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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Miles Sanders Note
Miles Sanders photo 37. Miles Sanders RB - (vs . DAL)
The start to Sanders' career hasnt been what we'd hoped for, delivering RB2 or better numbers in just 14-of-28 of games (50 percent). To be fair, he hasn't been used in a workhorse role, totaling more than 15 touches just 11 times over that span. Will the departure of Doug Pederson allow him to shine, or will Nick Sirianni implement a timeshare as well? The depth chart now consists of Sanders, Kerryon Johnson, and Kenneth Gainwell, so this could very well be a Colts-like backfield, which would make sense given that's where Sirianni comes from. Sanders should be treated as a timeshare RB2 who's more talented than most in that conversation.
2 days ago
Dallas Goedert Note
Dallas Goedert photo 75. Dallas Goedert TE - (vs . DAL)
Despite Zach Ertz on the roster and stealing tons of targets, Goedert has managed to rack up 1,131 yards and eight touchdowns over his last 26 games. Had Goedert played all 16 games in 2020, his pace would've been 762 yards and four touchdowns, which would've been good enough to finish as a top-10 tight end (again, with Ertz around). It seems like a foregone conclusion that Ertz will be off the team soon, which clears a path for Goedert to be among the league leaders in targets for a tight end. It's a new offense, but Nick Sirianni comes from the Frank Reich tree, which has a history of producing tight end production. Goedert may not be a can't-miss tight end, but if there's someone who has top-five upside without being drafted there, it's him.
2 days ago
Jalen Hurts Note
Jalen Hurts photo 94. Jalen Hurts QB - (vs . DAL)
We saw a glimpse of what Hurts can bring to the table last year, though it was just a four-game sample size. He started four games for the Eagles, and each of those games netted at least 16.3 fantasy points, highlighting a floor that's hard to find. He also flashed upside with a 37.8-point outburst in Week 15 against the Cardinals. The downside is that it was a small sample size, and Hurts appeared to get worse every time out. Even then, it's still a small sample size. There's a new coaching staff, along with a new No. 1 receiver, but if what we saw from Hurts in 2020 was his floor, we're in for a treat in 2021. If he can hone in and improve his accuracy numbers from 2020, there's legitimate top-six quarterback upside.
2 days ago
DeVonta Smith Note
DeVonta Smith photo 100. DeVonta Smith WR - (vs . DAL)
If you're looking for the clear-cut No. 1 wide receiver for his team who's not being drafted like it, Smith is your guy. The Eagles were severely lacking wide receiver talent last year, and it led to them trading up to take Smith to solidify their go-to receiver for Jalen Hurts. Smith was the most pro-ready receiver in the draft, though some are concerned with his lack of weight. Even though every college knew he was getting the ball, they couldn't stop him, and it's not like Alabama plays weak opponents. He dominated everyone he came across. As someone who should get a consistent six-plus targets per game, Smith should be a WR3, even in his rookie season.
2 days ago
Jalen Reagor Note
Jalen Reagor photo 145. Jalen Reagor WR - (vs . DAL)
Was his disappointing rookie season a product of bad quarterback play? Bad offensive scheme? Or was it Reagor himself? It may have been a combination of all three things, though the other two have changed this offseason, as Nick Sirianni is now the head coach, and Jalen Hurts is now the quarterback. The downside is that the Eagles drafted Devonta Smith in the first round and he's immediately going to become the No. 1 target for Hurts, which puts Reagor into competition with Dallas Goedert as the No. 2 option in this offense. If Hurts pans out, Reagor could be a value later in drafts, though he may be a bit more boom/bust than you'd like due to his inconsistent targets.
2 days ago
Zach Ertz Note
Zach Ertz photo 176. Zach Ertz TE - (vs . DAL)
Kenneth Gainwell Note
Kenneth Gainwell photo 181. Kenneth Gainwell RB - (vs . DAL)
Gainwell was one of, if not the, best pass catching running backs in the draft. It's unfortunate to see him fall until the fifth round in the NFL Draft, as that doesn't guarantee him a whole lot of opportunity out of the gate, but given Nick Sirianni's ties to Frank Reich, we could see Gainwell in the Nyheim Hines role, which we know has value. The signing of Kerryon Johnson clouded his outlook though, making him just a late-round flier.
