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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Austin Ekeler Note
Austin Ekeler photo 24. Austin Ekeler RB - (at LV)
In eight full games with Justin Herbert under center last year, Ekeler saw 63 targets. Over a full 16-game season, that amounts to 126 targets. While I don't expect him to get there, he's one of just two running backs (Christian McCaffrey is the other) who I'm projecting for 100-plus targets in 2021. Targets are worth twice as much as carries, so even if Ekeler winds up getting just 12 carries per game, it's not the end of the world. In fact, he can still finish as a borderline RB1 if he were to hit just 200 carries on the season. The new coaching staff obviously brings on some potential volatility, but there's not much other talent on the roster at running back, so his role should be very safe.
6 weeks ago
Keenan Allen Note
Keenan Allen photo 33. Keenan Allen WR - (at LV)
Would you believe me if I told you that Keenan Allen failed to record 1,000 yards last season? It's true. Despite seeing 147 targets (5th in NFL), he finished with 992 yards (17th among wide receivers). The Chargers offense is surely going to change with Anthony Lynn out of the picture, so the hope should be that they'll utilize Allen down the field just a tad more to increase his numbers. The good news is that Justin Herbert clearly found his "go-to" receiver, targeting Allen 10-plus times on 10 separate occasions. He's an extremely safe WR2 based on volume alone, though it may be tough for him to get into the top-tier WR1 conversation seeing he's never scored more than eight touchdowns.
6 weeks ago
Justin Herbert Note
Justin Herbert photo 73. Justin Herbert QB - (at LV)
What Herbert did in 2020 was miraculous. There's no two ways about it. To be handed the starting job just one hour before the game in Week 2, then go on to break the rookie record for passing touchdowns (31) is ridiculous. Now, with that being said, he still finished as the QB9 last year while throwing 595 pass attempts, the fourth most in the legaue. Now that he's got a defensive-minded head coach and a healthy defense, we could see the pass attempts dip a bit in 2021, which would certainly hurt his appeal. The Chargers did increase the talent on the offensive line, but also replaced Hunter Henry with Jared Cook, which is a certainly a downgrade. Herbert should still be a solid low-end QB1, but it's tough to see him finishing as a top-five option in 2021.
6 weeks ago
Mike Williams Note
Mike Williams photo 91. Mike Williams WR - (at LV)
How often can you find a wide receiver being drafted outside the top 40 who's capable of posting WR1-type numbers? Williams fits that bill. He already has a 1,000-yard season on his resume. He also has a 10-touchdown season on it. He also happens to have one of the brightest young stars as his quarterback with little else on the depth chart outside of Keenan Allen. Health has been the biggest question mark for Williams, but once you're outside the top-40 wide receivers, there's hardly guaranteed production on the board, so take the upside.
6 weeks ago
Jared Cook Note
Jared Cook photo 139. Jared Cook TE - (at LV)
If there's one thing Cook has going for him with the Chargers, it's that he knows the offense that's being installed by Joe Lombardi. Unfortunately, that's the only thing. He's now 34 years old, starting over with a new quarterback who certainly played favorites last year, and Hunter Henry wasn't even one of them. Prior to playing with Drew Brees, Cook had never topped six touchdowns in a season, so dialing back expectations would be wise. He could be a solid streamer in projected shootouts, but relying on him every week wouldn't be wise.
6 weeks ago
Justin Jackson Note
Justin Jackson photo 195. Justin Jackson RB - (at LV)
Los Angeles Chargers Note
Los Angeles Chargers photo 217. Los Angeles Chargers DST - (at LV)
Joshua Kelley Note
Joshua Kelley photo 249. Joshua Kelley RB - (at LV)
He had his chance and likely blew it. Kelley acted as the early-down back for the Chargers last year, but wound up averaging more than 4.0 yards per carry just four times all season, including seven games averaging 3.1 or less yards per carry. Neither Justin Jackson nor Austin Ekeler had issues running behind the line, as both of them tallied 4.6 yards per carry. The Chargers also have a new coaching staff and drafted Larry Rountree in the 2021 draft, which could make Kelley expendable, or pushed down the depth chart.
6 weeks ago
Joshua Palmer Note
Joshua Palmer photo 302. Joshua Palmer WR - (at LV)
Larry Rountree III Note
Larry Rountree III photo 311. Larry Rountree III RB - (at LV)
Donald Parham Jr. Note
Donald Parham Jr. photo 322. Donald Parham Jr. TE - (at LV)
Jalen Guyton Note
Jalen Guyton photo 349. Jalen Guyton WR - (at LV)
Tristan Vizcaino Note
Tristan Vizcaino photo 364. Tristan Vizcaino K - (at LV)
Tre' McKitty Note
Tre' McKitty photo 492. Tre' McKitty TE - (at LV)
K.J. Hill Jr. Note
K.J. Hill Jr. photo 549. K.J. Hill Jr. WR - (at LV)
Stephen Anderson Note
Stephen Anderson photo 602. Stephen Anderson TE - (at LV)
Joe Reed Note
Joe Reed photo 660. Joe Reed WR - (at LV)
Maurice Ffrench Note
Maurice Ffrench photo 696. Maurice Ffrench WR - (at LV)
Jason Moore Jr. Note
Jason Moore Jr. photo 732. Jason Moore Jr. WR - (at LV)
Austin Proehl Note
Austin Proehl photo 735. Austin Proehl WR - (at LV)
Hunter Kampmoyer Note
Hunter Kampmoyer photo 768. Hunter Kampmoyer TE - (at LV)
Chase Daniel Note
Chase Daniel photo 868. Chase Daniel QB - (at LV)