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Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant

1B,3B,LF,CF,RF - COL - IL10

Age: 30College: San DiegoBats: RThrows: R

Next Game

L. Webb #28
Wed, 5/18 3:10pm
Matchup (?)
Rank H #49
Projection (?) 0 pts

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Yahoo 1B,3B,LF,CF,RF
Game Schedule
Game Schedule
GameOpp. Pitcher
Fri, Apr 8thvs LAD4:10pmR#5
Sat, Apr 9thvs LAD8:10pmR#83
Sun, Apr 10thvs LAD3:10pmL#20
Mon, Apr 11th@ TEX4:05pmL#204
Tue, Apr 12th@ TEX8:05pmL#141
Thu, Apr 14thvs CHC8:40pmL#180
Fri, Apr 15thvs CHC8:40pmR#52
Sat, Apr 16thvs CHC8:10pmR#211
Sun, Apr 17thvs CHC3:10pmL#150
Mon, Apr 18thvs PHI8:40pmR#10
Tue, Apr 19thvs PHI8:40pmR#108
Wed, Apr 20thvs PHI3:10pmR#84
Sat, Apr 23rd@ DET1:10pmL#35
Sat, Apr 23rd@ DET6:40pmR#235
Sun, Apr 24th@ DET1:10pmL#216
Mon, Apr 25th@ PHI6:45pmR#108
Tue, Apr 26th@ PHI6:45pmR#84
Wed, Apr 27th@ PHI6:45pmL#58
Thu, Apr 28th@ PHI1:05pmR#17
Fri, Apr 29thvs CIN8:40pmR#149
Sat, Apr 30thvs CIN8:10pmR#262
Sun, May 1stvs CIN3:10pmL#202
Tue, May 3rdvs WSH8:40pmR#218
Wed, May 4thvs WSH8:40pmL#120
Thu, May 5thvs WSH3:10pmR#370
Fri, May 6th@ ARI9:40pmR#103
Sat, May 7th@ ARI8:10pmR#305
Sun, May 8th@ ARI4:10pmR#34
Mon, May 9th@ SF9:45pmL#14
Tue, May 10th@ SF9:45pmL#56
Wed, May 11th@ SF3:45pmR#79
Fri, May 13thvs KC8:40pmR#98
Sat, May 14thvs KC8:10pmR#362
Sun, May 15thvs KC3:10pmL#199
Mon, May 16thvs SF8:40pmL#56
Tue, May 17thvs SF8:40pmR#79
Wed, May 18thvs SF3:10pmR#28
Fri, May 20thvs NYM8:40pmR#45
Sat, May 21stvs NYM8:10pm
Sun, May 22ndvs NYM3:10pmR#125
Mon, May 23rd@ PIT6:35pmR#118
Tue, May 24th@ PIT6:35pm
Wed, May 25th@ PIT12:35pm
Thu, May 26th@ WSH7:05pm
Fri, May 27th@ WSH7:05pm
Sat, May 28th@ WSH4:05pm
Sun, May 29th@ WSH1:35pm
Mon, May 30thvs MIA4:10pm
Tue, May 31stvs MIA8:40pm
Wed, Jun 1stvs MIA3:10pm
Thu, Jun 2ndvs ATL8:40pm
Fri, Jun 3rdvs ATL8:40pm
Sat, Jun 4thvs ATL9:10pm
Sun, Jun 5thvs ATL3:10pm
Tue, Jun 7th@ SF9:45pm
Wed, Jun 8th@ SF9:45pm
Thu, Jun 9th@ SF3:45pm
Fri, Jun 10th@ SD9:40pm
Sat, Jun 11th@ SD4:10pm
Sat, Jun 11th@ SD10:10pm
Sun, Jun 12th@ SD4:10pm
Tue, Jun 14thvs CLE8:40pm
Wed, Jun 15thvs CLE8:40pm
Thu, Jun 16thvs CLE3:10pm
Fri, Jun 17thvs SD8:40pm
Sat, Jun 18thvs SD9:10pm
Sun, Jun 19thvs SD3:10pm
Tue, Jun 21st@ MIA6:40pm
Wed, Jun 22nd@ MIA6:40pm
Thu, Jun 23rd@ MIA12:10pm
Fri, Jun 24th@ MIN8:10pm
Sat, Jun 25th@ MIN2:10pm
Sun, Jun 26th@ MIN2:10pm
Mon, Jun 27thvs LAD8:40pm
