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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2023 Rest of Season Rankings

Travis Kelce Note
Travis Kelce photo 1. Travis Kelce KC (at LAC)
Sam LaPorta Note
Sam LaPorta photo 2. Sam LaPorta DET (vs . MIN)
Trey McBride Note
Trey McBride photo 3. Trey McBride ARI (vs . SEA)
George Kittle Note
George Kittle photo 4. George Kittle SF (vs . LAR)
David Njoku Note
David Njoku photo 5. David Njoku CLE (at CIN)
Evan Engram Note
Evan Engram photo 6. Evan Engram JAC (at TEN)
Dalton Kincaid Note
Dalton Kincaid photo 7. Dalton Kincaid BUF (at MIA)
Jake Ferguson Note
Jake Ferguson photo 8. Jake Ferguson DAL (at WAS)
Taysom Hill Note
Taysom Hill photo 9. Taysom Hill NO (vs . ATL)
Dallas Goedert Note
Dallas Goedert photo 10. Dallas Goedert PHI (at NYG)
Cole Kmet Note
Cole Kmet photo 11. Cole Kmet CHI (at GB)
Dalton Schultz Note
Dalton Schultz photo 12. Dalton Schultz HOU (at IND)
Isaiah Likely Note
Isaiah Likely photo 13. Isaiah Likely BAL (vs . PIT)
Kyle Pitts Note
Kyle Pitts photo 14. Kyle Pitts ATL (at NO)
Cade Otton Note
Cade Otton photo 15. Cade Otton TB (at CAR)
Pat Freiermuth Note
Pat Freiermuth photo 16. Pat Freiermuth PIT (at BAL)
Gerald Everett Note
Gerald Everett photo 17. Gerald Everett CHI (at GB)
Juwan Johnson Note
Juwan Johnson photo 18. Juwan Johnson NO (vs . ATL)
Tucker Kraft Note
Tucker Kraft photo 19. Tucker Kraft GB (vs . CHI)
Chigoziem Okonkwo Note
Chigoziem Okonkwo photo 20. Chigoziem Okonkwo TEN (vs . JAC)
Hunter Henry Note
Hunter Henry photo 21. Hunter Henry NE (vs . NYJ)
Logan Thomas Note
Logan Thomas photo 22. Logan Thomas FA (BYE)
Jonnu Smith Note
Jonnu Smith photo 23. Jonnu Smith MIA (vs . BUF)
Tyler Higbee Note
Tyler Higbee photo 24. Tyler Higbee LAR (at SF)
Michael Mayer Note
Michael Mayer photo 25. Michael Mayer LV (vs . DEN)
Noah Fant Note
Noah Fant photo 26. Noah Fant SEA (at ARI)
Tyler Conklin Note
Tyler Conklin photo 27. Tyler Conklin NYJ (at NE)
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 28. Dawson Knox BUF (at MIA)
Mike Gesicki Note
Mike Gesicki photo 29. Mike Gesicki CIN (vs . CLE)
Darren Waller Note
Darren Waller photo 30. Darren Waller NYG (vs . PHI)
Kylen Granson Note
Kylen Granson photo 31. Kylen Granson IND (vs . HOU)
Adam Trautman Note
Adam Trautman photo 32. Adam Trautman DEN (at LV)
Donald Parham Jr. Note
Donald Parham Jr. photo 33. Donald Parham Jr. LAC (vs . KC)
Noah Gray Note
Noah Gray photo 34. Noah Gray KC (at LAC)
Josh Oliver Note
Josh Oliver photo 35. Josh Oliver MIN (at DET)
Robert Tonyan Note
Robert Tonyan photo 36. Robert Tonyan MIN (at DET)
Luke Musgrave Note
Luke Musgrave photo 37. Luke Musgrave GB (vs . CHI)
Tanner Hudson Note
Tanner Hudson photo 38. Tanner Hudson CIN (vs . CLE)
Durham Smythe Note
Durham Smythe photo 39. Durham Smythe MIA (vs . BUF)
Daniel Bellinger Note
Daniel Bellinger photo 40. Daniel Bellinger NYG (vs . PHI)
Hayden Hurst Note
Hayden Hurst photo 41. Hayden Hurst LAC (vs . KC)
Zach Ertz Note
Zach Ertz photo 42. Zach Ertz WAS (vs . DAL)
Irv Smith Jr. Note
Irv Smith Jr. photo 43. Irv Smith Jr. KC (at LAC)
Austin Hooper Note
Austin Hooper photo 44. Austin Hooper NE (vs . NYJ)
Jelani Woods Note
Jelani Woods photo 45. Jelani Woods IND (vs . HOU)
Tommy Tremble Note
Tommy Tremble photo 46. Tommy Tremble CAR (vs . TB)
Colby Parkinson Note
Colby Parkinson photo 47. Colby Parkinson LAR (at SF)
Greg Dulcich Note
Greg Dulcich photo 48. Greg Dulcich DEN (at LV)
Foster Moreau Note
Foster Moreau photo 49. Foster Moreau NO (vs . ATL)
Jeremy Ruckert Note
Jeremy Ruckert photo 50. Jeremy Ruckert NYJ (at NE)
Cole Turner Note
Cole Turner photo 51. Cole Turner WAS (vs . DAL)
Brevin Jordan Note
Brevin Jordan photo 52. Brevin Jordan HOU (at IND)
Drew Sample Note
Drew Sample photo 53. Drew Sample CIN (vs . CLE)
Luke Schoonmaker Note
Luke Schoonmaker photo 54. Luke Schoonmaker DAL (at WAS)
Mo Alie-Cox Note
