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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Spencer Strider Note
Spencer Strider photo 1. Spencer Strider SP - ATL
Spencer Strider performed as advertised in 2023. He struck out a ridiculous 281 batters in 186 2/3 innings for a 13.55 K/9. His walk rate dropped for the third straight season, and his xBAA was .205. His outlier was a 3.86 ERA, but don't let this stop you from drafting him, as his xERA was 3.09. Strider is currently the first pitcher off the board in NFBC drafts. He is neck-and-neck with Gerrit Cole for best fantasy SP1.
10 weeks ago
Corbin Burnes Note
Corbin Burnes photo 2. Corbin Burnes SP - BAL
Corbin Burnes is in the last year of his contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, and it would be somewhat surprising if he still plays for them at the end of the year. The important thing to note is that his pending free agency makes him an even better draft pick in 2024 than usual. And his "usual" is still elite. Burnes landed at 200 strikeouts in 193 2/3 innings with a 3.39 ERA and microscopic 1.07 WHIP. Hitters struggle to make good contact on Burnes's pitches (avgEV of 86.4), but his K% dropped five percent to 25.5. As the third pitcher in Tier 1, he has the most to gain in 2024 and will make an excellent SP1 in fantasy.
10 weeks ago
Zack Wheeler Note
Zack Wheeler photo 3. Zack Wheeler SP - PHI
Zack Wheeler continued his SP1 ways in 2023, racking up 212 strikeouts in 192 innings. His ERA was a little high (for him) at 3.61, and his xFIP supported that at 3.54. Wheeler is in the 95th percentile in BB% (5.0), so you can draft him knowing he will protect your WHIP better than many other aces. He also started 32 games, making his durability an asset as well. Wheeler remains at the top of Tier 2 after the Strider/Cole/Burnes triad, and you can probably get him in the third round.
10 weeks ago
Luis Castillo Note
Luis Castillo photo 4. Luis Castillo SP - SEA
Luis Castillo had a successful first season in Seattle, which was to be expected when he got out of Great American Ball Park. Castillo struck out 219 batters in 197 innings and started 33 games for the Mariners, striking out 10.01 K/9 and a 27.3 K%. One negative on his report card was his xERA of 3.82 and xFIP of 3.81, suggesting his 3.34 ERA may have been a bit lucky. Also of note was his 1.28 HR/9, which was the highest it had been since 2018. There is a lot to like about Castillo, but he is one of the more volatile pitchers in Tier 2.
10 weeks ago
George Kirby Note
George Kirby photo 5. George Kirby SP - SEA
George Kirby has a lot of stats to love, but the one that jumps off the page is that he walked 19 batters in 190 2/3 innings. He struck out 172 batters and carried a 3.35 ERA with 1.04 WHIP. Both his xERA and xFIP were higher than his actual numbers, but he started 31 games, and there is nothing overtly alarming in his underlying metrics. Kirby will cost you a fourth or fifth-round pick in 2024, but there is no better anchor for your ratios.
10 weeks ago
Pablo Lopez Note
Pablo Lopez photo 6. Pablo Lopez SP - MIN
Pablo Lopez had a great first year in Minnesota and established himself as their SP1. He threw 194 innings and struck out 234 batters. Lopez ended the season with a 3.86 ERA and 1.18, but his xERA was much lower at 3.00 with an xFIP of 3.25. Statcast has him ranked in the 98th percentile of pitching run value, and he may come at a small discount compared to where his projections have him. Lopez isn't a flashy SP1 for fantasy managers, but he offers stellar stats and consistency, which ain't bad.
10 weeks ago
Kevin Gausman Note
Kevin Gausman photo 7. Kevin Gausman SP - TOR
Kevin Gausman had a great second season north of the border, pitching 185 innings and striking out 237. His 11.53 K/9 was the second-highest of his career, but his walk rate went back up to 7.2% from his career low in 2022 (3.9). He has a couple of questionable metrics, namely his 3.87 xERA compared to his actual 3.16 ERA. His xFIP ended at 3.22, though, so chances are good that number will settle somewhere in the middle. His 31.1% strikeout rate might come back down to earth a little as well. Gausman is a good SP1 from Tier 2.
10 weeks ago
Zac Gallen Note
Zac Gallen photo 8. Zac Gallen SP - ARI
Zac Gallen had a dominant 2023 and finished third in the NL Cy Young race. The 28-year-old tossed 210 innings and struck out 220 with a 3.47 ERA and 1.11 WHIP. If we include the postseason, Gallen threw 243 2/3 innings, 60 innings more than his previous high. He gave up a lot of hard contact, and his xERA was 4.16. Gallen's xFIP was 3.49 on the plus side, and he continued to strike out more than one batter per inning. Gallen is a risky SP1, and his cost (currently in the third round) looks pretty high, given all the red flags heading into 2024.
10 weeks ago
Tyler Glasnow Note
Tyler Glasnow photo 9. Tyler Glasnow SP - LAD
Tyler Glasnow returned with a vengeance in 2023. Upon his return from Tommy John surgery, he threw 120 innings and struck out 162 batters. His 33.4 K% is in the 97th percentile, and his fastball velocity sat in the 96-mph range. His ERA was 3.53, but his xFIP was 2.75, suggesting that he dealt with some bad luck. (And if you know Glasnow, you know that he has dealt with a lot of bad luck in his career.) His WHIP also remained low at 1.08. Now, he joins a burgeoning SuperTeam in the Dodgers, where he will remain for the foreseeable future. He offers so much strikeout upside that it doesn't really matter where he plays. He would be in my Tier 1 of pitchers except for his injury history, which knocks him down ever so slightly.
10 weeks ago
Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 10. Logan Webb SP - SF
If you dig the ground ball, Logan Webb might be your soulmate. The 27-year-old is in the 99th percentile of GB% at 62.7 and BB% of 3.6. He struck out 194 batters in 216 innings pitched, so while he is not the strikeout artist of an SP1, he will do wonders for your ratios. And if you're interested in a durable starter, Webb started 33 games last year and 32 games the year before. Webb is a set-and-forget guy who rarely blows up, protecting your weekly numbers as well.
10 weeks ago
Tarik Skubal Note
Tarik Skubal photo 11. Tarik Skubal SP - DET
Tarik Skubal arrived in 2023 and quickly became the Detroit ace. He started 15 games for the Tigers, throwing 80 1/3 innings and striking out 102 batters. More impressively, he ended with a 2.80 ERA and 0.90 WHIP. On top of that, his xERA was 2.30, and his xFIP was 2.56, which suggests that his production was not an aberration. Looking ahead to 2024, Skubal slots in as an SP2 with an SP1 ceiling that is hard to ignore. He is worth targeting in the fourth or fifth rounds of drafts.
10 weeks ago
Yoshinobu Yamamoto Note
Yoshinobu Yamamoto photo 12. Yoshinobu Yamamoto SP - LAD
Yoshinobu Yamamoto will arrive in MLB with the powerhouse Dodgers in 2024, and while there may be an adjustment period for the 25-year-old, it shouldn't last too long. Yamamoto should come close to 200 strikeouts, though his ERA is projected to be near 4.00. However, as with all pitchers on outstanding teams, he does have slightly more win equity than others. As part of the $1 billion package that Los Angeles dropped on Yamamoto and Shohei Ohtani, the former's ADP seems somewhat inflated for a pitcher who has yet to face MLB hitters. He will cost you a sixth-round draft pick, and there may be better value elsewhere that early.
10 weeks ago
Aaron Nola Note
Aaron Nola photo 13. Aaron Nola SP - PHI
Aaron Nola had a mixed bag of results for fantasy teams in 2023. He threw 193 2/3 innings across 32 starts, so durability was not an issue. He struck out 202 batters and maintained his excellent BB% (5.7) for a WHIP of 1.15. His ERA, however, was an unseemly 4.46, and he gave up a career-high 1.49 HR/9. Nola's xERA and xFIP suggest improvement in ERA for 2024, and he has started precisely 32 games each of the last three seasons. In the offseason, he signed a seven-year, $172 million contract with the Phillies, a significant deal for a guy who will turn 31 in June. The perception of Nola is that he is an SP1, but his stats suggest grabbing someone to anchor your staff in 2024 and slot him in as an SP2.
10 weeks ago
Freddy Peralta Note
Freddy Peralta photo 14. Freddy Peralta SP - MIL
In 2023, Freddy Peralta finished sixth in K/9 among qualified starting pitchers who threw 100 or more innings. He struck out 210 batters in only 165 2/3 innings across 30 starts. His ERA was high at 3.86, but his xERA was 3.35, and his xFIP was 3.42. Peralta occasionally gives up hard contact, and his 1.4 HR/9 isn't great, but his 3.89 K/BB ratio was good for the 23rd-best in the majors. He will turn 28 in June, and even though he threw the most innings of his career last year, there isn't much to be concerned about. Slot him in as an SP2 that you can probably grab in the fifth or sixth round.
10 weeks ago
Edwin Diaz Note
Edwin Diaz photo 15. Edwin Diaz RP - NYM
Edwin Diaz was in line for another stellar campaign when a patellar tendon tear ended his season during the World Baseball Classic. We'll just run it back for 2024, though, as Diaz's Statcast page shows that he leads the world in almost every pitching metric. The 29-year-old probably won't come with much of a discount in 2024, and the latest reports are that he is fully healthy. Diaz is a minimal-risk, extremely-high reward reliever.
