2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings (NL)

Expert Consensus Ranking (61 of 63 Experts) -
Rank Player (Team, Position) Overall Notes
1 Paul Goldschmidt (STL - 1B) 10 10.0
Goldschmidt was incredible over his last 100 games, posting a .334/.424/.608 line. You may think his stats will take a big hit moving out of Chase Field, but with the humidor in place, it was actually among the worst park for hitters last season. In St. Louis, he should continue his run of 30+ homers, 95+ runs and a .290+ batting average
2 Freddie Freeman (ATL - 1B) 11 12.0 +1.0
First basemen isn't as deep as it once was so commodities like Freeman are well worth investing in toward the middle of the third round. He is a lock for 90 runs, 90 RBIs and a .300 batting average each year and that type of player doesn't grow on trees
3 Anthony Rizzo (CHC - 1B) 17 17.0
Rizzo took a major step backwards in the first half last year, but his final line of 25 homers, 101 RBIs and a .283 batting average ended up being about as good as his average season. We were drafting him in the 3rd round last year so don't hesitate to scoop him up for a discount this season
4 Rhys Hoskins (PHI - 1B,LF) 19 20.0 +1.0
Although his slugging percentage dropped from .618 to .496, Hoskins still popped 34 homers in his first full season. Boasting MLB's highest fly-ball rate (51.7%) and launch angle (22.6°) of all qualified hitters, drafters can expect more of the same. Yet it will come at the cost of batting average, and he'll only offer a handful of steals when pitchers aren't looking. Last year's 48th-ranked hitter on ESPN's Player Rater probably needs 40-plus homers to validate his hefty cost. At least he'll get plenty of RBI opportunities hitting alongside Bryce Harper.
5 Cody Bellinger (LAD - 1B,CF) 22 21.0 -1.0
Last year was a major disappointment for Bellinger owners after he hit 39 homers in just 132 rookie games in 2017. He still managed to hit 25 bombs with 14 steals, however, so the floor is plenty high. At just 23 years old, we clearly haven't seen the best of Bellinger so don't be surprised if he breaks out for 50 bombs this year or next
6 Joey Votto (CIN - 1B) 25 27.0 +2.0
Votto did not return second round value or even close to it last year, but his ADP should be around the fifth this year. You can expect his batting average to bounceback above .300, and don't forget that he had 94 HRs in the previous three years before his 12 in 2018
7 Daniel Murphy (COL - 1B,2B) 31 38.0 +7.0
Murphy's overall stat line wasn't all that impressive last year, but once he was healthy in the second half, he returned to hittin .315 with a 25 HR pace. Move that to Coors Field and we may be looking at the NL Batting Champion with plenty of homers, RBI and runs. Be mindful that he rarely plays a full season, but when he is on the field we are looking at a top 30 fantasy asset
8 Matt Carpenter (STL - 1B,2B,3B) 40 36.0 -4.0
Over the last five years, Carpenter has a remarkable 468 walks, which obviously has contributed to his 483 runs. In that time, his power has steadily improved, all the way to 36 homers last year, and while that total may not be repeatable, 30 homers with 100 runs makes him well worth a sixth round pick in 2019 fantasy leagues
9 Jesus Aguilar (MIL - 1B) 44 43.0 -1.0
After hitting .265 with 16 HRs in 279 at-bats in 2017, Aguilar got the chance to be a full-time player in 2018, and took advantage to the sweet tune of a .274/80/35/108 line that made him a top-three first baseman in standard 5x5 roto leagues. Aguilar is a zero on the base paths and he strikes out too much to be of much help in batting average, either, but the power is very real and his run production numbers should continue to be excellent in a loaded lineup and great home park. Call Aguilar a HR/RBI specialist if you must, but at least recognize that he is one of the better HR/RBI specialists in the game.
