depth chart. He wasn't fantasy relevant without them, so he sure as heck won't be with them.
2 weeks ago
Justice Hill Note
Justice Hill photo 333. Justice Hill RB - (vs . PIT)
Tylan Wallace Note
Tylan Wallace photo 377. Tylan Wallace WR - (vs . PIT)
Devin Duvernay Note
Devin Duvernay photo 386. Devin Duvernay WR - (vs . PIT)
Nick Boyle Note
Nick Boyle photo 446. Nick Boyle TE - (vs . PIT)
Patrick Ricard Note
Patrick Ricard photo 480. Patrick Ricard RB,DT - (vs . PIT)
Josh Oliver Note
Josh Oliver photo 490. Josh Oliver TE - (vs . PIT)
Dez Bryant Note
Dez Bryant photo 517. Dez Bryant WR - (vs . PIT)
James Proche Note
James Proche photo 537. James Proche WR - (vs . PIT)
Deon Cain Note
Deon Cain photo 638. Deon Cain WR - (vs . PIT)
Ben Mason Note
Ben Mason photo 673. Ben Mason RB - (vs . PIT)
Devin Gray Note
Devin Gray photo 709. Devin Gray WR - (vs . PIT)
Binjimen Victor Note
Binjimen Victor photo 710. Binjimen Victor WR - (vs . PIT)
Jaylon Moore Note
Jaylon Moore photo 711. Jaylon Moore WR - (vs . PIT)
Eli Wolf Note
Eli Wolf photo 749. Eli Wolf TE - (vs . PIT)
Jacob Breeland Note
Jacob Breeland photo 751. Jacob Breeland TE - (vs . PIT)
Tony Poljan Note
Tony Poljan photo 753. Tony Poljan TE - (vs . PIT)
Ty'Son Williams Note
Ty'Son Williams photo 806. Ty'Son Williams RB - (vs . PIT)
Nate McCrary Note
Nate McCrary photo 811. Nate McCrary RB - (vs . PIT)
Trace McSorley Note
Trace McSorley photo 846. Trace McSorley QB - (vs . PIT)
Tyler Huntley Note
Tyler Huntley photo 947. Tyler Huntley QB - (vs . PIT)