10 weeks ago
Framber Valdez Note
Framber Valdez photo 16. Framber Valdez SP - HOU
Framber Valdez took a step back in 2023 but still pitched 198 innings of stellar ball for the Astros. He ended with a 3.46 ERA, though his 4.33 xERA suggests he was lucky. On the other hand, his xFIP was 3.39, and he was one of 17 pitchers who struck out 200 or more. Valdez remains a cheat code in leagues with Quality Starts as a category. Even in traditional 5x5 leagues, he is an excellent SP2 with SP1 upside that you can probably get in the fifth round.
10 weeks ago
Josh Hader Note
Josh Hader photo 17. Josh Hader RP - HOU
Josh Hader experienced the bounceback foretold last offseason. He dropped his ERA from 5.22 to 1.28, which was much more in line with his career numbers. He struck out 85 batters in 56 1/3 innings and collected 33 saves. His elite xBA of .157 is in the 100th percentile, and batters have yet to figure out how to get any barrel on the Southpaw's pitches. Hader's downfall will always be his BB% (13.0), but fantasy managers inclined to take a closer early in drafts should feel confident they're getting one of the top two here.
10 weeks ago
Max Fried Note
Max Fried photo 18. Max Fried SP - ATL
Max Fried dealt with a couple of injuries in 2023, which limited him to 14 starts and 77 2/3 innings. He made the most of those innings, though, with a 2.55 ERA and 1.13 WHIP. While fantasy managers shouldn't chase wins, Fried's 8-1 record is notable because of the team he plays for. If he continues with his current pitching profile (Pitching Run-Value of 88, according to Statcast), the wins should come thanks to the prolific Braves offense. Fried does not give up much in the way of hard hits, and his ground ball percentage of 59.2 lands in the 97th percentile. He will be a solid SP1 if you wait until the fifth or sixth round to start your pitching staff.
10 weeks ago
Emmanuel Clase Note
Emmanuel Clase photo 19. Emmanuel Clase RP - CLE
Emmanuel Clase led all of baseball with 44 saves, and he did so with a 7.93 K/9. His secret is a GB% of 56.6, which is in the 93rd percentile. His ERA, however, took a precipitous jump from 1.36 to 3.22. If you're planning to use an early-round draft pick on a closer, there are three Tier 1 guys before Clase, who seems a bit more of a risk in 2024.
10 weeks ago
Blake Snell Note
Blake Snell photo 20. Blake Snell SP - SF
Blake Snell won the 2023 NL Cy Young Award, but will come with plenty of risk in 2024. As of right now, we don't know where he will be, which is part of the battle, but his 2.25 ERA last year was a mirage. Snell's xERA was 3.77, and xFIP was 3.62. In the positive column, he struck out 234 batters in 180 innings and was one of only 11 qualified starters with an 11 K/9 or higher. If walks drive you crazy, don't even consider the 31-year-old, but if you need strikeouts and plan to have ratio help elsewhere, Snell can be a nice SP2.
10 weeks ago
Logan Gilbert Note
Logan Gilbert photo 21. Logan Gilbert SP - SEA
Logan Gilbert pitched 190 2/3 innings, struck out 189 batters, and ended with a 3.73 ERA and 1.08 WHIP. The 26-year-old offered an elite BB% of 4.7, and his xERA and xFIP are in line with his actual numbers. Gilbert has started 32 games in each of the last two years, so the durability is there. He has an average K% and Whiff%, which keeps him out of an elite SP tier, but he is a solid SP3 with SP2 upside for those who want to take that risk.
10 weeks ago
Grayson Rodriguez Note
Grayson Rodriguez photo 22. Grayson Rodriguez SP - BAL
I think it's fair to say that Grayson Rodriguez stumbled onto the scene in 2023. In the first half of the season, the rookie threw 45 1/3 innings and gave up 13 home runs and 21 walks on his way to a 7.35 ERA and a trip back to Triple-A. When he returned, the prospect everyone wanted to see arrived. He allowed only three home runs over his final 76 2/3 innings and finished that half with a 2.58 ERA. The good news is that the 24-year-old's second season should be more in line with the latter half of 2023. With a 94th percentile (97.4 mph) fastball velocity, Rodriguez is best considered an SP3 with an SP2 upside in 2024.
10 weeks ago
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 23. Camilo Doval RP - SF
Camilo Doval finished 2023 tied for the National League lead in saves with 39. He offers an elite mix of offerings, with his slider and cutter leading the way. His strikeout rate is 31.0 percent, xBA is .203, and he is in the 88th percentile of GB% at 52.5. Doval should cross the 35-save mark again in 2024, making him the last of the Tier 1 closers.
10 weeks ago
Zach Eflin Note
Zach Eflin photo 24. Zach Eflin SP - TB
Before 2023, Zach Eflin received an abundance of "sleeper" predictions because of the Tampa Bump. Pitchers going TO the Rays are targets. Pitchers going away from them are typically labeled busts. It was difficult to believe a guy with a career ERA over 4.00 would suddenly be worth chasing. Alas, Eflin bought into his hype, apparently. He had a career-high K/9 of 9.42, striking out 186 batters in 177 2/3 innings. He ended with an ERA of 3.50, and his xFIP of 3.12 suggests he was even better than that. His WHIP was 1.02 thanks to a BB% of 3.4 and a Chase% of 34. Eflin's 2024 outlook suggests some regression but nothing to scare fantasy managers away from his SP3 draft price.
10 weeks ago
Bobby Miller Note
Bobby Miller photo 25. Bobby Miller SP - LAD
Bobby Miller throws hard. He has a fastball velocity in the 98th percentile (98.9 mph), and the speed did not transfer to a high Whiff%. The 24-year-old started 22 games for the Dodgers, and he should have no issue sliding into their 2024 rotation. And it won't be hard to justify anyone wearing a Dodgers uniform this year. His ERA is projected to sit around 4.00, but the win equity and solid pitching organization give him slightly more upside. If you feel the need for speed, he's your guy. But if you feel the need for strikeouts, he doesn't offer a ton. He slots in as an SP3/4.
10 weeks ago
Jesus Luzardo Note
Jesus Luzardo photo 26. Jesus Luzardo SP - MIA
Jesus Luzardo was on a lot of 2023 sleeper lists, and he lived up to the billing. He struck out 208 batters in 178 2/3 innings with a 3.58 ERA and 1.21 WHIP. Heading into his age-26 season, he is stretched out and ready to throw 180+ innings in 2024. Luzardo should stay north of 10 K/9, and even though there is some risk in him being prone to walks and home runs, he is a high-upside starter who can fill an SP3 slot comfortably.
10 weeks ago
Raisel Iglesias Note
Raisel Iglesias photo 27. Raisel Iglesias RP - ATL
Raisel Iglesias finished in the Top 10 in saves with 33 last season. This number might seem low, but the Atlanta Braves didn't have many save opportunities while routinely blowing out opponents. Iglesias remains elite in Chase% (35.4), but batters lit up his fastball and sinker more than in past seasons. Iglesias will remain a Tier 2 closer because of the team he plays for, but look out for that to continue to be a double-edged sword when it comes to saves. There are other relievers with more ratio upside later in the draft.
10 weeks ago
Joe Ryan Note
Joe Ryan photo 28. Joe Ryan SP - MIN
Joe Ryan started 29 games for the Twins last year, ending up with an ERA (4.51) that was almost a full run higher than in 2022 (3.55). His xERA last year, though, was 3.53, and chances are good that he was just snakebit by a .305 BABIP. He also gave up a lot of hard contact (1.78 HR/9), but he struck out 197 batters and walked fewer than two per game. He should bounce back nicely in 2024, and you can draft him in the ninth round to be your SP2 or SP3.
10 weeks ago
Justin Steele Note
Justin Steele photo 29. Justin Steele SP - CHC
Justin Steele was in the NL Cy Young conversation for much of the 2023 season, finishing fifth when all was said and done. The 28-year-old had an elite BB% (5.0), and batters struggled to barrel up his pitches. He has hovered in the 24% K-rate for each of his three seasons, but last year's 1.17 WHIP is due for some regression in 2024. Steele is a difficult pitcher to assess, but he should serve as a nice SP3 at his current ADP.
10 weeks ago
Andres Munoz Note
Andres Munoz photo 30. Andres Munoz RP - SEA
Andres Munoz started 2023 in a "closer by duo" situation with Paul Sewald, but he should have the ninth inning to himself in 2024. He dealt with some injuries last season, which limited him to only 52 game appearances. Instead of the lights-out reliever we saw in 2022, fantasy managers dealt with a decrease in K% and massive increase in BB%. The good news is that he still has an elite Whiff% (39.4) and induces ground balls at a 59-percent rate. Munoz should rack up 25 saves with a K/9 around 12.0. He is a solid Tier 2 RP in 2024.
