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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Derrick Henry Note
Derrick Henry photo 3. Derrick Henry RB - (at HOU)
The man just keeps getting better... Every year he's been in the league, we've watched his rushing yardage go up by at least 250 yards. I'm sure he peaked last year with 2,027 yards on the ground, but now going to a 17-game season, maybe I'm wrong. Henry should be in scoring position quite a bit this year knowing the Titans went out and acquired Julio Jones this offseason. There's no scenario where your offense gets worse in that equation. However, we don't know how the offense is going to look in 2021, as Arthur Smith (offensive coordinator the last two years) is gone. Still, with Jones and A.J. Brown on the perimeter, it's going to be tough for opponents to stack the box the way they have against Henry the last few years, so his efficiency may actually go up. There are certainly some variables to his projections, but Henry has proven that despite his lack of usage in the passing game, he's going to make up for it on the ground.
6 hours ago
A.J. Brown Note
A.J. Brown photo 21. A.J. Brown WR - (at HOU)
Brown is a stud, plain and simple. He's defied the rule of regression and continues to blow the roof off normal projections. Based on the targets he saw last year and where on the field he saw them, he was supposed to finish as the No. 30 wide receiver. That's the opportunity he had. Well, he finished as the No. 12 wide receiver. The year before that, he was supposed to finish as the No. 49 wide receiver but finished No. 15 instead. The addition of Julio Jones will certainly limit his target ceiling, but based on what we've seen to this point, his efficiency should carry him to new heights in 2021.
6 hours ago
Julio Jones Note
Julio Jones photo 40. Julio Jones WR - (at HOU)
The public perception on Jones is that he's towards the end of his career, but that's simply not true. In fact, he averaged a career-high 11.3 yards per target during the 2020 season and was the WR13 in half-PPR points per game while ceding plenty of work to up-and-coming superstar Calvin Ridley. It'll be a similar situation in Tennessee, as Jones will now play alongside what might be the next generation's Julio Jones, and that's A.J. Brown. Similar to Atlanta, Jones and Brown are going to cap each other's truly elite ceiling, but as Jones and Ridley proved last year, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that they're both top-12 wide receivers, especially when you factor in Ryan Tannehill's efficiency. Oh, and stop calling Jones injury prone - he's played at least 14 games in seven of the last nine seasons, and has totaled at least 1,394 yards in six of the last seven seasons. You don't do that if you're injury prone.
6 hours ago
Ryan Tannehill Note
Ryan Tannehill photo 93. Ryan Tannehill QB - (at HOU)
Tannehill has been disrespected by the fantasy community long before Julio Jones was traded there. Tannehill became the starter of the Titans in Week 7 of 2019. Since that time, he's tallied 575.3 fantasy points, which ranks third among quarterbacks, behind only Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. That's right... despite ranking 16th in pass attempts during that time (26-game sample size), he's finished with more fantasy points than Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Deshaun Watson.
6 hours ago
Anthony Firkser Note
Anthony Firkser photo 170. Anthony Firkser TE - (at HOU)
There was some real excitement surrounding Firkser a few months ago, but then Julio Jones was acquired, bringing that enthusiasm down a level. Still, there's no competition for targets among the tight ends, and with Arthur Smith out of town, it's very likely the Titans throw the ball more in 2021. The issue with thinking Firkser could be a breakout tight end is due to the fact that he's just 6-foot-2 and 246 pounds, which is not very big for a tight end, and it's shown in the red zone, as he's scored just three career touchdowns on 97 targets. There's going to be streaming opportunities when the Titans are playing in a projected shootout, but he's not someone you want to rely on week-in and week-out.
6 hours ago
Darrynton Evans Note
Darrynton Evans photo 206. Darrynton Evans RB - (at HOU)
I think most people were shocked when the Titans selected Evans in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, though I figured it meant they were going to start to lighten the burden on Derrick Henry, as Evans profiled as a timeshare back. Instead, it was all Henry, all the time. Will that change with Arthur Smith out of town? It's possible. I'm expecting a bigger role on obvious passing downs, while carrying some solid handcuff value in a high-scoring offense.
6 hours ago
Josh Reynolds Note
Josh Reynolds photo 216. Josh Reynolds WR - (at HOU)
Tennessee Titans Note
Tennessee Titans photo 276. Tennessee Titans DST - (at HOU)
Brian Hill Note
Brian Hill photo 326. Brian Hill RB - (at HOU)
Dez Fitzpatrick Note
Dez Fitzpatrick photo 383. Dez Fitzpatrick WR - (at HOU)
Geoff Swaim Note
Geoff Swaim photo 402. Geoff Swaim TE - (at HOU)
Tucker McCann Note
Tucker McCann photo 412. Tucker McCann K - (at HOU)
Jeremy McNichols Note
Jeremy McNichols photo 454. Jeremy McNichols RB - (at HOU)
Cameron Batson Note
Cameron Batson photo 505. Cameron Batson WR - (at HOU)
Jared Pinkney Note
Jared Pinkney photo 547. Jared Pinkney TE - (at HOU)
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine Note
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine photo 564. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine WR - (at HOU)
Mekhi Sargent Note
Mekhi Sargent photo 566. Mekhi Sargent RB - (at HOU)
Khari Blasingame Note
Khari Blasingame photo 598. Khari Blasingame RB - (at HOU)
Briley Moore Note
Briley Moore photo 670. Briley Moore TE - (at HOU)
Fred Brown Note
Fred Brown photo 734. Fred Brown WR - (at HOU)
Kalija Lipscomb Note
Kalija Lipscomb photo 777. Kalija Lipscomb WR - (at HOU)
Chester Rogers Note
Chester Rogers photo 784. Chester Rogers WR - (at HOU)
Mason Kinsey Note
Mason Kinsey photo 787. Mason Kinsey WR - (at HOU)
Racey McMath Note
Racey McMath photo 796. Racey McMath WR - (at HOU)
Cody Hollister Note
Cody Hollister photo 812. Cody Hollister WR - (at HOU)
Logan Woodside Note
Logan Woodside photo 849. Logan Woodside QB - (at HOU)
Marcus Johnson Note
Marcus Johnson photo 902. Marcus Johnson WR - (at HOU)
Miller Forristall Note
Miller Forristall photo 914. Miller Forristall TE - (at HOU)
Tommy Hudson Note
Tommy Hudson photo 923. Tommy Hudson TE - (at HOU)
DeShone Kizer Note
DeShone Kizer photo 960. DeShone Kizer QB - (at HOU)