Mo Alie-Cox photo 55. Mo Alie-Cox IND (vs . HOU)
Darnell Washington Note
Darnell Washington photo 56. Darnell Washington PIT (at BAL)
Julian Hill Note
Julian Hill photo 57. Julian Hill MIA (vs . BUF)
Jordan Akins Note
Jordan Akins photo 58. Jordan Akins CLE (at CIN)
John Bates Note
John Bates photo 59. John Bates WAS (vs . DAL)
Brenton Strange Note
Brenton Strange photo 60. Brenton Strange JAC (at TEN)
Will Dissly Note
Will Dissly photo 61. Will Dissly LAC (vs . KC)
Elijah Higgins Note
Elijah Higgins photo 62. Elijah Higgins ARI (vs . SEA)
C.J. Uzomah Note
C.J. Uzomah photo 63. C.J. Uzomah PHI (at NYG)
Grant Calcaterra Note
Grant Calcaterra photo 64. Grant Calcaterra PHI (at NYG)
Harrison Bryant Note
Harrison Bryant photo 65. Harrison Bryant LV (vs . DEN)
Jimmy Graham Note
Jimmy Graham photo 66. Jimmy Graham FA (BYE)
Peyton Hendershot Note
Peyton Hendershot photo 67. Peyton Hendershot DAL (at WAS)
Brock Wright Note
Brock Wright photo 68. Brock Wright DET (vs . MIN)
Jack Stoll Note
Jack Stoll photo 69. Jack Stoll NYG (vs . PHI)
Albert Okwuegbunam Jr. Note
Albert Okwuegbunam Jr. photo 70. Albert Okwuegbunam Jr. PHI (at NYG)
Jody Fortson Jr. Note
Jody Fortson Jr. photo 71. Jody Fortson Jr. MIA (vs . BUF)
Hunter Long Note
Hunter Long photo 72. Hunter Long LAR (at SF)
Ian Thomas Note
Ian Thomas photo 73. Ian Thomas CAR (vs . TB)
Mark Andrews Note
Mark Andrews photo 74. Mark Andrews BAL (vs . PIT)
Giovanni Ricci Note
Giovanni Ricci photo 75. Giovanni Ricci CLE (at CIN)
Quintin Morris Note
Quintin Morris photo 76. Quintin Morris BUF (at MIA)
Drew Ogletree Note
Drew Ogletree photo 77. Drew Ogletree IND (vs . HOU)
Johnny Mundt Note
Johnny Mundt photo 78. Johnny Mundt MIN (at DET)
Jesper Horsted Note
Jesper Horsted photo 79. Jesper Horsted LV (vs . DEN)
James Mitchell Note
James Mitchell photo 80. James Mitchell DET (vs . MIN)
Ross Dwelley Note
Ross Dwelley photo 81. Ross Dwelley ATL (at NO)
Charlie Kolar Note
Charlie Kolar photo 82. Charlie Kolar BAL (vs . PIT)
Josiah Deguara Note
Josiah Deguara photo 83. Josiah Deguara JAC (at TEN)
Josh Whyle Note
Josh Whyle photo 84. Josh Whyle TEN (vs . JAC)
Brycen Hopkins Note
Brycen Hopkins photo 85. Brycen Hopkins FA (BYE)
Teagan Quitoriano Note
Teagan Quitoriano photo 86. Teagan Quitoriano HOU (at IND)
Chris Manhertz Note
Chris Manhertz photo 87. Chris Manhertz NYG (vs . PHI)
Shane Zylstra Note
Shane Zylstra photo 88. Shane Zylstra DET (vs . MIN)
Will Mallory Note
Will Mallory photo 89. Will Mallory IND (vs . HOU)
Payne Durham Note
Payne Durham photo 90. Payne Durham TB (at CAR)
Connor Heyward Note
Connor Heyward photo 91. Connor Heyward PIT (at BAL)
Tre' McKitty Note
Tre' McKitty photo 92. Tre' McKitty BUF (at MIA)
Davis Allen Note
Davis Allen photo 93. Davis Allen LAR (at SF)
Andrew Beck Note
Andrew Beck photo 94. Andrew Beck HOU (at IND)
Armani Rogers Note
Armani Rogers photo 95. Armani Rogers WAS (vs . DAL)
Trevon Wesco Note
Trevon Wesco photo 96. Trevon Wesco FA (BYE)
Ko Kieft Note
Ko Kieft photo 97. Ko Kieft TB (at CAR)
Stephen Sullivan Note
Stephen Sullivan photo 98. Stephen Sullivan CAR (vs . TB)
Luke Farrell Note
Luke Farrell photo 99. Luke Farrell JAC (at TEN)
Charlie Woerner Note
Charlie Woerner photo 100. Charlie Woerner ATL (at NO)
Tommy Sweeney Note
Tommy Sweeney photo 101. Tommy Sweeney CHI (at GB)
Kenny Yeboah Note
Kenny Yeboah photo 102. Kenny Yeboah NYJ (at NE)
Blake Bell Note
Blake Bell photo 103. Blake Bell FA (BYE)
Geoff Swaim Note
Geoff Swaim photo 104. Geoff Swaim FA (BYE)
Mitchell Wilcox Note
Mitchell Wilcox photo 105. Mitchell Wilcox NE (vs . NYJ)
MyCole Pruitt Note
MyCole Pruitt photo 106. MyCole Pruitt PIT (at BAL)
Marcedes Lewis Note
Marcedes Lewis photo 107. Marcedes Lewis FA (BYE)
Zack Kuntz Note
Zack Kuntz photo 108. Zack Kuntz NYJ (at NE)
Kendall Blanton Note
Kendall Blanton photo 109. Kendall Blanton FA (BYE)
Sean McKeon Note
Sean McKeon photo 110. Sean McKeon DET (vs . MIN)