10 weeks ago
Joe Musgrove Note
Joe Musgrove photo 31. Joe Musgrove SP - SD
Joe Musgrove dealt with an injury-plagued 2023, where he started only 17 games for the underperforming Padres. He pitched 97 1/3 innings and struck out 97 batters with a 3.05 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. The 31-year-old pitcher remains in the 90th percentile in BB% at 5.3, but his K% has decreased in each year since 2020. If he stays healthy, he profiles as a decent SP3 for 2024, but be prepared for an uptick in his ERA.
10 weeks ago
Cole Ragans Note
Cole Ragans photo 32. Cole Ragans SP,RP - KC
Cole Ragans arrived on the scene in 2023 and has quickly risen to the top of the Darlings of Fantasy Baseball. It's not hard to see why. In 96 innings, the 26-year-old struck out 113 batters while maintaining a stellar 3.47 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. His fastball touches 96, but his changeup that induced a 35.6 Whiff% is the pitch that made him rise up draft boards this season. Projections have his ERA landing closer to 4.00 and his K% dropping a few points to the 25 range. (This is still solid.) As with every hot name in draft season, balancing value with excitement is essential. His current ADP of 101 feels right, considering we're not sure what we'll get from an entire season.
10 weeks ago
Alexis Diaz Note
Alexis Diaz photo 33. Alexis Diaz RP - CIN
Alexis Diaz finished second in the National League with 37 saves and had a 3.07 ERA and 1.19 WHIP. He also struck out 86 batters in 67 1/3 innings, and he held opponents to an xBA of .192. The knocks against Diaz are that he was in the sixth percentile in BB% at 12.6, and he pitches in Cincinnati, which always feels like playing with fire. The 27-year-old is a step away from being in the upper tier of closers, but he will provide plenty of saves if you can tolerate the walks.
10 weeks ago
Dylan Cease Note
Dylan Cease photo 34. Dylan Cease SP - SD
Dylan Cease had the letdown in 2023 that many fantasy experts predicted. After being the Cy Young Award runner-up in 2022, the 28-year-old returned and threw 177 innings with an ERA of 4.58 and an ugly 1.42 WHIP. Sure, Cease was snakebit by an unsustainably high BABIP (.330) and a terrible defensive squad behind him (27th in fielding runs above average at -64). He is an intriguing bounceback candidate with an xERA of 4.07 and xFIP of 4.08, but fantasy managers must note that none of his metrics suggest the 2022 version is ever coming back. Cease is best as an SP3/4 on fantasy squads.
10 weeks ago
David Bednar Note
David Bednar photo 35. David Bednar RP - PIT
David Bednar finished 2023 tied for the National League lead in saves. He struck out 80 batters in 67 1/3 innings and had a 222 ERA+, which puts him in the elite tier of relievers just behind Josh Hader, Devin Williams, and Felix Bautista. There isn't much to dislike about Bednar, and as last year proved, a closer doesn't have to be on a good team to rack up saves. The 29-year-old should be going higher in drafts than he is, so take advantage of the discount.
10 weeks ago
Evan Phillips Note
Evan Phillips photo 36. Evan Phillips RP - LAD
Evan Phillips appeared in 62 games for the Dodgers in 2023. He struck out 66 in 61 1/3 innings and finished with a sparkling 2.05 ERA and 0.83 WHIP. While his xFIP of 3.37 suggests he benefited from some luck, his 28.2 K% also says he is good in his role. While it seems appealing to grab the L.A. closer, beware of the "Blowout Wins" issue that sometimes drags down save totals. Still, Phillips isn't going to hurt you as a second closer on your roster.
10 weeks ago
Tanner Bibee Note
Tanner Bibee photo 37. Tanner Bibee SP - CLE
Tanner Bibee arrived in the majors in 2023 and produced an impressive 2.98 ERA with a promising 3.13 K/BB rate. There is a lot to like about Bibee, though it would be prudent to expect an uptick in ERA (FIP of 3.52, xFIP of 4.22) in 2024. One of the best things about him is that his ADP is in the SP "dead zone" around 107. He can serve as an SP3, though he's probably better considered an SP4 heading into drafts.
10 weeks ago
Pete Fairbanks Note
Pete Fairbanks photo 38. Pete Fairbanks RP - TB
Pete Fairbanks racked up 68 strikeouts in 45 1/3 innings on his way to 25 saves and a 2.58 ERA and 1.01 WHIP. The 30-year-old struggled with walks (3.97 BB/9), but his 13.50 K/9 helped compensate. The closer role should be his heading into 2024, and his current ADP of 131 seems absurdly low for his projected production.
10 weeks ago
Jhoan Duran Note
Jhoan Duran photo 39. Jhoan Duran RP - MIN
Jhoan Duran is the reliever to target if you're looking to build your reliever roster with a guy who throws 101.8 mph. The 25-year-old struck out 84 batters in 62 1/3 innings while collecting 27 saves last season. Opposing batters had an xBA of .185 and a 32.9 K% against him. Things got a little messy in the Twins bullpen in 2023, but fantasy managers should expect 30 saves from Duran in 2024. And if the league has a K/9 or equivalent category, he should be an early target.
10 weeks ago
Ryan Helsley Note
Ryan Helsley photo 40. Ryan Helsley RP - STL
Ryan Helsley had a shortened season due to injury, appearing in only 33 games before being shut down. When healthy, his strikeout rate continued at an elite rate (35.6 K%), and he sits above 99 mph with his fastball. Helsley mightily struggled with walks (4.17 BB/9), reminiscent of his pre-2022 profile. He should enter the season as the Cardinals closer and could touch 30 saves if his health allows it.
10 weeks ago
Clay Holmes Note
Clay Holmes photo 41. Clay Holmes RP - NYY
Jordan Romano Note
Jordan Romano photo 42. Jordan Romano RP - TOR
Jordan Romano saved 36 games for the Blue Jays in 2023 and struck out 72 batters in 59 innings. He continued with a decent K% (29), but his BB% jumped to 9.7, which is a concerning change for a high-end closer. He had a respectable ERA of 2.90, but the WHIP moved to 1.22, a full two-tenths higher than his 2022 number. Romano is on a good team, so crossing the 30-save mark shouldn't be an issue as long as he stays healthy.
10 weeks ago
Sonny Gray Note
Sonny Gray photo 43. Sonny Gray SP - STL
Sonny Gray had a superb year in Minnesota in 2023. He threw 184 innings, striking out 183 batters and maintaining a 2.79 ERA and 1.15 WHIP. He also allowed only eight home runs the entire season. Gray now returns to the NL with the Cardinals; Busch Stadium is even better than Target Field when it comes to Park Factors favoring pitchers. While his K% isn't elite, he is a solid contributor to fantasy squads as an SP3 in 2024.
10 weeks ago
Chris Sale Note
Chris Sale photo 44. Chris Sale SP - ATL
Chris Bassitt Note
Chris Bassitt photo 45. Chris Bassitt SP - TOR
Shane Bieber Note
Shane Bieber photo 46. Shane Bieber SP - CLE
Tanner Scott Note
Tanner Scott photo 47. Tanner Scott RP - MIA
Bailey Ober Note
Bailey Ober photo 48. Bailey Ober SP - MIN
Hunter Greene Note
Hunter Greene photo 49. Hunter Greene SP - CIN
Merrill Kelly Note
Merrill Kelly photo 50. Merrill Kelly SP - ARI
Michael King Note
Michael King photo 51. Michael King SP,RP - SD
Kenley Jansen Note
Kenley Jansen photo 52. Kenley Jansen RP - BOS
Carlos Rodon Note
Carlos Rodon photo 53. Carlos Rodon SP - NYY
Yu Darvish Note
Yu Darvish photo 54. Yu Darvish SP - SD
Hunter Brown Note
Hunter Brown photo 55. Hunter Brown SP - HOU
Justin Verlander Note
Justin Verlander photo 56. Justin Verlander SP - HOU
Justin Verlander finally began to show his age in 2023. While his ERA was 3.22, his xERA was 3.69, and his xFIP was 4.56 across 162 1/3 innings. His K% fell to 21.5, and his BB% jumped up 6.7. His SIERA was the highest it has been since 2008, and it's also noteworthy to realize that 2008 was 16 years ago. Verlander is a name-brand pitcher, but his ADP of 120.4 is more nostalgia than skill at this point.
10 weeks ago
Jose Berrios Note
Jose Berrios photo 57. Jose Berrios SP - TOR
Adbert Alzolay Note
Adbert Alzolay photo 58. Adbert Alzolay RP - CHC
Mitch Keller Note
Mitch Keller photo 59. Mitch Keller SP - PIT
Craig Kimbrel Note
Craig Kimbrel photo 60. Craig Kimbrel RP - BAL
Shota Imanaga Note
Shota Imanaga photo 61. Shota Imanaga SP - CHC
Cristian Javier Note
Cristian Javier photo 62. Cristian Javier SP - HOU
Jordan Montgomery Note
Jordan Montgomery photo 63. Jordan Montgomery SP - ARI
Gerrit Cole Note
Gerrit Cole photo 64. Gerrit Cole SP - NYY
Until we know about Gerrit Cole's elbow injury, it is difficult to know how early it is worth the risk to draft him. Cole made 33 starts last season, totaling 209.0 innings pitched and struck out 222 batters. However, his K/9 of 9.56 was the lowest in the last five seasons. He remained an elite ace, allowing 157 hits and 48 walks, with a home run total of 20, reflecting his ability to limit long balls, a critical factor in his success. The Yankees are giving us nothing to go on regarding how much time their ace is going to miss, leaving it up to fantasy managers to determine what their risk tolerance is. My personal tolerance stops at "pitcher with elbow issues." Proceed with caution.
