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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Aaron Judge Note
Aaron Judge photo 9. Aaron Judge
All rise! His Honor enjoyed a season of reasonably good health in 2021 and posted a career-high .269 BA to go along with 39 HRs, 98 RBI and 89 runs. His 71% contact rate was the best of his career, and naturally his power peripherals were through the roof. No one punishes baseballs quite like Judge. Health is always a concern, and he doesn't run much, but the power skills should age well as this 6-7, 282-pound brute enters his 30s.
39 weeks ago
J.D. Martinez Note
J.D. Martinez photo 21. J.D. Martinez
Martinez got the bad taste of 2020 out of his mouth with a fine 2021 season. After batting .213 and hitting only seven HRs in the COVID-shortened 2020 campaign, Martinez batted .286 last year with 28 HRs, 99 RBI and 92 runs. Martinez is 34, so there's some age-related risk, but his 2021 Statcast numbers and other peripheral stats suggest that his skill set is aging well. He plays in a great hitter's park, and batting behind Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts should provide plenty of RBI opportunities. FantasyPros rankers like Martinez much more than the general public does - an indication that he's probably a value.
39 weeks ago
Mitch Haniger Note
Mitch Haniger photo 27. Mitch Haniger
Sports hernia surgery caused him to miss the 2020 season, but Haniger returned in a big way last year, posting career highs in home runs (39), RBI (100) and runs (110). There are some warning signs here, however. Haniger's strikeout rate has gone through the roof, and his on-base percentage has plummeted. His exit velocities suggest that he won't match last year's HR total. The good news is that Haniger's banner 2021 season hasn't driven his price sky-high. Still, some caution is warranted.
39 weeks ago
Cody Bellinger Note
Cody Bellinger photo 33. Cody Bellinger
The last thing you want to do is pass on a former MVP who can be had in the middle rounds because his draft stock is plummeting. The second-to-last-thing you want to do is grab a player hoping for a bounce-back season and bang your head on a desk every night as he continues his affair with the Mendoza line. What if last year's crater season was an aberration? Worse, what if it wasn't? Bellinger is still only 26, but he won't have 1B eligibility in most formats, leaving him eligible for OF only. Oh, heck, if he's still there in the ninth or 10th round, take a chance. And find a bottle of Advil.
39 weeks ago
Josh Bell Note
Josh Bell photo 39. Josh Bell
Bell had a horrid .464 OPS in April, likely because his timing was off after missing time because of a COVID-19 diagnosis. But once he found his footing, he was everything that Nationals hoped he would be. He batted .277 with an .887 OPS in the second half, and even played plenty of outfield so Washington could keep his bat in the lineup even with Ryan Zimmerman playing well. His walk percentage and strikeout rate largely returned to their pre-2020 levels, and he got better and better as the season went along. With Zimmerman now retired and the DH in the National League, Bell's bat should remain in the lineup nearly every day, and the presence of Juan Soto and Nelson Cruz should offer him plenty of RBI opportunities. He's not a fantasy superstar, but he's a capable starter at first base for your fantasy team.
37 weeks ago
Joey Gallo Note
Joey Gallo photo 40. Joey Gallo
It should tell you all you need to know about Gallo that he hit 38 home runs and scored 90 runs last season and baseball fans and fantasy players view his year as a disaster. Gallo basically did what he always did - he struck out a ton (34.6%), walked more than anyone not named Juan Soto (18%) and left the yard often. His sub-.200 batting average is just basically what Gallo is going to bring to the table unless he changes his approach or gets lucky, though the fact that he hit ground balls at an elevated clip didn't help much. He'll still be batting in the middle of a strong Yankees lineup, so if you can deal with the batting average hit, draft him for the homers and runs scored production.
36 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi Note
Andrew Benintendi photo 53. Andrew Benintendi
Benintendi was the classic "needs a change of scenery" player and got relatively back on track with the Royals. He looked almost identical to the disappointing but absolutely usable version of himself that he showed in 2019, and his underlying rates were nearly identical. He did walk at a career-worst rate but he also got his strikeout rate down under control, and had he avoided injury, he surely would have put up a 20-10 season. There's every reason to expct him to be able to do that again, but expect his other counting stats to remain mediocre with Kansas City's lineup.
