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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Christian McCaffrey Note
Christian McCaffrey photo 1. Christian McCaffrey RB - (at TB)
There have been 109 running back performances that have netted 25-plus half-PPR points over the last two years. Despite missing essentially the whole 2020 season, McCaffrey has accounted for 9.2 percent of them. He's somehow managed to score 25-plus points in 10 of his last 19 games, and has scored fewer than 19 fantasy points in just two of them. He's basically posting quarterback numbers as a running back. He should be the No. 1 pick in 2021 drafts.
6 weeks ago
D.J. Moore Note
D.J. Moore photo 39. D.J. Moore WR - (at TB)
There were just three receivers who finished with 93-plus yards in eight separate games last year. Calvin Ridley, Stefon Diggs, and... Moore. While the touchdowns were certainly lacking, there's something to be said about this stat and how undervalued Moore may be due to the lack of touchdowns. It was his first year in the offense, while Robby Anderson was brought in because he knew the offense. With Curtis Samuel out of town, we might see Moore in the slot far more often, which wouldn't be a bad thing. He's now finished with 1,175-plus yards in back-to-back seasons. It's only a matter of time before the touchdowns catch up. He's a solid WR2 to roster, who just might have top-12 upside if the touchdowns start to show up.
6 weeks ago
Robby Anderson Note
Robby Anderson photo 72. Robby Anderson WR - (at TB)
It's odd to say, but Anderson was somewhat of a Jarvis Landry-type fantasy asset last year. He finished with more than 15.5 half PPR points just twice, but he also scored fewer than 8.0 half PPR points just four times, offering a level of consistency we hadn't seen out of him. It's because they used him in the possession-style role with a shorter average depth of target than he was getting with the Jets. The Panthers lost Curtis Samuel in free agency, but gained Terrace Marshall in the draft, and will get Christian McCaffrey back from injury, so the loss of Samuel doesn't do a whole lot for projections. D.J. Moore started coming on more as the year went on, though the switch to Sam Darnold could prove to be a good thing for Anderson, who was Darnold's teammate with the Jets. It's still the same offense, and Anderson proved he's able to contribute in a big way, making him somewhat of a safe WR3/4 option with WR2 upside should Darnold favor him as the top option.
6 weeks ago
Sam Darnold Note
Sam Darnold photo 173. Sam Darnold QB - (at TB)
Ok, we're out of excuses for Darnold. It's now or never and he's getting his shot in Joe Brady's pass-friendly offense with some tremendous weapons. The one issue that remains, however, is that his offensive line is brutal. Despite that, Teddy Bridgewater was able to post 19-plus fantasy points in seven games last year, and that was while throwing just 15 touchdowns. The Panthers traded him for essentially nothing, and then passed on Justin Fields and Mac Jones in the draft, so they clearly believe Darnold can be their long-term answer. I don't want to hold it against Darnold that he had to play for Adam Gase in two of his first three seasons, but at the same time, he's thrown more than two touchdowns in just three of his 38 career games to this point and offers minimal fantasy upside on the ground. Because of that, it's hard to see him as a true breakout performer this year, but he should be a great target in Superflex/2QB leagues because he's not going to lose the job anytime soon, so you have an every-week starter.
6 weeks ago
Terrace Marshall Jr. Note
Terrace Marshall Jr. photo 176. Terrace Marshall Jr. WR - (at TB)
The exit of Curtis Samuel frees up some targets in the offense, but don't forget that Christian McCaffrey missed most of last year, which allowed more targets to go to the wide receivers. We don't know how the Panthers will deploy Marshall, though it's certainly worth noting he has experience in this offense, as he played for Joe Brady at LSU. If they align him as the big slot, he can make more of an impact with Sam Darnold, who has always favored his targets over the middle of the field. If they put him on the perimeter, it'll be a lot tougher for him to produce immediately while behind D.J. Moore, Robby Anderson, and McCaffrey in the pecking order.
6 weeks ago
Chuba Hubbard Note
Chuba Hubbard photo 208. Chuba Hubbard RB - (at TB)
Had Hubbard entered the NFL Draft a year earlier, he may have gone in the second round. But that's not what happened. He returned to school and had a weak 2020 season, leading him to fall to the end of the fourth round. He's certainly not getting much playing time with Christian McCaffrey healthy, but he should be the clear-cut handcuff, which had plenty of value last year in this offense (Mike Davis). Unfortunately, the Panthers offensive line continues to get worse, and it's tough to say Sam Darnold is an upgrade at quarterback, making Hubbard a mediocre handcuff in fantasy.
6 weeks ago
Dan Arnold Note
Dan Arnold photo 237. Dan Arnold TE - (at TB)
Carolina Panthers Note
Carolina Panthers photo 298. Carolina Panthers DST - (at TB)
Ian Thomas Note
Ian Thomas photo 340. Ian Thomas TE - (at TB)
Royce Freeman Note
Royce Freeman photo 344. Royce Freeman RB - (at TB)
Zane Gonzalez Note
Zane Gonzalez photo 367. Zane Gonzalez K - (at TB)
Tommy Tremble Note
Tommy Tremble photo 462. Tommy Tremble TE - (at TB)
Shi Smith Note
Shi Smith photo 485. Shi Smith WR - (at TB)
P.J. Walker Note
P.J. Walker photo 510. P.J. Walker QB - (at TB)
Rodney Smith Note
Rodney Smith photo 559. Rodney Smith RB - (at TB)
Brandon Zylstra Note
Brandon Zylstra photo 594. Brandon Zylstra WR - (at TB)
Dominik Eberle Note
Dominik Eberle photo 625. Dominik Eberle K - (at TB)
Alex Erickson Note
Alex Erickson photo 649. Alex Erickson WR - (at TB)
Colin Thompson Note
Colin Thompson photo 692. Colin Thompson TE - (at TB)
Stephen Sullivan Note
Stephen Sullivan photo 697. Stephen Sullivan WR,TE - (at TB)
Giovanni Ricci Note
Giovanni Ricci photo 702. Giovanni Ricci RB,TE - (at TB)
Aaron Parker Note
Aaron Parker photo 819. Aaron Parker WR - (at TB)
Keith Kirkwood Note
Keith Kirkwood photo 864. Keith Kirkwood WR - (at TB)
Micah Simon Note
Micah Simon photo 867. Micah Simon WR - (at TB)
Omar Bayless Note
Omar Bayless photo 869. Omar Bayless WR - (at TB)
C.J. Saunders Note
C.J. Saunders photo 871. C.J. Saunders WR - (at TB)