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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Brandin Cooks Note
Brandin Cooks photo 74. Brandin Cooks WR - (vs . TEN)
Over the last six years, there have been just seven wide receivers who've finished top-24 in at least five of them. Those receivers are Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Jarvis Landry, and... Cooks. He's done it with four different quarterbacks, too. However, 2021 might be his toughest test yet, as it appears Tyrod Taylor will be his quarterback, and this is projected to be the lowest scoring offense in the league. Still, he's the clear-cut top option on this team and should be a lock to see 100-plus targets as long as he's healthy.
6 weeks ago
David Johnson Note
David Johnson photo 123. David Johnson RB - (vs . TEN)
I think most people would admit that Johnson looked much better than expected in 2020, totaling over 1,000 total yards and eight touchdowns in just 12 games. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Texans are a team that legitimately might lose every game in 2021, as they've been stripped down and look like a roster of replacements. They've also added Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, and Rex Burkhead to the backfield, which presents all sorts of issues. If Deshaun Watson were going to play, we'd dig into this backfield a little deeper, but with Watson out of the picture for the foreseeable future, this is not a backfield you want to be associated with. That's especially true with Johnson, as all indications are he's going to be just a third-down back.
4 weeks ago
Phillip Lindsay Note
Phillip Lindsay photo 124. Phillip Lindsay RB - (vs . TEN)
It's a shame Lindsay went to a team that's in complete shambles at the moment because he's a fine running back. Most would be shocked to learn that since the start of the 2018 season, Lindsay ranks 10th in rushing yards among running backs. He's averaged 4.78 yards per carry during that time, so it wasn't just volume. Again, Houston is a mess right now, and have a backfield that consists of Lindsay, David Johnson, Mark Ingram, and Rex Burkhead. There are not going to be enough touches to warrant a draft pick on Lindsay.
6 weeks ago
Mark Ingram II Note
Mark Ingram II photo 199. Mark Ingram II RB - (vs . TEN)
Would Ingram have signed with the Texans had he known all the moves that have taken place? I'm guessing not. He's now stuck on a depth chart that has David Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, and Rex Burkhead on it, while Tyrod Taylor is under center on what's expected to be a low-scoring Texans offense. You should avoid the Texans if you can help it, especially Ingram.
6 weeks ago
Nico Collins Note
Nico Collins photo 251. Nico Collins WR - (vs . TEN)
I don't understand why many are talking about Collins as a "sleeper" in 2021. Do we really think this offense is going to produce two fantasy-relevant wide receivers? Somehow, Collins went from sleeper in the NFL Draft, to sleeper on a bad football team. You can like him in dynasty, that's fine, but in 2021, it's hard to see him reaching 80-plus targets if Brandin Cooks is healthy. Even outside of Cooks, the team decided to pay Andre Roberts $2.6 million, Conley $1.5 million, Chris Moore $1.3 million, and then traded for Anthony Miller. This just reeks of a situation to avoid in fantasy. Heck, even if Deshaun Watson were starting (which he's not), you'd have trouble projecting the target distribution for these receivers, though he would give Collins more of that "sleeper" appeal. I'm okay letting someone else take a shot on a non-Cooks receiver.
6 weeks ago
Tyrod Taylor Note
Tyrod Taylor photo 270. Tyrod Taylor QB - (vs . TEN)
If I'm being honest, I want nothing to do with the Texans this year. That's rare for me to say, as I'm a value-based fantasy manager, but I just don't see value on this team. Watson has stood by the fact that he doesn't want to play for the Texans and isn't participating in camp. On top of that, he might be facing a suspension by the NFL for his pending assault cases. We talk about how easy replacing a quarterback is in fantasy every year, so why would we risk a draft pick on Watson? Unless it's one of your final picks, I would just avoid the situation. Taylor has given us fantasy-viable performances in the past, but the last time that happened was in 2017, when he had much more mobility than he does today. Despite starting at least 14 games in three straight seasons with the Bills, Taylor never threw for more than 3,035 yards in a season. He's now 33 years old and playing for 65-year-old David Culley with one of the worst supporting casts in the league. He also has the Texans third-round pick Mills waiting in the wings. This is one of those situations where I'm okay being wrong if one of these quarterbacks pans out.