10 weeks ago
Bryce Miller Note
Bryce Miller photo 65. Bryce Miller SP - SEA
Jose Alvarado Note
Jose Alvarado photo 66. Jose Alvarado RP - PHI
Walker Buehler Note
Walker Buehler photo 67. Walker Buehler SP - LAD
Walker Buehler missed all of the 2023 following Tommy John surgery. He is a question mark heading into 2024. In 2021, he looked like the dominant pitcher everyone expected him to be, only to crater in 2022 with the injury. The argument for drafting Buehler as an SP3 is that he pitches for the Dodgers (stadium + team = good things) and becomes a free agent after the season. Many pitchers experience a "honeymoon" period following TJ surgery, and it could be a savvy move to grab him in the mid-rounds. The knock against him is that he will turn 30 in July, and his track record has been anything but consistent. It is a dice roll that can pay off for the right price.
10 weeks ago
Paul Sewald Note
Paul Sewald photo 68. Paul Sewald RP - ARI
Paul Sewald split time in Seattle and Arizona last season, racking up 34 saves between the two clubs. Sewald's stuff is the real deal, with a K% of 32.1, xERA of 2.75, and xBA of .189. He walked more batters than his career average, but he has the makeup of a solid closer for a competitive squad in 2024. Fantasy managers should expect around 30 saves from the veteran.
10 weeks ago
Nathan Eovaldi Note
Nathan Eovaldi photo 69. Nathan Eovaldi SP - TEX
Aaron Civale Note
Aaron Civale photo 70. Aaron Civale SP - TB
Eury Perez Note
Eury Perez photo 71. Eury Perez SP - MIA
Eury Perez started 19 games for the Marlins and gave every fantasy manager a glimpse of how incredible he could be. He struck out 108 in 91 1/3 innings with a 3.15 ERA and 1.13. His fastball velocity sits in the 94th percentile at 97.5, and he had a 33.7 Whiff%. Batters had a difficult time with his breaking stuff, but they touched up his four-seamer more than ideal. Expect Perez's ERA to jump a notch into the 3.80 to 4.00 range, but he should continue striking out 10 per nine. Hopefully, the 20-year-old can limit the hard contact and home runs in 2024, but he is definitely in SP2 territory.
10 weeks ago
Nick Pivetta Note
Nick Pivetta photo 72. Nick Pivetta SP,RP - BOS
Brandon Pfaadt Note
Brandon Pfaadt photo 73. Brandon Pfaadt SP - ARI
Jose Leclerc Note
Jose Leclerc photo 74. Jose Leclerc RP - TEX
Charlie Morton Note
Charlie Morton photo 75. Charlie Morton SP - ATL
Triston McKenzie Note
Triston McKenzie photo 76. Triston McKenzie SP - CLE
Gavin Williams Note
Gavin Williams photo 77. Gavin Williams SP - CLE
Alex Lange Note
Alex Lange photo 78. Alex Lange RP - DET
Ryan Pepiot Note
Ryan Pepiot photo 79. Ryan Pepiot SP,RP - TB
Kodai Senga Note
Kodai Senga photo 80. Kodai Senga SP - NYM
In his first season in MLB, Kodai Senga struck out 202 batters in 166 1/3 innings. He had an impressive 29.1 K% and 2.98 ERA. However, his xERA was almost an entire run higher (3.87), and his BB% was a disappointing 11.1. Fantasy managers should expect more of the same in 2024. He will strike out around 10 per nine, but walks and home runs will remain problematic. Senga falls right in that early-middle rounds window, where he is much more appealing as long as you have already grabbed your SP1.
10 weeks ago
Brayan Bello Note
Brayan Bello photo 81. Brayan Bello SP - BOS
Eduardo Rodriguez Note
Eduardo Rodriguez photo 82. Eduardo Rodriguez SP - ARI
Bryan Woo Note
Bryan Woo photo 83. Bryan Woo SP - SEA
Nestor Cortes Jr. Note
Nestor Cortes Jr. photo 84. Nestor Cortes Jr. SP - NYY
Kenta Maeda Note
Kenta Maeda photo 85. Kenta Maeda SP - DET
Braxton Garrett Note
Braxton Garrett photo 86. Braxton Garrett SP - MIA
Nick Lodolo Note
Nick Lodolo photo 87. Nick Lodolo SP - CIN
Kyle Harrison Note
Kyle Harrison photo 88. Kyle Harrison SP - SF
Cristopher Sanchez Note
Cristopher Sanchez photo 89. Cristopher Sanchez SP - PHI
Marcus Stroman Note
Marcus Stroman photo 90. Marcus Stroman SP - NYY
Reid Detmers Note
Reid Detmers photo 91. Reid Detmers SP - LAA
Kyle Finnegan Note
Kyle Finnegan photo 92. Kyle Finnegan RP - WSH
Yusei Kikuchi Note
Yusei Kikuchi photo 93. Yusei Kikuchi SP - TOR
Carlos Estevez Note
Carlos Estevez photo 94. Carlos Estevez RP - LAA
Robert Suarez Note
Robert Suarez photo 95. Robert Suarez RP - SD
Kutter Crawford Note
Kutter Crawford photo 96. Kutter Crawford SP - BOS
Mason Miller Note
Mason Miller photo 97. Mason Miller SP,RP - OAK
Kyle Bradish Note
Kyle Bradish photo 98. Kyle Bradish SP - BAL
**The Orioles announced on February 15 that Bradish will open the season on the IL with a UCL sprain** Kyle Bradish had an excellent 2023 campaign. He struck out 168 batters in 168 2/3 innings, with a beautiful 2.83 ERA and 1.04 WHIP. He should come with a bit of a warning for 2024, though. His xERA was 3.82, and a low .270 BABIP added a heavy filter to his Insta-worthy stats. Bradish's four-seam fastball got lit up by batters (.563 SLG), and he will need that to improve to accompany his elite slider, which induced a 36.4 Whiff%. With the injury, fantasy managers in redraft leagues should avoid the 27-year-old, only taking him as a flier in the late rounds.
10 weeks ago
Andrew Abbott Note
Andrew Abbott photo 99. Andrew Abbott SP - CIN
Reese Olson Note
Reese Olson photo 100. Reese Olson SP - DET
Griffin Canning Note
Griffin Canning photo 101. Griffin Canning SP - LAA
MacKenzie Gore Note
MacKenzie Gore photo 102. MacKenzie Gore SP - WSH
Luis Severino Note
Luis Severino photo 103. Luis Severino SP - NYM
Michael Wacha Note
Michael Wacha photo 104. Michael Wacha SP - KC
Devin Williams Note
Devin Williams photo 105. Devin Williams RP - MIL
Devin Williams is going to miss at least three months of the season due to a stress fracture in his back. The injury news makes him a late-round draft-and-hope option.
He saved 36 games in 2023 and struck out 87 in 58 2/3 innings. He had a sparkling ERA of 1.53, though this was somewhat misleading, with an xERA of 2.75 and an xFIP of 2.79. Williams consistently gives up more walks than fantasy managers would like, but we forgive him due to his 99th percentile K% (37.7 in 2023). Even with the walks, he finished with a 0.92 WHIP.
10 weeks ago
Seth Lugo Note
Seth Lugo photo 106. Seth Lugo SP - KC
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 107. Will Smith RP - KC
Shane Baz Note
Shane Baz photo 108. Shane Baz SP - TB
Lance Lynn Note
Lance Lynn photo 109. Lance Lynn SP - STL
Max Scherzer Note
Max Scherzer photo 110. Max Scherzer SP - TEX
Taj Bradley Note
Taj Bradley photo 111. Taj Bradley SP - TB
Jon Gray Note
Jon Gray photo 112. Jon Gray SP - TEX
Emmet Sheehan Note
Emmet Sheehan photo 113. Emmet Sheehan SP - LAD
A.J. Puk Note
A.J. Puk photo 114. A.J. Puk RP - MIA
Louie Varland Note
Louie Varland photo 115. Louie Varland SP - MIN
Robert Stephenson Note
Robert Stephenson photo 116. Robert Stephenson RP - LAA
Ryan Pressly Note
Ryan Pressly photo 117. Ryan Pressly RP - HOU
Ryan Pressly saved 31 games for the Astros in 2023, striking out 74 batters in 65 1/3 innings. Unfortunately for fantasy managers, his ERA took a big leap to 3.58 after being under 3.00 in 2021 and 2022. He also allowed harder contact than in previous years. Pressly is a closer with a strong positive (pitches for the Astros) and some downside (K/9 barely over 10, high ERA). When closers start flying off the board in the 7th-9th rounds, Pressly is a decent option. Just don't reach for him in the upper tier of RP.