2 days ago
Boston Scott Note
Boston Scott photo 259. Boston Scott RB - (vs . DAL)
He went from a player who had the passing-down back role locked down at the start of the offseason, but we've watched that fade as we move throughout the offseason. The addition of Kenneth Gainwell in the draft was always going to be a problem, as Gainwell was arguably the best pass-catching back in the draft class. Not just Gainwell, though, as the team also signed Kerryon Johnson once the Lions released him. Opportunity is fading for Scott, who's nowhere near the redraft radar at this point.
2 days ago
Jake Elliott Note
Jake Elliott photo 261. Jake Elliott K - (vs . DAL)
It was pretty much an abysmal season for Elliott in every way possible last year. He attempted just 19 field goals and had the lowest conversion rate for field-goal and extra-point attempts in his four-year career. The Eagles' offense was terrible last year, so you should expect Elliott's volume to regress to his career levels as the team plays better in 2021, which should mean about 33% more field-goal and extra-point attempts. But given his accuracy issues last year, there's no reason to draft him right now in fantasy.
7 days ago
Philadelphia Eagles Note
Philadelphia Eagles photo 265. Philadelphia Eagles DST - (vs . DAL)
Kerryon Johnson Note
Kerryon Johnson photo 266. Kerryon Johnson RB - (vs . DAL)
It's obviously never a good thing to see a running back cut from his rookie contract, but that's what happened with Johnson and the Lions. The Eagles were quick to snag him after that, but it's another timeshare situation where he's clearly the No. 2 back behind Miles Sanders. When you add in Kenneth Gainwell as the best receiving option, it's difficult to say where Johnson fits in. He'll need an injury to be fantasy relevant.
2 days ago
Travis Fulgham Note
Travis Fulgham photo 297. Travis Fulgham WR - (vs . DAL)
Hey, remember that five-week stretch where Fulgham was the No. 1 fantasy football wide receiver? No, I'm not kidding. From Week 4 through Week 8, Fulgham scored 82.0 half PPR points while no other receiver scored more than 74.3 of them. Then, suddenly, the Eagles chose to not involve him in the offense anymore. It was odd, really. The Eagles now clearly have Devonta Smith and Jalen Reagor ahead of him on the depth chart, but if Jalen Hurts can take a step forward in his passing in 2021, we could see Fulgham have a few usable weeks in fantasy as the team's No. 3 receiver.
2 days ago
Greg Ward Note
Greg Ward photo 321. Greg Ward WR - (vs . DAL)
Jordan Howard Note
Jordan Howard photo 324. Jordan Howard RB - (vs . DAL)
Quez Watkins Note
Quez Watkins photo 447. Quez Watkins WR - (vs . DAL)
Richard Rodgers Note
Richard Rodgers photo 463. Richard Rodgers TE - (vs . DAL)
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Note
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside photo 471. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside WR - (vs . DAL)
John Hightower Note
John Hightower photo 494. John Hightower WR - (vs . DAL)
Hakeem Butler Note
Hakeem Butler photo 601. Hakeem Butler TE,WR - (vs . DAL)
Joe Flacco Note
Joe Flacco photo 695. Joe Flacco QB - (vs . DAL)
Michael Walker Note
Michael Walker photo 708. Michael Walker WR - (vs . DAL)
Jhamon Ausbon Note
Jhamon Ausbon photo 714. Jhamon Ausbon WR - (vs . DAL)
Jason Croom Note
Jason Croom photo 788. Jason Croom TE - (vs . DAL)
Jack Stoll Note
Jack Stoll photo 861. Jack Stoll TE - (vs . DAL)
Caleb Wilson Note
Caleb Wilson photo 862. Caleb Wilson TE - (vs . DAL)
Adrian Killins Jr. Note
Adrian Killins Jr. photo 903. Adrian Killins Jr. RB - (vs . DAL)
Jason Huntley Note
Jason Huntley photo 907. Jason Huntley RB - (vs . DAL)
Elijah Holyfield Note
Elijah Holyfield photo 935. Elijah Holyfield RB - (vs . DAL)
Nick Mullens Note
Nick Mullens photo 938. Nick Mullens QB - (vs . DAL)