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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2024 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Ja'Marr Chase Note
Ja'Marr Chase photo 4. Ja'Marr Chase WR - (at PIT)
Chase's 2023 season was ruined by injury both with his quarterback (Joe Burrow) and his late-season shoulder sprain. In Weeks 1-4, while Burrow was looking like a shadow of his former self, Chase was still the WR23, drawing a 27.0% target share, a 34.6% air-yard share, and a 36.2% first-read share while producing 1.81 yards per route run (YPRR) and 0.102 first downs per route run (FD/RR). In Weeks 5-10, when Burrow was back to dealing, Chase was the WR4 in fantasy, commanding a 28.4% target share, a 43.1% air-yard share, and a 34.5% first read share while churning out a whopping 2.69 YPRR and 0.145 FD/RR. Chase should be viewed as a consensus top-four wide receiver and a top-three pick in fantasy.
6 weeks ago
Tee Higgins Note
Tee Higgins photo 48. Tee Higgins WR - (at PIT)
Tee Higgins is saddled up with Cincy for at least one more season. He should be locked into two wide receiver sets as one of Joe Burrow's go-to options in the passing attack. Over the last three years, Higgins has seen his production take a downturn. His yards per route run have dropped in each of the last three seasons, and his fantasy points per game have slipped from 15.7 to 13.1, finally cratering at 11.5 points per game last year. Last year, his peripheral efficiency metrics were in the WR3 territory as he ranked 38th in yards per route run and 32nd in first downs per route run (per Fantasy Points Data). Some of this can be blamed on Burrow's injury and the downstep in quarterback play to Jake Browning, but the decline had already begun for him prior to last season. Higgins could be a WR2 this season, but he's best viewed as a WR2/3.
5 days ago
Joe Burrow Note
Joe Burrow photo 60. Joe Burrow QB - (at PIT)
Joe Burrow's early season calf strain crushed him out the gate in 2023. In Weeks 1-4, he was the QB32 in fantasy points per game. During that four-game stretch, among 31 qualifying quarterbacks, he ranked 31st in yards per attempt, 28th in aDOT, and had the 12th-highest off-target rate (per Fantasy Points Data). Sadly, his season was cut short in Week 11 with a wrist injury, but he flashed the same Burrow awesomeness once he was healthy. Before being sidelined for the rest of the season, in Weeks 5-10, he was the QB4 in fantasy points per game while ranking 10th in yards per attempt, third in passing touchdowns, fifth in CPOE, and second in highly accurate throw rate. Burrow is a wonderful mid-round pick with top-five fantasy quarterback upside.
6 days ago
Zack Moss Note
Zack Moss photo 86. Zack Moss RB - (at PIT)
Moss parlayed his starting stint last year with the Colts into a possible starting gig with the Bengals. In the seven games he started and played at least 50% of the snaps, he finished with 21.1 touches and 98.5 total yards per game. Moss should handle the early downs in Cincinnati this season after ranking 15th in missed tackles forced per attempt and 18th in yards after contact per attempt last year (per Fantasy Points Data). Chase Brown could eat into his pass game work as Moss was only 41st in yards per route run and 48th in targets per route run. Even if his passing game usage is capped, being the early down back on one of the league's best offenses still puts him in the RB2/3 conversation.
6 weeks ago
Chase Brown Note
Chase Brown photo 129. Chase Brown RB - (at PIT)
Chase Brown remains a high-end handcuff bet for 2024 that could offer some stand-alone value if he can eat into Zach Moss's workload. Brown was impressive on a per-touch basis last season, although the sample size is pretty limited (44 carries). Among 77 backs with at least 40 carries, Brown ranked 12th in yards after contact per attempt and 16th in missed tackles forced per attempt (per Fantasy Points Data). Brown is a player to get exposure with during draft season because the upside is there for him to outkick his ADP.
6 weeks ago
Jermaine Burton Note
Jermaine Burton photo 171. Jermaine Burton WR - (at PIT)
Burton has a clear path to volume behind Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. He should be starting three wide sets from Day 1. Tyler Boyd has been a descending player for the last few seasons, and even as the team's third wheel, he drew between 83 and 98 targets per season. Burton could push for 100-plus in his rookie season. The passing volume should be there, as Cincinnati was third in neutral passing rate last year when Joe Burrow was healthy and looking like his usual self. Off-the-field issues are the only reason that Burton was available when the Bengals selected him in the NFL Draft. Based on talent alone, he should have been at least a second-round pick and could have honestly pushed for a first-round selection. In his final season at Alabama, Burton was in the 90th percentile against single coverage and 82nd percentile in YPRR. If Tee Higgins gets moved prior to Week 1 or holds out, Burton's stock will soar through the roof.
6 weeks ago
Evan McPherson Note
Evan McPherson photo 226. Evan McPherson K - (at PIT)
Mike Gesicki Note
Mike Gesicki photo 229. Mike Gesicki TE - (at PIT)
Cincinnati Bengals Note
Cincinnati Bengals photo 266. Cincinnati Bengals DST - (at PIT)
Their DST should be a strong Week 1 option play versus the Patriots.
6 weeks ago
Andrei Iosivas Note
Andrei Iosivas photo 277. Andrei Iosivas WR - (at PIT)
Tanner Hudson Note
Tanner Hudson photo 368. Tanner Hudson TE - (at PIT)
Erick All Jr. Note
Erick All Jr. photo 374. Erick All Jr. TE - (at PIT)
Trenton Irwin Note
Trenton Irwin photo 398. Trenton Irwin WR - (at PIT)
Trayveon Williams Note
Trayveon Williams photo 406. Trayveon Williams RB - (at PIT)
Charlie Jones Note
Charlie Jones photo 412. Charlie Jones WR - (at PIT)
Jake Browning Note
Jake Browning photo 414. Jake Browning QB - (at PIT)
Drew Sample Note
Drew Sample photo 492. Drew Sample TE - (at PIT)
Chris Evans Note
Chris Evans photo 504. Chris Evans RB - (at PIT)
Tanner McLachlan Note
Tanner McLachlan photo 511. Tanner McLachlan TE - (at PIT)