6 weeks ago
Anthony Miller Note
Anthony Miller photo 281. Anthony Miller WR - (vs . TEN)
Ka'imi Fairbairn Note
Ka'imi Fairbairn photo 289. Ka'imi Fairbairn K - (vs . TEN)
Fairbairn had a fine season, converting 87.1% of his field-goal attempts and 37 extra-point attempts. But regardless of his accuracy, it's going to be a struggle fantasy-wise for him this season playing in what is surely going to be a subpar offense. With a team that should struggle to move the ball and is likely to be playing from behind most weeks, there's just little reason to consider Fairbairn in fantasy this year.
8 weeks ago
Jordan Akins Note
Jordan Akins photo 313. Jordan Akins TE - (vs . TEN)
The exit of Darren Fells should've made Akins a potential breakout tight end, and while I suppose he still is, it's a lot tougher when you have a quarterback who's never thrown for more than 20 touchdowns in a season. You need the targets for Akins to be considered an option, because on top of Tyrod Taylor's struggles, Akins himself has scored just three touchdowns on 129 career targets, which is well below the league average for tight ends. There were four games last year where Akins saw six-plus targets in Tim Kelly's offense, but that didn't amount to much, as he never topped 10.9 half-PPR points in a game, and that was with Deshaun Watson under center.
6 weeks ago
Rex Burkhead Note
Rex Burkhead photo 320. Rex Burkhead RB - (vs . TEN)
Burkhead is a talented player, particularly in the receiving game, but he's struggled to stay healthy throughout his career. He now finds himself in about as bad a situation as he could, playing for a poor Texans team with a crowded running back room, which includes David Johnson, Mark Ingram, and Phillip Lindsay. If one or more of those backs get cut, then Burkhead could have some value by default, but until or unless that happens, he can be ignored in fantasy circles.
8 weeks ago
Joey Slye Note
Joey Slye photo 326. Joey Slye K - (vs . TEN)
Slye isn't an elite kicker. He's converted just 79.4% of his field-goal attempts and 90.1% of his extra-point attempts in his career. That's not often good enough to hold down a job for long, and especially when you're 1-for-6 from 50 yards or more, as Slye was last year. He'll likely begin the year as the Panthers' closer, but he could certainly lose the job if he can't straighten out his accuracy.
9 weeks ago
Deshaun Watson Note
Deshaun Watson photo 330. Deshaun Watson QB - (vs . TEN)
The Texans want Watson to play for them. Watson doesn't want to play for them. Watson wants to be traded. No team wants the PR nightmare that would come with a trade for Watson. Also, the Texans don't want to trade him. The NFL might also step in and suspend Watson for these off-the-field incidents. It's not one obstacle, it's many of them. He shouldn't be on your redraft radar for the time being.
6 weeks ago
Houston Texans Note
Houston Texans photo 371. Houston Texans DST - (vs . TEN)
Davis Mills Note
Davis Mills photo 382. Davis Mills QB - (vs . TEN)
Brevin Jordan Note
Brevin Jordan photo 386. Brevin Jordan TE - (vs . TEN)
Chris Conley Note
Chris Conley photo 389. Chris Conley WR - (vs . TEN)
Danny Amendola Note
Danny Amendola photo 428. Danny Amendola WR - (vs . TEN)
Pharaoh Brown Note
Pharaoh Brown photo 457. Pharaoh Brown TE - (vs . TEN)
Andre Roberts Note
Andre Roberts photo 503. Andre Roberts WR - (vs . TEN)
Scottie Phillips Note
Scottie Phillips photo 601. Scottie Phillips RB - (vs . TEN)
Jeff Driskel Note
Jeff Driskel photo 610. Jeff Driskel QB - (vs . TEN)
Dontrell Hilliard Note
Dontrell Hilliard photo 619. Dontrell Hilliard RB - (vs . TEN)
Antony Auclair Note
Antony Auclair photo 688. Antony Auclair TE - (vs . TEN)
Donte Moncrief Note
Donte Moncrief photo 698. Donte Moncrief WR - (vs . TEN)
Jalen Camp Note
Jalen Camp photo 874. Jalen Camp WR - (vs . TEN)