36 weeks ago
Robbie Grossman Note
Robbie Grossman photo 56. Robbie Grossman
Grossman came out of nowhere to put up a 20-20 line in his age-31 season. And by "out of nowhere," I mean that his previous season-high in homers was 11 and his previous high in steals was nine. Everything suggests that Grossman sold out a bit for power, as he greatly increased both his launch angle and fly ball rate (46.2%). If he does that again, he can probably approach 20 homers for a second straight season, but considering his mediocre sprint speed (68th percentile), it would be surprising if he reached 20 steals. Take about 5-7 off your projections for both numbers and you probably won't be disappointed.
36 weeks ago
Adam Duvall Note
Adam Duvall photo 59. Adam Duvall
Duvall had the quietest 38-homer season in recent memory, which happens when a bulk of it takes place in Miami. He also led the National League in RBI and was one of the leaders in max exit velocity. But he also batted just .228 and struck out 31.4% of the time. Duvall is now 33 years old so expecting a rebound in batting average or strikeout rate is probably wishful thinking. But if it's power you crave, then Duvall should have you covered, particularly with playing his home game in Atlanta's hitter-friendly Truist Park.
36 weeks ago
Tommy Pham Note
Tommy Pham photo 62. Tommy Pham
Pham recently signed with the Reds, and even though the team has shipped off most of its lineup, it's not a bad fit. Pham's batting average has suffered over the last two seasons, but his expected batting average (.266, .258) suggests that he's been more unlucky than anything. And although his power numbers have declined, a move to Great American Ball Park should likely add a few home runs to his ledger this year. Pham still walks a ton and is a lock for double-digit steals, and he's the type of player who fantasy managers like to ignore each year. Don't worry as much about the lack of lineup protection, and instead buy the high floor and relative lack of competition for his job.
36 weeks ago
Michael Brantley Note
Michael Brantley photo 65. Michael Brantley
Brantley is one of the most consistent players in all of fantasy baseball, and so long as you're looking for what he gives you, there's nothing wrong with that. He's a lock to bat .300 and he'll generally offer decent runs and RBI totals batting in a strong Houston lineup. But the power that we saw in 2019 was an aberration at this point, and unless MLB uses juiced balls again, Brantley is likely to end up in the 10-12 home run range. At an advancing age, there's always reason to be concerned that he'll fall off a cliff, but nothing in his profile suggests that is imminent. Draft him for batting average but make sure you can make up the speed and power elsewhere.
36 weeks ago
AJ Pollock Note
AJ Pollock photo 66. AJ Pollock
Pollock reminded everyone last year why he was once such a desirable fantasy commodity. In just 117 games, he popped 21 home runs and added nine steals, all while batting .297. Pollock's issue has never been about his talent, and his career might be viewed differently if he could have stayed healthy. But his 117 games played last year represented his most since 2015, and given that he's already dealing with general soreness in the spring, it's highly unlikely that he'll surpass that number in his age-34 season. His skills have not declined much, and his 19% strikeout rate last year represented his best since 2017. So long as you factor in plenty of missed time, Pollock should again offer you fairly elite production on a game-by-game basis.
36 weeks ago
Michael Conforto Note
Michael Conforto photo 73. Michael Conforto
It appears as of now that Conforto guessed wrong when he turned down a long-term offer from the Mets and the qualifying offer, as he finds himself in an awkward limbo without a team well into the spring. There's obvious potential with Conforto, who hit at least 27 home runs for three straight seasons, gets on base at an above-average clip, and is just entering his age-29 season. But as we saw with Kris Bryant, it's hard to properly assess a player's fantasy value until we know his landing spot and, in Conforto's case, when he's going to sign.In a vacuum, however, Conforto can be a third or fourth outfielder for your fantasy team, someone who is capable of contributing in all five categories, though likely not excelling at any. Until he signs, you should drop him a good 10 spots from where you would otherwise have him, but he's not going to sit out the entire season, so don't let him fall too far in drafts.