10 J.T. Realmuto (PHI - C,1B) 38 24.0 -14.0
Realmuto's .277 batting average with 21 homers and 74 RBIs doesn't seem all that impressive, but the fact of the matter is that he blew the rest of the catcher scene away with those numbers. Realmuto is as safe as it comes at the position and should produce far above the lousy replacement level once again. This is especially true now that he has been traded to a great hitter's ballpark in Philly. Don't hesitate to reach for him so you don't get stuck with an awful catcher
11 Travis Shaw (MIL - 1B,3B,2B) IL10 49 52.0 +3.0
Shaw has back to back seasons with 30 homers, and while his batting average may linger in the .240's again, that type of power is difficult to come by after pick 100, especially for someone who qualifies as a second basemen in most leagues.
12 Max Muncy (LAD - 1B,2B,3B) 67 61.0 -6.0
Muncy was 2nd in HR-rate among all MLB hitters last season. Granted, he slowed down toward the end of the year and his batting average wasn't ideal, but that type of power certainly warrants a top 100 pick. This is especially the case when he qualifies at second base and third base too.
13 Eric Hosmer (SD - 1B) 74 89.0 +15.0
Hosmer was a wreck in the second half, posting a negative average launch angle. While that is no guarantee to be fixed, he is still a career .280 hitter with excellent durability and sufficient power. Eventually every player becomes a value and Hosmer's ADP may have fallen enough that it has become the case.
14 Ryan Braun (MIL - 1B,LF) 76 102.0 +26.0
Braun isn't often healthy, but when he is on the field, he has continued to rake over the last three years. In that time, his per 162 game average is 30 homers, 18 steals and a .279 batting average. If he can finally stay on the field, fantasy owners will hit the jackpot this year.
15 Ian Desmond (COL - 1B,LF) 83 84.0 +1.0
Desmond has now gone 20/20 in five of his last six healthy seasons. His .236 batting average isn't what you'd hope for, but keep in mind that he batted .285 and .274 the previous two seasons so he should jump back in 2019.
16 Buster Posey (SF - C,1B) 92 72.0 -20.0
Although Posey isn't likely a .300 hitter anymore, his .280s batting average is the equivilant of a .310 hitter when compared to the replacement-level at his position. Add in a dozen homers, if he can stay healthy this year, and you've got yourself a boring, yet extremely useful top 8 fantasy catcher.
17 Josh Bell (PIT - 1B) 110 138.0 +28.0
Bell has shown us a .273 batting average before and another year he swatted 26 homers with 90 RBIs. Last year was a little bit in between, but he has the potential to do both one day and perhaps this year.
18 Pete Alonso (NYM - 1B,DH) 118 130.0 +12.0
While Jed Lowrie and Todd Frazier both starting 2019 on the IL, Alonso forced the Mets' hand and won an Opening Day by displayed his Herculean power throughout spring training. The rookie could promptly crush 30 long balls if locked into the starting role all year. Their infield, however, could get crowded when Lowrie and Frazier return, so he may need to hit out of the gate to preserve a big league role.
19 Ryan McMahon (COL - 1B,2B,3B) 150 168.0 +18.0
After hitting .424 with nine doubles and three homers in spring, McMahon made the Rockies' roster and Opening Day lineup. Also heavily hyped entering 2018, he managed a meager .232/.307/.683 slash line in 202 plate appearances. He'll also still have to compete with Garrett Hampson for playing time at second base, but all managers need to pay attention to a promising 24-year-old hitter who gets to play in Coors Field. The breakout may be coming a year later than anticipated.
20 Jose Martinez (STL - 1B,RF) 141 112.0 -29.0
Martinez rakes, there is no doubt about that, but he also lost his path to playing time when Paul Goldschmidt was acquired this off-season. Now, he requires an injury to either Marcell Ozuna or Dexter Fowler/Tyler O'Neill to see more than 300 at-bats.