10 weeks ago
Yuki Matsui Note
Yuki Matsui photo 118. Yuki Matsui RP - SD
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 119. Hunter Harvey RP - WSH
Garrett Whitlock Note
Garrett Whitlock photo 120. Garrett Whitlock SP,RP - BOS
Logan Allen Note
Logan Allen photo 121. Logan Allen SP - CLE
Gavin Stone Note
Gavin Stone photo 122. Gavin Stone SP - LAD
James Paxton Note
James Paxton photo 123. James Paxton SP - LAD
Dean Kremer Note
Dean Kremer photo 124. Dean Kremer SP - BAL
Edward Cabrera Note
Edward Cabrera photo 125. Edward Cabrera SP - MIA
John Means Note
John Means photo 126. John Means SP - BAL
David Robertson Note
David Robertson photo 127. David Robertson RP - TEX
Ranger Suarez Note
Ranger Suarez photo 128. Ranger Suarez SP - PHI
Tyler Wells Note
Tyler Wells photo 129. Tyler Wells SP - BAL
Jordan Hicks Note
Jordan Hicks photo 130. Jordan Hicks SP,RP - SF
Jason Adam Note
Jason Adam photo 131. Jason Adam RP - TB
DL Hall Note
DL Hall photo 132. DL Hall RP - MIL
Jameson Taillon Note
Jameson Taillon photo 133. Jameson Taillon SP - CHC
Sean Manaea Note
Sean Manaea photo 134. Sean Manaea SP,RP - NYM
Kevin Ginkel Note
Kevin Ginkel photo 135. Kevin Ginkel RP - ARI
Joel Payamps Note
Joel Payamps photo 136. Joel Payamps RP - MIL
Aroldis Chapman Note
Aroldis Chapman photo 137. Aroldis Chapman RP - PIT
Paul Skenes Note
Paul Skenes photo 138. Paul Skenes SP - PIT
Frankie Montas Note
Frankie Montas photo 139. Frankie Montas SP,RP - CIN
Jack Flaherty Note
Jack Flaherty photo 140. Jack Flaherty SP - DET
Zack Littell Note
Zack Littell photo 141. Zack Littell SP,RP - TB
Abner Uribe Note
Abner Uribe photo 142. Abner Uribe RP - MIL
Josiah Gray Note
Josiah Gray photo 143. Josiah Gray SP - WSH
Griffin Jax Note
Griffin Jax photo 144. Griffin Jax RP - MIN
Yennier Cano Note
Yennier Cano photo 145. Yennier Cano RP - BAL
Clarke Schmidt Note
Clarke Schmidt photo 146. Clarke Schmidt SP - NYY
Chris Paddack Note
Chris Paddack photo 147. Chris Paddack SP,RP - MIN
Matt Brash Note
Matt Brash photo 148. Matt Brash RP - SEA
James McArthur Note
James McArthur photo 149. James McArthur RP - KC
JP Sears Note
JP Sears photo 150. JP Sears SP - OAK
Andrew Heaney Note
Andrew Heaney photo 151. Andrew Heaney SP - TEX
Chase Silseth Note
Chase Silseth photo 152. Chase Silseth SP - LAA
Taijuan Walker Note
Taijuan Walker photo 153. Taijuan Walker SP - PHI
Miles Mikolas Note
Miles Mikolas photo 154. Miles Mikolas SP - STL
Casey Mize Note
Casey Mize photo 155. Casey Mize SP - DET
Max Meyer Note
Max Meyer photo 156. Max Meyer SP - MIA
Trevor Rogers Note
Trevor Rogers photo 157. Trevor Rogers SP - MIA
Patrick Sandoval Note
Patrick Sandoval photo 158. Patrick Sandoval SP - LAA
Clayton Kershaw Note
Clayton Kershaw photo 159. Clayton Kershaw SP - LAD
Bryan Abreu Note
Bryan Abreu photo 160. Bryan Abreu RP - HOU
Justin Lawrence Note
Justin Lawrence photo 161. Justin Lawrence RP - COL
Trevor Megill Note
Trevor Megill photo 162. Trevor Megill RP - MIL
Graham Ashcraft Note
Graham Ashcraft photo 163. Graham Ashcraft SP - CIN
Michael Kopech Note
Michael Kopech photo 164. Michael Kopech SP,RP - CWS
Erick Fedde Note
Erick Fedde photo 165. Erick Fedde SP - CWS
Jared Jones Note
Jared Jones photo 166. Jared Jones SP - PIT
Seranthony Dominguez Note
Seranthony Dominguez photo 167. Seranthony Dominguez RP - PHI
Steven Matz Note
Steven Matz photo 168. Steven Matz SP - STL
Ricky Tiedemann Note
Ricky Tiedemann photo 169. Ricky Tiedemann SP - TOR
Dane Dunning Note
Dane Dunning photo 170. Dane Dunning SP - TEX
Tanner Houck Note
Tanner Houck photo 171. Tanner Houck SP - BOS
Reynaldo Lopez Note
Reynaldo Lopez photo 172. Reynaldo Lopez SP,RP - ATL
Alek Manoah Note
Alek Manoah photo 173. Alek Manoah SP - TOR
Scott Barlow Note
Scott Barlow photo 174. Scott Barlow RP - CLE
Luis Gil Note
Luis Gil photo 175. Luis Gil SP - NYY
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 176. Alex Cobb SP - SF
Hector Neris Note
Hector Neris photo 177. Hector Neris RP - CHC
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 178. John Brebbia SP,RP - CWS
Tylor Megill Note
Tylor Megill photo 179. Tylor Megill SP - NYM
Jose Quintana Note
Jose Quintana photo 180. Jose Quintana SP - NYM
Garrett Crochet Note
Garrett Crochet photo 181. Garrett Crochet SP,RP - CWS
Giovanny Gallegos Note
Giovanny Gallegos photo 182. Giovanny Gallegos RP - STL
A.J. Minter Note
A.J. Minter photo 183. A.J. Minter RP - ATL
Lucas Giolito Note
Lucas Giolito photo 184. Lucas Giolito SP - BOS
Kyle Gibson Note
Kyle Gibson photo 185. Kyle Gibson SP - STL
Sawyer Gipson-Long Note
Sawyer Gipson-Long photo 186. Sawyer Gipson-Long SP - DET
Brady Singer Note
Brady Singer photo 187. Brady Singer SP - KC
Jacob deGrom Note
Jacob deGrom photo 188. Jacob deGrom SP - TEX
Orion Kerkering Note
Orion Kerkering photo 189. Orion Kerkering RP - PHI
J.P. France Note
J.P. France photo 190. J.P. France SP - HOU
Dylan Floro Note
Dylan Floro photo 191. Dylan Floro RP - WSH
Brusdar Graterol Note
Brusdar Graterol photo 192. Brusdar Graterol RP - LAD
Jordan Wicks Note
Jordan Wicks photo 193. Jordan Wicks SP - CHC
Bryce Elder Note
Bryce Elder photo 194. Bryce Elder SP - ATL
Aaron Ashby Note
Aaron Ashby photo 195. Aaron Ashby SP - MIL
Yimi Garcia Note
Yimi Garcia photo 196. Yimi Garcia RP - TOR
AJ Smith-Shawver Note
AJ Smith-Shawver photo 197. AJ Smith-Shawver SP - ATL
Taylor Rogers Note
Taylor Rogers photo 198. Taylor Rogers RP - SF
Jorge Lopez Note
Jorge Lopez photo 199. Jorge Lopez RP - NYM
Jeff Hoffman Note
Jeff Hoffman photo 200. Jeff Hoffman RP - PHI
Michael Soroka Note
Michael Soroka photo 201. Michael Soroka SP - CWS
Keaton Winn Note
Keaton Winn photo 202. Keaton Winn SP - SF
Kyle Hendricks Note
Kyle Hendricks photo 203. Kyle Hendricks SP - CHC
Gregory Santos Note
Gregory Santos photo 204. Gregory Santos RP - SEA
Jhony Brito Note
Jhony Brito photo 205. Jhony Brito SP,RP - SD
Matt Strahm Note
Matt Strahm photo 206. Matt Strahm SP,RP - PHI
Joe Boyle Note
Joe Boyle photo 207. Joe Boyle SP - OAK
Tyler Kinley Note
Tyler Kinley photo 208. Tyler Kinley RP - COL
Matt Manning Note
Matt Manning photo 209. Matt Manning SP - DET
Chris Martin Note
Chris Martin photo 210. Chris Martin RP - BOS
Wade Miley Note
Wade Miley photo 211. Wade Miley SP - MIL
Mike Clevinger Note
Mike Clevinger photo 212. Mike Clevinger SP - CWS
Andrew Nardi Note
Andrew Nardi photo 213. Andrew Nardi RP - MIA
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 214. Michael Lorenzen SP - TEX
Brock Stewart Note
Brock Stewart photo 215. Brock Stewart RP - MIN
Erik Swanson Note
Erik Swanson photo 216. Erik Swanson RP - TOR
Julian Merryweather Note
Julian Merryweather photo 217. Julian Merryweather RP - CHC
Javier Assad Note