36 weeks ago
Wil Myers Note
Wil Myers photo 77. Wil Myers
Myers couldn't sustain the many gains he made in the shortened 2020 season, but he didn't fall off a cliff entirely. His .256 batting average was his best (other than 2020) since 2016, and he offered 25 combined home runs and steals. The thing is that Myers' strikeout rate rose to 28.2%, but that's a number he can live with if he continued to make the quality of contact we're used to seeing from him. But, he didn't. His hard hit rate and exit velocity fell off a cliff (his 29.8% hard contact rate was one of the worst in baseball). It would seem like an odd decline for Myers, who was just 30 last year, so it may have just been a blip. But, it's worth being cautious before you head into the season assuming he'll bounce back. Given his ADP, however, you won't need to have confidence in him for him to be worth drafting.
36 weeks ago
Andrew McCutchen Note
Andrew McCutchen photo 80. Andrew McCutchen
McCutchen batted just .222 last year with the worst strikeout rate of his career (23%), but he provided plenty of value elsewhere. His walk rate was a robust 14.1%, he slugged 27 home runs, and fell just short of 160 combined runs and RBI. He'll move to Milwaukee this year, and so his power should translate once again, and he'll likely get to extra at-bats as the DH. He's not exciting, but even the batting average should bounce back a bit given his expected stats last year, so don't be afraid to pull the trigger late.
35 weeks ago
Brandon Nimmo Note
Brandon Nimmo photo 81. Brandon Nimmo
It's hard not to love a guy who sprints to first base after a walk, especially when he walks 14% of the time, one of the best rates in baseball. Nimmo will lead off again this year for the Mets, and given his elite OBP (.393 career), he should score plenty of runs. He doesn't have a ton of power or speed, but a fully healthy Nimmo should give you close to a 15-10 season with a plus batting average and contribution in the runs scored categories. The key phrase there is "fully healthy," because Nimmo's 92 games played last year were the second most of his career. But that injury risk is baked into his ADP, so draft him late and start him when he's in the lineup. You likely won't be disappointed if you do.
35 weeks ago
Raimel Tapia Note
Raimel Tapia photo 84. Raimel Tapia
Tapia moves from Colorado to Toronto, and although that's an obvious downgrade in terms of home park, it's pretty much as neutral a change as Tapia could have hoped for. He'll still play his home games in an extreme hitter-friendly environment, and he'll see a major upgrade in his surrounding lineup. The problem for Tapia, however, remains the same. He has extremely meager power numbers, and not enough speed to be a true difference-maker in the stolen base category (though he did swipe 20 last year). He'll almost certainly bat in the lower third of the lineup with Toronto, as he likely would have with the Rockies anyway, and his probable increase in runs scored should be canceled out by his likely drop in batting average (his xBA has been in the .250s in each of the last three seasons). There's little upside with Tapia, but he won't hurt you, so he's a decent bench option if you're light on steals.
36 weeks ago
Tyler Naquin Note
Tyler Naquin photo 86. Tyler Naquin
Adam Frazier Note
Adam Frazier photo 89. Adam Frazier
Dominic Smith Note
Dominic Smith photo 91. Dominic Smith
David Peralta Note
David Peralta photo 93. David Peralta
Garrett Hampson Note
Garrett Hampson photo 95. Garrett Hampson
Willie Calhoun Note
Willie Calhoun photo 99. Willie Calhoun
Rafael Ortega Note
Rafael Ortega photo 101. Rafael Ortega
Josh Harrison Note
Josh Harrison photo 108. Josh Harrison
Kole Calhoun Note
Kole Calhoun photo 122. Kole Calhoun
Bradley Zimmer Note
Bradley Zimmer photo 125. Bradley Zimmer
Justin Upton Note
Justin Upton photo 127. Justin Upton
Jackson Frazier Note
Jackson Frazier photo 129. Jackson Frazier
Jorge Alfaro Note
Jorge Alfaro photo 135. Jorge Alfaro
Jurickson Profar Note
Jurickson Profar photo 138. Jurickson Profar
Ben Gamel Note
Ben Gamel photo 139. Ben Gamel
Odubel Herrera Note
Odubel Herrera photo 141. Odubel Herrera
Chad Pinder Note
Chad Pinder photo 142. Chad Pinder
Jordan Luplow Note
Jordan Luplow photo 143. Jordan Luplow
Anthony Alford Note
Anthony Alford photo 145. Anthony Alford
Corey Dickerson Note
Corey Dickerson photo 146. Corey Dickerson
Aristides Aquino Note
Aristides Aquino photo 150. Aristides Aquino
Kevin Kiermaier Note
Kevin Kiermaier photo 151. Kevin Kiermaier
Niko Goodrum Note
Niko Goodrum photo 153. Niko Goodrum
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 154. Tyler Wade
Victor Reyes Note
Victor Reyes photo 159. Victor Reyes
Adam Engel Note
Adam Engel photo 160. Adam Engel
Jackie Bradley Jr. Note
Jackie Bradley Jr. photo 163. Jackie Bradley Jr.