21 Ryan Zimmerman (WSH - 1B) IL10 137 183.0 +46.0
You may not feel sexy drafting Ryan Zimmerman, but he is just one year removed from hitting 36 homers with a .303 batting average and 108 RBIs. Last year wasn't bad either with an .824 OPS, but he caught the injury bug again. He is a classic boom or bust late-round pick.
22 Wilmer Flores (ARI - 1B,2B,3B) IL10 152 196.0 +44.0
Over the last four seasons, Flores has been a useful fantasy player when he gets at-bats, posting 21 homers, 72 RBIs and a .267 batting average per 162 games. He should see plenty of playing time in Arizona this year and qualifies at second base, driving up his value.
23 Kike Hernandez (LAD - 1B,2B,SS,LF,CF,RF) 161 157.0 -4.0
Hernandez's production has risen (67, 92, and 118 wRC+) along with playing time (244, 342, 462 PAs) over the past three seasons. The latter trend will at least continue, as he will open 2019 as the Dodgers' starting second baseman. He no longer needs to hide in a platoon after popping 12 homers and a 123 wRC+ against righties last season. His strikeouts also continue to decline, so the featured role could lead to a solid average with 20-25 homers. The 27-year-old is also eligible at least three positions (2B, SS, and OF), making him a useful spark plug to pluck off the waiver wire.
24 Brandon Belt (SF - 1B,LF) 151 179.0 +28.0
Belt still hasn't surpassed 20 homers in any season and over the last two seasons, his batting average has dropped down below .255. If he can stay healthy for once, however, Belt may reach 25 homers if he keeps up his HR-rate.
25 Eric Thames (MIL - 1B,LF,RF) 221 213.0 -8.0
26 J.D. Davis (NYM - 1B,3B) 204 322.0 +118.0
27 Colin Moran (PIT - 1B,3B) 232 273.0 +41.0
28 Peter O'Brien (MIA - 1B) IL10 262 316.0 +54.0
29 Adam Duvall (ATL - 1B,LF) MiLB 245 231.0 -14.0
30 Tyler Austin (SF - 1B,DH) 240 317.0 +77.0
31 Neil Walker (MIA - 1B,2B,3B) 289 268.0 -21.0
32 Christian Walker (ARI - 1B) 254 296.0 +42.0
33 Matt Adams (WSH - 1B,LF) 312 239.0 -73.0
34 Blake Swihart (ARI - C,1B,LF,RF,DH) 288 221.0 -67.0
35 Erik Gonzalez (PIT - 1B,2B,3B,SS) IL60 311 359.0 +48.0
36 Mark Reynolds (COL - 1B) 300 385.0 +85.0
37 Victor Caratini (CHC - C,1B) 343 292.0 -51.0
38 David Freese (LAD - 1B,3B) 337 259.0 -78.0
39 Derek Dietrich (CIN - 1B,LF) 319 321.0 +2.0
40 Dom Smith (NYM - 1B,LF) 375 328.0 -47.0
41 Daniel Descalso (CHC - 1B,2B,3B) 439 286.0 -153.0
42 Miguel Rojas (MIA - 1B,3B,SS) 555 332.0 -223.0
43 Jose Osuna (PIT - 1B,3B,RF) 329 348.0 +19.0
44 Jose Pirela (SD - 1B,2B,LF,RF) IL10 347 301.0 -46.0
45 Pat Valaika (COL - 1B,2B) MiLB 391    
46 Stephen Vogt (SF - C,1B) 569 357.0 -212.0
47 Taylor Davis (CHC - 1B,3B) MiLB 580 454.0 -126.0
48 Pablo Sandoval (SF - 1B,3B) 575 274.0 -301.0
49 Ryder Jones (SF - 1B,3B) MiLB 615 438.0 -177.0
50 Jim Adduci (CHC - 1B,RF) MiLB 604    
51 Adrian Gonzalez (NYM - 1B) FA 586 458.0 -128.0
52 Edwin Rios (LAD - 1B) MiLB 620 459.0 -161.0