Tue, Jun 28thvs LAD8:40pm
Wed, Jun 29thvs LAD8:40pm
Fri, Jul 1stvs ARI8:10pm
Sat, Jul 2ndvs ARI9:10pm
Sun, Jul 3rdvs ARI3:10pm
Mon, Jul 4th@ LAD10:10pm
Tue, Jul 5th@ LAD10:10pm
Wed, Jul 6th@ LAD10:10pm
Thu, Jul 7th@ ARI9:40pm
Fri, Jul 8th@ ARI9:40pm
Sat, Jul 9th@ ARI4:10pm
Sun, Jul 10th@ ARI4:10pm
Mon, Jul 11thvs SD8:40pm
Tue, Jul 12thvs SD8:40pm
Wed, Jul 13thvs SD8:40pm
Thu, Jul 14thvs SD3:10pm
Fri, Jul 15thvs PIT8:40pm
Sat, Jul 16thvs PIT3:10pm
Sun, Jul 17thvs PIT3:10pm
Fri, Jul 22nd@ MIL8:10pm
Sat, Jul 23rd@ MIL7:10pm
Sun, Jul 24th@ MIL2:10pm
Mon, Jul 25th@ MIL8:10pm
Tue, Jul 26thvs CWS8:40pm
Wed, Jul 27thvs CWS3:10pm
Thu, Jul 28thvs LAD8:40pm
Fri, Jul 29thvs LAD8:40pm
Sat, Jul 30thvs LAD8:10pm
Sun, Jul 31stvs LAD3:10pm
Mon, Aug 1st@ SD9:40pm
Tue, Aug 2nd@ SD4:10pm
Tue, Aug 2nd@ SD10:10pm
Wed, Aug 3rd@ SD9:40pm
Thu, Aug 4th@ SD4:10pm
Fri, Aug 5th@ ARI9:40pm
Sat, Aug 6th@ ARI8:10pm
Sun, Aug 7th@ ARI4:10pm
Tue, Aug 9thvs STL8:40pm
Wed, Aug 10thvs STL8:40pm
Thu, Aug 11thvs STL3:10pm
Fri, Aug 12thvs ARI8:40pm
Sat, Aug 13thvs ARI8:10pm
Sun, Aug 14thvs ARI3:10pm
Tue, Aug 16th@ STL7:45pm
Wed, Aug 17th@ STL7:45pm
Thu, Aug 18th@ STL1:15pm
Fri, Aug 19thvs SF8:40pm
Sat, Aug 20thvs SF8:10pm
Sun, Aug 21stvs SF3:10pm
Tue, Aug 23rdvs TEX8:40pm
Wed, Aug 24thvs TEX3:10pm
Thu, Aug 25th@ NYM7:10pm
Fri, Aug 26th@ NYM7:10pm
Sat, Aug 27th@ NYM7:10pm
Sun, Aug 28th@ NYM1:40pm
Tue, Aug 30th@ ATL7:20pm
Wed, Aug 31st@ ATL7:20pm
Thu, Sep 1st@ ATL7:20pm
Fri, Sep 2nd@ CIN6:40pm
Sat, Sep 3rd@ CIN6:40pm
Sun, Sep 4th@ CIN1:40pm
Mon, Sep 5thvs MIL4:10pm
Tue, Sep 6thvs MIL8:40pm
Wed, Sep 7thvs MIL3:10pm
Fri, Sep 9thvs ARI8:40pm
Sat, Sep 10thvs ARI8:10pm
Sun, Sep 11thvs ARI3:10pm
Tue, Sep 13th@ CWS8:10pm
Wed, Sep 14th@ CWS8:10pm
Fri, Sep 16th@ CHC2:20pm
Sat, Sep 17th@ CHC2:20pm
Sun, Sep 18th@ CHC2:20pm
Mon, Sep 19thvs SF8:40pm
Tue, Sep 20thvs SF8:40pm
Wed, Sep 21stvs SF8:40pm
Thu, Sep 22ndvs SF3:10pm
Fri, Sep 23rdvs SD8:10pm
Sat, Sep 24thvs SD8:10pm
Sun, Sep 25thvs SD3:10pm
Tue, Sep 27th@ SF9:45pm
Wed, Sep 28th@ SF9:45pm
Thu, Sep 29th@ SF9:45pm
Fri, Sep 30th@ LAD10:10pm
Sat, Oct 1st@ LAD9:10pm
Sun, Oct 2nd@ LAD4:10pm
Mon, Oct 3rd@ LAD10:10pm
Tue, Oct 4th@ LAD10:10pm
Wed, Oct 5th@ LADTBD
Should I Trade...?
Bryan Reynolds LF,CF-PIT
recommended by 46% of experts
Randy Arozarena DH,LF,RF-TB
recommended by 54% of experts
Brandon Lowe 2B,LF,RF-TB
recommended by 54% of experts
C.J. Cron 1B,DH-COL
recommended by 46% of experts