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 165. Gregory Polanco
Kevin Pillar Note
Kevin Pillar photo 167. Kevin Pillar
Alex Dickerson Note
Alex Dickerson photo 168. Alex Dickerson
Jason Heyward Note
Jason Heyward photo 170. Jason Heyward
Matt Beaty Note
Matt Beaty photo 171. Matt Beaty
David Dahl Note
David Dahl photo 173. David Dahl
Steven Duggar Note
Steven Duggar photo 176. Steven Duggar
Aledmys Diaz Note
Aledmys Diaz photo 177. Aledmys Diaz
Michael Taylor Note
Michael Taylor photo 178. Michael Taylor
Willi Castro Note
Willi Castro photo 179. Willi Castro
Greg Allen Note
Greg Allen photo 183. Greg Allen
Eric Thames Note
Eric Thames photo 186. Eric Thames
Jose Marmolejos Note
Jose Marmolejos photo 191. Jose Marmolejos
Jerry Sands Note
Jerry Sands photo 192. Jerry Sands
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 193. Adam Eaton
Brett Gardner Note
Brett Gardner photo 194. Brett Gardner
Nomar Mazara Note
Nomar Mazara photo 195. Nomar Mazara
Luke Williams Note
Luke Williams photo 200. Luke Williams
Brian O'Grady Note
Brian O'Grady photo 205. Brian O'Grady
Lewis Brinson Note
Lewis Brinson photo 208. Lewis Brinson
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 210. Ehire Adrianza
Tim Locastro Note
Tim Locastro photo 212. Tim Locastro
Dillon Thomas Note
Dillon Thomas photo 215. Dillon Thomas
Dexter Fowler Note
Dexter Fowler photo 217. Dexter Fowler
Jace Peterson Note
Jace Peterson photo 218. Jace Peterson
Danny Santana Note
Danny Santana photo 221. Danny Santana
Shogo Akiyama Note
Shogo Akiyama photo 222. Shogo Akiyama
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 223. Marwin Gonzalez
Brett Phillips Note
Brett Phillips photo 224. Brett Phillips
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 225. Jake Lamb
Max Schrock Note
Max Schrock photo 228. Max Schrock
Brian Goodwin Note
Brian Goodwin photo 229. Brian Goodwin
Phil Gosselin Note
Phil Gosselin photo 231. Phil Gosselin
Michael Hermosillo Note
Michael Hermosillo photo 232. Michael Hermosillo
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 233. Charlie Culberson
Jarrod Dyson Note
Jarrod Dyson photo 234. Jarrod Dyson
Guillermo Heredia Note
Guillermo Heredia photo 235. Guillermo Heredia
Juan Lagares Note
Juan Lagares photo 236. Juan Lagares
Shed Long Jr. Note
Shed Long Jr. photo 237. Shed Long Jr.