Javier Assad photo 218. Javier Assad SP,RP - CHC
Ryne Nelson Note
Ryne Nelson photo 219. Ryne Nelson SP - ARI
Cade Horton Note
Cade Horton photo 220. Cade Horton SP - CHC
Nick Martinez Note
Nick Martinez photo 221. Nick Martinez SP,RP - CIN
Jose Urquidy Note
Jose Urquidy photo 222. Jose Urquidy SP - HOU
Daniel Bard Note
Daniel Bard photo 223. Daniel Bard RP - COL
Colin Rea Note
Colin Rea photo 224. Colin Rea SP - MIL
Ryan Weathers Note
Ryan Weathers photo 225. Ryan Weathers SP - MIA
Robert Gasser Note
Robert Gasser photo 226. Robert Gasser SP - MIL
Jason Foley Note
Jason Foley photo 227. Jason Foley RP - DET
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 228. Martin Perez SP,RP - PIT
Drew Thorpe Note
Drew Thorpe photo 229. Drew Thorpe SP - CWS
Robbie Ray Note
Robbie Ray photo 230. Robbie Ray SP - SF
Jeffrey Springs Note
Jeffrey Springs photo 231. Jeffrey Springs SP - TB
Cole Irvin Note
Cole Irvin photo 232. Cole Irvin SP,RP - BAL
Ross Stripling Note
Ross Stripling photo 233. Ross Stripling SP,RP - OAK
Daniel Hudson Note
Daniel Hudson photo 234. Daniel Hudson RP - LAD
Adrian Houser Note
Adrian Houser photo 235. Adrian Houser SP - NYM
Bowden Francis Note
Bowden Francis photo 236. Bowden Francis RP - TOR
Alex Wood Note
Alex Wood photo 237. Alex Wood SP,RP - OAK
Anthony DeSclafani Note
Anthony DeSclafani photo 238. Anthony DeSclafani SP - MIN
Lucas Erceg Note
Lucas Erceg photo 239. Lucas Erceg RP - OAK
Jackson Jobe Note
Jackson Jobe photo 240. Jackson Jobe SP - DET
Paul Blackburn Note
Paul Blackburn photo 241. Paul Blackburn SP - OAK
Josh Sborz Note
Josh Sborz photo 242. Josh Sborz RP - TEX
Colin Poche Note
Colin Poche photo 243. Colin Poche RP - TB
Jakob Junis Note
Jakob Junis photo 244. Jakob Junis RP - MIL
Dany Jimenez Note
Dany Jimenez photo 245. Dany Jimenez RP - OAK
Domingo German Note
Domingo German photo 246. Domingo German SP - PIT
Kirby Yates Note
Kirby Yates photo 247. Kirby Yates RP - TEX
Tyler Anderson Note
Tyler Anderson photo 248. Tyler Anderson SP - LAA
Emerson Hancock Note
Emerson Hancock photo 249. Emerson Hancock SP - SEA
Shelby Miller Note
Shelby Miller photo 250. Shelby Miller RP - DET
David Peterson Note
David Peterson photo 251. David Peterson SP - NYM
Hayden Wesneski Note
Hayden Wesneski photo 252. Hayden Wesneski SP,RP - CHC
Chad Green Note
Chad Green photo 253. Chad Green RP - TOR
Jordan Leasure Note
Jordan Leasure photo 254. Jordan Leasure RP - CWS
Adam Ottavino Note
Adam Ottavino photo 255. Adam Ottavino RP - NYM
Sixto Sanchez Note
Sixto Sanchez photo 256. Sixto Sanchez SP - MIA
Brandon Woodruff Note
Brandon Woodruff photo 257. Brandon Woodruff SP - MIL
Trevor Bauer Note
Trevor Bauer photo 258. Trevor Bauer SP - FA
Ian Hamilton Note
Ian Hamilton photo 259. Ian Hamilton RP - NYY
Will Warren Note
Will Warren photo 260. Will Warren SP - NYY
Jake Irvin Note
Jake Irvin photo 261. Jake Irvin SP - WSH
Randy Vasquez Note
Randy Vasquez photo 262. Randy Vasquez SP - SD
Patrick Corbin Note
Patrick Corbin photo 263. Patrick Corbin SP - WSH
Ronel Blanco Note
Ronel Blanco photo 264. Ronel Blanco SP,RP - HOU
Prelander Berroa Note
Prelander Berroa photo 265. Prelander Berroa RP - CWS
Danny Coulombe Note
Danny Coulombe photo 266. Danny Coulombe RP - BAL
Pierce Johnson Note
Pierce Johnson photo 267. Pierce Johnson RP - ATL
Andrew Kittredge Note
Andrew Kittredge photo 268. Andrew Kittredge RP - STL
Zack Thompson Note
Zack Thompson photo 269. Zack Thompson SP,RP - STL
Marco Gonzales Note
Marco Gonzales photo 270. Marco Gonzales SP - PIT
Kyle Freeland Note
Kyle Freeland photo 271. Kyle Freeland SP - COL
Drew Rasmussen Note
Drew Rasmussen photo 272. Drew Rasmussen SP - TB
Joe Jimenez Note
Joe Jimenez photo 273. Joe Jimenez RP - ATL
Luis Medina Note
Luis Medina photo 274. Luis Medina SP - OAK
Christian Scott Note
Christian Scott photo 275. Christian Scott SP - NYM
Lance McCullers Jr. Note
Lance McCullers Jr. photo 276. Lance McCullers Jr. SP - HOU
Logan Allen Note
Logan Allen photo 277. Logan Allen RP - ARI
Jonathan Loaisiga Note
Jonathan Loaisiga photo 278. Jonathan Loaisiga RP - NYY
Hyun Jin Ryu Note
Hyun Jin Ryu photo 279. Hyun Jin Ryu SP - FA
Hurston Waldrep Note
Hurston Waldrep photo 280. Hurston Waldrep SP - ATL
Yariel Rodriguez Note
Yariel Rodriguez photo 281. Yariel Rodriguez SP - TOR
A.J. Griffin Note
A.J. Griffin photo 282. A.J. Griffin SP - FA
Gregory Soto Note
Gregory Soto photo 283. Gregory Soto RP - PHI
Alec Marsh Note
Alec Marsh photo 284. Alec Marsh SP - KC
Emilio Pagan Note
Emilio Pagan photo 285. Emilio Pagan RP - CIN
Matthew Liberatore Note
Matthew Liberatore photo 286. Matthew Liberatore SP,RP - STL
Cody Bradford Note
Cody Bradford photo 287. Cody Bradford SP,RP - TEX
Tim Mayza Note
Tim Mayza photo 288. Tim Mayza RP - TOR
Nick Nastrini Note
Nick Nastrini photo 289. Nick Nastrini SP - CWS
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 290. Shawn Armstrong SP,RP - TB
Joe Kelly Note
Joe Kelly photo 291. Joe Kelly RP - LAD
Jacob Misiorowski Note
Jacob Misiorowski photo 292. Jacob Misiorowski SP - MIL
Brooks Raley Note
Brooks Raley photo 293. Brooks Raley RP - NYM
Drew Smyly Note
Drew Smyly photo 294. Drew Smyly SP,RP - CHC
Joe Ross Note
Joe Ross photo 295. Joe Ross SP - MIL
Aaron Bummer Note
Aaron Bummer photo 296. Aaron Bummer RP - ATL
Gabe Speier Note
Gabe Speier photo 297. Gabe Speier RP - SEA
Woo-Suk Go Note
Woo-Suk Go photo 298. Woo-Suk Go RP - MIA
Cal Quantrill Note
Cal Quantrill photo 299. Cal Quantrill SP - COL
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 300. Luis Garcia SP - HOU
Shane McClanahan Note
Shane McClanahan photo 301. Shane McClanahan SP - TB
Spencer Turnbull Note
Spencer Turnbull photo 302. Spencer Turnbull SP - PHI
Phil Maton Note
Phil Maton photo 303. Phil Maton RP - TB
Brock Burke Note
Brock Burke photo 304. Brock Burke RP - TEX
John Schreiber Note
John Schreiber photo 305. John Schreiber RP - KC
JoJo Romero Note
JoJo Romero photo 306. JoJo Romero RP - STL
Hoby Milner Note
Hoby Milner photo 307. Hoby Milner RP - MIL
Wandy Peralta Note
Wandy Peralta photo 308. Wandy Peralta RP - SD
Ty Madden Note
Ty Madden photo 309. Ty Madden SP - DET
Caleb Thielbar Note
Caleb Thielbar photo 310. Caleb Thielbar RP - MIN
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 311. Tyler Rogers RP - SF
Steven Wilson Note
Steven Wilson photo 312. Steven Wilson RP - CWS
Lucas Sims Note
Lucas Sims photo 313. Lucas Sims RP - CIN
Johan Oviedo Note
Johan Oviedo photo 314. Johan Oviedo SP - PIT
Ryan Walker Note
Ryan Walker photo 315. Ryan Walker SP,RP - SF
Jacob Waguespack Note
Jacob Waguespack photo 316. Jacob Waguespack RP - TB
Colin Holderman Note
Colin Holderman photo 317. Colin Holderman RP - PIT
Nick Sandlin Note
