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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Pablo Lopez Note
Pablo Lopez photo 6. Pablo Lopez SP
Pablo Lopez had a great first year in Minnesota and established himself as their SP1. He threw 194 innings and struck out 234 batters. Lopez ended the season with a 3.86 ERA and 1.18, but his xERA was much lower at 3.00 with an xFIP of 3.25. Statcast has him ranked in the 98th percentile of pitching run value, and he may come at a small discount compared to where his projections have him. Lopez isn't a flashy SP1 for fantasy managers, but he offers stellar stats and consistency, which ain't bad.
4 weeks ago
Joe Ryan Note
Joe Ryan photo 28. Joe Ryan SP
Joe Ryan started 29 games for the Twins last year, ending up with an ERA (4.51) that was almost a full run higher than in 2022 (3.55). His xERA last year, though, was 3.53, and chances are good that he was just snakebit by a .305 BABIP. He also gave up a lot of hard contact (1.78 HR/9), but he struck out 197 batters and walked fewer than two per game. He should bounce back nicely in 2024, and you can draft him in the ninth round to be your SP2 or SP3.
4 weeks ago
Jhoan Duran Note
Jhoan Duran photo 39. Jhoan Duran RP
Jhoan Duran is the reliever to target if you're looking to build your reliever roster with a guy who throws 101.8 mph. The 25-year-old struck out 84 batters in 62 1/3 innings while collecting 27 saves last season. Opposing batters had an xBA of .185 and a 32.9 K% against him. Things got a little messy in the Twins bullpen in 2023, but fantasy managers should expect 30 saves from Duran in 2024. And if the league has a K/9 or equivalent category, he should be an early target.
4 weeks ago
Bailey Ober Note
Bailey Ober photo 48. Bailey Ober SP
Louie Varland Note
Louie Varland photo 115. Louie Varland SP
Griffin Jax Note
Griffin Jax photo 144. Griffin Jax RP
Chris Paddack Note
Chris Paddack photo 147. Chris Paddack RP
Brock Stewart Note
Brock Stewart photo 215. Brock Stewart RP
Anthony DeSclafani Note
Anthony DeSclafani photo 238. Anthony DeSclafani SP
Caleb Thielbar Note
Caleb Thielbar photo 310. Caleb Thielbar RP
Kody Funderburk Note
Kody Funderburk photo 340. Kody Funderburk RP
Steven Okert Note
Steven Okert photo 347. Steven Okert RP
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 378. Jay Jackson RP
Michael Tonkin Note
Michael Tonkin photo 385. Michael Tonkin RP
David Festa Note
David Festa photo 394. David Festa SP
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 415. Justin Topa RP
Jorge Alcala Note
Jorge Alcala photo 523. Jorge Alcala RP
Simeon Woods Richardson Note
Simeon Woods Richardson photo 564. Simeon Woods Richardson RP
Cody Laweryson Note
Cody Laweryson photo 588. Cody Laweryson RP
Matt Canterino Note
Matt Canterino photo 599. Matt Canterino SP
Jovani Moran Note
Jovani Moran photo 619. Jovani Moran RP
Pierson Ohl Note
Pierson Ohl photo 635. Pierson Ohl
Daniel Duarte Note
Daniel Duarte photo 701. Daniel Duarte RP
Brent Headrick Note
Brent Headrick photo 707. Brent Headrick RP
Jeff Brigham Note
Jeff Brigham photo 710. Jeff Brigham RP
Josh Staumont Note
Josh Staumont photo 737. Josh Staumont RP
Hunter McMahon Note
Hunter McMahon photo 745. Hunter McMahon
Ronny Henriquez Note
Ronny Henriquez photo 755. Ronny Henriquez RP
Josh Winder Note
Josh Winder photo 769. Josh Winder RP
Austin Schulfer Note
Austin Schulfer photo 807. Austin Schulfer RP
Ryan Jensen Note
Ryan Jensen photo 843. Ryan Jensen SP
Zack Weiss Note
Zack Weiss photo 849. Zack Weiss RP
Randy Dobnak Note
Randy Dobnak photo 866. Randy Dobnak RP
Jordan Balazovic Note
Jordan Balazovic photo 942. Jordan Balazovic RP
Matt Bowman Note
Matt Bowman photo 949. Matt Bowman RP
Hobie Harris Note
Hobie Harris photo 984. Hobie Harris RP