Jake Marisnick Note
Jake Marisnick photo 239. Jake Marisnick
Jose Rojas Note
Jose Rojas photo 243. Jose Rojas
Josh Reddick Note
Josh Reddick photo 245. Josh Reddick
Wilmer Difo Note
Wilmer Difo photo 247. Wilmer Difo
Danny Mendick Note
Danny Mendick photo 249. Danny Mendick
Monte Harrison Note
Monte Harrison photo 251. Monte Harrison
Zach Reks Note
Zach Reks photo 255. Zach Reks
Luis Barrera Note
Luis Barrera photo 257. Luis Barrera
Matt Joyce Note
Matt Joyce photo 259. Matt Joyce
Aaron Altherr Note
Aaron Altherr photo 261. Aaron Altherr
Ian Desmond Note
Ian Desmond photo 264. Ian Desmond
Franchy Cordero Note
Franchy Cordero photo 266. Franchy Cordero
Daniel Robertson Note
Daniel Robertson photo 271. Daniel Robertson
Roman Quinn Note
Roman Quinn photo 273. Roman Quinn
Billy Hamilton Note
Billy Hamilton photo 276. Billy Hamilton
Magneuris Sierra Note
Magneuris Sierra photo 278. Magneuris Sierra
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 280. Brandon Drury
Jose Rondon Note
Jose Rondon photo 281. Jose Rondon
Delino DeShields Note
Delino DeShields photo 283. Delino DeShields
Steven Souza Jr. Note
Steven Souza Jr. photo 284. Steven Souza Jr.
Abraham Almonte Note
Abraham Almonte photo 285. Abraham Almonte
Albert Almora Jr. Note
Albert Almora Jr. photo 286. Albert Almora Jr.
Ender Inciarte Note
Ender Inciarte photo 289. Ender Inciarte
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 291. Ryan McBroom
Mallex Smith Note
Mallex Smith photo 296. Mallex Smith
Travis Demeritte Note
Travis Demeritte photo 297. Travis Demeritte
Johneshwy Fargas Note
Johneshwy Fargas photo 298. Johneshwy Fargas
Jaylin Davis Note
Jaylin Davis photo 299. Jaylin Davis
Brendon Davis Note
Brendon Davis photo 300. Brendon Davis
Scott Schebler Note
Scott Schebler photo 302. Scott Schebler
Nick Martini Note
Nick Martini photo 303. Nick Martini
Jonathan Davis Note
Jonathan Davis photo 304. Jonathan Davis
Dustin Fowler Note
Dustin Fowler photo 306. Dustin Fowler
Greg Deichmann Note
Greg Deichmann photo 308. Greg Deichmann
Trey Amburgey Note
Trey Amburgey photo 311. Trey Amburgey
Ka'ai Tom Note
Ka'ai Tom photo 315. Ka'ai Tom
Gerardo Parra Note
Gerardo Parra photo 316. Gerardo Parra
Rusney Castillo Note
Rusney Castillo photo 317. Rusney Castillo
Buddy Reed Note
Buddy Reed photo 318. Buddy Reed
Mike Tauchman Note
Mike Tauchman photo 321. Mike Tauchman
Michael Reed Note
Michael Reed photo 322. Michael Reed
Derek Fisher Note
Derek Fisher photo 324. Derek Fisher
JaCoby Jones Note
JaCoby Jones photo 325. JaCoby Jones
Joe Benson Note
Joe Benson photo 327. Joe Benson
Lane Adams Note
Lane Adams photo 328. Lane Adams
Patrick Kivlehan Note
Patrick Kivlehan photo 330. Patrick Kivlehan
Dee Strange-Gordon Note
Dee Strange-Gordon photo 332. Dee Strange-Gordon
Joe McCarthy Note
Joe McCarthy photo 334. Joe McCarthy
Yoenis Cespedes Note
Yoenis Cespedes photo 336. Yoenis Cespedes
Mark Payton Note
Mark Payton photo 337. Mark Payton
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 338. Tzu-Wei Lin
Nick Heath Note
Nick Heath photo 340. Nick Heath
Luis Basabe Note
Luis Basabe photo 342. Luis Basabe
Jacob Robson Note
Jacob Robson photo 344. Jacob Robson
Mikie Mahtook Note
Mikie Mahtook photo 345. Mikie Mahtook
Nick Williams Note
Nick Williams photo 346. Nick Williams
Henry Ramos Note
Henry Ramos photo 347. Henry Ramos
Sam Travis Note
Sam Travis photo 348. Sam Travis