Nick Sandlin photo 318. Nick Sandlin RP - CLE
Alex Vesia Note
Alex Vesia photo 319. Alex Vesia RP - LAD
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 320. Matt Moore RP - LAA
Andrew Painter Note
Andrew Painter photo 321. Andrew Painter SP - PHI
Enyel De Los Santos Note
Enyel De Los Santos photo 322. Enyel De Los Santos RP - SD
Nick Anderson Note
Nick Anderson photo 323. Nick Anderson RP - KC
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 324. Luis Garcia RP - LAA
Connor Phillips Note
Connor Phillips photo 325. Connor Phillips SP - CIN
Ben Brown Note
Ben Brown photo 326. Ben Brown SP - CHC
Carlos Carrasco Note
Carlos Carrasco photo 327. Carlos Carrasco SP - CLE
Mark Leiter Jr. Note
Mark Leiter Jr. photo 328. Mark Leiter Jr. RP - CHC
Scott McGough Note
Scott McGough photo 329. Scott McGough RP - ARI
Ben Joyce Note
Ben Joyce photo 330. Ben Joyce RP - LAA
Mason Black Note
Mason Black photo 331. Mason Black SP - SF
Brandon Williamson Note
Brandon Williamson photo 332. Brandon Williamson SP - CIN
Robby Snelling Note
Robby Snelling photo 333. Robby Snelling SP - SD
Chris Flexen Note
Chris Flexen photo 334. Chris Flexen SP,RP - CWS
Anthony Bender Note
Anthony Bender photo 335. Anthony Bender RP - MIA
Kyle Hurt Note
Kyle Hurt photo 336. Kyle Hurt RP - LAD
Dauri Moreta Note
Dauri Moreta photo 337. Dauri Moreta RP - PIT
Jack Leiter Note
Jack Leiter photo 338. Jack Leiter SP - TEX
Tommy Kahnle Note
Tommy Kahnle photo 339. Tommy Kahnle RP - NYY
Kody Funderburk Note
Kody Funderburk photo 340. Kody Funderburk RP - MIN
Nate Pearson Note
Nate Pearson photo 341. Nate Pearson RP - TOR
Matt Waldron Note
Matt Waldron photo 342. Matt Waldron SP - SD
Jordan Lyles Note
Jordan Lyles photo 343. Jordan Lyles SP - KC
Julio Urias Note
Julio Urias photo 344. Julio Urias SP - FA
John McMillon Note
John McMillon photo 345. John McMillon RP - KC
Eric Lauer Note
Eric Lauer photo 346. Eric Lauer SP - HOU
Steven Okert Note
Steven Okert photo 347. Steven Okert RP - MIN
Dustin May Note
Dustin May photo 348. Dustin May SP - LAD
Tom Cosgrove Note
Tom Cosgrove photo 349. Tom Cosgrove RP - SD
Joey Lucchesi Note
Joey Lucchesi photo 350. Joey Lucchesi SP - NYM
Sam Hentges Note
Sam Hentges photo 351. Sam Hentges RP - CLE
Andrew Chafin Note
Andrew Chafin photo 352. Andrew Chafin RP - DET
Jose Soriano Note
Jose Soriano photo 353. Jose Soriano SP,RP - LAA
Austin Gomber Note
Austin Gomber photo 354. Austin Gomber SP - COL
Caleb Ferguson Note
Caleb Ferguson photo 355. Caleb Ferguson SP,RP - NYY
Jared Shuster Note
Jared Shuster photo 356. Jared Shuster SP - CWS
Ryan Borucki Note
Ryan Borucki photo 357. Ryan Borucki RP - PIT
Cade Cavalli Note
Cade Cavalli photo 358. Cade Cavalli SP - WSH
Garrett Cleavinger Note
Garrett Cleavinger photo 359. Garrett Cleavinger RP - TB
Tyler Holton Note
Tyler Holton photo 360. Tyler Holton RP - DET
Ken Waldichuk Note
Ken Waldichuk photo 361. Ken Waldichuk SP,RP - OAK
Daniel Lynch Note
Daniel Lynch photo 362. Daniel Lynch SP - KC
Dylan Lee Note
Dylan Lee photo 363. Dylan Lee RP - ATL
Dillon Tate Note
Dillon Tate photo 364. Dillon Tate RP - BAL
Bailey Falter Note
Bailey Falter photo 365. Bailey Falter SP - PIT
Isaiah Campbell Note
Isaiah Campbell photo 366. Isaiah Campbell RP - BOS
Sean Reid-Foley Note
Sean Reid-Foley photo 367. Sean Reid-Foley RP - NYM
Ryne Stanek Note
Ryne Stanek photo 368. Ryne Stanek RP - SEA
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 369. Wilmer Flores SP - DET
Tyler Mahle Note
Tyler Mahle photo 370. Tyler Mahle SP - TEX
Mason Montgomery Note
Mason Montgomery photo 371. Mason Montgomery SP - TB
Allan Winans Note
Allan Winans photo 372. Allan Winans SP - ATL
Eli Morgan Note
Eli Morgan photo 373. Eli Morgan RP - CLE
Trevor Stephan Note
Trevor Stephan photo 374. Trevor Stephan RP - CLE
Michael Grove Note
Michael Grove photo 375. Michael Grove SP,RP - LAD
James Karinchak Note
James Karinchak photo 376. James Karinchak RP - CLE
Trevor Williams Note
Trevor Williams photo 377. Trevor Williams SP - WSH
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 378. Jay Jackson RP - MIN
Ryan Brasier Note
Ryan Brasier photo 379. Ryan Brasier RP - LAD
Kevin Kelly Note
Kevin Kelly photo 380. Kevin Kelly RP - TB
Trevor May Note
Trevor May photo 381. Trevor May RP - FA
Rhett Lowder Note
Rhett Lowder photo 382. Rhett Lowder SP - CIN
Will Vest Note
Will Vest photo 383. Will Vest RP - DET
Quinn Priester Note
Quinn Priester photo 384. Quinn Priester SP - PIT
Michael Tonkin Note
Michael Tonkin photo 385. Michael Tonkin RP - NYY
Ryan Yarbrough Note
Ryan Yarbrough photo 386. Ryan Yarbrough SP,RP - LAD
Cade Povich Note
Cade Povich photo 387. Cade Povich SP - BAL
Tyler Alexander Note
Tyler Alexander photo 388. Tyler Alexander SP,RP - TB
Mick Abel Note
Mick Abel photo 389. Mick Abel SP - PHI
Victor Gonzalez Note
Victor Gonzalez photo 390. Victor Gonzalez RP - NYY
Chayce McDermott Note
Chayce McDermott photo 391. Chayce McDermott SP - BAL
Rafael Montero Note
Rafael Montero photo 392. Rafael Montero RP - HOU
Blake Treinen Note
Blake Treinen photo 393. Blake Treinen RP - LAD
David Festa Note
David Festa photo 394. David Festa SP - MIN
Chase Hampton Note
Chase Hampton photo 395. Chase Hampton SP - NYY
Luke Little Note
Luke Little photo 396. Luke Little RP - CHC
Jake Eder Note
Jake Eder photo 397. Jake Eder SP - CWS
Carson Whisenhunt Note
Carson Whisenhunt photo 398. Carson Whisenhunt SP - SF
Roansy Contreras Note
Roansy Contreras photo 399. Roansy Contreras SP,RP - LAA
Josh Winckowski Note
Josh Winckowski photo 400. Josh Winckowski RP - BOS
Alex Faedo Note
Alex Faedo photo 401. Alex Faedo SP,RP - DET
Tommy Henry Note
Tommy Henry photo 402. Tommy Henry SP - ARI
Luis L. Ortiz Note
Luis L. Ortiz photo 403. Luis L. Ortiz SP,RP - PIT
Noah Syndergaard Note
Noah Syndergaard photo 404. Noah Syndergaard SP - FA
Clayton Beeter Note
Clayton Beeter photo 405. Clayton Beeter SP - NYY
Chris Devenski Note
Chris Devenski photo 406. Chris Devenski RP - TB
Luke Jackson Note
Luke Jackson photo 407. Luke Jackson RP - SF
Peter Lambert Note
Peter Lambert photo 408. Peter Lambert SP,RP - COL
Ryan Thompson Note
Ryan Thompson photo 409. Ryan Thompson RP - ARI
Tristan Beck Note
Tristan Beck photo 410. Tristan Beck RP - SF
Tekoah Roby Note
Tekoah Roby photo 411. Tekoah Roby SP - STL
Kyle Nelson Note
Kyle Nelson photo 412. Kyle Nelson RP - ARI
Joey Cantillo Note
Joey Cantillo photo 413. Joey Cantillo SP - CLE
Tim Herrin Note
Tim Herrin photo 414. Tim Herrin RP - CLE
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 415. Justin Topa RP - MIN
Landen Roupp Note
Landen Roupp photo 416. Landen Roupp SP,RP - SF
Trevor Gott Note
Trevor Gott photo 417. Trevor Gott RP - OAK
Drew Smith Note
