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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

David Montgomery Note
David Montgomery photo 30. David Montgomery RB - (at MIN)
Sure, Montgomery finished as the RB4 last year. There were many factors that led to that, particularly the injury to Tarik Cohen, freeing up tons of targets in the passing game. Over the course of Montgomery's short career, he's played 19 games with Cohen and 12 games without him. In the games with Cohen, he averaged 2.32 targets per game. In the 12 games without him, that number rose to 4.92 targets per game. Well, Cohen is back, and the team signed Damien Williams, who's a better receiving back than Montgomery. On top of Cohen missing, the Bears had a ridiculously easy schedule down the stretch, playing against the Packers twice, Lions, Texans, Vikings, and Jaguars to close out the season. Did you know that Montgomery was the RB20 after 10 weeks (prior to starting that schedule)? He's a fine low-end RB2, but don't go about your day thinking you're getting a steal in the fourth round or anything.
6 weeks ago
Allen Robinson II Note
Allen Robinson II photo 32. Allen Robinson II WR - (at MIN)
Opportunity is everything, right? It's why despite Robinson's lackluster quarterback play, he's been able to finish as a top-12 receiver in back-to-back seasons. The upgrade to Andy Dalton was solid, but if the Bears play Justin Fields, it could be even better. Based on opportunity alone, Robinson should have finished as the WR4 in each of the last two seasons (that's based on how many targets he saw and where he saw them), so there's certainly room for improvement in his finish. Robinson has proven to be a WR1 with bad quarterback play in this same offense, making him one of the safer options as a low-end WR1/high-end WR2.
6 weeks ago
Darnell Mooney Note
Darnell Mooney photo 122. Darnell Mooney WR - (at MIN)
If you watched Mooney last year, you would've seen him routinely get open, only to be underthrown and overthrown by his quarterbacks. No matter who is under center for the Bears (it'll be Justin Fields before long), they'll be an upgrade for Mooney, who finished with 98 targets his rookie season, meaning he took over Taylor Gabriel's role and then some. With Anthony Miller now gone, it's likely we see Mooney with a similar, if not bigger role in 2021. He's not likely to see a consistently high target share with Allen Robinson on the field, but with his field-stretching ability, he doesn't need double-digit targets to make a splash in fantasy. He'll be worth even more when Fields takes the starting job.
6 weeks ago
Justin Fields Note
Justin Fields photo 144. Justin Fields QB - (at MIN)
Cole Kmet Note
Cole Kmet photo 146. Cole Kmet TE - (at MIN)
It appeared the Bears were headed towards going to Kmet as their starting tight end over the tail end of 2020 and moving on from Jimmy Graham. However, they did have the chance to cut Graham this offseason and save $7 million against the cap, but they chose to release Kyle Fuller and Charles Leno instead. This highlights the fact that they still value Graham with his $10 million salary. With Graham still around, it's going to be tough for Kmet to become an every-week starter. Things can change quickly, but for now, Kmet is just a streaming option.
6 weeks ago
Damien Williams Note
Damien Williams photo 186. Damien Williams RB - (at MIN)
Chicago Bears Note
Chicago Bears photo 227. Chicago Bears DST - (at MIN)
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 256. Tarik Cohen RB - (at MIN)
Is it possible that Cohen is this generation's Darren Sproles? Looking at their Boom, Bust, and Everything In Between numbers, they're nearly identical, as both posted RB2 or better numbers 39 percent of the time, though Cohen has delivered RB3 or better numbers 61 percent of the time to Sproles' 56 percent. Cohen is still in the same offense that gave him those numbers and with what should be a much better quarterback (regardless of Dalton or Fields) under center, leading a higher scoring offense. The issue, for now, is health, and Cohen seems unlikely to be ready for the beginning of the season. He's not a bad stash candidate in deeper formats, however, as he can make an impact later in the season.
4 weeks ago
Jimmy Graham Note
Jimmy Graham photo 268. Jimmy Graham TE - (at MIN)
Breshad Perriman Note
Breshad Perriman photo 298. Breshad Perriman WR - (at MIN)
Is it possible Perriman is the Lions best wide receiver in fantasy this year? While that may not mean much, it's something. The issue I have believing that is due to his strengths not aligning with Jared Goff's strengths. It's no secret that Goff has struggled to consistently throw the ball down the field, and it's part of the reason the Rams moved on from him. Perriman will be playing in another new offense with another new quarterback, something he knows all too well at this point. There will likely be a few splash weeks, but you should be happy to let someone else draft him.
6 weeks ago
Cairo Santos Note
Cairo Santos photo 306. Cairo Santos K - (at MIN)
Andy Dalton Note
Andy Dalton photo 309. Andy Dalton QB - (at MIN)
Khalil Herbert Note
Khalil Herbert photo 390. Khalil Herbert RB - (at MIN)
Damiere Byrd Note
Damiere Byrd photo 427. Damiere Byrd WR - (at MIN)
Marquise Goodwin Note
Marquise Goodwin photo 431. Marquise Goodwin WR - (at MIN)
Dazz Newsome Note
Dazz Newsome photo 508. Dazz Newsome WR - (at MIN)
Isaiah Coulter Note
Isaiah Coulter photo 530. Isaiah Coulter WR - (at MIN)
Nick Foles Note
Nick Foles photo 557. Nick Foles QB - (at MIN)
J.P. Holtz Note
J.P. Holtz photo 631. J.P. Holtz TE,RB - (at MIN)
Rodney Adams Note
Rodney Adams photo 655. Rodney Adams WR - (at MIN)
Nsimba Webster Note
Nsimba Webster photo 733. Nsimba Webster WR - (at MIN)
Jesper Horsted Note
Jesper Horsted photo 747. Jesper Horsted TE - (at MIN)
Jester Weah Note
Jester Weah photo 892. Jester Weah WR - (at MIN)
Thomas Ives Note
Thomas Ives photo 894. Thomas Ives WR - (at MIN)