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FanGraphs   Jan 11th, 6:32pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Rachel Balkovec becoming the first female manager in affiliated ball, Genevieve Beacom making her pro debut in Australia, and other women breaking baseball boundaries, then (13:20) conclude their “Measuring the...
FanGraphs   Jan 11th, 10:00am ET
Can we identify any future Cedric Mullins who would benefit from swinging from one side over the other?
FanGraphs   Jan 11th, 9:00am ET
Tampa's typically amazing depth will make them hard to knock out of the divisional picture.
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 1:43pm ET
Baseball might be locked out, but discussions of baseball (and, let's be honest, plenty of not-baseball) aren't.
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 1:15pm ET
He won't win any popularity contests, but the backstop carved out a 19-year major league career.
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 11:45am ET
It's related to groundballs, and it's a little complicated.
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 11:30am ET
Kevin Goldstein is taking your questions!
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 10:15am ET
The Mets project rather well, though health and depth concerns with the pitching staff linger.
FanGraphs   Jan 10th, 9:00am ET
My hunt to quantify a hard-to-define — and frankly downright strange — pitch type continues.
FanGraphs   Jan 9th, 7:03am ET
Plus Josh Palacios on Brooklyn's best batting practice pitcher, the under-appreciated Wilbur Wood, facts and stats galore, and more.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 8:47pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley continue their “Measuring the Unmeasurable” series about studying difficult-to-quantify aspects of the sport by bringing on Rob Mains of Baseball Prospectus to banter about ESPN’s new Sunday Night Baseball broadcasting...
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 1:15pm ET
Scraping off the snow for some 2022 chat.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 12:30pm ET
Chin Music enters 2022 with more prospect talk, which means another co-hosting spot from the always entertaining Eric Longenhagen, as we ramble for two hours and don’t even need a guest to do it. We begin by talking about the current state of the pandemic...
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 11:44am ET
Eric addresses the Stephen A. Smith controversy in today's chat.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 11:30am ET
The slugging first baseman was a cornerstone of the Phillies' five-year run atop the NL East, but injuries shortened his career.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 10:31am ET
When the offseason resumes, the A's need a couple outfielders and a lot of pitching depth.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 9:05am ET
Episode 956 On this edition of FanGraphs Audio, David Laurila welcomes Rob Kaminsky, former first-rounder and St. Louis Cardinal. The pair first spoke back in 2014, and while Kaminsky has put a lot of baseball under his belt since then, he is still just 27...
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 9:00am ET
Middle-of-the-order anchors headline a shallow Tigers system.
FanGraphs   Jan 7th, 8:40am ET
The Mets are hiring.