Drew Smith photo 418. Drew Smith RP - NYM
Keynan Middleton Note
Keynan Middleton photo 419. Keynan Middleton RP - STL
Mike Vasil Note
Mike Vasil photo 420. Mike Vasil SP - NYM
Fernando Cruz Note
Fernando Cruz photo 421. Fernando Cruz RP - CIN
Tanner Rainey Note
Tanner Rainey photo 422. Tanner Rainey RP - WSH
Joe Mantiply Note
Joe Mantiply photo 423. Joe Mantiply RP - ARI
Bryan Shaw Note
Bryan Shaw photo 424. Bryan Shaw RP - LAA
Keegan Akin Note
Keegan Akin photo 425. Keegan Akin RP - BAL
J.P. Feyereisen Note
J.P. Feyereisen photo 426. J.P. Feyereisen RP - LAD
Huascar Ynoa Note
Huascar Ynoa photo 427. Huascar Ynoa SP - ATL
Daniel Espino Note
Daniel Espino photo 428. Daniel Espino SP - CLE
Jose Butto Note
Jose Butto photo 429. Jose Butto SP - NYM
Trevor Richards Note
Trevor Richards photo 430. Trevor Richards RP - TOR
Luke Weaver Note
Luke Weaver photo 431. Luke Weaver SP,RP - NYY
Miguel Castro Note
Miguel Castro photo 432. Miguel Castro RP - ARI
Tanner Banks Note
Tanner Banks photo 433. Tanner Banks RP - CWS
Kris Bubic Note
Kris Bubic photo 434. Kris Bubic SP - KC
Tejay Antone Note
Tejay Antone photo 435. Tejay Antone RP - CIN
Michael Fulmer Note
Michael Fulmer photo 436. Michael Fulmer RP - BOS
Andrew Saalfrank Note
Andrew Saalfrank photo 437. Andrew Saalfrank RP - ARI
Mike Baumann Note
Mike Baumann photo 438. Mike Baumann RP - SEA
Corey Knebel Note
Corey Knebel photo 439. Corey Knebel RP - CWS
Nick Robertson Note
Nick Robertson photo 440. Nick Robertson RP - STL
Zack Greinke Note
Zack Greinke photo 441. Zack Greinke SP - FA
Bryan Baker Note
Bryan Baker photo 442. Bryan Baker RP - BAL
Albert Suarez Note
Albert Suarez photo 443. Albert Suarez SP - BAL
Brendan McKay Note
Brendan McKay photo 444. Brendan McKay SP,DH - TB
Beau Brieske Note
Beau Brieske photo 445. Beau Brieske RP - DET
Carlos Rodriguez Note
Carlos Rodriguez photo 446. Carlos Rodriguez SP - MIL
Zach Brzykcy Note
Zach Brzykcy photo 447. Zach Brzykcy RP - WSH
Rowan Wick Note
Rowan Wick photo 448. Rowan Wick RP - FA
Davis Daniel Note
Davis Daniel photo 449. Davis Daniel RP - LAA
Evan Scribner Note
Evan Scribner photo 450. Evan Scribner RP - FA
Naoyuki Uwasawa Note
Naoyuki Uwasawa photo 451. Naoyuki Uwasawa SP - BOS
Carl Edwards Jr. Note
Carl Edwards Jr. photo 452. Carl Edwards Jr. RP - CHC
Chandler Champlain Note
Chandler Champlain photo 453. Chandler Champlain SP - KC
Elvis Peguero Note
Elvis Peguero photo 454. Elvis Peguero RP - MIL
Deivi Garcia Note
Deivi Garcia photo 455. Deivi Garcia RP - CWS
Zach Jackson Note
Zach Jackson photo 456. Zach Jackson RP - OAK
Slade Cecconi Note
Slade Cecconi photo 457. Slade Cecconi SP - ARI
Pedro Avila Note
Pedro Avila photo 458. Pedro Avila SP,RP - CLE
Jayden Murray Note
Jayden Murray photo 459. Jayden Murray SP - HOU
Jesse Chavez Note
Jesse Chavez photo 460. Jesse Chavez RP - ATL
Cionel Perez Note
Cionel Perez photo 461. Cionel Perez RP - BAL
Jairo Iriarte Note
Jairo Iriarte photo 462. Jairo Iriarte SP - CWS
Joe Barlow Note
Joe Barlow photo 463. Joe Barlow RP - CWS
Cody Poteet Note
Cody Poteet photo 464. Cody Poteet RP - NYY
Cade Smith Note
Cade Smith photo 465. Cade Smith SP,RP - CLE
Jose Suarez Note
Jose Suarez photo 466. Jose Suarez SP,RP - LAA
Daniel Palencia Note
Daniel Palencia photo 467. Daniel Palencia RP - CHC
Eduard Bazardo Note
Eduard Bazardo photo 468. Eduard Bazardo RP - SEA
Scott Alexander Note
Scott Alexander photo 469. Scott Alexander SP,RP - OAK
River Ryan Note
River Ryan photo 470. River Ryan SP - LAD
Anthony Maldonado Note
Anthony Maldonado photo 471. Anthony Maldonado RP - MIA
Dakota Hudson Note
Dakota Hudson photo 472. Dakota Hudson SP - COL
Gordon Graceffo Note
Gordon Graceffo photo 473. Gordon Graceffo SP - STL
Scott Effross Note
Scott Effross photo 474. Scott Effross RP - NYY
Spencer Arrighetti Note
Spencer Arrighetti photo 475. Spencer Arrighetti SP - HOU
Riley O'Brien Note
Riley O'Brien photo 476. Riley O'Brien RP - STL
Parker Mushinski Note
Parker Mushinski photo 477. Parker Mushinski RP - HOU
Liam Hendriks Note
Liam Hendriks photo 478. Liam Hendriks RP - BOS
Royber Salinas Note
Royber Salinas photo 479. Royber Salinas SP - OAK
Tayler Saucedo Note
Tayler Saucedo photo 480. Tayler Saucedo RP - SEA
Jacob Lopez Note
Jacob Lopez photo 481. Jacob Lopez RP - TB
Ryan Feltner Note
Ryan Feltner photo 482. Ryan Feltner SP - COL
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 483. Chris Stratton RP - KC
John Lynch Note
John Lynch photo 484. John Lynch STL
Matt Festa Note
Matt Festa photo 485. Matt Festa RP - NYM
Bennett Sousa Note
Bennett Sousa photo 486. Bennett Sousa RP - HOU
Cristian Mena Note
Cristian Mena photo 487. Cristian Mena SP - ARI
Emiliano Teodo Note
Emiliano Teodo photo 488. Emiliano Teodo SP - TEX
Brennan Bernardino Note
Brennan Bernardino photo 489. Brennan Bernardino SP,RP - BOS
Bryse Wilson Note
Bryse Wilson photo 490. Bryse Wilson SP,RP - MIL
Bryan Hudson Note
Bryan Hudson photo 491. Bryan Hudson RP - MIL
Bubba Chandler Note
Bubba Chandler photo 492. Bubba Chandler SP - PIT
DJ Herz Note
DJ Herz photo 493. DJ Herz SP - WSH
Phil Bickford Note
Phil Bickford photo 494. Phil Bickford RP - NYY
Thyago Vieira Note
Thyago Vieira photo 495. Thyago Vieira RP - BAL
Seth Martinez Note
Seth Martinez photo 496. Seth Martinez RP - HOU
Sam Moll Note
Sam Moll photo 497. Sam Moll RP - CIN
Jake Diekman Note
Jake Diekman photo 498. Jake Diekman RP - NYM
Wikelman Gonzalez Note
Wikelman Gonzalez photo 499. Wikelman Gonzalez BOS
Luis Patino Note
Luis Patino photo 500. Luis Patino RP - SD
Ray Kerr Note
Ray Kerr photo 501. Ray Kerr RP - ATL
Ron Marinaccio Note
Ron Marinaccio photo 502. Ron Marinaccio RP - NYY
Connor Brogdon Note
Connor Brogdon photo 503. Connor Brogdon RP - LAD
Andrew Wantz Note
Andrew Wantz photo 504. Andrew Wantz RP - LAA
Cody Morris Note
Cody Morris photo 505. Cody Morris RP - NYY
Angel Zerpa Note
Angel Zerpa photo 506. Angel Zerpa RP - KC
Taylor Dollard Note
Taylor Dollard photo 507. Taylor Dollard SP - SEA
Touki Toussaint Note
Touki Toussaint photo 508. Touki Toussaint SP - CWS
Anthony Bass Note
Anthony Bass photo 509. Anthony Bass RP - FA
Drew Carlton Note
Drew Carlton photo 510. Drew Carlton RP - SD
Will Dion Note
Will Dion photo 511. Will Dion SP - CLE
Robert Garcia Note
Robert Garcia photo 512. Robert Garcia RP - WSH
Carmen Mlodzinski Note
Carmen Mlodzinski photo 513. Carmen Mlodzinski RP - PIT
Adam Cimber Note
Adam Cimber photo 514. Adam Cimber RP - LAA
Buddy Baumann Note
Buddy Baumann photo 515. Buddy Baumann RP - FA
Isaac Coffey Note
Isaac Coffey photo 516. Isaac Coffey BOS
Jackson Rutledge Note
Jackson Rutledge photo 517. Jackson Rutledge SP - WSH
Mitch Spence Note
Mitch Spence photo 518. Mitch Spence