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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Alvin Kamara Note
Alvin Kamara photo 4. Alvin Kamara RB - (at ATL)
You won't find a bigger Kamara fan than me, and that's going back to his college days. However, with the way Sean Payton rotates his running backs, it's going to be mighty hard for Kamara to live up to his draft cost now that Drew Brees is gone. Brees targeted his running backs at least 28 percent of the time in each of the last four years. Meanwhile, Jameis Winston hasn't targeted running backs more than 18 percent of the time in each of his last four seasons as a starter. The offense is also not nearly as likely to be scoring as many points without Brees. Upon finding out that Michael Thomas will miss time to start the season, it only makes Kamara more valuable, as he could be in line for eight-plus targets per game during that time.
6 weeks ago
Michael Thomas Note
Michael Thomas photo 130. Michael Thomas WR - (at ATL)
It felt like too many people were dismissing Thomas this year, falling into borderline WR2 territory, but now that we know of his ankle surgery that took place in June, he's going to fall even further. It's possible he misses the first 4-6 games based on the timeline he received. It did seem like everyone forget he was the consensus No. 1 wide receiver just a year ago. The big question is: Who is his quarterback once he returns? If it's Hill, there should be a slight downgrade, but don't forget what Thomas did in the four Hill games last year: 9/104/0, 4/50/0, 9/105/0, and 8/84/0. Those are rock-solid numbers, though the touchdowns were obviously not there. Right now, I'm expecting Thomas to miss at least four games, which moves him down into WR4 territory. If you're able to stay afloat the first month of the season, snagging Thomas in the middle rounds might be a winning strategy.
6 weeks ago
Jameis Winston Note
Jameis Winston photo 149. Jameis Winston QB - (at ATL)
Marquez Callaway Note
Marquez Callaway photo 152. Marquez Callaway WR - (at ATL)
Adam Trautman Note
Adam Trautman photo 181. Adam Trautman TE - (at ATL)
When running through projections on the Saints, it's easy to fall in love with Trautman this year. Outside of Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, they don't have any reliable targets, and Trautman did well with his opportunity last year. After parting ways with both Emmanuel Sanders and Jared Cook, there's suddenly a lot of opportunity available for him. There would certainly be less appeal if Taysom Hill were the starter, but many are expecting Jameis Winston to be under center come Week 1. Whatever the case, Trautman makes for a great late-round pick where you'll find out exactly what you have in the first game of the season. There's a scenario where he finishes as a top-10 tight end, especially now that we know Michael Thomas is going to miss time at the start of the season. Monitor his recent foot injury, but consider him a sleeper pick for the moment.
4 weeks ago
Tre'Quan Smith Note
Tre'Quan Smith photo 183. Tre'Quan Smith WR - (at ATL)
Is Smith to blame for his lack of involvement in the offense, or were there just not enough targets to go around? He's seen 119 targets over his first three seasons combined, which have amounted to 80 receptions, 1,109 yards, and 14 touchdowns, so the efficiency has been top-notch. Did Drew Brees not have the arm to push the ball down the field anymore? If Jameis Winston is the quarterback, Smith may very well be a sleeper in fantasy drafts, though that optimism would die quickly if Taysom Hill were named the starter. Smith has been battling an injury himself and so hasn't even been able to take advantage of Michael Thomas's absence. He's just a late-round dart throw.
4 weeks ago
New Orleans Saints Note
New Orleans Saints photo 206. New Orleans Saints DST - (at ATL)
Tony Jones Jr. Note
Tony Jones Jr. photo 239. Tony Jones Jr. RB - (at ATL)
Wil Lutz Note
Wil Lutz photo 277. Wil Lutz K - (at ATL)
Lutz had core muscle surgery in August and is likely to miss several weeks of the season. Although he may regain his job upon his return, he had his worst season as a professional last year, setting career-lows in field goal percentage (82.1%), attempts (28), and conversions (23). The New Orleans offense was simply far less explosive with a declining (and injured) Drew Brees, and Lutz couldn't make up for his lack of efficiency with increased volume. Given Lutz's injury and the now less-desirable New Orleans offense, there's no reason to consider him in fantasy leagues.
6 weeks ago
Taysom Hill Note
Taysom Hill photo 287. Taysom Hill QB - (at ATL)
As of now, the Saints are undecided on who the starting quarterback will be heading into the 2021 season. If it's Hill, he's going to jump all the way up into the top-15 quarterback conversation. If I knew he'd start all 17 games, he'd be ranked top-10 for his rushing upside, but it seems like Jameis Winston has the slight edge heading into camp. Do you think that sounds crazy? It's not. Hill was the QB6 during the month he started while Drew Brees was out. This is a battle we'll be watching closely as the season nears.
6 weeks ago
Juwan Johnson Note
Juwan Johnson photo 348. Juwan Johnson WR,TE - (at ATL)
Deonte Harris Note
Deonte Harris photo 374. Deonte Harris WR - (at ATL)
Ty Montgomery Note
Ty Montgomery photo 449. Ty Montgomery WR,RB - (at ATL)
Lil'Jordan Humphrey Note
Lil'Jordan Humphrey photo 452. Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR - (at ATL)
Nick Vannett Note
Nick Vannett photo 459. Nick Vannett TE - (at ATL)
Aldrick Rosas Note
Aldrick Rosas photo 469. Aldrick Rosas K - (at ATL)
Dwayne Washington Note
Dwayne Washington photo 487. Dwayne Washington RB - (at ATL)
Kenny Stills Note
Kenny Stills photo 499. Kenny Stills WR - (at ATL)
Alex Armah Jr. Note
Alex Armah Jr. photo 563. Alex Armah Jr. RB - (at ATL)
Kevin White Note
Kevin White photo 570. Kevin White WR - (at ATL)
Garrett Griffin Note
Garrett Griffin photo 622. Garrett Griffin TE - (at ATL)
Ethan Wolf Note
Ethan Wolf photo 685. Ethan Wolf TE - (at ATL)
Dylan Soehner Note
Dylan Soehner photo 686. Dylan Soehner TE - (at ATL)
Kawaan Baker Note
Kawaan Baker photo 690. Kawaan Baker WR - (at ATL)
Easop Winston Jr. Note
Easop Winston Jr. photo 704. Easop Winston Jr. WR - (at ATL)
Jalen McCleskey Note
Jalen McCleskey photo 705. Jalen McCleskey WR - (at ATL)
Chris Hogan Note
Chris Hogan photo 754. Chris Hogan WR - (at ATL)